Sega Is Making A New Valkyria Chronicles For PS4

Sega is Making a New Valkyria Chronicles for PS4

Briefly: Sega is working on bringing Valkyria Chronicles IV to the PS4 — along with a remastered version of the first game in the series, Valkyria Chronicles. The new Valkyria will be following the Japan-only Valkyria Chronicles III, which was released for the PSP in 2011. Announced in the currently unreleased, latest issue of Famitsu, it bears the subtitle "Valkyria of the Blue Revolution." There is no release date mentioned for either the new game or the Valkyria Chronicles remaster — only the fact that they're both in development for PS4.

Kotaku will have more coverage on the games later this week.


    It's not Valkyria Chronicles though. They're ditching the RTS elements and turning it into an action RPG where you control one character in a party and the rest are AI (think FF XV) and it's a brand new setting that seems significantly more fantasy oriented. Also no watercolor style, going for more of a vibrant oil painting look. Not even sure if it's going to have the quasi-WW2 dieselpunk thing going on either - the Famitsu article mentions people that can turn into tanks. :\

    Seems like it's a brand new franchise but they're attaching the Valkyria name for marketing purposes only.

      This story was the first bit of news I read today. When I saw it, my soul soared as high and as free as any bird. I thought that after a start like that, today was just going to be an AWESOME day.

      Then I read your post and it crushed all of my hopes and dreams the way one might crush an ant :( I HOPE YOU'RE HAPPY! *runs out of the room in tears*

        Welcome to the Internet. Where dreams gets crushed and dies horribly and miserably.

        It looks like an interesting game and I'm willing to give it the benefit of the doubt but it's just not quite what I want from a game with the Valkyria name.

          Thanks for this info. Saved me from jumping for joy.

          Valkyrie Profile > Valkyria Chronicles

      But I don't want a FF XV like game [email protected] goddammit sega!

        If you look at the staff involved, they're all people that worked on the Shining series, though the game director is the original Valkyria Chronicles designer as well. Shining basically crawled up its own ass in the 00s when they started making Action RPGs instead of SRPGs too which makes me a bit worried.

      You are kidding right? That is crushing... A PS4 new Valkyria Chronicles game with all it's SRPG glory would have been brilliant.

      Welp. I was excited until I read this. Now I'm mad.
      But less mad than I would have been had I not found this out seconds after learning about the game. So thank you for crushing my hopes before they had a chance to grow.

      Fucking Sega man...

      Last edited 18/11/15 1:18 pm

    Valkyria chronicles is a great game but is just so abused by sega. A terrible launch, switching to psp only for the second and Japanese only for the third. Then they say the west hate valkyria chronicles....

    The first is still one of my most favourite games.......

    This is great and all, but I kinda wish they went more in a Skies of Arcadia direction. That game was fantastic.

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