Star Wars Battlefront Is Still Beautiful

We've profiled Berdu's Star Wars Battlefront images before, during the beta. But now that the game is out he has more scope to create some truly, truly jaw-dropping photography.

Regardless of your issues with Star Wars Battlefront as a video game it's difficult to deny how utterly gorgeous is can be in the right hands.

I mean seriously.

I recommend heading to his Facebook page, which is just loaded and dripping with incredible Star Wars Battlefront imagery.

Some of this stuff is jaw-droppingly good. His Leia portraits in particular.


    Nice stuff.
    I wasn't going to buy it, but then Big W had it on PS4 for $51 and it came with the early code and everything so I plonked the money down. Am kind of disappointed, my internet is too crappy to play online successfully, and the 'campaign' is non-existant.

    It is pretty, but not a lot of fun unfortunately. I do hope they bring out a campaign at some point.

    I'm playing COD for the first time ever (Black Ops 3 was also $51) and the campaign on it is a ton of fun, especially playing split-screen co-op. I wish SWBF had something like that.

    Such a shame that the game is middling.

    Looks beautiful, but I just can't justify spending that many rupees on the amount of content on offer. (Plus, after tying the Beta, the game play is a little too watered down for my taste.)

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    Sorry to go against the trend but I am loving it. The graphics and sound are astounding. Great for a couple hours of mindless multiplayer madness.

    They are some stellar shots from Berdu. Phenomenal...

    I'm loving it too. The game play — whilst being fairly mindless — is a nice counter to more entrenched FPS games. But I have never smiled so much as I have whilst getting the shit shot out of me for ignoring the fighting and just taking in the atmosphere — beautiful...

    DICE create a wonderful looking game and then stick fluro objective markers all over the screen. I wish they wouldn't, as it really detracts from the emersive nature of the game and it distracts you from being able to see enemies. The names and healthbars on friends is also distracting. DICE learnt on BF4 and enabled you to make them smaller or turn them off after a patch. I hope that they do the same on Battlefront.

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