Stop Trying To Make Fishing Happen. It Isn't Going To Happen.

It's good when a video game knows what it is. There's nothing worse than developers and publishers becoming delusional about their product.

But maybe I'm wrong. Maybe this is actually the best trailer for a video game this year. Or maybe it's the worst. I can't decide. It's just really, really cringeworthy.

It's the ... well, I don't really know what to call it. It's the latest trailer for Dovetail Games Euro Fishing, a trailer that attempts to showcase the competitive aspect of online fishing and just how "intense" the action could be.

That intensity, apparently, includes your mouse cord being reeled in like the cat's gotten to the back of the PC again. And being physically dragged from your chair. And going into a Zen-like state, almost like you're about to post something funny on Twitter.

No, I've changed my mind. This is actually awful.

Cast, Catch, Compete.

No. It's a video game about fishing. There will be no competing. Because fishing is not cool. Fishing in video games is not cool. And neither is this trailer. It's atrocious, and the makers responsible should get in the bin (or, perhaps more appropriately, the sea).


    These kinds of games tend to only really be bought by streamers and YouTubers who like to play terrible games and make amusing videos out of them. I'm sure there's a small enthusiast community that actually does play them seriously but I've never met someone who has bought a fishing game in a non-ironic way.

      I non-ironically bought Virtual Fishing for my Virtual Boy which I also love in a non-ironic way? :P

      Though I was surprised to find it was actually pretty decent.

        Are you a fishing enthusiast? ;) Fair enough though, of course there will be people out there that do genuinely like these games. I like Euro Truck Simulator myself, much to the disgust of some of my Steam friends!

          Nah, don't care for or about fishing at all. I just like my little red and black box that couldn't :P

          I totally get the Euro Trucker appeal though. Hell that trailer from a few years back still makes it look damn awesome. But even space-trucking goods from port to port in Elite Dangerous is weirdly satisfying and enjoyable, so I don't see why land trucks would be much different.

      It should be noted that Dovetail games are the development company which makes the Train Simulator series.
      They are working on moving the game over to the UE4 engine, and I believe they wanted to get used to the engine first, so made this game in the process.

      Remember when Rockstar made their new RAGE engine which powered GTA 4, 5, RDR etc? Well they did the same thing and released Rockstar Presents Table Tennis.

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    But i freaking love fishing game. I used to play it back in ps1 and ps2 and it was awesome.

    Fishing might be the weirdest sports adaptation in gaming.

    It’s just something that is completely lost if you’re not actually there doing it yourself. Fishing is 90% sitting still, drinking beer and enjoying the scenery- those aren’t things that translate well into gameplay at all. Even the actual fun of catching fish…. It just doesn’t work as a game that you’ll want to play for more than a few minutes.

    It’s a genre with longevity too. Fishing games have been around as long as I can remember.

      For me fishing is 90% swimming around, breathing, scavangi- OH MY GOD IT'S A WEIRD FISH. *eats it* *I have been fished*

        See! Why aren’t there spear fishing games?! That’d be much more interesting.
        All the adventure of fishing for things you can actually see, without the cold, dangerous, filthyness of swimming in a sea filled with scary fish and their poos.

    Whoops again.... I was clearly pretty excited about the fishing!

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    Sega Marine Fishing is all time, as intense a game as you can get.

    Those Sega fishing games were quite good because they let you explore the scenery in a boat and then do time-based challenges etc.. Sega made it work.. somehow.. it was somehow fun.. but this Dovetail game falls very flat. I have the EA on Steam, got it cheap during a sale because of my time with the Sega ones.. so far, it's been exceeding limited and boring.. a shame really.. as they could have reclaimed that space that we haven't seen done well since the PS2.

    Fishing is not cool? Screw you guy...

    Fishing GAMES are a silly idea, but don't go knocking the hobby itself..

      Clearly Alex has never been offshore game fishing in a kayak....

        Hey, I've spent plenty of time in kayaks and canoes. Cubs and Scouts were at least good for that.

          Let's go junior campers!

    I remember playing King Salmon on the Mega Drive, i remember it being fun.

    even through it is short lived in the Zelda games the fishing was fun in them as well

    The only fishing game I'll play is in the Ocarina of Time. Rumble pak feedback was awesome reeling fish in.

      Oh mummah that was some sweet mini game action right there.

    Fishing in Ocarina of Time, and Twilight Princess was fun. And let's not forget Legend of the River King!

    Watching a game play trailer; it seems like a bit of fun actually -

    Am I the only one who really enjoys the Cabellas hunting series, just for the killcam headshots?

    Uh yeah I would have to disagree there fishing in games can be fun loads of fun. I dont know how many hours I've spent in WOW fishing for no purpose but the fact I had nothing better to do whilst waiting for BG ques to pop.

    I remember Bass Masters: Classic Tournament Edition and had a bit of fun with it, but it was nothing to write home about.

    "Ridiculous Fishing" is fun. But it's also warped my expectations of how exciting fishing games are.

    the person i purchased this for has logged 97 hours in it

    no i dont understand it either

    still a more faithful trailer than watchdogs.

    I find it funny that Kotaku takes more offence to a silly old fishing game trying to make its mark compared to the crap thats out there, like cod 18 or assassins creed 10 those are fine but fuck you if you want to make a fishing game!

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    Oh man,
    Legend of the river did i forget about this.
    Good times

    Wow. That *IS* horrible. Words don't do it justice.
    There is only one fishing game that was any good and that was Championship Bass, from back when 'EA' used to be a seal of quality mark.

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