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    Did you ever have a situation where a report you'd written was restructured by your manager, and then - as part of the same edit - criticised because the new structure was inconsistent? This is what I'm dealing with today. #SendDrugsPlease

      Can't say I have, but then the reports I've had to write for work, were criticizing the management for their poor practices, so I'm not surprised they didn't restructure them ;)

      "Make this change! Now!"
      "I don't like this change! Why'd you'd make it?"

      *business appropriate sympathy hugs*

      Always get everything in writing if you can :)

      I don't write reports. But I have had "a talk" several times for things I didn't actually do.

      Still, better than being a cleaner where every little move you make is scrutinised.

      Oh god I know dem feels.

      My personal favourite was where the client gave us a report outline, I wrote the report, the client loved it, then the boss decided he had a better idea and redid it, and the client ended up hating it.

    Hidily ho TAYberino's!
    Hope everyone had a good weekend, and is doing better than I am!
    Another day off work for me :( Got about 1km from home and had to pull over cos I thought I was gonna pass out :\ This is really starting to do my head in :\

      That doesn't sound good - rest up, I hope things improve soon.

        Thanks. Will certainly be doing that. Asked my boss to find out from HR if there's a better way of dealing with this, as I think the stress of having to take time off/worrying about losing my job is starting to affect my mental well being. Never had to deal with such long lasting health issues before, and since my symptoms seem to come and go as they please, it's hard for my doc to know what to do as well. Only been writing me up for a day or two at a time so far, as I'm never sure how I'm going to be from day to day. Saturday I was fine, then yesterday, I had the blood boiling feeling throughout the day. None of that today, but intermittent dizziness instead :\
        Hope we can arrange something that will appease everybody.

          Is it possible to work from home when you're feeling unwell

            I do have remote access, but we're not officially allowed to use it. Hoping maybe they can work something out like that for days when I feel like this or something. Just have to wait and see what my boss can come up with.

              I hope they will. They can't fire you for being sick. They have laws against that

          Got the feeling stress could be a major factor. Stress/depression/anxiety can do some crazy things. Being worried about losing your job due to taking time off, then almost passing out on the way to work, I would say that's probably stress related.

          I've been noticing over the last few years that Stress/depression/anxiety has been on the rise over the last few years (I've noticed all of them in myself too), Seems every day more and more people are affected by it.

          Might be an idea to mention to your doc that you're very stressed as well (which is fair enough, especially considering what's been going on with your dad). Hope it gets sorted and you start feeling better man.

            I wasn't really worried about it til the end of last week. I mean, I was really hoping this would be all well and truly over by now, but having to ask for time off again today just tipped the scales I think. I'm not like super super freaked out, but enough so now that I would prefer to have some kind of arrangement with work that I know they are happy with, allowing me to keep my job, but also be able to fix this when the need arises.

    Dammit, have to cancel tonights Iron Kingdoms session because one player has parent teacher night. Pfft.

    I started Witcher 3 and man, was that a huge mistake. Now it's all I want to play.
    Kinda done with FF14. Need the expansion to get more out of it, at level 50 it's just grinding for loot.
    Finished Strider, whoever designed that final boss needs a smack in the head. Wasn't hard, just that gravity kept spinning around in a circle and messing up the controls (and difficulty achievements don't stack).

    I also kinda want to play Black Ops 3. Being pessimistic about the franchise but BO3 looks like it can be the game to finally change it. Always been treated good by Treyarch.

    Also I uploaded my PAX photos.

    Last edited 09/11/15 11:59 am

      Blops 3 is pretty solid so far imo.
      The campaign is a bit wacky but enjoyable enough. And zombies looks pretty solid the little I played.
      It also bares mentioning just how much game you get in this one: a dozenish campaign missions, an alternate zombie campaign, the zombies mode, a horde mode (all split-screen co-op), a hidden minigame and of course the pvp multiplayer. That's pretty good!

      Black Ops 3 reminds me of Neon Genesis Evangelion.

      Starts off with robots and pure awesomeness, then drifts off into What-The-Hell-Is-Going-On territory.

    16 hours... AAAAAAAHHHHH HURRY UP!

      I literally popped in just to share the same sentiment.

      Something something Fallout

        Woah, it's 14 hours now. That means its 1AM rather than midnight!


        It's like some sick Vault-Tec experiment in impatience

    I still can't get over that XCOM Board Game I played first time on Saturday, holy shit...

      I do need to play that at some stage

        it's so difficult but surprisingly very good. If you saw my facebook post last night you'd see the shenanigans that happened to me, I was so unlucky

    Fallout Fallout Fallout Fallout Fallout...


    Would hope for it to break street date, but that's as likely as the existence of unicorns.

    Good Morning!
    I had an alright weekend. Friday night we saw They Might Be Giants at the Enmore, and it was fantastic. Two sets, songs from almost all of their albums, and a couple of fantastic covers too. All hail the Bass Clarinet!

    Can't wait for Custard in a couple of weeks! (Why yes, my teenage years were in the 90s, how can you tell?)

    Hola Tay

    Quiet weekend. Spent Saturday nursing my cold and playing Tales from the Borderlands. Not only do I think it's Telltale's best game yet, I think it also may be the best bit of the Borderlands IP so far.

    Sunday went to lunch with my dad then went to the South Australian Aviation Museum, because my uncle was volunteering. Pretty sure one of the exhibits had a picture of my Pop from his time at Woomera, which was exciting. Then when I got home I started playing Her Story, which is really, really clever.

    I got a shipping notification for my copy of Fallout 4. AAAAAAAH EXCITE

    A Monday Morning Question: Australia had a rocket/space program once (technically still does). What would make a Space program super Aussie?

      Agreed on ze Burderlarndz & ze falloot

      That question has made me want to jump back in to Borderlands The Pre-Sequel. Janey Springs is a champion :D

        Tales was the thing that made me end up going back to the pre-sequel and I found that I rather enjoyed it on a second go. I hated it the first time round but the second time it definitely went better. The beam weapons were something that took forever to get used to but by the end I was carrying 3 of them

      Space Brewery
      An extra couple of engines on the rocket launch that don't actually make it go faster but add lots of noise
      Inventing a new for of propulsion but handing the rights over to a foreign company because we don't want to invest anything to make it happen

      Corks dangling from the wings of the shuttle.

      Depressingly an australian space program would probably be designed to stop space boats...

        It's true... there's nothing more Australian at the moment than kicking people of our land!

      Set up a public/private partnership company to run it then constantly have politicians interfere with it, turning it into a political football. When they're done it'll cost 4 times what it should have and it will be a 'hybrid' rocket that's partially built on repurposed NASA components from the 1960s and bits of Skylab and can only make it into the upper atmosphere.

    Finally got around to see The Martian last night. It was pretty good. Not as good as I thought it'd be though. I feel it glossed over the psychological aspects of being trapped alone on a planet a bit too much.

      I think they went more for the action/thriller aspect, which definitely made for an exciting movie. I just finished reading the book, and I have to say, I'm not disappointed in either.

      I think for a movie about going mad by yourself in a space base, Moon is a much better movie.

      One of the features of The Martian is the science, the calculations, the amount of thought that goes into a space mission. I think they did a good job of conveying a lot of that detail in the movie.

        Which is why Moon is better :3

          Moon is awesome. The Martian is like Apollo 13 but on Mars and not true.

    Hey everyone. If you haven't paid for pax meat, please do so as @tech_knight is around $250 short of $1000.

      I think I've already paid for everything I needed to but if I haven't let me know!

      (Also if you know who hasn't paid you should get in touch with them directly in case they don't see this)

      I still need to do that.

      Techie I told you to remind me!

        But I was afraid you'd suplex me if I asked again, Zangeif! D:
        But yeah my bad, I didn't do a great job keeping track at all.

          For future Accounts Payable -

          Step 1 - Hire Burly men who can break legs
          Step 2 - Keep detailed records of who needs leg breaking
          Step 3 - Send Burly men to break legs


          Techie, can you email bunny the details? My PC is starting to play up again

      If an email with the details gets sent to trjnrabbit at the mail of googles, I can sort out my end.

    Played half a game of Talisman with my daughter on Sunday (ran out of time).

    Went swimming with the kids and played through a good chunk of Mass Effect. Man, disconnecting on the Council never gets old :-D

    Hey everyone, had a pretty good weekend. Spent the weekend in Bendigo, seems like a nice town, don't know why but both the wife and I think it feels like a little version of Adelaide.

    Also, been thinking about shaving my beard off lately, a few months ago I trimmed it and mucked it up (as I tend to do), so I trimmed the whole thing right down with the clippers. Since then it just hasn't seemed to be growing anywhere near as fast as what it had before I trimmed it. So, I've been thinking about going full clean shaven in the hopes that it'll speed up the growth, should I do it, or am I insane?

    Also also, something something Fallout.

      My hair is super greasy so I shave the whole lot short in warmer weather. Great face insulation in the winter though.

      Summer is the time to do it. Very refreshing.

    I don't think I'm going to quite finish Darksiders before Fallout is in the house.


    Concocting my own homebrew RPG system (you know, because I'm starting to lose my ubernerd cred) for a new steampunk game, but always getting bogged down on the nitty-gritty. Things I enjoy: devising the long story-arc, thinking up a couple of short arcs and the maths behind different RNG systems (oh, there we go - maths nerd cred re-established); things I don't enjoy/always get stuck on: repetitive world building exercises - cities, important people, mundane equipment. I opened excel, typed the header row for an equipment table, opened a dozen tabs in wikipedia, read for 10 minutes, then closed everything and went to read a book.

    On that subject - Greg Fleet's memoir, "These Things Happen", the tale of his career to this point and a 30-odd year heroin addiction is a cracking read. Slightly disjointed at times and suffering from an odd pacing (especially in the last third of the book), it's a dark recollection of the suffering he's wrought on those around him interspersed with his excellent dry humour. 4/5.

    Update on the hype train (tram?) - work owes me a day in lieu. Should I try and line that up for Wednesday, relying on Toll to deliver as they're supposed to; or should I line it up for Thursday to be sure? I've also got 5 weeks of leave up my sleeve, definitely taking a Monday or two off leading up to Christmas.

    Last edited 09/11/15 10:06 am

      The Strange (@strange) has a Steampunk setting in one of its upcoming releases, and @popdart5 suggested this one when we were talking about Lasers and Feelings the other day

        Had a quick look over Lady Blackbird there, has a few similarities with what I've been putting together. Mechanically though, probably a little heavily story focused for my group - I'm trying to whittle down a d20 system into something that suits a fantastic and heroic adventure group (and I've got to, somehow, make the combat solid)

          Have a look at the Cypher system (powers The Strange and Numenera).

            I don't know, Cypher tends to be ridiculously open-ended and I found it really hard to come up with anything interesting in it because there's not enough limitations to it. Repurposing d20 would be just as viable if @spadge is looking for a more combat-heavy approach, where Cypher tends to put much more emphasis on role-playing than action.

            @spadge: have you thought about checking out some of the Cyperpunk ones? Though they're obviously very different genres, I always felt like a system like Cyperpunk 2030 would adapt to Steampunk fairly well. More so than generic fantasy systems. But it really comes down to your world. Do you want lots of races or just a few (or just one?), what is the draw of the game etc. There's lots of different approaches for Steampunk and something focused on, say, dogfighting in airships (like Crimson Skies or Last Exile or something - Crimson Skies is more Dieselpunk though) is going to be quite different from something that's all Victorian in the Jules Verne style or a steampunk Western along the lines of Wild Arms.

      You could always look to F.A.T.A.L for a template.

      Don't do this. Never do this.

      I'm pretty sure savage worlds has a steampunk setting, if not it's pretty easy to add what you want to it.




    You are the crew of the interstellar scout ship Raptor. Your mission is to explore uncharted regions of space, deal with aliens both friendly and deadly, and defend the Consortium worlds against space dangers. Captain Darcy has been overcome by the strange psychic entity known as Something Else, leaving you to fend for yourselves while he recovers in a medical pod.

    STAR TREK with SIMPLE MECHANICS and occasional LASER FEELINGS. A One-shot scenario that we'll generate on the fly, no preparation or RPG experience needed

    Looking to run this on Thursday (7:30 SA Time). I know there's a couple of interested people (@freezespreston, @cj, @cracks) but I'm opening up THREE slots to anyone interested. Good for people who've never RPGed before, people who love Star Trek (even if they love how naff it is) or people who are generally interested. We play on Google Hangouts (I'll send you a link) and it will be streamed.



      Your emphasis on feelings is illogical Captain. If you insist on this course of action, I must insist on being included on the away team as an advisor.

      Interested but put me on the reserve list if you don't get enough numbers
      Might be a bit early for me to reliably get on and it's Mrs Tigs bday this week so she might have other ideas

      I'm up for it if you cant get anyone else - better to let people who haven't rpg'ed before to have a go

      Sign me up! (When's it start)?

        7:30 Thursday SA Time (Aus central daylight). Believe that's 8pm Eastern Daylight Time.

          Soz I was asking which date =P Are we starting this Thursday?!?! Do I need a character sheet?! How will I know what color my scales are without one?!

            A One-shot scenario that we'll generate on the fly, no preparation or RPG experience needed. This Thursday

    Hi guys!

    Hope you're all doing well.

    I know everyone's excited for Fallout4, but I'm hoping someone can help me out. I pre-installed Rise of The Tomb Raider on Xbone but the installation stopped at 99%. :( is this normal for pre-installing games? Has anyone else pre-installed ROTTR? Please let me know. I did restart installation this morning but now I am at work and dying not knowing how it is going.

      I installed it when it first went up for pre-order and it's sitting there fully downloaded. With pre-installs you should get the entire thing downloaded and installed. They release patches pre-release since the full version isn't always up when they open pre-orders but it'll be listed as fully installed. It'll look like it's ready to go but if you try to open it tells you to wait until the release date.
      I know it happens to me from time to time but honestly I can't remember ever doing anything to fix it. Have you paused and restarted the installation? Just go to My Games & Apps, highlight Rise in your Queue, hit the Menu button (three lines) on the controller and there should be a few options.

        Thanks! I did pause n resume installation but it always failed at 99%. So i uninstalled the whole thing, deleted another game creating some more space and restarted the install this morning. Hopefully it works. I had paused the installation previously for 3 days, maybe that was the problem. I hope it installs this time.

          Had the problem of a failed download on Xbone back when I had my first one. No matter how many times I tried it would get to a certain percentage and fail. Searched the net for a solution and some people were saying that a hard reset should fix it, so I gave it a try and whaddya know it worked first time.

          So, just turn it off, pull the power cord out of the back, wait 10 seconds, plug it back in and give it another go. Should work, let us know how it goes.

      If you haven't already you can go there and then click on the down arrows until you get to Lara's Research Wall. Click Explore the wall then click on all the things and it'll give you a code for the Explorer Card Pack. Just some in-game items but cool none the less.

        Thanks. I did do that a few days back,

        But thanks @dogman and @evilmonkey for your helpful tips on my installation problem. I have it all ready to go. It says "pre-ordered" and I am impatiently waiting for midnight. The reviews seem great!

    Felt like it's worth mentioning again: for those couple of people here who are interested in FALLOUT 4 AAAAAAAAAAAAAH- the Pipboy app is up on all platforms.

      Has been since like Friday, bit slow there Rize :P

        Felt like it's worth mentioning again

          Oi, just cause I fail to read everything, no need to make fun of me :P

          But saying that, reminds me of this that my mate showed me last night haha.

        When you use a Windows Phone it takes a while to sink in that an app actually made it to the store. I've got it installed and I expect to realise that I have the option available around halfway through my second playthrough.

    If my charisma and wooing skills were a Super Mario level, they would be called "Dry Dry Jocks"

      List of amusing names found while looking for something that apparently doesn't exist:

      Stone-Snake Tower
      Iggy's Swinging-Chains Castle
      Wiggler Floodlands
      Mount Fuzzy
      Porcu-Puffer Cavern
      Spine Coaster Stowaways
      Wiggler Rodeo
      Three-Headed Snake Block

    Morning, TAY!

    My weekend was swell. Went and saw a bunch of movies as part of the Japanese Film Festival. Ghost in the Shell, Miss Hokusai and Bakuman. Miss Hokusai was pretty fantastic, I recommend it. The other two were not really for me but they were entertaining enough.

    Already got five more movies lined up to see over the next week :P

    I've also played a bit more of the new Fatal Frame (Project Zero). I really need to find some time to just sit down and play it because it kinda kills the spooky mood when you have to go to bed mid-way through a mission :P I had to walk through a scary house full of creepy dolls. It was... fun?

    Anywho, morning TAY!
    Its gonna be a long week, I've got 3 more WACE exams to go and will not even touch a single Fallout 4 until I walk out of that exam room. I'm half expecting that final scene from evangelion where everyone will be applauding me and telling me "congratulations".

    If QLD went along with the rest of the World and had daylight savings, my wait for Fallout would be 1 hour less. I feel that's a compelling enough reason to put forward to the politicians

      But by the time it was enacted you'd have one hour less to play it.

        Plenty of time for the farmers to repeal it and I get that hour back :D

      The only thing dumber than daylight savings is not doing it when the rest of the fucking country is.

      It's like being in a canoe and paddling the opposite direction to everyone else because you wanted to take that other fork in the river. Everyone decided to go the stupid way, but stop making it worse.

    So i've found an MSI GTX 670 OC edition on eBay, bloke wants $180 plus postage, but it's about it's 3rd re-listing and he has "best offer" available. Anyone know what would be a reasonable offer?

    I also had to laugh at the person asking full RRP for a 2nd hand GTX 760 that they said they have had since its launch heh.

      I will have an answer for you over the next couple of days rgd. the GTX750ti. Went to cash in my savings (3 jars full of gold coins, because I am a child) over the weekend, but the one ATM with coin deposit was out of order.

        Ah awesome, I kinda forgot about that actually lol. I'll hold off with the 670 for the mean time then!

      $190 will get you a 750 Ti brand new. Probably not as good as a 670 OC though, those are great cards (I still use one in my rig!). Roughly 95% of the performance of the 680.

        I ended up scoring a GTX 760 Superclocked for $160 posted lol.

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