Congrats to Billy Pilgrim who managed to correctly guess Tallen Boyd's incredible ScribbleTaku yesterday.

Also — I think I've just worked out that Tallen Boyd's Kotaku tag is actually plus5defense, so I'll remember that in future!

Good luck with today's drawing!

And if you want to send in your own drawings, email them to me here!


    Smash Bros! (N64)

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    full throttle!

    Biker Mice From Mars

    Sorry to the guy who usually says it :(

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      Ive been out of state all week for work and haven't had a chance to comment once. Then I figured "of course if BMFM was to be it then it would be while im away"...


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        Edit: Decoy (of course) had the proper screenshot

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        HAHAHAHAHA I FUCKING LOVE THIS XD Sorry @decoy, but the fact this keeps happening everytime you're away is just... inadvertently brilliant. *hugs*

          @markserrels if you knew Decoy was away, you are a devious bastard and I love you XD

            Im actually in sydney today. If i didnt have a flight to catch in a couple hours id march downto the allure media offices in circular quay and scribbletaku bmfm all over the joint.

              I'll admit I laughed way more at your misfortune than I should have, oh man.

        If I had known I would of sent it on a later date
        Also that's the exact screenshot I used as a reference

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        Ahhhh what a sweet victory this is, I think I'm gonna pour myself a drink while I bask in all this radiant glory. Maybe next time good sir.

    It looks like Chun Li's bracelets but the three finger thing suggests it might be either Puzzle Fighter or Gem Fighter.

    I was thinking Brutal Legend, then Full Throttle and then Borderlands 2 (Gunzerker).


    None of em have 3 fingered hands.

    Kind of looks like the pointer from one of the Final Fantasy games?

    I'd put money on Bowser from something... Potentially Super Mario Galaxy?

    Iunno, it looks like his hand though! (especially the spiked bracelet)

    Is it the new Facebook symbol for 'I downvote this baby/food/selfie photo because it sucks balls'?

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