Man, I honestly thought this one would be difficult. Sorry Ashigaru, they beat you again!

This one was a team effort, Beavwa guessed Virtua Cop, themikky clarified that it was Virtua Cop 2. GOOD JOB TEAM.

Today's effort comes from Tallen Boyd. To make it tougher I've actually split his drawing into two halves.


And remember, you can send in your own drawings. Email them to me!


    Man, I honestly thought this one would be difficult. Sorry Ashigaru, they beat you again!
    Me! IT WAS ME! MY SCRIBBLETAKU! MY EMAIL I SENT YOU! NOT ASHIGURA. Why wont you notice me senpai! :(

    California Games

      Also, I think the graphics in that game could be improved by replacing everything with pencil sketches. This drawing is great.

      the god damn rollerskating level, that footpath was a death trap


      I had a copy on Sega Master System, with the converter-thingy to play Master System games on the Mega Drive. I got very good at the Foot Bag (is that what they call it in the States? Hackysack is all I've ever called it).

        NES for me. My sister was pretty good at the foot bag game, iirc. And of course kicking it into the seagull was the best most hilarious thing ever.

        A lot of people didn't seem to get the frisbee game though. I quite liked that one, always tried to throw it so it'd break out of the box and go up off the screen.

          I also had a copy of Barcelona 1992, and everything about California Games was better. Almost all the events in Barcelona 1992 were "alternatively smash the two buttons" - 100m sprint, 110m hurdles added jumping, pole vault added a button combo to vault correctly (at the end of a sprint), swimming added fatigue (so you couldn't just sprint forever), hammer throw had some timing at the end of the throw to fling the hammer (again, after spinning in the same manner as sprinting), long jump was in there (I think). Archery and diving were both good, in that they didn't require button smashing. Each of the California Games' games were functionally different, which was excellent.

            I had Barcelona as well, and it's one of my cherished childhood games.
            I've got to admit you're absolutely right on the money with your critique.
            Diving was pretty awesome though!

    Pretty sure it was Double Dragon and I've been beaten to the punch - but let's throw Ghostbusters II (PC) in there!

    Damn... Great sketch Tallen!! Looks great mate :D I'd better up my game :P

    My 15mins are here!.. annnd it's done.
    Thanks for the upload Serrels.

    I have no clue what it is, but Damm Tallen Boyd is a good drawer.

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