Japan’s PSP Playstation Store Is No Longer Going To Sell PSP Games

Briefly: Sony announced that it’s ending PSP software sales on the PSP’s PlayStation Store as well as the UMD Passport service on 31 March 2016 in Japan, Inside Games reports. Previously purchased content will be still available and can be downloaded again.

According to the official release and pointed out by Twitter user Mazyx, PSP owners in Japan can still buy PSP content through the Vita, PS3, PC or mobile devices and then transfer them to their PlayStation Portables.

This winding down isn’t totally unexpected, since Sony ceased shipping new PSP units last year in Japan.


  • That title is misleading as fuck.

    Edit: Title is slightly better, but still reads weirdly…

    • And incorrect. It’s only ending sales on the PSP Playstation store, not the Playstation store.

  • Can I request a clearer title, @markserrels ?

    (I know nobody can stop me requesting, but you know what I mean…)

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