Sony Releasing Fancy New PS4 Headset In PAL Regions

Sony Releasing Fancy New PS4 Headset

The good news: these headphones look neat! The better: if you're in a PAL region, you're getting them first.

Announced overnight by Sony Europe, the "In-ear Stereo Headset for PS4" are basically a fancy set of in-ear headphones, with a "woven fabric cable" and a noise-reducing mode called "AudioShield".

Because they plug into the DualShock 4's 3.5mm jack, they can also be used on other devices like phones.

You'd think these would slot in between Sony's current official headsets — the cheap earpiece you get with the PS4 and the Gold over-ear headphones — but nope, those premium materials are coming at a premium price.

They're going to cost £77.99/€89.99 when they're out in Australia from December 9, which at the moment would put them at around $137-$167.

Sony Releasing Fancy New PS4 Headset


    They’re going to cost £77.99/€89.99 when they’re out in Australia from December 9, which at the moment would put them at around $137-$167

    So much nope!

      *Me reading the description*

      "Shut up, and take-"

      *Me reading the price*

      "-that deal and and shove it up your ***!!!"

        Yep thats exactly what I was thinking.

        I have a set of Astro A50's but I do like the convenience of a good earbud set from time to time and I also currently use the PS4 earbud as a phone hands free.

        These look really nice and well made and I'm sure the sound will be top notch, but no way in hell Im paying that much.

      At least now we know where Sony re-assigned the guys who came up with the Vita memory card pricing to.

      Two things:

      1. The noise-cancelling technology is really awesome (at least, it is on my Bose earphones but they cost somewhere over $300);

      2. I would want confirmation that the woven fabric cable is not just woven fabric covering a plastic sheathing, because this sheathing can herniate like nobody's business.

      Last edited 05/11/15 10:38 am

        buy a pair, grab a knife and find out, report back for us

    I've never tried, but do your standard iPhone/Android phone headphones with mic work for voice chat when you plug them in a PS4 controller?

      Yes, when my TB PX5s started making a horrid noise (probably just chat cable) I started to use my Bose QC20s. They work fine, in fact they showed me that the PX5s sounded pretty crap and missed a lot of detail.

      iPhone uses a different layout on the plug, but anything nokia standard (android) should work.

      Android ones yes, iPhone headphones create whitenoise for anyone else in a party chat with you but they'll work fine as headphones

      Work fine for me. Many a game of Rocket League played with those white iPhone EarPods no trouble.

      i use an old pair of V-Moda Remix Remote buds I bought for my iPhone a while back and they work fine.

    I was interested until I saw the price :|

      Trust me, if the noise cancelling is even remotely good, the price is not unreasonable.

      Last edited 05/11/15 10:38 am

        That's a good point, I missed that actually. If I wasn't so rough on earphones I could probably justify the $$ if they felt & sounded good in my ears.

    Wow what a rip off! You can get the PlayStation Wireless Stereo Headset 2.0 for only $129.95 at EB Games.

      It's the active noise cancellation that ups the price. I think it is worth it.

    $129 at JB HI-FI. Not much of an improvement from $137-$167 but it's the confirmed price.

      Looks like a decent price for what you get. I'll be interested in seeing the reviews.

      were was that confirmed?

        I work at JB. The earbuds are exclusive to us for now at least and should arrive before Christmas but I'm not going to promise that

    Sony. Stop creating new shoddy products and just allow me to use MY products on the device!!!

    Got Sol Republic Shadow wireless in ears and the PS4 wont sync with them just like the PS4 wont sync to my turtle beaches!!!

    SOOOOO Apple... Just open up your bluetooth for starters... People dont want to buy wired products anyway - Just because you have a port on the controller doesnt mean we need to head back to 2005 - It's great for convenience sake but seriously lets move on!

    Last edited 04/11/15 5:33 pm

      Eh? My PS4 syncs to my Turtle Beach and I use it quite a lot in party chat for Rocket League

        What? via bluetooth?! I havent tried since the most recent update - i generally try it every few months. It can find it but it wont pair...

        I got the old TB Deltas

          Come to think of it, maybe i was wrong... my headset actually plugs into the USB and optical out ports of the PS4... yeah.. not bluetooth, sorry about that

            Nah all good - I know the newer Turtlebeaches can sync bluetooth - just annoying the old cant./ I read somewhere about the bluetooth capacity being reserved for the four controllers but somehow that just doesnt make sense to me!

        I had to buy the chat cable and use that... which shits me - and i wouldnt mind just using my in ears sometimes instead is all

    Well, they aren't much more expensive than good quality earphones, and are hopefully good quality, but still sheesh.

    Ahhh Sony, one day you will wake up to the fact that most of us don't put you in the same tier as Apple and therefore you can't just put stupid prices on things...

      I still can't understand why people pay big bucks for Beats. Better build quality than originally but talk about paying for a brand...

    I'm not quite so negative as everyone else. If they're good for that price I'd consider it. If they're not better than the ones that come in sony phones then no thanks.

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