Smite’s New Thor Skin Pilots A Giant Mech

Smite’s New Thor Skin Pilots A Giant Mech

With the introduction of the Japanese pantheon to the god-based MOBA coming early next year, Smite wanted to do something special to make the incoming deities fell welcome. Ragnarok Force X Thor should do the trick.

Shown off today during the Smite Super Regionals in Atlanta, in which the top European and American teams battle for spots in January’s World Championships, Ragnarok Force X Thor is actually two characters. There’s the pilot…

Smite’s New Thor Skin Pilots A Giant Mech

…a decidedly less buff version of the warrior fans know and love, and the mech he pilots, which he transitions into as he levels up.

This is what Hi-Rez calls a Tier 5 skin, which is so much more than just a colour swap. This Thor has a new base character model, the mech has a new sliding manoeuvre — they’re even giving him his own theme song, retooling the way the sound works in the game to handle it.

Check out the behind-the-scenes video below for a closer look at Thor and a sneak peek at the new Japanese pantheon.

Ragnarok Force X Thor, like last year’s Tier 5 Thanatos, will be the ultimate reward for completing the Odyssey, a series of special skin and item releases fans can purchase in order to contribute to the championship prize pool.

If you act fast, you can still catch the final round of the Super Finals, with Cloud9 facing off against Enemy for top honours over on Twitch.


  • Looks rad as hell, but also looks like it’s had heaps of details ripped straight from Gundam (Hi-v and/or Destiny/Freedom) and Transformers/Brave ExKaiser (Red Geist). In Gundam colours, no less. :/

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