Somebody Dedicated An Entire Fallout 4 Base To An Animated Dick

I'm kind of surprised this wasn't a day one thing, to be honest. After all, it's the internet. The place is full of dicks. Why would an apocalyptic wasteland be any different?

It's advertised as The Tower of Flesh, which is a cute way of saying it's a massive base designed to power a tower showing an animated dick. There's an incredible amount of power cores that went into the construction; it's genuinely impressive.

Perhaps the bit I like the most is the button that can shut everything down in case the FPS tanks too hard.

The YouTuber responsible — who's called Saucy Sausage — said the tower took 20 hours to build from scratch.

Which means someone literally spent the majority of an entire day dedicating his time to a giant, animated dick.

I, for one, welcome our new overlords.


    Dick things usually get an "eh" from me, but this was genuinely funny.

    i must say i'm actually impressed with the timing on the music since it played the whole song but only dropped at the right moment

      I think that's the most impressive aspect. It's one thing to make a giant monument to phalluses, it's another to perfectly time a music video.

    Nude mod within 3 days, animated dick within 9 days... what's next?
    I'd say animated porn wall.

    wait, whats the height limit? i can't go higher that six floors at Sanctuary, but this thing 10? Do different settlements have different height limits?

      Possibly due to the elevation of the land at that point?

        yeah, googled out of curiosity, build height is based on the game's engine so its a global limit. the lower to sea level the higher you can go. highest i known of now is a Redditor built at Abernathy Farm and the tower rivaled the nearby Electrical Tower (not sure exactly but looked like 12-15 floors)

    That was simply amazing - far more outstanding than i was expecting

    and here I am still trying working out how all the electrical switches etc work.....that's amazing.

    Holy Heck! Hilarious when you consider the amount of time spent to create it!
    This is just the start I'm sure.

    oh lord haha i was sitting there thinking "this video is dragging on it better be a good payoff at the end"

    It was...

    funniest thing ive seen today.

    I believe the dik heralds the great year of other various animated things ahead of us

    This objectifies men and their penis'
    how disgraceful and offensive.

    LMFAO this was fucking hillarious!

    Last edited 20/11/15 4:15 pm

    All this talent and creativity......

    Wasted on creating genitalia.......

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