Someone Has Made A Fallout 4 Character Creator In A Spreadsheet

You’re in the office. Or you’re outdoors. You’re away from your computer or console at home. Your computer or console that has Fallout 4. But you don’t have Fallout 4 in your life right now. And that’s a problem.

Fortunately, there’s a solution. And, yes, it’s a spreadsheet. A Fallout 4 spreadsheet.

It’s courtesy of Redditor porter2613, and it’s a tool for people who want to be playing about Fallout 4 but they’re stuck in a situation where all they can do is think about Fallout 4. It’s basically a detailed character creator with tabs for levelling, perks, outfit customisations and more, in a spreadsheet.

“You will see control buttons at the top of the sheet that allow you to increase or decrease your SPECIAL by simply clicking the up and down arrows,” porter2613 advised in the original thread. “There are separate control buttons for each SPECIAL. At the top of the sheet you will see that you have 22 SPECIAL points to assign.”

They explained that 22 points are used because “[almost] everyone knows about the SPECIAL book under Shaun’s crib, so I just included it”. “As you add points to your SPECIAL of choice you will note the 22 will begin to decrease and the perks will change to Yellow as they are now available for you to choose as your character levels up. You can add more to your SPECIAL than these 22 as you will find Bobbleheads and may choose to add a point to your SPECIAL’s during your character levelling.”

Those who want to enjoy spreadsheet Fallout heaven should download the file — it’s an Excel document — to your tablet or computer. It’ll also keep track of what perks you choose each level so “during your game … you can level up in the exact order you choose”.

Basically, if you wanted to min-max the hell out of Fallout 4 — and I’m certain there are many, many people who would find plenty of use for that, such as speedrunners or people doing especially difficult playthroughs — then this might be the perfect treat. A Google Sheets version of the document is being investigated next week as well.

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