Stealthy Halo 5 Player Wrecks The Entire Opposing Team

Stealthy Halo 5 Player Wrecks The Entire Opposing Team

Um. Blue Team? I think you missed a guy.

Watch in awe as this Halo Fan manages to sneak by a ton of enemy Halo players before pulling out his power weapon and decimating the entire squad. By the time a single player notices Halo Fan, it's too late: he's wiped everyone out. Skip to about the :30 second mark, if you're short on time:

Damn. That's some good shit, right there. Kudos to Halo Fan for having patience, too. I probably would have started shooting the clueless enemies way sooner, thereby ruining everything!


    That was awe inspiring.
    I have to say though, if I wasn't told it was a Halo game, I wouldn't have known.

      surely the vehicles or spartan laser gave it away?

        The Spartan laser, sure, but the rest just didn't really look like Halo, it looked like some knockoff, or lik Tribes had a nw game. That running animation is horrible, it looks like they are conducting an orchestra with their weapon.

          What's a spartan laser? I haven't played since Halo 2 :P

          just curious but what was the last halo game that you played?

    Well played. Just watching the whole force pass him by gave me chills.

    Pretty awesome stuff, gotta wonder if it was planned or he just went with it after the first couple walked past. Also just want to say that I love Halo's sound design; every one of the games I've played/watched just has awesome sound design; somehow they even make the boring human weapons sound great.

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