Steam Adds Developer-Run Item Stores

Steam Adds Developer-Run Item Stores

Briefly: Steam has added a new ‘item store’ feature. Now, in addition to the player-driven community market, developers can run their own stores (where they set their own fixed prices). Rust is the first game to take advantage, and they’re undercutting some community prices. Hmmm. I’m interested to see how this shakes out.


  • Microtransactions in an unfinished game…. no thankyou. Or as my good friend the exorcist says.

    BEGONE! Foul deamon! I curse you, leave this ravaged husk of a game and never befoul the world of man with thine foul presence!. I cast you out by your true name! I KNOW YEE! DIABLO AUCTION house. BEGONE! You shall taint games no more!

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