Squad, A 50 Vs 50 Shooter Military Shooter, Stomps Onto Steam Next Month

Squad, A 50 Vs 50 Shooter Military Shooter, Stomps Onto Steam Next Month
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After successfully going through the Kickstarter rigmarole and raising over $450,000, the 50 vs 50 military shooter SQUAD will become available to everyone very soon.

The enthusiasm among some for hardcore military sims is a little akin to the interest in space epics. It’s a demographic that has been around for a long time. They’re passionate. They’re patient. And they like to spend money.

So it wasn’t a massive surprise to see Canadian studio Offworld Industries raise over $450,000 on Kickstarter earlier this year. Despite the presence and ongoing support Bohemia Interactive gives to ArmA 3, that isn’t everyone’s cup of tea.

And so SQUAD as a standalone product — it originally existed as a mod for Battlefield 2 called Project Reality — came to life. It’s only been playable to the thousands of backers who stumped up for an early key so far, but the game will become available on Steam on December 1 according to the history listing on SteamDB.

The official Steam page doesn’t have a listing yet at the time of writing, although it does say that the developers expect the game to remain in Early Access until the end of 2016.


  • Sounds interesting. About 10 years ago Novalogic had a muliplayer FPS that had 60 v 60 (Joint Operations, hugely fun on the old OGN servers). Then everything started to be limited for the console generation to 4×4 or 8×8. It is good to see the player numbers numbers begin to increase.

    • fuck i loved Joint Ops, especially its expansion. Its such a shame we havent seen or heard anything about novalogic in 9 years

      • Hell yeah! It was their Black Hawk Down game that intoduced me to their games and when mates on OGN forums told me to get JO:TR (we were all playing BF1942 at the time) I ended up hooked.


    I can’t wait for it to hit Early Access. The game got me into playing Project Reality which was the kind of experience I wanted from ARMA 3 but had to join a clan to do so and download mods to do so.

  • Good that there is more competition in this area. Bohemia have really been dropping the ball lately. As long as Squad is better optimised then its already a winner in my books.

    • IMO it is already very well optimized considering the stage of development. I am sure this will yo-yo a bit until final release, but the Devs have done great work thus far.

      Sitting at near 60FPS at 1440P fully maxxed on a 970.

  • I’ve been playing for some time now in Alpha and it is absolutely bloody fantastic.
    Could not recommend it enough.

    Anyone remotely interested in the genre should give the game a proper look, particularly once it hits early access.

    Hope to see more people out on the battlefield soon!

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