It's Steam Autumn Sale Time

Briefly: Steam's autumn sale is in full swing. As I wrote previously, it's a little different from previous sales. There aren't daily deals or flash sales. Still, 50 per cent off on new games like Shadowrun: Hong Kong? 50-75 per cent off series like Fallout and Tom Clancy? It's a Steam sale alright.


    Thank you! I just spent $50... I guess it could be worse :)

      Yeah could have been $51. Looks like you dodged a gullet there mate!

        Yus I prob sound like a tight arse :P but I have ever growing debt and used the banks money to fuel the addiction.

          Nah, not at all dude. I'm in the same boat. It's just too hard to resist all those cheap games and you easily forget how much they all add up to.

          And how you haven't played any from the sale that was on 5 years ago... :P

    About 80% of my wishlist is on sale...damn you Steam.

    It's a pity the AUD - USD exchange rate sucks, coupled with discounts that don't seem to be as low as previous sales make this sale pretty average. BlackOps 2 is still $44 after discount, that's $63 AUD :(

    Edit: And the only other game I want (AC Rogue) isn't even on sale! It seems to be the only AC that isn't.

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    According to IsThereAnyDeal, a significant percentage of these deals are the cheapest those games have ever been. Quite impressive.

      Yeah, does help to counter the fact our currency has dipped a bit.

    Hm, the steam app seems to have updated and I can't find my wishlist anymore - and the steam page is blocked at work. Oh well. I don't have any money anyway. I did notice Elite: Dangerous is only $15 which is great but my PC probably runs it like ass anyway.

      Runs quite okay on middling PCs

        My PC's biggest problem (it had a decent amount of RAM and processor) is the graphics card. It just bottlenecks everything and I keep not replacing it because I'm mainly a console gamer.

    Our poor exchange rate and regional pricing has killed my enthusiasm for Steam Sales.

    I jumped on Endless Legend for $14AU

      GoG for me severely reduced my enthusiasm for steam sales (I bought everything I wanted ages ago, and anything I actually want to play Id have already).
      The terrible exchange rate's the straw that broke the dromedary's back for me :/

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