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    Got my hands on an older PPC Mac on the weekend. And it was actually nice to play the Mac version of Myst and the Journeyman Project (hybrid disks for the win!).

    But I am interested if there were any other good adventure or shooter games on the Mac back in the day besides those I've listed and the Marathon Trilogy. Any one here know of any other games I should track down?

      Marathon was probably the only Mac game worthy of noting from back in those days. There really wasn't a great selection of games for Mac's back in those days. Still not so great even today when compared to pc, but they've come a long way for sure!

        I used to teach graphic design and back in the late 90's we would play Marathon (after class of course) over the network on PPC Macs — it was brilliant! Before then (I'm bloody old!) it was Dark Castle on original mid-80's b+w Macs!

        Rats. Oh well as least I have some of the better made games to play.

        I've also got this obscure game on the way called Alida. It's Myst like but takes place on the one island with a giant working guitar built on it.

        Don't know if I'll like but I'm gonna give it a shot just because the concept is so weird.

      Like RPGs at all? Realmz sucked up shittons of my time as a Mac gamer back in the day. It wasn't AAA or anything (mid-90s Shareware) but I loved it.

      EDIT: if you were playing with others over a network in addition to Marthon there was Spectre and Bolo that were very popular. Alsoone of Bungie's earliest games, Minotaur. Speaking of Bungie, Pathways Into Darkness is also worth a look back at. That game needs a modern survival horror remake badly.

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    Good morning everyone!

    7 days for Rise of The Tomb Raider!! :)

      Too many games being released right now, I'm going to hold out for the PC version next year!

      Luckily for me, I await the PS4 version :-)

        Same here. After my experience with the XBone I've simply given up as it took the main feature consoles had over PCs away; pick up and play.

          I'm just trying to understand how the Xbone took away pick up and play. I've been using it for almost a year now and it feels pretty easy to use.

          I have never played on a different console though.

    I regret not playing more board games at PAX. I still played quite a few. Now for a good old fashioned post-PAX coma while my puppy mups.

      Anything new or particularly interesting? We're always looking for new games. Though I didn't get down to PAX, I got a couple of games of Carcassone and one round of Civilization in over the weekend.

        I fell in love with Between Two Cities simply because it's a mix between 7 Wonders and Suburbia where you build two cities with your neighbours based on tiles you draft. It's clever and the scoring mechanic, where you score the lowest of your two cities, makes for interesting decisions. Seems like one that would be great with a few plays.

        Mysterium was a disappointment because it was the wrong environment to play in and I completely cocked up when it came to learning and teaching the rules (being quite hungry did not help at all).

        Codenames is fantastic. Clever. Quick. Easy to teach. Easy to learn. Tricky to play but not in a bad way. It's just a game that invites whoever is playing it to have fun. Super happy that I bought it to PAX.

        Got to play some upcoming games as well. Burger Up is on Kickstarter right now, already funded, and I think it's a very neat filler game. One of those reliable games like Love Letter you can just pull out.

        Skyward (Kickstarter coming early next year) is Fact or Fiction the tableau builder. If you played Magic when that card was relevant, you should be super excited about that idea. If that means nothing to you, don't worry, I'll be writing about it later.

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          Between Two Cities sounds good and I keep on hearing good things about Codenames (I just don't think I'd like it). I think I can continue to confuse my wife's family with xmas gift suggestions - board games and weber accessories.

        I player The builders (Maybe The builders; Middle ages as full title) which was quite good as a small compact game. We will probably end up buying that as a filler game.
        The other one we played was Burglar Bros, which I am now kicking myself for not backing on kickstarter when I was ummming and ahhhing over it. It is a heist game and plays really well. Each person plays a character with an ability and you move through a building floor by floor, cracking safes and avoiding the guard. So much fun.

    I am so tired after PAX.

    Did everyone enjoy pax meat?

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      My legs are so sore and I'm still exhausted -_-

        I'm sorry I couldn't make it, my buddies wedding rehearsal turned it a long night :(

          All good man, it's a shame I couldn't bump into you at PAX, but there's always next time.

      Worst meat ever. People were too busy having fun to play board games.

      I just hope it wasn't too uncomfortable in the bar since it was quite warm/humid that night.

      Also felt good to sing again, even when I put on the Sebastian impersonation :)

        I just hope it wasn't too uncomfortable since... well, y'know.

      No :p

        But D= we should have streamed it on Twitch or something...

          Scree! Hi, Scree. Colon pee, pal. Also, I've not never, not even once, watched a Twitch.

          Well, that's not 100% true, I tried Twitch plays Pokemon, much to my disappointment. & also, I have also watched them post-live on YouTube, stuff p ke speedruns, actually only speedruns.

          How are you?

            Sore and still having panic attacks after naps. The worst sensation ever

              What do you panic about?

              I have the opposite problem, I'm too relaxed & sleep too much. I bet it sounds good, but I find it hard to fit everything I want into my shorter days.

              Balance would be nice.

                No idea, I just wake up in a panic.

      My throat is a trainwreck.
      Had an absolute blast though.
      Even if I did cock up the lyrics of Bohemian Rhapsody (sorry @f4ction !).

        I'm just a sore toy from a sore fambily

      The start and end were awesome, it was just that the middle sucked

      Thanks Scree, you guys did an amazing job.

        For a minute, I was like "oh crap, what happened? And then I remembered that you had to take Tiglet home. I'm not functioning properly

          It is post pax. None of us are functioning properly

            Yeah, I still think it's crap that you couldn't have your pram.

              Yeah, Sat was rough as we didn't even have the carrier. Oh well we will know for next year, although Tiglet will probably need it a lot less

                I was telling Mum about it. Especially since I saw others with their prams.

      Have you seen the turbo lover gief fish video?

        No, i saw the bohemian one though

          There's some clips of it on my Twitter.

            I will check it out later. I gotta go to the shops first, even though all I really wanna do is sleep.

      Enjoyed PAX, enjoyed putting faces to names, and had lots of fun. And the meat on Saturday night was great! Thanks again for organisational duties.

      My throat still hurts and my feet still hurt and oh my god my legs still hurt I didn't even know those parts of your calves even got used for walking.

      It was pretty great.

    Time to get in on this TAY thing - looks much more entertaining than working on a Monday morning. Considering putting in for some leave next week, since I'm owed plenty of it and well an truely on the hype train for Fallout.

      You new? Did you sign the guest book?

        There's a guestbook?

          Yes it's called the Oar of Thorns. You sign it with your bottom!

            Eh. We lost the Oar a while back. Now we just enforce a smart casual dress code. Except when we don't.


            Hello new blood! ... I mean friend!

              I've gotten into woodwork recently, I could probably create some kind of replacement if you don't mind it effectively being a custom cut plank with spiky things hammered into it.

                Are you an orphaned Eskimo daemons, for as the Prophet @effluvium-boy says:The Oar of Thorns!
                Forged at the exact point of Magnetic North, by orphaned Eskimo daemons! It’s shaft; fashioned from the bones of a white orca! It’s spike-d paddle; crafted from the mystic metals of an ancient meteorite!
                To paddle a kayak with the sacred Oar, is to travel across seas at ungodly speeds, unfathomable by common man!
                A buttocks, when struck by The Oar of Thorns, is said to erupt with blue flame! Bleed for eight years! Disrupt electrical signals and attract small metal objects, such as paperclips and safety-pins!
                Those who handle The Oar are forever changed! Their tormented minds; scarred by the horrors they have known! Horrors that go untold for eternity! For a mere mumbling of such dreadful tales explodes the minds of those who hear them!
                Beware The Oar of Thorns!
                THE GODS, THEMSELVES, FEAR IT!

    Morning TAY!
    I sent part of my weekend in hospital hooked up to a couple of drips for over 12 hours trying to fix me. Turns out I have Hyponatremia/Hypovolemia (sp?)
    My symptoms were a mix of both, so they're not 100% sure, but at least I don't feel like I'm 80yrs old when I wake up in the morning now. Still feeling a little light headed today, so my boss agreed that taking another day of annual leave to give it the best chance to go away is best, so no work today again, but if things keep progressing the way they have, I shall be back on deck tomorrow! w00t!
    Was great to see all your piccies and tweets from PAX over the weekend! Given I couldn't be there, it was nice to be able to keep up with all the happenings and fun stuff :)
    Hopefully you're not all too ratshit after so much hype!

      That's some serious stuff, hope you feel better soon mate.

        While it is serious, hopefully it wont turn out to be anything more serious than that. I don't really want to end up having to have an operation if I can avoid it!

      Hope you feel better soon dude, also the fact ypu had a shit tonne of hydralite before going makes you more man than me, I tried that stuff when I had gastro and it was nasty, I thibk it was the orange one I had.

        lol my colleague at work said the same thing! He said the orange was disgusting, but better if it is cold. Room temperature is apparently very unpleasant! I went with the purple one, and thankfully drank it chilled from the get-go, and it wasn't too bad. Not the kind of thing I want to drink every day, but at least it worked :)

          I had both the drink and the icypole thing, I preferred the icypole, I also preferred a slow death to taking it so ya know thats a thing

            yeah it's not the most pleasant thing in the world, but after feeling the way I did for close to 2 weeks straight, I probably would have ingested anything if it was likely to make me better!

      So what do those words mean?

        Well, hypovolemia is a decreased volume of blood plasma, It's usually associated with a decrease in salt, and can cause a wide array of symptoms like confusion, lethargy and such.
        Hyponatremia is similar, in that it's low sodium concentration in the blood, but it's generally more associated with dehydration, where as the volemia isn't. Hyponatremia doesn't generally cause confusion or screw with the mind, which is why they can't rule out one or the other, but at least they are treated in similar ways in terms of normalizing the body.
        Hopefully further tests will reveal the real cause, but keeping fingers crossed it was just bad timing that I got the runs when I was already a little under hydrated, as that should mean my kidneys are ok!

          Dr jimu prescribes KFC chips with extra salt & a bottle of evian

            Suggestion noted! Though thanks to @ontargett I now have cheese and bacon chicken schnitzel on the brain... evil.. evil man!!! ;)

          I think you got hypovolaemia and hyponatraemia backwards. Hypovolaemia is usually associated with dehydration...or bleeding.
          And hyponatraemia is associated with confusion, coma and seizures depending on the severity and rapidity...

            haha thanks for the clarification doc! :) I was probably still a little out of it when they told me all the details.

    There's only one thing to discuss. 3 days at PAX!

    Started off by accidentally taking a wrong turn and ending up 10 minutes late to the first Halo: Reach tournament. Really disappointed. Came back at 2 for the MCC tournament, which was Halo 3. Man, 343i really screwed up the networking. They could only get 4 consoles to work at a time, so we're moving 4 people through 5 minute games to the total of 64 players. That took 3 hours...

    I won the first few games and was worried about the next. Because my opponent was doing MLG strats during his first game I thought I had my work cut out for me. So we start our 1v1 game and I get the first kill. Manage to sneak up on him for the second kill. Got the third. Noticed he wouldn't be able to catch up within 2 minutes and jumped into a ghost, managing to kill him on top of a building.

    Suddenly I hear the spectators behind me shouting about ragequitting. So I'm goofing along and pretending I had no chance and was gonna ragequit. Then the event organiser comes along and tells me to end the game. Confused I look around and can't find my opponent. Discovering that the spectators were shouting about him ragequitting and leaving in a huff!

    After that I went and bugged Mark at the panel for dealing with internet rage. Never knew he had such a strong accent.
    Then I went into the freeplay area and played the campaign of Halo 5.

    Second day I turned up for the second Halo: Reach tournament. Went pretty ok, but one of the players was an MLG player, so it was unfair to everyone. The final was boring, too since his opponent wanted to practice and explore the map before the finale, lost and the MLG player was awarded the medal.

    Tried to get into the Halo 5 tournament but that was overbooked. Which surprised me. So instead I signed up to the Nidhogg tournament. Never played the game but I at least managed to win my first game.

    Then I went and got some books signed at Roosterteeth. Meaning I didn't have to carry my books around anymore and kill my shoulders.

    Went into classic gaming and played some Halo 2. Just like last year I forgot how heavy the autoaim in that game is. Still don't know why people praise it as the best (although that might be the reason).

    Then I finished off the Halo 5 campaign. Also showed someone Halo 5 who had been away from the franchise for a while. His reactions were always confusion over the changes.

    Final day I turn up for the last Halo tournament. It was supposed to be Halo 4 in the MCC, but because of Friday it was changed to Halo: Reach (just like last year!). I had so much fun in this tournament. Got to the end but lost in a 3 FFA where the opponent kept picking up the kills. Still had a lot of fun though.

    I also went to the booth that had a Halo 5 tournament and qualified in the top 16 kills list. Came back at 5 for the tournament and ended up coming 4th overall.

    Other stuff I did was going to find Yarnyman and took a picture with him. I played Dark Souls 3 (the aesthetic seems closer to Bloodborne), tried the Rainbow Six demo (they're really asking a lot for this game) but that was pretty much it.

    Overall I had an amazing time.

    7 days, 16 hours and 2 minutes!

      Yeah! Call of Duty!

        I'm just wondering how a Brotherhood of Steel themed CoD game would go...

          I'd not want a call of duty style game but an Arma 3 mod would go really nicely

            After playing a bunch of Fallout and XCOM (waiting for their respective sequals) and a short detour into Fallout Shelter, it got me thinking about an XCOM-style game placing the player as an overseer. You'd construct base facilities, arrange work within the vault (and assign dwellers tasks, or to missions within or outside) and collect items from the wasteland - all similar to XCOM. Additionally, you may have to deal with oddities of a Vault-Tec experiment (or be one of those boring "control" vaults), internal or external factions and eventually secure the area around the vault, perhaps locate a GECK...

    Hi TAY, kinda sad I didn't get to hang out with you guys this weekend but I really enjoyed Saturday at PAX.

    @blackdahlianz and @trikeabout escorted me about the place checking out all the Indie games. I never ended up making back on Saturday afternoon, We roamed around at about 1.30pm to try and find other TAYbies in the Boardgames room but in the end I couldn't find anyone that looked like Freeze, Transient, DC or Techie so I ended up watching people play Rainbow Six Siege and Assassins Creed Syndicate, Rainbow Six looks really really good I think.

    Can anyone tell me what was in the Fallout exhibit? I was told that it wasn't worth the wait but it looked cool from the outside lol.

      Did you use the trademarked TAY mating call? tis the only way to find TAYbies out in the wild.

      Fallout exhibit:

      Fallout would have been good if you hadn't seen anything yet, but apparently it was all content that had been shown elsewhere so was online already.

      Good to catch up! :)

    Morning all, I hope you all enjoyed your PAXing.

    My weekend included making an awesome Vegan cake.
    I did a different top though - Coconut milk and chocolate Glaze, much easier!

    Also We played our first game of Pandemic Legacy - We lost due to chaining outbreaks!

    Almost finished assassins London, liking it a lot.

    How is everyone?

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      Freya was on the fence about Pandemic Legacy, right up until she saw the box at PAX. Not sure how we're going to get things going but going will get done.

        I'm just waiting for us to win a couple of games for the good stuff to happen, but as is we have 5 rioting countries already

      Yo, have you been to the "secret" area in AssLondon yet?

      So cool.

        No I haven't. hmmmm I will need to look for that tonight. any hints?

          Eastern end of The Thames, there should be a marker on the map if it's unlocked. I don't know if it comes up as a requirement or anything later, but I noticed it when I was in Sequence 8

    Howdy all!

    Sitting at the airport waiting for my flight back home. Kinda bummed I need to work today because I'm still feeling pretty dang tired!

    Pax was a tonne of fun! Kudos to @tech_knight and @scree for organising the PAX meat this year, it was great.

    Spent most of my time hanging around the indies game area. Played a few that were interesting and will check them out in the future. Also got to play some AAA games:

    Dark Souls 3 - it is just so god damn good. Basically more Bloodborne-ish movement and combat but with Dark Souls setting and armour/weapons/etc...

    Total War(hammer) - I've never played a total war game so this was interesting. I learnt (the hard way) that troop placement is pretty dang important.

    Xenoblade Chronicles X - The demo wasn't really anything surprising. I was hoping I got to fly around as a giant transforming ship but you just got to run around as the (uggo) main character and kill things. Combats pretty much the same as it was in Xenoblade Chronicles but improved (give info like where you are standing in regards to the enemy).

    Also spent a bit of money on some tabletop games. I bought: Love Letter, Exploding Kittens and Boss Monster 2.

    Also, shoutout to @gorzilla for driving me to and from PAX and organising accomodation.

      I really doubt that place can be topped for PAX meats, even I wasn't expecting a full on theatre.
      $1k+ well spent for me

        Yeah, it was pretty great. Atleast if someone else does a PAX meat next year they know where to book. =P

          Indeed it has everything we need, a bar and a karaoke theatre that are separate but a very short trip between them, since the TAYbies prefer one or the other, and they could enjoy one while not interfering with the other at all, it was quite amazing.

      How does Boss Monster 2 look compared to the original?

      Xenoblade Chronicles X - The demo wasn't really anything surprisingWait, that was there? Where abouts in the booth? I didn't see it at all. Hardly any games of interest at the Nintendo booth actually, pretty much just Fast Racing Neo. Which I wasn't too keen on.

        It was hiden in the back area. behind the happy home designer area.

          Oh, you mean in with Project Zero? Only saw that when walking past, didn't think there'd be anything else to go in there that would warrant further inspection.

          Still probably wouldn't have bothered waiting in line to get there though :P

            The line was terrible, it never move. Luckily I was walking pass it 10mins before PAX closed and it was empty. The guy overseeing it was cool and let me play for the 10 mins.

    Morning errbody hows every little thing?

    My weekend so far has been filled with more ups and downs then a poorly constructed rollercoaster.

    Friday night was date night, we went to Eastland as its half reopened from its renovations and is looking pretty schmick everything is differernt but you can tell where the old part of the shops were and where the new begins. But I digress we went to Balsamic for dinner, had a burger that was alright then went to go see Paranormal Activity which if you like horror comedies go see it because thats what the series is now more comedy than horror.

    Saturday went with Cathryn's family to go check out a new house in Endeavor Hills, turned out the property was already under contract and they wouldn't know if it would be back on the market or not till mid week which they failed to mention until I talked to him about it so that pissed off alot of the people there when they found out because they saw it as a waste of their time. Afterwards we went and picked up Cathryns dad's new car, he ended up buying an old FJ40 because he loves them so saturday night was spent cleaning and fixing it up and finding any problems with it.

    Sunday we did pretty much nothing it was a lazy day where we just relaxed watched the walking dead, watched american horror story, went for a walk and just geberally bummed around all day.

    Anywho a monday morning question
    When do you prefer to have a public holiday/long weekend day? Friday off or Monday off?

      Sounds like one hell of a weekend!
      To answer your question, I think it depends a lot on when it actually happens in the year, but generally speaking, I'd prefer Monday off to Friday I'd say. Ideally though, Tuesday would be best, cos that's when all the dickheads seem to come out of to play :\

      Monday. Saturday is normally management meetings so I'm more likely to work through on a Friday or get day off/day on/day off if it's friday

    Sup all? I had a pretty okay weekend. Watched Mad Max Fury Road Saturday night, it was okay, didn't think it was as good as the original Mad Max, but was still better than Beyond Thunderdome.

    Sunday I ended up in West End in Brisbane for a BBQ with some mates, one whom is up from Tassie, was great to catch up with her & the rest. I also met an Australian Shepherd, lovely dogs! Also went to Ikea, god that place is awful to get through on a weekend Q_Q

    I also feel like I have a hangover, despite not drinking at all, blah.

      Sober hangovers are the blurst

        Man, they so are. I think it's actually from the soft drink I had yesterday, not a huge consumer of it normally. Unless it's the Bunaaberg ones lol.

          Was it coke or one of the other caffeinated ones. Drink too much of those always gives me a headache the next day. The other thing can just be if you are out in the sun at the bbq all day you just dehydrate. The plus side is if you just smash a litre of water first thing you can normally get over them pretty quickly

            It was actually schweppes.. I try and avoid coke, find it way too sweet for me. yet i'll gladly drink shit like Mother, Monster, Red Bull or V heh.

            We were in the shade & it wasn't hot. I just think it was either the drinks or the toxic perfumes I encountered when we were at Ikea. Old ladies & their perfume, about as bad as teenage boys with Lynx body spray lol.

    PAX write-up will occur when I get back to Perth - at airport at the moment.

    Short of it is: nerdpartment kicked ass, TAYbies are fucking awesome, board games are rad, and there's a wacky flailing inflatable tube men fighting game.


    I'm new to Kotaku in the sense this is my first post! I've been reading articles for years but finally got the courage to join the community with a profile I guess.

    I just finished Mad Max on PS4, quite enjoyable yet those land mine missions were tedious :/

    Looking forward to Battlefront, Need for Speed and Seige in December!

    How's people's mornings been?
    Excited for Walking Dead this week?

      Welcome! Don't forget to sign the guest book.

      Mad Max is a fun game which I gave up on early on and really should get back into.
      I too am looking forward to all of those games more so Siege and Need for Speed however I don't know if they will get much playtime between ESO and FO4

      Also highly excited for the walking dead even though after reading thr comics im really annoyed about the whole show haha

        Ah sweet! Thanks man, how would one go about signing the guest book?
        Or you pulling my leg? ;)

        Ah yeah? How is ESO?
        FO4 should be great too!

        Yeah I am up to date with the comics so I'm a bit frustrated by the show at some parts
        but still enjoying it for what it's worth.

        Fear the Walking Dead is pretty great though

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          The guestbook is currently down for maintenance, your lucky you didn't have to sign the old guestbook AKA the oar of thorns, that was a doozy.

          ESO is alroght playing with a few mates, frankly if I wasn't I probably wouldn't play it, it gets monotonous fast.

          Agreed, also that new episode
          I'm not a fan of flashback episodes because to me they are too jarring but this one I didn't mind. Really looking forward to the direction they take it, however if they don't have jesus in it I will be pretty pissed off

          Haven't finished watching Fear the walking dead yet but it is a slow burn show.

            Ah nice, looking forward to it then!

            Yeah I can understand that, I play FF14: Realm Reborn and that's with mates, not often I play that by myself.

            That new episode though, I did really like it, Morgan did get annoying with 'kill me' all the time but I get what he was going through so was justifiable in the end you could say haha You reckon Glenn is still alive and they'll keep his death for Negan, that was a pretty iconic land mark with the comics I reckon.

            Yeah plenty of time for Fear the Walking Dead ;)

            Last edited 03/11/15 12:54 pm

              Honestly my girlfriend asked the same thing but I think that was the way of killing him off because that scene with Negan would never get past the tv execs just like rick losing an arm or Carl losing half his face but fingers crossed im wrong

                yeah my mate thinks the same. Never get onto tv with a caved skull in by Lucille. Meryl did lose his hand though so it may happen to Rick, you never know ;)

                Last edited 03/11/15 5:17 pm

    So my weekend was pretty great, even if I didn't go to PAX. Spent Saturday watching sport and playing Guitar Hero Live. Stayed up until 5 am Sunday morning, which was a mistake. Of course the reason for that was the Rugby World Cup final, which was a good game despite the Wallabies loss.

    Sunday I went to church, then hung out with friends. Had Hungry Jacks new Cheese and Bacon Chicken Schnitzel, which was actually pretty decent. Then we went to a park and went for a walk and played cricket. After that, I went home and chilled and watched Chappie. That was an interesting movie and I regret choosing to watch Focus instead of it when I had my free movie voucher to use.

    10/10, would do again, apart from staying up until 5. Never again (at least until the next time).


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    In a bid to play games other than Destiny in the leadup to Fallout 4, I started a game of Hacknet over the weekend. So far it's pretty much exactly like Uplink only easier, which is just what I was looking for. I'll try and spend some more time with it this week.

    Also played Toybox Turbos which I picked up in the Codemasters steam sale a couple of weeks ago and as described, it's pretty much Micro Machines without the authorised branding. I feel like a big part of the appeal is the "street" or "muscle" cars so It's slightly disappointing that I have to play through races as a taxi or a bulldozer to earn the coins to unlock those cars, but all in all it's a lot of fun. I'll probably try and finish all the races at least once just to get my $2 worth.

    At some point I need to make a firm decision on whether I'm going to paly the Tales from Monkey Island, Back to the future and Wallace and Gromit games that are sitting in my library. They've been sitting there unfinished for so long since I bought some adventure game bundle years ago that they're actually kind of pissing me off.

    Would anyone recommend them?

      Oh those games my library unplayed

        Yeah, I don't know how or when I got them, probably from a humble bundle or something, but they're sitting there, installed, and I never find the time to play them. Apparently they're good but don't stand up to more recent episodic adventures like Walking Dead, Wolf Among Us, etc. so maybe I should give them a miss.

        Oh, I should really play the Sam & Max ones though...

      My sister liked BttF. The guy they got to do Marty sounds uncannily like Michael J Fox. It's almost creepy.

    Jealous of people having fun at PAX, but did some OK stuff. Went for a bike ride out to Parramatta and back along the river and made it up some longish hills so I was quite happy about that. Saturday afternoon I did skeleton make-up for my daughter's halloween outfit, which turned out pretty good. Trundled around the local area in a PVC gorilla mask (so so hot!) and then went to a halloween party and met some cool people.

    Sunday we ended up going to a professional portrait place because I had a voucher. I didn't realise that portrait photography could be so unbelievably expensive. Talking about $1200 for a framed 16x20 inch photo, not including the photo session. Oh well.

    Finished Tales From The Borderlands last night, which was pretty cool. Also finished book nine of the WoT series and am now into book 10. I aim to finish the series by Christmas!

    I vacuumed & mopped my entire house before being forced to attend a car show.

    #PAX North Other

    I also played Divinity Original Sin & watched 3 eps of Twin Peaks.

    Non-PAX weekend post:

    Friday night, played some Civilization: Beyond Earth with @rize.

    Saturday, played some Rock Band 4.

    Saturday night, watched "Back in Time" on Netflix. Then played some Warhammer: Vermintide with @rize.

    Sunday, played some Vermintide with @rize.

    Sunday night, played some Vermintide with @rize.

    Civ: BE - Rising Tide adds some cool stuff to the game. I like the way the affinity system works now but there's still a lot of the game that feels like a step back from Civ V and its expansions.

    Rock Band 4 is Rock Band. Which is great. Freestyle solos are a good idea but can ruin a song as it can sound very out of place. The fact they've made/are making most of the old DLC compatible is great. I've already got a game that has all the one disc songs plus another 200 or so from DLC I bought over the years. Looking forward to them making the rest available over the coming months.

    Vermintide is a cool guy. The fact that it embraces the fact it's a Left 4 Dead clone/fancy mod is great. But fuck a lot of the public players who don't seem to realise it's a team game. Also the addition of a loot system is pretty great too. It has a good risk/reward component, but you can get screwed over by it.

      You bought RB4?

      So when are we having a Rock Band night at yours?

      I'm free whenever.

        It's on the cards. I'm waiting for the legacy adapter to arrive so I can use the Rock Band Beatles gear I have lying around.

          You can't just use the PS3 dongles? Because I have heaps of them lying around.

            I would've loved to have gotten the PS4 version, but had to get the Xbone because all the DLC/old games I have were on the 360.

              Ah dang.

              Sweet, well just let me know when I can come round and get you a noise complaint.

      I have to agree that there are far too many lone wolves among the public players. It's not too bad on the lower difficulties but hard and above demands good teamwork.

      Do you have a favourite level? I'm enjoy Waterfront probably the most as it's quick but also pretty challenging.

        I know which level I hate... Wheat and Chaff.

        Fuck that level so, so much. I can't remember the name of the mission, but I really enjoyed the one where you have to hold out in the town and defend the wells. It was simple, but effective.

          I know so many people who despise that level. The openness of the area really screws people over with the Gunners and Runners having clear line of sight almost everywhere. And yet, Wells is pretty much the same but is far, far better in that regard.

      Wait, random players in public games are being dicks?? Oh wait, it's the OPPOSITE of that when I should be surprised...

      Is Vermintide worth getting for single player or is it one of those "Yeah we made bots but didn't bother making AI for them" kind of deals?

        The bots are okay at times but generally terrible. It is a multiplayer game and there isn't really any single player at all.

      Yeah, I joined a game of vermintide and 1 guy was doing all the work. When Igor knocked down proceeded to help me I complained that he had to get me up and set up barrels all at the same time while the other 2 Sat in a corner just looking at us. Then I got kicked for that. It was dumb, untill I played win friends and we actually worked together and had strategies and just plain good communication in general as well.

    Also: Melbourne TAYbies, now that the excitement of PAX is over, it is time to plan for the glory and excitement of meating me. :P

    @beavwa @budgieishere @chuloopa @coldcamv @crazyguy1990 @f4ction @greenius @mad_danny @pixel_the_ferret_viking @scree @smurfydog @tech_knight @tigerion @tofu @trikeabout @zetrox2k Anyone else I may have missed.

    I have made an executive decision, in that I think that Saturday the 14th seems to be the better option for the meat. So, I am asking for suggestions of places we can go for dinner, and which cinemas would be the best option. Or if you don't want to see Spectre, other options for activities after dinner.

    Also, if you can't make Saturday night, but are free Friday night, let me know, as I have no plans for the Friday night, and would like to hang out. Thanks.

      Friday night will work best for me to hang out, would love to meet you.

        Cool. Not sure what we'll do, but there's bound to be something to do, even if it's just wandering the streets. Certainly more interesting than Launceston.

          Dinner will be perfect for me, we'll figure out where that'll be a bit later on.

      I think I have a thing that weekend. But an actual thing with stuff, not just a thing thing to avoid this. I am the best at planning.
      Should be free on the Friday, if you want to wander down south melbourne way I can always duck out for a coffee and a chat if I'm at work. or a drink if it is after work. See how it goes.

        Cool, I understand that not everyone is available. Life happens. Friday drinks/dinner will be good.

        you work in south melbourne to? neat

          Too? Does that mean you do as well?
          I'm just off Clarendon St behind the town hall. If you are close feel free to drop a message if you feel like grabbing some lunch or a coffee

            yarp. I'm across from the markets on cecil st. If you're ever walking past and see a motorbike out the front on the sidewalk, it's probably mine

      I might have been free Saturday, but I think there's a high likelihood of family stuff overlapping - I'll see how things go over the course of the week regarding my availability

      I'm not sure at this stage as Mum has to go into Hospital on Thursday to get the nodules in her goiter. I'm not sure if I'll be needed on Saturday, I should be able to let you know Friday. Sorry for the late notice.

      Thanks for shout-out. Get back into Melbourne on Saturday morning so may well be able to come out Sat night! Will see how we pull up...

      Put me down as a maybe for both nights ill let you know if anything comes up beforehand but will try to make it either the friday for dinner or saturday for the movie

      welp, the 14th is my birthday, so I've got nothing planned. I'm in, just tell me where to meat.

      I think I have D&D on the 14th but I'll let you know (if you remind me closer to the day)

    Come back Fishgief, the world needs you nore than ever right now

      *Scaley Spinning Pile-Driver*

      ...did you see my plane leaving at pretty much exactly that time, or what?

    Pax write up: soon. Straight into 3yr old parenting.
    Very short write up: you are all awesome, I'm broke now, playing board games was my highlight of it all, I'll never karaoke again, can somebody tag batguy and tell him I've converted on Master of Orion, the escalation of the Streetpass offensive greeting with Freeze ended with an anxiety meltdown on my end and finally my 3DS SD card corrupted itself and I lost everything.

    All in all really good. 10/10 would PAX again.

      Thanks for being the first Tasmanian at Pax meat

    Had today off booked so we get a post-PAX 'weekend' (thanks to melbourne cup) to just lie around in a bit of a daze.
    Guesstimate that I had at least 80 Pokémon battles over the weekend. Could have gone more but I ran out of challengers mid-Sunday.

      Batboy had so much fun battling you and the other gym leaders. Thanks for being awesome :)

    So there was a prolonged power outage in my town yesterday arvo. Cut to today, I'm currently up to 102 emails from the fallout of all our shit breaking and I may just call in sick tomorrow.

    When your IT department demands funding to replace old, out of warranty and failing hardware, this is why you just do it.

      Want an IT enforcer? I know networking, logical argument and intimidation

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