Well done to larrythecrab who managed to guess that yesterday's ScribbleTaku was Jazz Jackrabbit. Shout out to Tallen Boyd for drawing one of the coolest scribbles I've seen so far!

Today's he's back with another. He's making me look bad. These are too good. Good luck!

If you feel like sending in your own drawings, email them here. Don't worry, they don't need to look as good as Tallen Boyd's efforts!


    I'm hanging up my pen, these are just great. Damn you real life for getting in my way of drawing :P

      I'm a desk Jockey with too much time on my hands. and I'm sorry but I refuse to let you give up, maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow but soon I want to see your next ScribbleTaku.

        YOU REFUSE!!! OK, I'll try to do another one soon XD

          Don't worry, you don't need to do any more. @decoy will continue doing them and you or anyone could get the credit!

    Reminds me of something out of Sonic 2 (Metropolis Zone), but don't think it's quite right.

    Nice work, though!

    The final tower?

    Last edited 26/11/15 12:31 pm

    Terminator 2

    Also I don't think that drawing was done within 30 seconds ;)

    Last edited 26/11/15 1:25 pm

    scribbletaku? more like artaku amirite?

    I feel like this might be a megaman game? or possibly Jazz Jackrabbit Still....

    Scribbletaku used to have a 30second drawing limit. I like that idea as it puts more pressure on the artist and the guessers.

    Jazz Jackrabbit was awesome. I played so much of that I'm pissed I didn't realise it was that earlier. Still got my game manual! :)

      Does it count if the intial sketch was 30secs but adding colour and the black lines over top adds an extra 2-3mins?

        Well, no, that means the drawing took you 2.5 to 3.5 mins. So you know, about 6 times longer than otherwise. But whatever makes you feel better. ;)

        Last edited 27/11/15 9:53 am

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