There's Sperm Blood In Bloodborne

The depths of Bloodborne's lore seems to have no end and no-one is better then VaatiVidya at leaving no stone uncovered.

But this time he's gone too far. He's only gone and discovered what can only be described as "sperm blood".

This latest video goes through 15 details you probably missed during your playthroughs. The detail in this game is a little overwhelming at times. Particularly when you go down the whole 'sperm blood' rabbit hole.

But I guess it does fit in with the themes of the game: birth, blood, cycles, stuff like that. Bloodborne is a pretty weird video game.

If you're feeling brave skip to 7 minutes 30 seconds for the blood sperm.

Edit: Apparently the whole 'sperm blood' thing was widely known. I had no idea. I am still terrified.


    "He’s only gone and discovered..."

    Discovered? The dregs have been known about for ages. The whole Vileblood Covenant revolves around them. It's not a recent thing, nor did VaatiVidya "discover" them =P

      Pretty much, there was an entire group trying to see if it was possible to get the queen pregnant with her dark baby way back.

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