Well done to Astrogirl who managed to guess that yesterday's ScribbleTaku was Paper Mario. Nicely done. Thanks again to Dong-Tri Phan for sending in his drawing!

Today I've got an absolute peach of a ScribbleTaku from Tallen Boyd. THIS ONE HAS COLOUR. THIS CHANGES EVERYTHING.

Good luck everyone, and if you want to send in your own ScribbleTaku, email me here.


    Ye call that a scribble!

    I wanna say Worms for some reason. Even though I don't think it is.

    Pixel porno.

      My first reaction when I finished drawing this was "yep, thats a penis" I then went on to cast the Porno Parody of Pixels in my head which I had decided should be called 'Prickxels'


      Amazingly the Gauss Gun from syndicate was even more phallic:

        So I was playing with big black dildos when I was 12? This could explain a few of the emotional problems I have as an adult :)

    I do believe that is Jazz jack rabbit my friends :D. Not sure if it is the ammo indicator or how much rapidfire You have collected. Dammit now I must play it again :3

    Last edited 25/11/15 1:22 pm

      I think it is JJR1's rapid fire symbol -> (right corner,down - just zoom in :) )

    Reminds me of jazz jack rabbit

      Goddamit I think you're right - this has been bugging the crap out of me all morning. Closest I got was Bucky O'Hare,...

    Have to applaud the drawing again. Not a scribble, just a damn nice pic. Great stuff!!!

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