Someone Is Channelling Bob Ross Into A Twitter Account For eSports

Someone Is Channelling Bob Ross Into A Twitter Account For eSports

People are already using the Bob Ross stream on Twitch to calm them down before, during and after intense matches, so why not take that same spirit and use it to be a force for good on Twitter?

It’s not known who exactly is behind the Bob Esports account, but in their brief amount of posts so far — it’s only been active since October 30, roughly when Twitch began rebroadcasting Ross’s shows online — they’ve displayed an incredible aptitude for channelling Ross’s Zen-like nature.

Bob Esports hasn’t shown a preference yet for any particular game, which makes the account all the better — it’d be awful if Bob favoured one eSport over another. But he doesn’t. He just wants everybody to get along.

The advice is even genuinely useful, as strange as that sounds. And sometimes it even blends into art.

Believe in your teammates. Bob Ross does.

Although of late he seems to be losing a little patience with the eSports world. But that’s OK. We all need a break sometimes, right Ross?

You can join in the fun, or at least follow it for yourself, over at @BobRossEsports.


  • Haha, i checked out the channel last night. I found the chat quite fun.

    This twitter works well. He has one of those voices you hear in your head and read with.

  • He is so great, so soothing and makes you feel good. I watch him whilst playing Minecraft or ETS2

  • Love watching Bob Ross. Will definitely be watching the stream heaps once I get home.
    As for this Twitter user; his channeling of his inner Bob is spot-on. 😀

  • I’ve been watching this as often as I can. So calming, and to see his absolute mastery of his medium and style is so inspiring. It’s the ultimate introduction on how to perceive as a creator (in any medium). The way he uses marks and application techniques to generate much more perceived detail than is actually there is awesome.

    Don’t try to create what you’re looking at (and all the pre-conceptions that come with that), create what you see.

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