Serena Williams Enjoys Street Fighter The Old Way: On The SupaBoy

If there's one way to gain some cred with the gamers, fighting game community or the internet in general, Serena Williams just aced all three.

On her Instagram over the weekend, female tennis champion Serena Williams posted a simple, but very effective, photo showcasing how she likes to spend weekends with her mother.

She might have a bit of trouble focusing on the family, however, because the photo is basically a full-screen shot of the very awesome SupaBoy portable SNES console — complete with a Street Fighter 2 cartridge.

Saturday with Mom, ?

A photo posted by Serena Williams (@serenawilliams) on Oct 31, 2015 at 1:08pm PDT

Tennis World reported that Williams was playing the classic beat-em-up with her mother, although the photo only suggests that Williams is playing in her family's presence. Williams is currently enjoying the tennis off-season, and it's nice to see that firing off a few hadouken's is just as cathartic for world-class athletes as it is for average gamers.

[Tennis World]


    Is the SupaBoy any good?

    My biggest issue is control lag, some games just don't play as well on different hardware

    It's a fighting game (THE fighting game), not a beat em up.

      Indeed. And playing it on a SupaBoy is a new way to play it, not "the old way".

        Hah yep at first I was like, oh wow she's playing a SNES.... supaboy... what the heck is this thing... that's pretty cool I guess. Defs not SNES OG.

          I've got one and it's really good. I was playing Desert Strike on the train on the way home from work the other week and loving it! Best thing is it plays PAL and NTSC games without the need for a converter. Seeing as aussie ebay prices are such a rip off for retro games you can just get them all from the states instead.

            The smug factor of that thing on public transport is pretty priceless.

              Haha, I actually feel a little self conscious! It's so much bigger than a 3DS, Vita, or phone that you feel a bit silly pulling it out of your bag.

                But if it can (and it should) run an Everdrive, thats the entire SNES library in your portable pocket!

                  I was not aware of this product, it looks smashing, thank you kindly!

                  @tomathy just be aware that it wont play games that use FX or additional chips - for example mine doesnt load Starwing, Stunts or SFA2

                  @tomathy fair enough, but its worth it for everything else! Portable Sunset Riders, portable Final Fight, portable Super Mario All Stars, portable MK3 (not that ultimate shit), portable SNES library!

    The original Street Fighter II was painfully slow. We used to rent SSFIITurbo from the local video store, and then my sister bought me SFII for SNES. I was like, huh?

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