Someone Fixed Alien: Isolation For Cowards Like Me

Someone Fixed Alien: Isolation For Cowards Like Me

Ah, Alien: Isolation. A game I could have loved, were it not entirely about something I hate.

Walking around such a faithfully-recreated version of the original 1977 film’s universe was great! Being chased the whole time by a giant monster was not.

So I’m very excited about [Lebowski]-=ThArK=-‘s mod, which is actually from 2014 but which I’m only seeing now (via PC Gamer). It just … gets rid of the Alien.

Well, sort of. The Alien is still in the game, but by changing some code it leaves it stuck inactive inside a vent, where it can’t trouble you or interrupt your casual explorations of one of gaming’s great virtual spaces.

You can download the mod here, but be warned: while the Alien is nerfed, everything else in the game that can kill you can still kill you.


  • “Oh man! I’ve waited so long for a faithful Alien game that causes me to get chased and scared by the Xenomorph!”
    *removes the Alien from the game*

  • I wouldn’t play this mod for fun, but it wouldn’t be so bad getting to have a closer look at the environment that the developers crafted without fear of repercussions.

    Also that article image is pretty clever, gave me keks.

    • Yeah, that’s actually something I said would have been great at the time – some kind of free-roam mode. It was such an amazingly faithful recreation of the film’s production design that it was a shame that most of the time you were only seeing it from under a table or through the vent in a locker door. It would have been nice to just be able to walk around at your own pace and take in all the detail.

      • Yeah games like this need a “tourist” mode that should be unlocked after you finish it. Or at least once you finish a level.

        I still think that someone should replace the alien with a giant fluffy kitty that hugs you to your adorable death.

  • I don’t get it.
    Why bother playing to begin with if you knew it was all about an Alien that can hunt you down? -_-

  • I dunno about anyone else but if its anything like in that picture then thats just extra scary
    Imagine a great big monster thats just completely alpha layer & given that it’s drool is alpha layer, also turns people alpha layer when it bites them

    • Not only is that thought terrifying, but then every Photoshop noob who saw you in the street would ask why you have a chequered background instead of a transparent one.

  • would be cool if more games like this had this sort of option as an extra – not for gameplay mind you, but kinda like the ‘behind the scenes’ or ‘making of’ featurettes in movies – check out the cool set without always having to be on the clock, look at entities up close without triggering actions etc. (games like Bioshock and Wolfenstein TNO are good in that they have down time in several levels where you can at least browse the world detail a bit more)

  • Just wait for the entitled morons to pop up claiming they “don’t get it”, as if people’s preferences are their business.

  • I’d been meaning to get this since day one. I finally got around to playing it a few weeks ago. It’s so damn stressful. I can’t play for more than about 40 minutes at a time. At this rate I’ll finish it just in time for a sequel.

  • My appreciation for the environment was enhanced by the threat of the alien, equal measures of intensely looking at it detail for handy items or because I was pinned a small area I’d never normally spend so long in, or the total opposite and desperately sprinting though some huge area knowing it was full of detail but I don’t have time to see it, which made it seem like a real place 🙂

  • I will use this mod when i want to use the oculus rift DK2 just so I can get a better look at the place in VR. I tried it once with the alien. After staying in a locker for a good 5ish minutes. I was walking down a hallway and heard the alien come down from a grate overhead behind me. I screamed and started running down the hall. It definitely heard me the moment i started running and let out that alien cry. The metallic thuds it made were just getting closer and closer, eventually it grabbed me and I had to rip the rift from my head. No VR its cake, but with VR its way too intense for me.

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