Stargate Total Conversion Mod For Homeworld Gets Demo Next Week

Stargate Total Conversion Mod For Homeworld Gets Demo Next Week

It’s sad we never got a truly excellent game based on the Stargate franchise, despite how deliciously ripe it is for all sorts of genres. A Homeworld: Remastered mod with high production values? I suppose that will do.

Over on ModDB, Phoenix Interactive has posted the news that Stargate Space Conflict, its in-development modification for Homeworld: Remastered, will get a demo come 28 November. I can’t say I’ve heard of the mod before, but it’s been in the works for at least eight months, going by the dates on the project’s articles.

So, the demo. What can you expect from it? Here’s what:

Interactive campaign: Composed of 3 missions, the later will last for more than a hour. They’re all different to show you the potential of the campaign of Stargate Space Conflict that will be available in the final version. Each mission represents a series characteristic of Stargate. The missions will feature cutscenes with certain key moments of the show. Co-operation with your friends via Steam: Play with your friends in staged and immersive battles against the artificial intelligence. You will be able to choose your difficulty level beforehand. You will be able to choose the path you want to take, defend Earth, or even attack Abydos, It’s all up to you. Online Instant action via Steam: Defy your friends or the artificial intelligence in online games. Same rules and same methods as the online co-operation.

I was somewhat concerned about the mod’s legitimacy when the screenshots were empty of any sort of gameplay and the lone teaser trailer ended with the old school USS Enterprise (?) zipping off into the cosmos, but if you hit up Phoenix’s YouTube channel, you’ll see some in-game footage.

No word on an actual release date, other than next year. It’s not so bad — we’ve already waited this long.

Stargate Space Conflict [ModDB]


  • Holy shit yes. Loved the Stargate series so damn much, never even thought about it in the aspect of a game… But hell yes to this. I hope they do a good job with it.

  • haha. Sweet.

    I used to play all the Stargate mods on the older Homeworld games. Good to see someone has updated a few of them.

    I can’t wait for that new Homeworld game!

  • Yeah somebody’s already making a game called ancient squadron. It’s a 3D Stargate game in which you can fly around the galaxy and dozens of different spaceships and engage in space battles. Developer already has a Stargate game out called System Lords.

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