Congrats to ambrew, who managed to guess Friday's ScribbleTaku and was super classy in victory. The game was Biker Mice From Mars, and ambrew put out a shout out to an absent Decoy.

Today's drawing comes from Linkwick. It's a good 'un.

Good luck everyone!


    Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story

    C'mon, that's so Chuck Norris.

    Last edited 30/11/15 12:28 pm

    Aussie Rules Footy for the NES.

    "Out of bounds, on the full"

    Last edited 30/11/15 12:32 pm

      "Out of bounds............ On the full."
      loved the extra long pause while the game processed whether it was just out of bounds, or on the full

      I would never have expected a game like that for NES. Aussie developer obviously.

      Wow. That just poked some neurons that have been asleep for 30 years.

    Die Hard: Arcade version

    Maybe its something from Kings Quest the guy seems to have some sort of cape?

    Steve Jobs Vs Bill Gates the ultimate showdown.

    To me that is a very Steve Jobs looking pic :P

    Its Aussie Rules Footy for the NES I still own it.

      I think we have a winner.

        His peen makes it all the way to his chin.

        Have Adelaide been in the competition that long?
        I'm so old... :(

    Looks like an some old quest game, I'll guess: The Colonel's Bequest

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