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  • Did you ever have a situation where a report you’d written was restructured by your manager, and then – as part of the same edit – criticised because the new structure was inconsistent? This is what I’m dealing with today. #SendDrugsPlease

    • Can’t say I have, but then the reports I’ve had to write for work, were criticizing the management for their poor practices, so I’m not surprised they didn’t restructure them 😉

    • “Make this change! Now!”
      “I don’t like this change! Why’d you’d make it?”

      *business appropriate sympathy hugs*

    • I don’t write reports. But I have had “a talk” several times for things I didn’t actually do.

      Still, better than being a cleaner where every little move you make is scrutinised.

    • Oh god I know dem feels.

      My personal favourite was where the client gave us a report outline, I wrote the report, the client loved it, then the boss decided he had a better idea and redid it, and the client ended up hating it.

  • Hidily ho TAYberino’s!
    Hope everyone had a good weekend, and is doing better than I am!
    Another day off work for me 🙁 Got about 1km from home and had to pull over cos I thought I was gonna pass out :\ This is really starting to do my head in :\

      • Thanks. Will certainly be doing that. Asked my boss to find out from HR if there’s a better way of dealing with this, as I think the stress of having to take time off/worrying about losing my job is starting to affect my mental well being. Never had to deal with such long lasting health issues before, and since my symptoms seem to come and go as they please, it’s hard for my doc to know what to do as well. Only been writing me up for a day or two at a time so far, as I’m never sure how I’m going to be from day to day. Saturday I was fine, then yesterday, I had the blood boiling feeling throughout the day. None of that today, but intermittent dizziness instead :\
        Hope we can arrange something that will appease everybody.

          • I do have remote access, but we’re not officially allowed to use it. Hoping maybe they can work something out like that for days when I feel like this or something. Just have to wait and see what my boss can come up with.

        • Got the feeling stress could be a major factor. Stress/depression/anxiety can do some crazy things. Being worried about losing your job due to taking time off, then almost passing out on the way to work, I would say that’s probably stress related.

          I’ve been noticing over the last few years that Stress/depression/anxiety has been on the rise over the last few years (I’ve noticed all of them in myself too), Seems every day more and more people are affected by it.

          Might be an idea to mention to your doc that you’re very stressed as well (which is fair enough, especially considering what’s been going on with your dad). Hope it gets sorted and you start feeling better man.

          • I wasn’t really worried about it til the end of last week. I mean, I was really hoping this would be all well and truly over by now, but having to ask for time off again today just tipped the scales I think. I’m not like super super freaked out, but enough so now that I would prefer to have some kind of arrangement with work that I know they are happy with, allowing me to keep my job, but also be able to fix this when the need arises.

  • Dammit, have to cancel tonights Iron Kingdoms session because one player has parent teacher night. Pfft.

    I started Witcher 3 and man, was that a huge mistake. Now it’s all I want to play.
    Kinda done with FF14. Need the expansion to get more out of it, at level 50 it’s just grinding for loot.
    Finished Strider, whoever designed that final boss needs a smack in the head. Wasn’t hard, just that gravity kept spinning around in a circle and messing up the controls (and difficulty achievements don’t stack).

    I also kinda want to play Black Ops 3. Being pessimistic about the franchise but BO3 looks like it can be the game to finally change it. Always been treated good by Treyarch.

    Also I uploaded my PAX photos.

    • Blops 3 is pretty solid so far imo.
      The campaign is a bit wacky but enjoyable enough. And zombies looks pretty solid the little I played.
      It also bares mentioning just how much game you get in this one: a dozenish campaign missions, an alternate zombie campaign, the zombies mode, a horde mode (all split-screen co-op), a hidden minigame and of course the pvp multiplayer. That’s pretty good!

    • Black Ops 3 reminds me of Neon Genesis Evangelion.

      Starts off with robots and pure awesomeness, then drifts off into What-The-Hell-Is-Going-On territory.

  • Fallout Fallout Fallout Fallout Fallout…


    Would hope for it to break street date, but that’s as likely as the existence of unicorns.

  • Good Morning!
    I had an alright weekend. Friday night we saw They Might Be Giants at the Enmore, and it was fantastic. Two sets, songs from almost all of their albums, and a couple of fantastic covers too. All hail the Bass Clarinet!

    Can’t wait for Custard in a couple of weeks! (Why yes, my teenage years were in the 90s, how can you tell?)

  • Hola Tay

    Quiet weekend. Spent Saturday nursing my cold and playing Tales from the Borderlands. Not only do I think it’s Telltale’s best game yet, I think it also may be the best bit of the Borderlands IP so far.

    Sunday went to lunch with my dad then went to the South Australian Aviation Museum, because my uncle was volunteering. Pretty sure one of the exhibits had a picture of my Pop from his time at Woomera, which was exciting. Then when I got home I started playing Her Story, which is really, really clever.

    I got a shipping notification for my copy of Fallout 4. AAAAAAAH EXCITE

    A Monday Morning Question: Australia had a rocket/space program once (technically still does). What would make a Space program super Aussie?

      • Tales was the thing that made me end up going back to the pre-sequel and I found that I rather enjoyed it on a second go. I hated it the first time round but the second time it definitely went better. The beam weapons were something that took forever to get used to but by the end I was carrying 3 of them

    • Space Brewery
      An extra couple of engines on the rocket launch that don’t actually make it go faster but add lots of noise
      Inventing a new for of propulsion but handing the rights over to a foreign company because we don’t want to invest anything to make it happen

    • Set up a public/private partnership company to run it then constantly have politicians interfere with it, turning it into a political football. When they’re done it’ll cost 4 times what it should have and it will be a ‘hybrid’ rocket that’s partially built on repurposed NASA components from the 1960s and bits of Skylab and can only make it into the upper atmosphere.

  • Finally got around to see The Martian last night. It was pretty good. Not as good as I thought it’d be though. I feel it glossed over the psychological aspects of being trapped alone on a planet a bit too much.

    • I think they went more for the action/thriller aspect, which definitely made for an exciting movie. I just finished reading the book, and I have to say, I’m not disappointed in either.

    • I think for a movie about going mad by yourself in a space base, Moon is a much better movie.

      One of the features of The Martian is the science, the calculations, the amount of thought that goes into a space mission. I think they did a good job of conveying a lot of that detail in the movie.

  • Played half a game of Talisman with my daughter on Sunday (ran out of time).

    Went swimming with the kids and played through a good chunk of Mass Effect. Man, disconnecting on the Council never gets old 😀

  • Hey everyone, had a pretty good weekend. Spent the weekend in Bendigo, seems like a nice town, don’t know why but both the wife and I think it feels like a little version of Adelaide.

    Also, been thinking about shaving my beard off lately, a few months ago I trimmed it and mucked it up (as I tend to do), so I trimmed the whole thing right down with the clippers. Since then it just hasn’t seemed to be growing anywhere near as fast as what it had before I trimmed it. So, I’ve been thinking about going full clean shaven in the hopes that it’ll speed up the growth, should I do it, or am I insane?

    Also also, something something Fallout.

  • Concocting my own homebrew RPG system (you know, because I’m starting to lose my ubernerd cred) for a new steampunk game, but always getting bogged down on the nitty-gritty. Things I enjoy: devising the long story-arc, thinking up a couple of short arcs and the maths behind different RNG systems (oh, there we go – maths nerd cred re-established); things I don’t enjoy/always get stuck on: repetitive world building exercises – cities, important people, mundane equipment. I opened excel, typed the header row for an equipment table, opened a dozen tabs in wikipedia, read for 10 minutes, then closed everything and went to read a book.

    On that subject – Greg Fleet’s memoir, “These Things Happen”, the tale of his career to this point and a 30-odd year heroin addiction is a cracking read. Slightly disjointed at times and suffering from an odd pacing (especially in the last third of the book), it’s a dark recollection of the suffering he’s wrought on those around him interspersed with his excellent dry humour. 4/5.

    Update on the hype train (tram?) – work owes me a day in lieu. Should I try and line that up for Wednesday, relying on Toll to deliver as they’re supposed to; or should I line it up for Thursday to be sure? I’ve also got 5 weeks of leave up my sleeve, definitely taking a Monday or two off leading up to Christmas.

      • Had a quick look over Lady Blackbird there, has a few similarities with what I’ve been putting together. Mechanically though, probably a little heavily story focused for my group – I’m trying to whittle down a d20 system into something that suits a fantastic and heroic adventure group (and I’ve got to, somehow, make the combat solid)

          • I don’t know, Cypher tends to be ridiculously open-ended and I found it really hard to come up with anything interesting in it because there’s not enough limitations to it. Repurposing d20 would be just as viable if @spadge is looking for a more combat-heavy approach, where Cypher tends to put much more emphasis on role-playing than action.

            @spadge: have you thought about checking out some of the Cyperpunk ones? Though they’re obviously very different genres, I always felt like a system like Cyperpunk 2030 would adapt to Steampunk fairly well. More so than generic fantasy systems. But it really comes down to your world. Do you want lots of races or just a few (or just one?), what is the draw of the game etc. There’s lots of different approaches for Steampunk and something focused on, say, dogfighting in airships (like Crimson Skies or Last Exile or something – Crimson Skies is more Dieselpunk though) is going to be quite different from something that’s all Victorian in the Jules Verne style or a steampunk Western along the lines of Wild Arms.




    You are the crew of the interstellar scout ship Raptor. Your mission is to explore uncharted regions of space, deal with aliens both friendly and deadly, and defend the Consortium worlds against space dangers. Captain Darcy has been overcome by the strange psychic entity known as Something Else, leaving you to fend for yourselves while he recovers in a medical pod.

    STAR TREK with SIMPLE MECHANICS and occasional LASER FEELINGS. A One-shot scenario that we’ll generate on the fly, no preparation or RPG experience needed

    Looking to run this on Thursday (7:30 SA Time). I know there’s a couple of interested people (@freezespreston, @cj, @cracks) but I’m opening up THREE slots to anyone interested. Good for people who’ve never RPGed before, people who love Star Trek (even if they love how naff it is) or people who are generally interested. We play on Google Hangouts (I’ll send you a link) and it will be streamed.



  • Hi guys!

    Hope you’re all doing well.

    I know everyone’s excited for Fallout4, but I’m hoping someone can help me out. I pre-installed Rise of The Tomb Raider on Xbone but the installation stopped at 99%. 🙁 is this normal for pre-installing games? Has anyone else pre-installed ROTTR? Please let me know. I did restart installation this morning but now I am at work and dying not knowing how it is going.

    • I installed it when it first went up for pre-order and it’s sitting there fully downloaded. With pre-installs you should get the entire thing downloaded and installed. They release patches pre-release since the full version isn’t always up when they open pre-orders but it’ll be listed as fully installed. It’ll look like it’s ready to go but if you try to open it tells you to wait until the release date.
      I know it happens to me from time to time but honestly I can’t remember ever doing anything to fix it. Have you paused and restarted the installation? Just go to My Games & Apps, highlight Rise in your Queue, hit the Menu button (three lines) on the controller and there should be a few options.

      • Thanks! I did pause n resume installation but it always failed at 99%. So i uninstalled the whole thing, deleted another game creating some more space and restarted the install this morning. Hopefully it works. I had paused the installation previously for 3 days, maybe that was the problem. I hope it installs this time.

        • Had the problem of a failed download on Xbone back when I had my first one. No matter how many times I tried it would get to a certain percentage and fail. Searched the net for a solution and some people were saying that a hard reset should fix it, so I gave it a try and whaddya know it worked first time.

          So, just turn it off, pull the power cord out of the back, wait 10 seconds, plug it back in and give it another go. Should work, let us know how it goes.

      • Thanks. I did do that a few days back,

        But thanks @dogman and @evilmonkey for your helpful tips on my installation problem. I have it all ready to go. It says “pre-ordered” and I am impatiently waiting for midnight. The reviews seem great!

  • Felt like it’s worth mentioning again: for those couple of people here who are interested in FALLOUT 4 AAAAAAAAAAAAAH- the Pipboy app is up on all platforms.

  • If my charisma and wooing skills were a Super Mario level, they would be called “Dry Dry Jocks”

    • List of amusing names found while looking for something that apparently doesn’t exist:

      Stone-Snake Tower
      Iggy’s Swinging-Chains Castle
      Wiggler Floodlands
      Mount Fuzzy
      Porcu-Puffer Cavern
      Spine Coaster Stowaways
      Wiggler Rodeo
      Three-Headed Snake Block

  • Morning, TAY!

    My weekend was swell. Went and saw a bunch of movies as part of the Japanese Film Festival. Ghost in the Shell, Miss Hokusai and Bakuman. Miss Hokusai was pretty fantastic, I recommend it. The other two were not really for me but they were entertaining enough.

    Already got five more movies lined up to see over the next week 😛

    I’ve also played a bit more of the new Fatal Frame (Project Zero). I really need to find some time to just sit down and play it because it kinda kills the spooky mood when you have to go to bed mid-way through a mission 😛 I had to walk through a scary house full of creepy dolls. It was… fun?

  • Anywho, morning TAY!
    Its gonna be a long week, I’ve got 3 more WACE exams to go and will not even touch a single Fallout 4 until I walk out of that exam room. I’m half expecting that final scene from evangelion where everyone will be applauding me and telling me “congratulations”.

  • If QLD went along with the rest of the World and had daylight savings, my wait for Fallout would be 1 hour less. I feel that’s a compelling enough reason to put forward to the politicians

    • The only thing dumber than daylight savings is not doing it when the rest of the fucking country is.

      It’s like being in a canoe and paddling the opposite direction to everyone else because you wanted to take that other fork in the river. Everyone decided to go the stupid way, but stop making it worse.

  • So i’ve found an MSI GTX 670 OC edition on eBay, bloke wants $180 plus postage, but it’s about it’s 3rd re-listing and he has “best offer” available. Anyone know what would be a reasonable offer?

    I also had to laugh at the person asking full RRP for a 2nd hand GTX 760 that they said they have had since its launch heh.

    • I will have an answer for you over the next couple of days rgd. the GTX750ti. Went to cash in my savings (3 jars full of gold coins, because I am a child) over the weekend, but the one ATM with coin deposit was out of order.

    • $190 will get you a 750 Ti brand new. Probably not as good as a 670 OC though, those are great cards (I still use one in my rig!). Roughly 95% of the performance of the 680.

  • I have my minisegway coming this week and after my success of painting my game controller in EVA unit 1 colours i am gonna try it on the mini segway thing. I am really enjoying custom painting stuff and making my stuff personalized. Makes me more emotionally attached to the objects and therefore more happy to use them.

  • Hey TAY. Do you have an xbone? Are you able to get to this page ? Do you see me (“Batguy”, funnily enough) on the list of people you can refer?

    If so, please refer me to xbone and both of us will get some money!

    Odds are that it won’t work, as it seems that the system is completely broken and I’m in a different region to everybody else. But it’s worth a shot hey?

    • Mine says “All of your eligible friends have already been referred.”

      Are we not friends?

      EDIT: Just checked and we are, so I guess the regions might be a affecting it…

      • No, the system is shit. @knacks is trying to refer me and having the same problem. The support forums are laughable.

        I *think* the problem is that my rewards account is somehow in the US region. No idea how. But that seems to be enough to prevent me from interacting with any Australian friends on deals.

          • Windows possibly, though unlikely. Don’t have an xbox one yet, it’s arriving today, which is why I’m trying to do this promotion. $25 each for the referral! My 360 and my MS account is definitely Australian.

            It’s probably something that went wrong at the time I signed up to the rewards program yeeeears ago. Everything I see on their page indicates that they take a copy of the information they need and then have no real interaction with the core xbox databases. e.g. it takes 2 days to sign up to the program in the first place!

          • If you want to add me I can give it a shot. Don’t see any reason it would work for me when it didn’t work for anyone else, but knowing me I probably screwed up the region on my rewards application. GT: TenaciousDogMan

          • No luck. It’s not showing you on my list so I assume it takes a few days to update the list. However I did just realise that three people on my list are from the US, one is from Australia and one is from France and they’re all showing up just fine. So region might not be the problem.

  • Well that’s my Monday ruined, people are such assholes. Just saw on Facebook from the Australian Working Dog Rescue charity, that one their foster carers in the ACT had the dogs they were fostering baited. 2 were pups the other was an adult dog, which was a lovely Red Kelpie :/

  • I had a great time yesterday at the Sydney BarCraft, which was officially sponsored by Blizzard ANZ and thus had a ton of awesome giveaways and such. The matches themselves were fantastic, going to the final game of a best-of-seven series, though unfortunately my preferred player didn’t pull out ahead. I managed to get a bunch of stuff in the giveaway, though not any of the REALLY good stuff like the collector’s edition of the game and mice/keyboards. But since I stuck around until the end of the event, I was given some of the decoration they had, including a cardboard wall piece. Also got to meet Hingers from GGTV, which was cool. He’s a big SC2 fan so it was fun to just chat about the game with him for a while.

    Here’s the stuff I got:

  • “Oh look, someone mentioned me in a comment in TAY on November 7th”
    Clicks notification. Gets directed to a post from November 7th… 2013.
    Yeah, I don’t think I’m going to be able to make it to that meat 😛

  • My “Games finished – 2015” list is slowly starting to grow into a respectable number (which I currently can’t recall. Somewhere between 10 and 600?). How many other people track how many games they finish each year? Do you record details, or just that you’ve done it?

    • My list consists of “games were played”
      Which is good enough for me 😛
      I honestly don’t care if I fully finish a game as long as I enjoy it and have fun… Tracking things kinda puts added pressure (in my mind) of “I need to finish this” and detracts from my enjoyment so I quickly stopped that 😛

      • It used to add pressure for me too so I stopped doing it. I started back up last year and just use it as a record mostly out of curiosity than a completionist thing so it’s far more fun to do now.

        • Ah, makes sense…
          I’ve been mainlining mostly open ended games lately *glares at Elite and Euro Truck*
          Really difficult to ever mark them as complete XD

          • That’s the joy of running the list yourself: you decide when you’re done. It could be “finish the main story”, “100% completed”, or could be “Get your money’s worth from the game”

          • Fair point actually… Moneys worth… HMMMMM… Paid $45 for E:D, 600 hours of entertainment… That’s $0.075 per hour I’ve played… WHAT A BLOODY RIP OFF 😛
            But yeah good idea, might run a list like that next year

      • Yeah well I’m always playing the same thing I enjoy so my “Completion list” is bloody tiny, I already beat XCOM: EU and I’m playing it again on EW now. Then there’s always LoL

        • You don’t finish MOBAs…. MOBAs finish you.

          +1 for clocking EU, that one had be bugging me for aaaaages.

          Also finished Wolfenstein: The New Order last night. That game is an absolute blast.

          • okay!
            So the final mission was a careful crawl, my two snipers in the rear with my two supports in the centre, a heavy(with the psionic abilities) and assault up the front taking the aliens out up close while providing sights for my snipers to hit from very long distance. Almost all were killed without them even having a chance of repsonding due to the crossfire of plasma sniper rifles coming from far beyond their own sights, the rest getting gunned down with heavy plasma fire and alloy cannon blasts, however once the sectopods came into the fray, I start to lose people, one support went down due to a critical hit from both after one of their first attacks destroyed his cover. My heavy used his full psionic ability and destroyed them both in response, with fury in his eyes after watching his comrade get gunned down brutally by these monstrosities.

            The rest of them were getting slightly hurt until we reached the final chamber, in the fierce fighting my squad was losing people, one by one, casualties on both sides, until it came down to a three on one, my heavy, a sniper and the assault vs the leader. My sniper was unable to hurt him multiple times due to his movements going out of view and the pistol shots were not doing anything as they were getting blocked or doing very little damage. My assault got slaughtered in the first turn of this fight with a harsh mind-bullet, my sniper quickly following suit as she was very hurt too, then all that was left was my heavy and the leader. Both were looking worse for wear, a slight breeze could knock the heavy down but the leader was still looking better than he was, all that can be heard next is “Fuck it!” as he drew his blaster launcher and fired into its face, killing the leader instantly.

            Then the hilarity happened, during this final cutscene, as I mentioned before, the rest of his squad were taken down, but the cutscene was acting as if there were other survivors in the squad, so when my heavy was sacrificing himself, he yelled at literally nobody to “GO!” (The camera panned to an empty entrance) as the ship was falling apart and pushed a psionic wave at nobody as the door then shut. It just looked really funny cuz he was yelling to himself rather than just getting the job done.

    • I tried once.

      Then I remembered that I’m Cakesmith and I don’t finish games. I just buy them.

      I used Backloggery when I was doing it. I think HowLongToBeat is the go-to now though if you want to have a way to record it.

    • Since I got into gaming just this year with an xbone, I was tracking the game I finished (at least main story campaign) vs games on my pile of shame.

      So far i have finished 12 games. And have another 12 in the pile, including mgs v: Ground zeroes (just can’t get into it), halo: Mcc, bf4. Maybe next year.

    • This is the first year I’ve started to track games that I have finished. I don’t have the list in front of me but I think I’ve finished around 8 games.

      • @rize

        Games finished in 2013:
        • BioShock
        • Catherine
        • Dark Souls: Prepare to Die Edition
        • Deponia
        • Device 6
        • Dust: An Elysian Tail
        • Dynasty Warriors 8
        • Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon
        • FTL
        • Gone Home
        • Grand Theft Auto V
        • Gravity Rush
        • Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary Edition
        • Hotline Miami
        • Kingdom Hearts Final Mix
        • Kingdom Hearts Re: Chain of Memories
        • Little Inferno
        • Luigi’s Mansion 2
        • McPixel
        • Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate
        • Need for Speed: Most Wanted
        • Ni no Kuni
        • Okami HD
        • Papers Please
        • Persona 4: Golden
        • Pikmin
        • Pikmin 2
        • Pikmin 3
        • Pokemon White 2
        • Pokemon Y
        • Proteus
        • Rayman Fiesta Run
        • Rayman Jungle Run
        • Rayman Legends
        • Remember Me
        • Ridiculous Fishing
        • Sine Mora
        • Sleeping Dogs
        • Sound Shapes
        • Super Hexagon
        • Super Mario 3D World
        • Super Meat Boy
        • Super Metroid
        • Tales of Xillia
        • The Cave
        • The Last of Us
        • The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds
        • The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker
        • The Walking Dead: 400 Days
        • The Walking Dead Season 2 Episode 1
        • Thomas Was Alone
        • To the Moon
        • Torchlight II
        • Trine
        • Trine 2
        • Uncharted: Golden Abyss
        • Where’s My Water?

        Games finished in 2014:
        1. Assassin’s Creed IV Black Flag and Aveline DLC
        2. Attack of the Friday Monsters
        3. Bayonetta 2
        4. Beat the Beat: Rhythm Paradise
        5. BioShock Infinite
        6. BIT.TRIP Presents Runner 2
        7. Bravely Default
        8. Broken Age Act 1
        9. Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons
        10. Child of Light
        11. Costume Quest
        12. Dark Souls
        13. Dark Souls II
        14. Destiny
        15. Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze
        16. Dragon’s Crown
        17. Fantasy Life
        18. FEZ
        19. Final Fantasy X HD
        20. Final Fantasy X-2 HD
        21. Fire Emblem: Awakening
        22. Flower
        23. Gears of War: Judgment
        24. Guacamelee
        25. Gunman Clive
        26. Halo 2 Anniversary
        27. Halo Anniversary
        28. Hyrule Warriors
        29. inFAMOUS: Second Son
        30. Kid Icarus: Uprising
        31. La-Mulana
        32. LEGO MARVEL Super Heroes
        33. Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII
        34. Mario Kart 8
        35. Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance
        36. Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes
        37. Octodad: Dadliest Catch
        38. Pokemon Alpha Sapphire
        39. Professor Layton vs. Phoenix Wright
        40. Psychonauts
        41. Pullblox World
        42. Resogun
        43. Risk of Rain
        44. Rogue Legacy
        45. Shovel Knight
        46. South Park: The Stick of Truth
        47. SteamWorld Dig
        48. The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth
        49. The Last of Us Remastered and Left Behind DLC
        50. The Night of the Rabbit
        51. The Stanley Parable
        52. The Walking Dead Season 2 (Episodes 2-5)
        53. The Witcher
        54. The Wolf Among Us (Episode 1-2)
        55. Theatrhythm Final Fantasy: Curtain Call
        56. Tomb Raider
        57. Toukiden: Age of Demons
        58. Transistor
        59. Trials Fusion
        60. Valiant Hearts
        61. Year Walk
        62. Ys: Memories of Celceta

        Games finished in 2015:
        • January
        1. The Wolf Among Us (Episode 3-5)
        2. Halo 3
        • February
        3. Lara Croft and the Temple of Osiris
        4. Captain Toad
        • March
        5. Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate
        • May
        6. Broken Age
        • June
        7. Splatoon
        8. Her Story
        • July
        9. The Swapper
        10. Bloodborne
        • August
        11. Journey
        12. Jetpac
        13. Banjo-Kazooie
        14. Cobra Triangle
        15. Battletoads
        16. Monument Valley (and Ida’s Dream)
        • September
        16. Monument Valley – Forgotten Shores DLC
        17. Anna’s Quest
        • November
        18. Uncharted

        You can see the evolution of my lists and how sad 2015 is looking :'(

        (also summoning @dc)

        CC: @jimu

      • You could build the ultimate house and family and call that “completed”, or just when you’re sick of the game, or some other factor. If there’s no easy metric to mark completion, as long as you’re satisfied with your time with the game then you can mark it complete 🙂

    • I’m doing it this year. Don’t know if I’ll bother doing it again though.

      [*]Diablo III
      [*]The Last of Us
      [*]Octodad: Dadliest Catch
      [*]Infamous: Second Son
      [*]Infamous: First Light
      [*]Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor
      [*]Game of Thrones: Iron from Ice
      [*]Game of Thrones: The Lost Lords
      [*]Rogue Legacy
      [*]Tales of the Borderlands 1
      [*]Thomas Was Alone
      [*]Uncharted: Golden Abyss
      [*]Kick and Fennick
      [*]The Walking Dead Season 1 (PLAT)
      [*]Beyond Two Souls (PLAT)
      [*]Batman Arkham Origins: Blackgate
      [*]The Walking Dead: 400 Days
      [*]The Walking Dead Season 2
      [*]Tales of the Borderlands 2
      [*]Game of Thrones #3
      [*]Bloodborne (PLAT)
      [*]Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney
      [*]Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney: Justice For All
      [*]Game of Thrones #4
      [*]Murdered Soul Suspect
      [*]Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney: Trials and Tribulations
      [*]Tales of the Borderlands 3
      [*]The Force Unleashed
      [*]Ace Attorney: Apollo Justice
      [*]Anna’s Quest
      [*]Wolfenstein: New Order
      [*]Life is Strange: Chapters 1-3
      [*]Game of Thrones #5
      [*]Life is Strange: Chapter 4
      [*]Rocket League (PLAT)
      [*]Ace Attorney 5: Dual Destinies
      [*]Phoenix Wright: Turnabout Reclaimed
      [*]Tales of the Borderlands 4
      [*]Metal Gear Solid
      [*]Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty
      [*]Mad Max
      [*]Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater
      [*]Persona 4 Golden
      [*]Tales From the Borderlands 5
      [*]Life is Strange: Chapter 5 (PLAT)
      [*]Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots

    • My list, off the top of my head, is very sparse:

      – Danganronpa (Vita)
      – Danganronpa 2 (Vita)
      – Senran Kagura 2 (3DS)
      – Assassin’s Creed Rogue (PC)
      – Anna’s Quest (PC)
      – Ys VI: The Ark of Napishtim (PC)
      – Shadow Warrior (PC)
      – Fault: Milestone One (PC)
      – Wolfenstein: The Old Blood (PC)
      – The Witcher 3 (PC)

      Working on Tales of Zestiria right now and after that Trails in the Sky SC by which point Trails of Cold Steel should be out as well. After that I may go back and finish off a couple that I was 90% of the way there on eg Tales of Hearts, Atelier Ayesha.

  • @beardymcmuttonchops @beeawwb @cufcfan616 @dc @freezespreston @gutsoup @janexo @jimu @lambomann007 @popdart5 @sernobulus @strange @sughly @transientmind @welbot @virus__ (also just realised @rocketman isn’t officially a Brisbane taybie yet)

    On the 28th November my wife, of whom most of you have met and seem to like more than you do myself, jerks, wishes to have a gathering of people for a night of BBQd meat and games and such to celebrate her further degradation into her thirties. Hence this notification and invitation.

    As usual, nothing need be brought, plenty of food and drink shall be available there. Only require your smiling selves.

  • Been annoyingly productive today. Finally got an ACT driver’s license (only two days before my NSW expired). Got an ABN. Did some groceries.

    Just when I thought it was time to sit down and do nothing for a little while (by which I mean finish the next article I’m meant to write), RSPCA calls. Turns out the local paper is doing a follow up story on Alice and her litter. They want all the puppies and their owners to meet up this Sunday.

    I’m pretty keen. I’ve been trying to find other members of her litter since we got her. It’d be fun to see just how much the rest of them look like her. The bad news is that she’ll probably have to have another bath and she only just had one. Poor Alice.

  • Spent last weekend packing up the family home where I grew up.
    Dad’s renting it out for a bit with a view to sell it. Some 18yrs or so of crap in there to move out.
    Nostalgia overdose. So many photographs and newspaper clippings and awards.

    Aaaaand I’m doing it again next weekend.

    Nothing like looking at yourself when you were young and shiny and full of potential and success to make you re-think your direction.

    I really need to work out more. I used to be able to do literally dozens of pull-ups. Now I struggle doing ONE dozen. …Maybe I’ll shave a bit, too.
    Yup. No crisis here. Nothing to see, move along…

  • Something terrible has happened.

    I went to my FLGS yesterday to buy an expansion pack for Warhammer 40k Conquest. That’s ok. No problem. Once you have the expansion you don’t need the same one again.

    But…. I also bought 3 boosters for Magic Origins. 2 for me. One for my little bro-in-law.
    I feel a disturbance in the force…
    I opened one, and you know what? I was excited?
    I had forgotten the feeling of opening a pack, not knowing what was inside. I used to collect basketball cards. I still have THOUSANDS of the things. I forgot that rush of the hope of getting a rare card.
    I looked inside the pack.
    A mythic rare – holy shit. Nice. At least 4 black cards. Better.
    But then it hit my eye… A foil…. The joy of card collectors anywhere. The thoughts of basketball cards hit me again. Lenticular printing, you bastard.
    It was only a foil of a land, but it was a foil.

    Something horrible may be starting.

    Damn good thing i have a wife to keep it under control…

      • Oh – i know – i’ve already read much.
        It’s more of a thrill thing. Was fun.

        Also, being a newb i confused a rare with a mythic rare, due to miss-reading the colour coding.
        What i got was Gideon’s Phalanx

    • I too am also interested in this Mythic (and I have an unopened Battle for Zendikar booster sitting in front of me here because I didn’t crack anything at PAX and felt I needed to remedy that).

      But yeah, cracking packs is good for getting random stuff, but not good for building decks.

      • See above.
        Yeah, still not looking to build decks at the moment – as it seems a lot of work. Just wanted to do it for the fun and to add something else to playing with my brother in law.

        Also, when i bought them my FLGS owner told me they run magic nights every friday – one of the ways is with drafting – costs $20 and entitles you to prizes and fun. Sounds pretty good to me, if i feel like being more sociable before getting into deckbuilding.

        • That’s how I started post PAX 2013, went into my LGS and signed up to draft. Went awful, but if you don’t mind losing you’ll pick it up. My advice in general is to try different decks out and learn to read the draft- work out what colours you keep getting passed or not passed, rather than trying to force a specific combo. I will warn you the current draft format is weird, and make sure you read up on “Zendikar Expeditions” so you don’t get screwed (there’s some money cards in the current set). Other than that, let the LGS owner know you’re new, they can give you a hand.

          Watch this before you go as a basic outline for how a draft works:

  • Quick mention! If anyone feels like for what ever reason coming to my house warming it’s this Sunday from 12:30 in west Ryde. I don’t expect it to be more then people I know to various degrees in my house while I drink till they all decide to go home.

    But you all welcome.

  • So after reading Mark’s article on Fallout sales I went to the nearby JBHiFi during lunch and locked in my…. ugh “pre-order” for the game! Oh well I saved $10 =P

  • Holy crap has anyone checked out the Imperius cosplay winner from Blizzcon?? That armor looks good enough to be in a movie!

  • You know, I’m pretty happy with the stuff I’ve written. There’s definite room for improvement but it’s not trash.

    Then I look at @raygunbrown and @markserrels ‘s content. How the hell am I allowed to write on the same site as these guys?

  • Feel free to ignore, just wallowing in my own crapulence.

    I know I tend to make light of it and keep saying I’m okay but I’m really not. It’s incredibly demoralising just how much the stroke messed me up physically and not being as capable at things as I was is a struggle. Even something as simple as remaining standing by the end of the work day is a massive effort. Gaming has become difficult as keeping track of fast moving objects and reacting quickly seems impossible for me. Worst thing is I’ve put up a “I’m fine” facade for so long due to being worried about making other people worry it’s hard to talk about to anyone. Tried to and mostly I get a “But you’ve been doing well?” Doctors aren’t helping either. They have zero idea of why anything happened and don’t seem to want to have anything to do with me and prefer to wait to see if it happens again. So every little twinge I get in my head makes me wonder if this is when it’s going to happen again and will I survive? Know it’s very unlikely but it’s hard to stop panic setting in. Also know the solution is to try to not let it bother me and push on as best I can but it’s tough and sometimes feels like it’s isolating me a bit.

    • I’m here for you, mostly useless myself except maybe being able to recommend some slow moving games for old timers (like myself).

      Is diet still a concern?


      I personally used to go “im fine, im fine, i am fine stop asking”
      But i wasnt fine and i nearly did something horrid.

      As for your stroke, i dont have any advice except to just try and not let it beat you down, and talk to your wife and kids about it man, kids are super good at helping remember stuff. Most importantly just know that you are a smart guy and if for the time being it means you have to write stuff down, take regular breaks from standing and play on easy mode thats okay.

      I love you dude and i know it will be okay. You have a good family and lots of friends. You dont have to face it alone.

      • It’s not so much depression or anything, more pure frustration at things not working as they did and being unable to fix it. I hate not fixing things. Also as Red said some paranoia.

    • Just give yourself time. Your body had to deal with a pretty serious injury and needs months to recover, not weeks.

      Also, this will be hypocritical as hell because I’m terrible at it, but still: talk to your wife about your worries. Being able to just talk to someone you can count on to support you can really help.

      • I was going to write a spiel but this guy pretty much summed it up…
        Most importantly talk to someone!
        You’re not alone, you’re surrounded (irl and online) by people who care about you and are willing to listen!
        It wasn’t an easy thing you went through and naturally it’s taking its toll…
        I can’t do much this far away other then listen, but if you need to talk/vent I’m more than happy to listen!

        • I was going to write a spiel but this guy pretty much summed it up…


          Although I will add keep in mind you have family and friends and the best thing you can do for them is to let them know when you need help. Some people can continue to function without it but everyone needs help, and even though it may not seem like it when you try and view the entire world at once people do want to help each other. Helping you would probably help those around you cope a little better with it.
          Also don’t burn yourself out. If you have to try twice as hard to keep up with a pace you set when you were healthier then you’ve really got to ask yourself if it’s possible to keep going on that path. Sometimes you’ve got to make it work but you’ve got to remain open to the idea that circumstances have changed. It’s rough to admit that stuff but your body won’t let you lie to yourself very long. By letting go of the stuff that doesn’t matter you’ll be making it easier to put extra work into the stuff that does.

    • Have you done any occupational therapy or physio therapy? You’re not going to be the same straight away, but in time you should get better.
      It’s very hard not to panic because you’re not just worried for yourself. We’re all scared and of course we’re worried, but isn’t that a natural response? We can cope with a little worry. You need to tell the truth to get some help

    • I’m sorry to hear that man. Thing is, it was a pretty traumatic event you went through, and unfortunately recovery for these things isn’t instant. In the meantime, you’re doing the right things by your health, you’re being careful, and over time the paranoia and side effects will lessen.

      As for the games, gonna throw this out there: Some of that’s just regular aging. I know my games twitchiness has gotten worse over the last few years, and I bet it’s degenerated even more this year as I’ve been taking a hiatus from games that need that (well, other than Bloodborne).

    • What if, and I’m just throwing it out there, we got @blaghman to duet “A Whole New World” with himself and he uploaded it to YouTube for your entertainment?

      Butt in all seriousness, I can’t even begin to imagine how you’re feeling, it must suck. I don’t think I can add much more to what other people have said, so I’ll just reiterate you have a bunch of rad people around you for fist bumping, high fiving, hugging and leaning on…also leaning on things with you.

    • You are not fine. And that’s ok.

      You’ve been through a traumatic event that has damaged you both physically and emotionally. That’s going to take time to recover from, regardless of the cause. It’s fine to say, I’m ok *today*, or “it’s a tough day to day, and I don’t really feel up to doing x”. Saying no might be confronting or inconvenient for other people, but it’s the best thing you can do for yourself right now. Rest when you need it, accept help when offered. Talk to someone when things are feeling rough.

      As for the doctors, if there isn’t an obvious cause, they will be cautious, because doing more invasive testing might do more harm than just letting you heal and be monitored. By all means, however, make sure they follow up on any test results, and ask lots of questions. If you’re not confident you can remember everything, take someone with you to appointments, ask them to write key things down, send a summary to your GP for discussion, or they might even let you record the conversation for later.

      I also saw that you’re keeping a journal. This is a really good thing, not just for work, but to write down the things that are worrying you, so that when the doctor asks, “how have you been?”, you can give them a detailed answer.

    • You had a stroke? When did this happen? Must’ve been during my Kotaku hiatus.

      I won’t pretend I know what you’re going through because I don’t. All I’ll say is that I really hope things improve for you and don’t feel too down on yourself because you really are a great guy.

      If I can ever do anything to help, even if it’s just to talk feel free to hit me up on Steam (not on Twitter anymore).

      *massive hugs*

    • I have the hug-giving feels.

      That aside, putting on the ‘man’ hat and thinking about ‘fixing’ the problem… I’ve read about people able to re-wire their brains after significant (like giant chunks torn out) brain trauma.

      Have you tried isolating and identifying whenever something doesn’t ‘feel right’? I’m wondering if we can start researching techniques others have used to take those sticking points, replicate conditions or identify triggers that would allow for alternate thinking techniques or simply practice/repetition to try and override impulses to write new ones in place of the faulty connections.

      My neuroscience knowledge is a little rusty, but if I recall correctly, neural connections are basically a collection of fatty build-ups that resist electrical impulses. New thoughts, habits, memories are formed by how that electrical impulse fires and which connectors it travels through. The ‘shape’ of the path IS the thought/memory/skill. And learning by rote works by firing impulses along those pathways, so that the repeated charge burns out the resistance on the fatty connections between neurons. (And paths of least resistance being what they are, sometimes they fire along the wrong path because it’s easier, which is why memory association happens, or why old folks who’ve thought the same way for decades find it harder to change outmoded concepts.)

      We have evidence that new pathways can be formed… and they’d be resistant initially, but they’d be, y’know… there, with enough impulse-firing.

      I have no solutions for dealing with the panic beyond what probably you’re already doing.
      I revisited a particularly dark memory in a nightmare the other night and pretty much the only solution I could think of was to utterly drown my brain in other stimuli to try and engage with literally anything other than thinking about that.

    • If you need to talk, I can listen.
      It’s okay to not be okay.
      It’s okay to be scared.
      There’s a shitload of awesome people ready and waiting to help you in any way you decide you need. We love you, Freezey.

  • Been watching a chunk of Charlie Brooker’s How TV Ruined Your Life.

    Pretty Damn interesting, same great stuff from a guy who obviously loves, has watched a lot of & made plenty TV. It’s very much anti the way TV manipulates & changes people, but coming from somewhere that isn’t hate fueled. Which is key, because there’s enough hate filled shit available thanks to the internet.

    It’s pretty great how he starts off explaining how things used to be, how they’ve changed & what they’ve become. I really enjoy this sort of stuff.

    If you’ve ever seen any of his other shows, there’s a bit of overlap here & there, sometimes from a different angle.

    I highly recommend & it’s free on YouTube, so no excuses!!

  • Wisdom tooth needs to come out ASAP due to possible infection that could spread to entire jaw. Insurance waiting period for major dental won’t tick over for two months. Too broke to afford bills. Goodbye life. Or jaw, at least.

    • Uh… if it becomes a risk to your entire jaw, won’t it then be covered by public health cover, as an emergency?

    • You should be able to access emergency dental for tooth removal. Emergency dental doesn’t cover cosmesis however, but preservation of your jaw is probably way more important (also severe tooth/jaw infection can cause infective endocarditis which I’ve heard can be deadly…)

  • So these Rekorderlig dry apple ciders Dan Murphy’s have for $10 a 6 pack this month for ‘My Dan Murphy’s’ members are pretty nice.

    • Never really been big on ciders, I’m pretty much a beer and spirits guy. That said, a pint glass with half Guiness and half Scrumpy Jack (not sure if they even make it anymore) is pretty nice.

      • A lot of ciders are god awful, when you can find a good one they’re pretty awesome. Still the best ones i’ve had were some homebrew dads mate did for me, they were up around the 7 or 8% range we think haha.

      • There’s some good ones this month, The MOA Pale Ale is nice, rather fruity. And it is like a 4.7% which is also nice.

        I like the whole idea of the membership thing, it lets me justify buying alcohol 😛 Then again when I worked there my justification was “I have to be able to suggest things to the customers” lol. If I stayed there any longer I probably would’ve ended up sampling just about every beer & cider, and most spirits haha.

        • The $10 six packs are a great way to try out something new. Although at the moment we’re just hanging out waiting for this year’s Summer Ale to arrive from Monteiths. Best beer ever.

  • On a lighter note, time to start spamming Tay with notices that expressions of interest for Secret SanTAY are now open!


    Secretly give small gifts to each other either perfectly encapsulating your person or get that jerk a poo in a box because they’ll never know it was you.

    Send an email to binoter where the mail is hot with your address please (every year I forget to ask that and spend weeks chasing them up) and sometime next week you’ll get your match, giving you some time to organise it.

  • Afternoon errbody hows every little thing?

    My weekend was filled with near projectile vomits and annoyance.

    Cathryn and I had to babysit her 3 cousins, this was all well and fine. Until their dad told us we had to go pick one up from a school thing at 8pm half an hour away then one has basketball at 8am 40 minutes away then you have to get her home because she has a party to go to at 2:30 near her school, which is again, 30 minutes away. So we fed two of them, picked the third up at 8pm and then took them back to theirs so they could go to sleep for tomorrow. Cathryn and I stayed up to watch Netflix.

    The girls (did I mention they were all girls?) wake us up at 6am by jumping on our bed and off we go to basketball and that was definitely a thing, lotta aggro 8 year olds bashing each other for the ball. Afterwards we drove to the shops to get stuff for lunch where we had our first temper tantrum from the youngest, whos 7. Apparently one of the girls had shoved her into the door and she hurt her arm but didn’t tell anyone and Cathryn told her off because she was kneeling on the back seat so her seatbelt was doing nothing incase of an accident and Cathryn had to tell her 3 times before she finally listened and then started crying because she got told off. That was the start of what would be several tantrums and alot of thinking they were better than us and didn’t have to listen to us. I hate spoilt kids. We then found out that the aunty on their mums side who was meant to babysit them on the Saturday night, couldn’t come and get them so wanted us to bring them to her house A FREAKIN HOUR AND A HALF AWAY. We said we weren’t doing that and her response was “Well I dont have a car so you’ll just have to look after them” Turns out she went out clubbing that night anyway for her friends 20th

    Anyway skipping over things we played Bean Boozled a terrible game made by horrible people, I nearly threw up and now theirs a video online of it. So if you wanna watch me nearly vomit over mingin jelly beans here’s the link

    Make sure to give it a like and subscribe, you can also share it if you like, Cathryn is tryna make a channel so expect to see alot of me doing stupid shit on there.

    Sunday the girls dad was meant to get back early, he didn’t. Cathryn and I were planning to go to the movies, we couldn’t. I figured we would get paid like usual for babysitting, thanks to their dad’s new girlfriend we should “Feel privileged to be able to babysit them” and “you should never charge family to look after family” even though she gave her brother $50 for looking after them for 3 hours 2 weekends ago. So yeah weekend was basically wasted and safe to say while parts were fun the majority was underwhelming and frankly feel like I didn’t even get a weekend.

    Monday afternoon question, What’s something crazy I can do for Cathryn’s channel in the hopes of getting it views and stuff.

        • That’s what makes it great viewing! If you’re sweating and crying and someone has to apply drugs to keep your tongue from swelling so much that you can’t breathe or swallow, that’s views right there.

  • Dark Souls is going well. I played it for pretty much all day yesterday. I struggle to play most games for more than two hours, so that was probably the longest gaming session I’ve had since I played Katawa Shoujo for 9 hours in January 2014.

    I was having trouble with the Capra Demon, but then I found out it’s incredibly easy to cheese him. Yesterday’s playthrough led to a lot of progress, including defeating the Moonlight Butterfly, upgrading my battle axe to a magic battle axe, saving Griggs, and going through the Depths. I don’t know what @negative-zero is talking about, the Depths is probably one of the most fun places in the game. I had an absolute blast running through there. Getting cursed a couple of times wasn’t fun, but it was easily fixable. I’ve already made more progress than with my first character.

    I got to the Gaping Dragon, but I homeward bone-d out of there when I remembered that killing it would make Lautrec do a bad, bad, thing. I killed Lautrec by throwing Dung Pies at him until be both died of toxic. Good times. I was hoping he would drop his armour set, but what are you going to do.

    I guess I’m free to beat the Depths or Blighttown or whatever. The one annoying thing is that since I turned my battle axe into a magic weapon, I can’t use pine resin on it. What made the Depths so fun was using a bunch of Charcoal Pine Resins and beating everything up. Now I’ll have to rely on fire bombs for fire damage. I hope I don’t regret changing my battle axe magic, it means I can’t turn it into a fire axe or all this other cool shit, which would have been fun.

    I guess if I regret turning my battle axe magic I can grind for Titanite and turn a new battle axe into something else. I think I might do that. Woohoo Dark Souls is so fun!

    • Few things –

      1. Curse is easily dealt with… Now. Used to be purging stones were only available from Ingward on top of the New Londo church, an area you shouldn’t be in until near endgame and involved running through a crap tonne of ghosts and trying desperately not to die. Eventually they patched in other merchants selling it so is more a minor irritant now.

      2. You wanted Lautrec to do the thing. Would have unlocked another part later and got a bunch of shiny items from it and fixed the thing.

      3. Magic weapons are only useful early game if you’re running an INT build and later running into enchanted upgrades. Scaling stats gets super important later so need to plan build accordingly. Game is fairly forgiving until the S&O skill check.

      • Oh, I was advised by a friend that Lautrec doing the thing was bad. Then again, he told me this over a year ago, so maybe I forgot details of it.

        EDIT: And yeah, I am doing an INT build, so making a magic axe makes sense. I was leaning towards a strength build recently as magic hasn’t been very useful up until this point.

        • Details
          Lautrec kills the Firekeeper at the Shrine and the bonfire goes out. You get a few items including a Black Eye Stone that you can use later in the game to invade Lautrecs world. Kill him and his buddies and you get a bunch of items, Firekeeper is restored to life.

          As far as magic, I don’t think you are doing it right. Magic is Dark Souls easy mode.

          • Yeah, that’s what I thought would happen. I’d much rather have Firelink Shrine working at the moment than get cool shit later on.

        • The Lautrec story is awesome. I let it happen every time, just because I love it. It’s a tough battle, though, to bring him down.

          Also, if you allow the Firekeeper to be killed and then hunt down Lautrec, you have the option to use the Firekeeper soul to improve your Estus, rather than bring her back to life. It’s a very dark choice.

          • AND you lose access to the bonfire AND there’s a cap to Estus improvement so it’s only ever a temporary bonus anyway! Who would DO that?!

          • Yeah, yeah, I know. But the cap is only relevant if you plan to mine NG+ as well, and if you do that the bonfire resets anyway. Short-term gain for long-term non-consequence! 🙂

  • Well, Fallout 4 is almost upon us. Be picking up my copy in the morning on my way to work. Won’t be able to play when I get home though as my son will be home from school, can’t play after he and the wife go to bed either as the sound apparently keeps them awake. Wish I still had the PS4 set up in the spare room where I could use headphones, but there’s too much crap in there now.

    Oh well, at least I’ll be able to play all day Wednesday

  • Well, my DDR mats are at the post office.
    Got em off eBay for $40 with Free Postage, so I just have to get them tomorrow.

  • So this girl being bit by a dog in Bunnings yesterday or whatever, I finally got the full story (before I could only find stories that read that “aggressive dog mauled a 5 year old in Bunnings”)

    Real story, little girl saw a doggy, attempted to pat it without asking the owner, dog freaked out & then reacted like the child was a threat. It was a Jack Russell of some sort apparently, and from my experiences they’re never a calm dog a lot like most Chihuahuas. Whilst I don’t think it’s the best idea Bunnings have brought in, they think it’s a good idea so power to them or whatever. I won’t be taking advantage of it, maybe if I am at Pet Barn with Chilli which is next door to Bunnings & the old man needs my help getting some stuff from the garden section or whatever.

    But as a dog owner, kids freak me the fuck out when I am out & about with Chilli. A lot of kids see her & call her Red Dog, then proceed to run at her. Thankfully she is a “OMG PEOPLE THEY’RE GONNA PAT ME THIS IS LIKE THE BEST THING EVER” kind of dog. But still, I have to make her stop, sit & stay calm, whilst I tell kids to calm down & be gentle with her also inform them that she likes to lick.

    • Young children around dogs always makes me uncomfortable. Especially when the kids parents don’t tell the child to be gentle.

    • I’m lucky Sid is so gentle and calm. He doesn’t care if people pat him. Kids have pulled his ears and tail and he coped. I think that the Jack Russel isn’t really in the wrong. It’s the parents responsibility to make sure that the child asks the owner of the dog before touching.

  • Been playing a bit of Plague Inc. and now it’s got me in the mood to watch 28 Days Later.

    Edit: Went to get the DVD out and realized I’d have to pull a bunch of junk out of the spare room just to get it, so that ain’t happening. Checked on Netflix and they only have the sequel, happened a couple of other times to where they have the sequel but not the original, what the hell’s up with that?

    Oh well, I guess it’ll have to do.

      • Been a long time since I watched it, but I don’t recall thinking it was that bad. Then again I like The League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen, which apparently makes me a bad person with no taste.

      • The sequel or the original? I didn’t love the original but it was good enough. The sequel was the one with the dad zombie that seemed to just follow them around and the really poorly planned containment system for a very predictable situation, right? I could understand walking out on that one.

        • I think it was just a mismatch of expectation. It was decsribed to me as “a bit like Day of The Triffids” and after sitting through more than half an hour of violence and no plot we just gave up and walked out.

          • Wow. That’s an oddly specific yet totally wrong movie to compare it to. Well for the record there is a plot once they establish what’s going on. It’s still almost non-stop brutality though. The big appeal of it is that it’s a zombie movie that twists all the cliches around by making the zombies more of a threat, so I guess if you weren’t impressed by the first 30 minutes it’s probably not for you.

    • Do you mark in red? I found for mundane marking like class tests, marking in other colours like orange, green or hot pink helped break up the monotony.

  • Happy Fallout Day *throws confetti*
    Hope everyone has fun playing Fallout, because I preordered mine back when I was still living in Dromana I can’t pick my copy up until Thursday which is when Cathryn will get it for me, then I won’t actually get to sit down and actually play the dang game till Monday because my PS4 is at my parents and we are spending the weekend at Cathryn’s dad’s place. CURSE YOU WORLD

  • So the Pip-Boy, it’s nice. But it’s not as well made as I expected :/ Oh well it’ll be a nice piece to sit on the shelf.

  • Decided to pick up Fallout 4 early. Went to Target, it wasn’t on the shelf, asked someone about it and of course they had no idea about the game or when it was meant to be out, I had to show them in the catalogue, then they went to find it out the back. Finally got home and popped it in, surprise surprise there’s an update, 504.8MB to be exact which thankfully downloaded super quick (there’s also a PS4 system software update out today too). Still gotta shower and get ready for work, so I’ve probably got about 45 minutes max, if I’m lucky I’ll be able to get through the character creator and that’s about it.


    Edit: By the way I only got the standard and it came with the perk poster, so it’s obviously not a EB exclusive.

  • Urg, just found out that of the four of here that can both (a) Answer the phone and talk to people and, (b) Answer technical questions, that I’m the only one available next week. Two tied up in meetings most of the week, one on leave, then me. Couple of 50+ hour weeks in the last month, and then I was getting ready to take a day or two off and get my Fallout on, but instead I can deal with phone calls and feel like I accomplish nothing for a few days.

  • Central station this morning, I notice a guy carrying an EB bag. And then notice that it’s kind of large, almost like it’s got a joystick or something inside. Then I realise he’s holding it weird, kind of clutching it to his chest rather than carrying it like a normal bag. Then he turns the corner walking away from me, and I see from behind that his blue shirt has a yellow 111 on it. And suddenly what I saw makes sense, and I can’t help but start laughing.

  • Here’s my Fallout 4 build

    (S)trength: 6
    (P)erception: 2
    (E)ndurance: 5
    (C)harisma: 2
    (I)ntelligence: 5
    (A)gility: 4
    (L)uck: 4

    I know it’s a bit early, but what builds are you all rocking?

    Edit: Oh, and he’s called Punch N Shooty

    • Have to fiddle, but it’ll be something like

      (S)trength: 5
      (P)erception: 2
      (E)ndurance: 1
      (C)harisma: 7
      (I)ntelligence: 8
      (A)gility: 3
      (L)uck: 2


            I was worried how that was going to turn out. I spent all day getting nothing but Ghost vs Ghost matches, and most teams I ended up with were useless in the few matches I had against zombies. Think at one point I even had fewer wins than losses against them.

            Thankfully by the evening the zombies started shambling in and I got to steamrolling them, something like 3:1.

          • I got 10 wins in a row. First time ever. But man, some of my teammates were useless. They ran off and started death matching, leaving me to paint everything. I’m a 52 gal person too.

          • I got heaps of Ghost vs Ghost matches too. Was expecting a much higher popularity gap than it ended up being.

            I must’ve got all the bad Zombie teams because I don’t remember losing all that often. Got some actual decent teams for once maybe!

    • Some truth there. I don’t think Fallout 4 will live up to Fallout 3. Seriously how can it be beaten when Liam Neeson is the voice of one’s dad in the game?

  • Today is probably the last day that I’ll ever have to deal with those horribly incompetent real estate agents from my last rental. We’re going to the tribunal to dispute their claim against our bond. My argument is simple: it is fair wear and tear and trying to claim $170 to fix it is ludicrous.

    On a more positive note, this is giving me an excuse to go into town where I can conveniently purchase a copy of Pandemic Legacy. Freya and I are going to drag @blaghman into playing with us but there is room for one more. If only there were some board gaming TAYbies that lived nearby.

  • Headsets!

    Anyone know a good headset that’s not too much dosh? Want one I can use on Playstation for Fallouting while I walk. Otherwise I’ll just go into EB and drop cash

    • Depending on how much the walking is going to push you/you push yourself, I’d lean away from headsets and get earbuds of some sort. Less issues with sweat.

    • I bought a pair of panasonic headphones with a mic from Target for $50 (cityscape or something. they had denim on the headband). Works great with the ps4 controller

  • So I’ve managed to get Fallout installed, confirmed that it’s working fine (defaulted to high, which I can work with considering 680) and then had to go to work. Ah well, later though!

    In the mean time, my Galaxy S6 doesn’t fit in the pip-boy, even though the S5 is officially supported. I checked the dimension differences and there’s like 1mm between the S5 and S6…

    …and the S6 doesn’t fit by about 1mm.

    Good thing I planned ahead and have this old iTouch which fits fine 😛

  • My first 12 hours with Chinese self balance scooter thing
    first 5 minutes- OHHHHHHH MY GOD, wow this is easy to ride, just slow and steady and practice turning and going forward. WOw im picking this up really easy.
    minute 6- LETS SEE HOW FAST I CAN GO INSIDE…… (Hit the side of the speaker and faceplant)
    minute 6-10- I got cocky i still need to practice going slow and steady and turning
    minute 11- IM MUCH BETTER AT CONTROLLING IT THIS TIME-LETS SEE WHAT THIS BABY CAN DO (proceed to hit speaker and fall backwards)
    minute 12- Slow and steady gotta learn the ropes

    This pattern continued for 3 hours, various ways i have fallen off include: THe turkey gobbled and scared me, the german shepard jumped on me, i ran over a grape and didn’t look were i was going and ran into the hand rail, The cat jumped onto my feet while riding

    10/10 for fun though, I havent actually hurt myself but it does require a high degree of awareness of surrounding because it doesnt go over bumps. but its easily the funnest form of transport i have ever ridden.

          • Thanks, Red. I’ll just wait I think. Which means I’ll have to avoid the interwebs entirely today. NO SPOILERS. NOT EVEN FIRST IMPRESSIONS. *shuts down computer, sets it on fire*

          • *shuts down computer, sets it on fire*

            Er, how are you going to play Fallout 4 when your computer is toast?

          • “Go over that bleak and desolate grey-dirt hill, sparsely littered with the withered charcoal-sketch impressions of ravaged tree corpses!”
            “You know, the one with the blowflies around it, and the rustling tangle of cobweb-like skeletons of what once was shrubbery.”
            “In the direction of that undiscovered marker that looks like a, uh… a… icon I don’t recognize or know how to describe.”
            “Hm. Sooo… this way?”
            “No, the other way that meets all those criteria!”

    • Yup, 5GB installed from disc and that’s it. Being the pessimist that I am, this is why I picked it up at midnight. I let the install run overnight so it’s good to go.

      …now I just need to get out of work.

          • Nice thought anyways, thanks man. But yeah, this is a first world problem and I’m just venting. Fallout 4 tomorrow will be just as great as Fallout 4 today. 🙂 And won’t need fast interwebs when I’ve got a wasteland to mosey about.

          • You won’t believe the start of the game!

            After creating your character, you’re invited to an audience with Professor Van Braun himself! There he gives you a tour of vault 404 which is one of the hardest to locate and he shows you the most advanced technology Vault-Tech has created.

            While there though you are drugged with a sedative so strong your body is perfectly preserved where upon Prof. Braun stuffs you in a disused locker.

            200 years later you wake up, get outside and find that the Earth’s crush is not torched, it is perfectly fine. But everyone wishes it had because the gaming and movie industries have collapsed to the point they have nothing but movies featuring Kim Kardashian and Duke Nukem: Forever sequels.

            I made the mistake of setting the difficulty to brass balls thus making the radio in the Pipboy play nothing but songs by Paris Hilton.

            And if you’re still reading this, yes I’m taking the piss out of the series, 😛

          • It speaks volumes that it’s still entirely relevant, viable, and frequently far more efficient than Australian Internet.

          • Not just Australia, but the US and Europe.

            Seriously, developers of some high speed internet in Europe were left red faced when someone beat them with USB drives strapped to carrier pigeons.

    • Strange that yours downloaded.

      I got mine at a midnight launch and simply started the installer before going to bed. When I went to be bed, it was actively copying from the disk at was at 200 MB out of 20 GB (?) when I turned in.

      It was all ready for me when I got up in the morning.

      • The installer seamlessly switches over from copying to downloading at the 5GB mark. I stayed up to see at what point it would happen 😛

        • I’ve raged enough in other posts so I’ll be civilised this time.

          If the physically disk only has the first 5 GB, when why not just press a BluRay? Or, if they really need to save on the cost of media, give us an option to pay extra for a BluRay copy.

          The game is on a BluRay for consoles so why can’t PCs have that same convenience to start gamers there off?

          If consoles are using BluRay media, then I see no reason for PCs to still use DVDs. What PC doesn’t have a BluRay drive besides Macs (they are brand name PCs after all)?

          • I’m not justifying lack of on-disc data, just pointing out that yours downloaded too, as part of the disc install. It sounded like you were saying yours installed entirely from disc 😛

          • I abandoned optical drives altogether once I realized you could install Windows from a USB.

            Works a treat until I remember I have a massive DVD collection and can’t watch any of them on the PC. Good thing the XB360 is still cranking.

    • Yeah there was an article on PC Gamer that advised that even with the physical disc you still gotta download half the game; I’ll be leaving my pc on overnight to hopefully have it up and running by Wed/Thurs.

        • Dear Bethesda,



          EDIT: Sorry, this was meant to be in response to @puttp3tmast3r

          • Sorry if I over rage this but … YOU SHOULD %^&$-ING HAVE TO!

            Seriously, if they can put the game on a BluRay for the XBone and PS4, why not the PC?

            Why is it that PC games are still coming out on DVD? It just completely warps my mind.

            Anyhow, I think I’m done raging. It’s working for me now so I shouldn’t be whining anyway. But it still staggers me why DVD has not been dropped for PC games yet.

  • Should I try running Fallout 4 on my PC just for a laugh?
    Most of the hardware is from 2007 and was still a reasonably good PC … when fallout 3 came out.

      • The bottleneck is the Core2Duo (overclocked to 2.7 gig, but it’s still a wheezing old CPU)

        Edit: GPU got replaced 3 or 4 years ago with a mid range cheapie when the old 8800GTX behemoth kicked the bucket

        • Minimum specs:
          Windows 7/8/10 (64-bit OS required)
          Intel Core i5-2300 2.8 GHz/AMD Phenom II X4 945 3.0 GHz or equivalent
          8 GB RAM
          30 GB free HDD space
          NVIDIA GTX 550 Ti 2GB/AMD Radeon HD 7870 2GB or equivalent

          Hmmm. Not sure how your CPU will cope. What graphics card do you have?

          • I honestly have no idea. It was a ‘good enough’ one that does a better job than the CPU.
            Hmmm… Min spec on CPU is 2.8, I could probably give the OC another bump if I need to.

          • Well Yes. But the recommended i5-2300 has 4 physical cores, whereas you only have 2.
            Also Intel Turbo Boost will push it up to 3.1 GHz, whereas your CPU is static at 2.7/2.8Ghz.
            Then there is the significant efficiency improvements between generations etc.

    • Currently I’m playing the game at full bore with no issue and this is what I have (so it predates even yours in the memory and CPU department).
      * Intel Core 2 Quad @ 2.4 GHz (Q6600)
      * 8 GB DDR2 Cosair Value Select
      * Gigabyte G1 GTX 960

      However I will admit, I’ve only played it for a couple of hours this morning just to see if it will work.

      So I won’t know for sure even for my own system until I get into an area with more characters.

  • Hello all,

    I’m guessing a lot of you are buying/playing Fallout 4 today? I really would like to get it now, but alas i got Forza 5 Ultimate in Sept, and only just got Halo 5. So i must wait for now, not sure how long. Hopefully not til Christmas because i will be away with family then and won’t have my PC with me, i could bring the Xbox, but i don’t really want to play it on console. #gamerproblems

    What’s everyone else up to today?

        • We placed a moratorium on the word “boston” in my family after my dad went there for a conference once then wouldn’t shut up about it.

          Looking back, it was the first international travel he’d done since he’d pretty much been a newlywed, so the novelty was strong. He’s since been to lots more places.

          • This is something I had to do with my youngest brother when it comes to Japan.

            There was a time when you couldn’t discuss anything without him comparing it to something similar/done better in Japan.

          • But then I picture him finally going to Japan, eyes widening with tears welling. “It’s everything I thought it would be!”

          • Oh, yeah. He was riding on enthusiasm from his visits. Several months, several visits.

            It was very much a case of:
            “Where’s the Bay? Oh, it’s about 4hrs drive north.”
            “We really need the Shinkansen, here. It’d only take 20min and they leave on the exact second that they’re scheduled to.”
            “Who feels like sushi? It’s not Sono, but the train down in the mall is still pretty good.”
            “It won’t be as good as the sushi at the train station in Shibuya.”
            “Man, paypass really makes drive-through a lot easier.”
            “In Japan they have phone-based payments which are so much better.”
            “Dude. I’m not handing my phone through a drive-through window.”
            “They don’t really need drive-through over there because everything is so close together and public transport is so much better that you can be anywhere. And combinis are on literally every block’s corner and they’re open 24/7 and their meals are better than most fast-food restaurant meals.”

            And so on and so forth. Between that, and occasionally ‘accidentally’ slipping Japanese words into regular conversation in place of the English… It got old pretty quick.

            Understandable enthusiasm; I LOVED the place when I was there, and would highly recommend it to anyone, and yes, their achievements and conveniences are truly impressive. I would love for our trains to run to the schedule that theirs do, and the quality of food at their 7-11s is shockingly high compared to here.

            But after a while your tolerance for constantly hearing about it goes, and you start imposing restrictions.

          • To be fair, it’s alot easier to have good services when people are that packed together. Trying to get that sort of service in any Australian city is impossible, since people are so spread out.

            I think the day Aussies are happy to live in a capsule hotel instead of having a 2 car garage and a back yard is the day we get decent urban infrastructure.

    • I’m interested in trying it but I’ll wait until next year maybe. Got mega burned by Skyrim on PS3 so I’m not buying Bethesda games at launch anymore.

      Heaps of other stuff to play in the meantime!

      • Understandable for the console versions, there’s been reports of some issues with the PS4/XBone copies regarding performance.

        At least on a PC, you can just go into the settings and jack them down.

        Ahhhh, it’s been a few years since I’ve properly Master Raced. The peak of it was probably around Fallout 3 so it’s like I get to re-live a time gone past.

      • PS3 was known to have sub-par graphics and performance on multiplatform games. Loading times were especially terrible for Skyrim. PS4 and XBONE are both pretty safe bets this time around, having very similar hardware. They both render Fallout 4 1080P @ 30fps. The PS4 has smaller framerate drops, it doesn’t surprise me that both consoles have dips to 20fps, especially if they are streaming assets in. They both have slow standard laptop hard drives in them.

  • Having typed all this up, I then realized, that pretty much anyone who would have my mobile number, likely has me on facebook anyway, but oh wells..
    In case you don’t have me on fb, I’m getting a holter monitor test done today, and can’t be around mobile phones for 24hrs, so if you need to contact me, plz do so via the interweb.
    One blood test came back today showing I had super low iron levels, which made the doc ask if I was vegetarian. That’s a bit nope! Hell, I’ve eaten lamb and beef for at least 5 meals that I can think of in the past week alone! Anyway, he gave me a script for something to boost it, and said it may help to alleviate my dizziness, but more work still to be done and more tests to come back. Next up, colonoscopy! Eeep!

    • Best of luck with your health, champ. I don’t know if this will help but some foods (such as coffee) can inhibit the body’s ability to absorb iron.

      So for the short term, doctor allowing, maybe modify the diet abit until your iron levels get back up.

      • Cheers man. Doc did warn me about a few things, but he said coffee should be ok for now thankfully! Doubt I’ll be doing a whole lot of drinking coffee though if the heat keeps up. Not too hot atm, but hot enough that I don’t want coffee as much as normal!

  • For the Fallout people stuck at work, I’ve started playing a fun new game: try and use the word “Fallout” as frequently as possible in workplace conversations. Bonus points for thematic references!

  • Oh yeah, Splatfest on Sunday was the first chance I had to try out the newly nerfed Splatoon update. Hoooooly crap those E-litre nerfs are hurting hard. It’s practically turned into a long-range Bamboozler, anything less than a full charge won’t kill an enemy so needs a second shot. They need to nerf the nerf, change the max charge to 110 instead of 100 (down from 120 previously). Or at least 105, give it some level of leeway. It’s killed my short/mid range game pretty hard. Don’t want to imagine what it’d be like in Ranked matches.

    Also in weekend talk, spent a good deal of time back in Smash again for the first time in roughly… forever. The amiibo tournament at PAX along with unlocking all Mac’s custom moves through StreetPass got me looking up stuff on him, then itching to try and retrain him (to hopefully be better at using his KO punch). So through that I got to back to being alright at the game too, which was nice 😛 Need to get around to trying to fight against actual players at some point now. Also I still have tonnes of trouble with tilt attacks in this game, on both versions. Although I cracked out the GameCube controller for a bit and found it slightly easier on there, but the lack of a Jump button close to the Special button still means I can’t really use it, at least for Mac. I rely on that too much, so gotta stick to Pro controller.

    Then more games, I really wanted to get to more Guitar Hero so I can start getting good and investigate the harder levels, and discovered they happened to have a free access weekend, choose any song you want on GHTV without having to spend credits on them. Ran through the list and lined up a whole bunch of songs that caught my interest, there were a few fun ones in there but I dunno that there was anything particularly standout like in previous games. Also, my brain still can’t deal with the colour setup. WHY IS BLACK THE TOP ROW AND WHITE THE BOTTOM. And more importantly, why does my brain think it should be the other way around? I need to make a conscious effort to process their shape and think of them in terms of “up” and “down”, and ignore the colour as much as possible. But it’s really hard to do once things get more complex.

    Another thing. I went to disassemble the guitar​​ since the neck was slightly getting in the way, only to discover that you sort of can’t. Rather than having a lever on the back like all the previous models, there’s just this kind of triangular-holed bolt. Looked it up, and in the instructions it says something like “once you attach the neck it cannot be removed”. WHY IN THE SHIT WOULD YOU DO THAT. Seriously. I can’t think of any reason other than to be dicks. Thankfully it’s not too hard to just shave down three of the six sides of a pencil, and that works pretty well as a key to actuate the release mechanism. But still, fuck you Activision. I really want to like this game, but there’s so many little niggling annoyances that make me increasingly glad I paid so little for it. Would certainly be more pissed if I’d laid down the full 150.

    • WHY IS BLACK THE TOP ROW AND WHITE THE BOTTOM. And more importantly, why does my brain think it should be the other way around?

      White superiority complex.

    • Yeah, haven’t touched Guitar Hero: Live since the first weekend. Wish I’d put the money towards Rock Band instead and that Activision hadn’t even bothered to make the damn game in the first place.

      • Personally, I never seemed to have been a fan of RB’s charts in comparison to GH’s at all, so I’m finding this one’s change of gameplay to be far more interesting than RB4 ever could have been. Especially with the price of that one.

        But I guess it helps there’s no Nintendo version of RB4 anyway 😛

  • Sweet. Microsoft just released the backwards compatibility list (and mentioned the BioShock games are on the way). A bit heavy on the XBLA titles, but it’s got South Park Stick of Truth, Mirror’s Edge, Monkey Island 1+2, Fallout 3 (no NV), Fable II and Borderlands. Although I’m a bit disappointed that the list didn’t grow between the announcement and the launch.

    • Its also gonna be all the games with gold on xbox 360.

      I missed out on a whole generation of gaming. So this makes me very happy. Would love to play bioshock and mass effect.

      I’m sure the list will grow in time. Its mostly a matter of convincing the devs to license the games.

  • So I contacted EB games about the free versions of Fallout they are giving out with some console bundles since I hadn’t heard anything about it since buying my Xbone, and they sent me an email saying they’ll be mailing the game out tomorrow. Given that their warehouse is in Brisbane I don’t expect it to get here before next week. My house is also last on the delivery route so packages always arrive late afternoon. So I should be playing the game sometime late Monday. It doesn’t bother me too much because it gives me time to play Rise of the Tomb Raider. I just hope by the time I do get to play Fallout 4 they haven’t fixed all the glitches in it. I know it’s odd to say, but past Bethesda games I played like Skyrim or Fallout 3 were glitch free, and it always disappointed me a bit that I never experienced things like dragons flying upside down or the like that everyone else talked about.

  • Copy/paste from fb cos too lazy!

    Well, I am now looking more like a robot. I have electrodes all over me, and wires hanging off me all over the place and have a little controller box hanging off me. Need to keep a diary of what I’m doing every 2 hours too!
    Interesting experience tho. First time I ever had 2 babes (and I do mean babes!) kneeling in front of me shaving my chest! (Not that there was much to shave, but you know…. they had to do what they had to do!)

    • You sound like the polar opposite to me, I had to get some measurements/scans taken a few years back for an irregular heartbeat, and I’m sure the nurse was two steps away from breaking out the whipper snipper before she could attach the sensors to my chest.

  • I suppose this is a bad time to mention I have never played a Fallout game and am not really interested in Fallout 4. Heck, I’m not really hyped about any major upcoming games. My hype train has come to a stop for this year and I’m just playing through old games that I’m yet to finish. I’m hanging out for the eventual Witcher 3 Enhanced Edition though.

      • I’m mostly just a terrible person and stopped playing most Western RPGs after 2006. No Fallout, no Mass Effect, barely tried Dragon Age, barely tried Oblivion and Skyrim. The main one that drew me in was the Witcher and I guess I got a little spoiled by it. The other RPGs felt almost too “safe” and uninspired compared to the Witcher which is weird.

        • The important thing is that you’ve taken your first step and admitted you have a problem.

          Now…you need to get up, take a deep breath, hold your chin high, and go quietly sit in the corner so I can keep playing Fallout.

        • See this is where I might weird people out, I didn’t like Witcher 2 so I doubt I’ll pick up Witcher 3 personally, with 2 the combat is too frustrating and feels so restrictive at times (Mainly due to Geralts incessant blade dance he keeps doing during combat). Also the world itself I just can’t seem to click with, no idea why but I always just get so confused with what the heck is going on, and I did play Witcher 1, barely able to keep up on that too.
          Edit: With the Witcher 2, the frequent crashing to desktop on area transitions didn’t help either

      • I loved fallout 1 and 2, but I couldn’t get in to 3 either. I think due to guns/aim issues. I found the same thing with Mass Effect. Played about 30 mins, couldn’t kill anything, so fuck that shit! Gimme a sword and some magic any day! 😉

        • Fallout 3 and NV had some janky issues with manual shooting (and some total separate janky issues with VATS) but I found Mass Effect’s shooting pretty functional. Granted I spent 90% of my time hurling biotics at people instead, but still… 😛

          • Why use guns when you can be a biotic god, your unlimited power washing over your enemies like a… a great wind!

          • I can warp matter! I can create miniature black holes! I can hurtle things into the stratosphere!

            *proceeds to spam Throw*

          • *As my sniper is attacking from range, suddenly a body flies past my scope at 200km/h… then another… then another*

  • Okay, so I’ve decided that i will need a website before Supernova.
    What do people think of “created by scree” as a business name?

  • Hmm, made an expensive mistake… Bought Fallout 4 off GMG, paid with PayPal, and only after receiving the key, realised that they charge in USD, meaning I just paid $85 AUD for a digital PC copy…

    • Yeah, all of GMG’s deals start to feel considerably less enticing when you realise it’s in USD. Somehow I frequently forget this fact and get excited, and then it all falls apart when someone reminds me.

      $45 for Battlefront? SOL-…wait a minute.

    • Yarp, I did the same because I figured they had a pretty good chance of giving me a key before release (which thankfully paid off). Stupid error, that.

  • Started watching Seven Deadly Sins on Netflix last night. Really not sure if I love it or hate it. Everytime it gets to the point I feel I need to turn it off and do something else it does something awesomely cool and I end up continuing to watch. Think if Elizabeth did something besides squeak and get groped I’d have a lot more tolerance for the show.

    Also, found the English dub is way better than the Japanese. Some decent voice actors there and they’ve resisted the temptation of filling the dialogue with grunts and gasps.

    • She has a use later. The characters, other then Elizabeth are great and the story is good too, stay for that. Plus, talking pig!

    • Her role in the group improves later on. The show doesn’t really get going until Diane and Ban join up with them.

      Hawk is the true star of that show though. Also the reason I could never watch it dubbed. I love Misaki Kuno’s voice, the way it cracks all the time is quite unique and adds a certain rawness to things that’s uncommon nowadays since everyone tends to be so polished and produced.

  • Anyone know what’s going on with Darksiders 2 Deathinitive edition? I’m unable to find any links to the game on JBHiFi or EB Games? Not even for pre-order

  • Swung past home during lunch, played a bit of Fallout 4. Initial thoughts, no story spoilers:
    So far things look very promising gameplay wise. Shooting/melee is infinitely better than previous games, VATS no longer has the performance of a sack full of hot garbage (not responding, difficulty highlighting the right areas etc). Conversation choices feel a bit weird but I think I’ll get used to new layout quickly

      • Yes! I forgot to mention that. It’s a much more streamlined process, and for a game that involves a shitload of picking things up that’s kind of important.

      • The town/base building this is utter shit though. Hopefully a mod will be released that completely redoes the camera and controls for the building mode

        • After a few hours with them I don’t mind them, but there’s a whole bunch of weird idiosyncrasies there. Why do corner pieces exist? I assumed that there was something dumb with the engine so I’d need to corner piece to do, well, corners, but no. So that’s a bunch of resources and time wasted. I do expect mods to fix it up though. Like, I don’t think you can have an internal door? That seems dumb. Lots of issues there, but I’m still going to force my way through them so I can build a huge tower, or something stupid like that.

          • Is there any sort of snapping function? I hate how you just have to try to loosely match them up as best as possible. I know there’s snapping for placing walls side by side, but that seems broken too because whenever I try to make corners it just snaps them to straight.

          • Okay, from what I’ve gathered while tired: Floors will mostly snap to other floors. If it’s a corner piece though, you’ve got evensies odds of it being terrible. If you want to build a wall at an angle it’s easiest if you have a floor there, or more specifically, if you have the edge of the floor where you want the wall to go it will snap way more easily. So if you’re trying to place internal walls, be prepared to repeatedly uproot parts of the floor to make space.

      • Also, according to the game I have a really exotic/rare name. Even more rare then someone called “Fuckface” apparently.

  • Whoo 8GB day one patch for Tomb Raider!

    It’ll be ready just in time for Pow to come home and then I can’t play because spoilers.

    *intense sobbing*

  • I bought Pandemic Legacy. Now the horrible dilemma. Do I open it now to learn the rules differences between it and normal Pandemic or do I wait until we play on Sunday for the great unboxing?

  • Wow.. Messaged an eBay seller about a pair of EVGA 660Ti’s they had for sale, asking if they would sell just one by itself, instead they took down the auction.. Like seriously i’ve been watching these cards for over a month, no one is going to pay you $500 to 2 out of date graphics cards.

          • Haha, sorry man 😛 a pair of 580’s if they’re the 3GB ones fetch a pretty alright price on eBay still heh.

            Edit: Wow.. Someone has a single GTX 580 EVGA watercooled 3GB model up for $312 heh. Otherwise the 1.5GB models start at $150 which is kind of impressive I think.

          • Oh fair enough lol. I’m sure someone out there would buy them. Shame the 980Ti is so expensive. Such a nice card.

  • Come on, guys.
    I know if we all pitch in, put our heads together, and share the load, then we’ll be able to reach around and get page 18 to come.
    It’s been too hard, and I can’t last much longer.Penis

  • The single hardest thing to do in Spelunky is to complete a solo Eggplant run. I’m making steady progress on pulling it off and got the furthest I’ve ever managed so far.

    There are a couple of tricky parts to the run. First of all is getting the eggplant to the black market and stealing the Ankh without 1) dying or 2) having the eggplant get accidentally destroyed in the chaos. I can do that fairly consistently now.

    Next up is getting the headjet. To do this, you normally just need to die on the level with the Moai Head (either 3-2 or 3-3) and resurrect inside the Moai Head thanks to the Ankh. Simple. The only problem is that anything you’re carrying before you die can’t get taken inside the Moai Head because you drop things when you die.

    The solution? Destroy two of Kali’s altars so that you get the ball and chain (normally a bad thing). With the ball and chain, you can destroy the side of the Moai Head so that you can get in and out, letting you die (to get the headjet) while still being able to bring your eggplant along with you.

    I failed to destroy the side of the Moai Head.

    I’m a clever Bun.

  • Just plugged my Afterglow wireless headphones into my PS4 controller to test them out and they work a treat. Just have to have my laptop either on my lap or sitting next to me to have the wireless USB transmitter plugged in to make them work.

    Looks like I will be Fallouting tonight.

      • Hey man, he started the prick! Hahaha.

        Also wish I had reliased this at the time, but @strange pointed out you can also customise your wife if you play as the bloke, or the husband if you play as the female, that’s a nice touch, heh.

    • That looks badass man. Only gave mine one little scar. I’m not very creative, and I don’t like to spend long doing things like that, I like to get straight to the meat of the game. I’m the same with racing games, I’ll upgrade the cars performance-wise, but I never spend any time on the looks of the car other than picking a colour when I buy it, I just wanna race.

      • Me too monkey; me too! While I’ll happily spend hours on a stat screen or inventory screen I never spend any time moulding my character’s face. The one time I tried in DA:I i created something hideous akin to Gollum and I was actually trying to make a proper face [email protected]

  • OK, I’ve been playing around in Fallout 4 and while there are some great mechanics some of the bugs are really annoying.

    So far, I’ve clocks around five hours; on a trial run so I could get a feel for the controls, etc, and 2 on the real run.

    And I wish I was making the following up. So far, I’ve found two bugs that are out right ridiculous.

    The first one (first run) I was bartering with someone, found that I over committed myself and went to put the ammo back. Problem was, even though I was trying to sell back the ammo, the amount in my inventory was only going down by 10 or so.

    I know we’d all like extra money in RPGs but actions like these bugging out in this day and age doesn’t help the game.

    The second bug (real play through), I was stuck in a terminal. Not as in my character was walking around and somehow the clipping got me pinned; but as in I could not navigate back to the root menu of the terminal to get exit.

    I pressed back and I was presented the same screen as before. I had to try seven times before I finally got out of the screen.

    I know Bethesda is notorious for having buggy games but this is seriously a new low and I think it would have been better if they simply pushed the release back to next year and just focused solely on getting the bugs out.

      • Thanks for pointing that out. The context of this thread’s tail end was Fallout 4 so I must have automatically left it out.

      • I had forgotten about that until you mentioned it.

        Heads up, spoilers. Read further and you waive the right to cry into your teddy bear.

        After getting out of the vault and heading to Concord, I was talking to Preston Garvey who then referred the conversation to Sturges.
        I saw he’s sub-titles for a moment before the last thing Garvey said popped up again and wouldn’t go away.
        Thankfully I could hear what was being said despite my bad ears and personally I found it irritating as I have the subtitles on because even in the best conditions I still mis-hear things. Heck, I’m basically a living version of Prof. Calculus from Tintin.
        But anyhow, while not game breaking subtitles are a tried and true solution so like others I’m starting to think that while the core testing has been done all the little incidentals have just gone ignored.

    • I read ‘mats’ as ‘materials’ at first. I’d say I’ve been playing too many RPGs lately, but there’s no such thing.

      • I was about *this* close to getting up and playing some Guitar Hero.

        Or cracking out Xenoblade and getting back into that. Just ended up looking at stuff on my phone though, trying to figure out upcoming releases. Then read the Xenoblade manual again 😛

        I miss manuals.

  • Trails in the Sky SC out today! It’s on the PSN store but for whatever reason it’s hidden. I could get FC to show up in a search on the Vita store, but neither of them showed up in a search on the AU Playstation web store. I had to manually go into PSP games and go through them. Anyway, its now sitting on my Vita 🙂

  • Alright, out for delivery today! Start downloading the other 80% of the game tonight, go play hockey tomorrow night – might see if I can wrangle Friday and Monday off work…

  • One bookmark finished. I’m a bit worried about the rest, as it gets a little more complicated from here on out. I’ll do my best though =D

    On that subject, was there any series that people would like to see? It’s a lot harder for me to do ones that I’m not familiar with, but I’d still like to know.

  • Well, didn’t get to Fallout last night, was so tired from staying up late the night before and had a headache that kept getting worse, so I had an early night.

    Don’t work till tonight and got the house to myself, so I’ll be spending the whole day with it. Excited to see what’s in store (only got to the vault yesterday).

  • Good news, your shipment is due for delivery today

    Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaasssssssssssssssss. Fallout shall be mine. (No thanks to EB)

    • My friend in SA said it seems hers shipped out of Brisbane which would be their warehouse, which I find odd yours hasn’t arrived yet since you’re in Brisbane >_>

  • Am I the only one waiting for them to patch FO4 to a reasonably playable level before picking it up?

    I mean… I like Bethesda and all, but if we keep buying their broken buggy games on day 1 THEN THEY WILL NEVER LEARN!

    Who am I kidding. I’m just mad because I’m broke and can’t afford to join you guys 🙁

    • The only bug I’ve had so far (only a couple of hours of gameplay) was my weapons and Pip-boy going invisible on one occasion, and spending 4 seconds on a quicksave and quickload fixed it.

      Obviously my experience may not be indicative of the overall user experience, but so far for me it’s been the least buggy game they’ve released in a long time.

      • I’ve had a couple of minor issues so far in my ~2 hours.

        The first was pretty simple, I had an Xbone controller plugged into my PC and it was overriding the fact I wanted to play with KBM. Unplugged it and everything was fine.

        Second issue was my character getting stuck on some objects. Thought I was going to have to go back and play the last 30 or so minutes of the game again (this happened just after you get out of the vault, but I’d done some ‘sploring). The last auto save was ages ago and my quick save was where I was stuck. Stopped playing for a bit as I did the dishes from dinner, and when I went to play the game I again I force of habit clicked “Continue” instead of load so it loaded my quick save…and I was thrown off the object I was stuck on.

        • You can actually bypass the controller thing in the options menu by setting it to off, so you don’t have to remember to unplug it when you want to play. IT may have taken me ages to realise this when I was having the same issue in previous Fallouts…

          Also, I was confused as to why your autosaves suck so much because mine have been fine. Had a look in the options menu and it actually does a save every time you check your Pip-boy dependant on the interval you set, i.e. if 10 minutes have passed, next Pip-Boy load do an autosave (default). So either your autosave is screwy or you didn’t look at your Pip-Boy for like 30 minutes 😛

          • I did turn that controller thing off, but it still caused my KBM to stop working in the menus. Maybe you need to restart the game or something?

            And yeah, I was basically just looting everything and wasn’t really checking my Pip-Boy.

    • So fat the extent of my problems have been subtitles being a bit wonky and out of synch with the conversation and the camera seeming to be unsure of who to focus on during them (wonder if it’s related to the subtitles?)

      Otherwise I’ve been pretty shocked how well it’s been running.

    • It’s a Steam sale game for me. I’ve never been huge on Bethesda open world games. Combine that with the jankiness and bugs that we’re seeing (nothing unexpected, which is a problem in itself), I feel pretty justified in waiting.

    • Meh this has always been the case with every Bethesda game going as far back as I can remember; yeah it causes me to reload a few times but I quicksave religiously in RPG’s and the overall experience more than makes up for the inconvenience =]

  • I never much cared for the small team arena stuff in Halo before, and was actually really disappointed 5 seemed to be focusing on that over big team battles, but I’m really enjoying playing 4v4 in Halo 5. Also I’m not bad at it, if I do say so myself.

    And now I’m going to go play Rise of the Tomb Raider, because that’s a thing that exists this week as well (I bet Microsoft is hating themselves right now over it releasing the same time as Fallout).

  • Soooo – Steam download speeds – what the hell is with that?
    Is there any way of boosting it?

    Still having trouble getting a stable internet connection at home since switching to NBN – but for the small time i got it working yesterday, according to speedtest, i can dl up to 8mb/s… when i put steam on to see actual speeds, i was getting 400k/s to 1mbs max.

    • Check under Downloads in your settings to confirm you haven’t set a limit on your speed. Other than that, your Steam client is not usually the fault when it comes to crappy download speeds.

      • Yeah I’ve done this – no limits are set.
        For some reason I’ve always had problems with my steam client. When it’s on it noticeably reduces the internet speed for other users and never really goes all that high.

      • Yeah i checked the server last night – it said it was downloading from VIC servers, which i assumed would be the fastest.
        Should i be trying other states, or possibly even other countries?

        • Try anything on the east coast. I tend to try other ISPs then other locations but really it’s just about going through the options until one works.

          • I’ve noticed they don’t have ISP’s listed anymore, from what i can see – just states. Cool, I’ll see how i go with a QLD or NSW server.

  • Heh. Missed a call this morning from BWS, was about to ring them back and a mate who works there rang the home phone to tell me to call back right now cause (his words) “You’ve got a job” so now I have a job interview tomorrow mornin’ at 10 \o/

    Good start to the morning.

  • What do you call a man with leaves on his head?

    What do you call a man with a rabbit on his head?

    What do you call a man with a truck on his head?

    • What do you call a man with no arms and no legs in the pool?

      What do you call a man with no arms and no legs on the wall?

      What do you call an arm and leg hanging from a wall?
      Another piece of Art

      What do you call two guys with no arms and no legs on the wall?
      Kurt & Rod

  • Completed my first 3.5km run today with no walking! Completed in 19 minutes \o/

    Okay that might not be too impressive to some but I’m freaking proud 😛

      • Few more weeks then I can hopefully do 5k’s
        Trying to push myself to maintain pace at the moment. If I didn’t do that I could probably do 5, albeit very very slowly 😛

        • I do 5 klicks in about 37 minutes on a good day, and could probably only maintain your 3.5k speed for about one k (again, on a good day. I am very variable), so you’re on track to destroy my 5k speed.

        • Do the 5k now. I mean it. Go do parkrun.

          Even if you take a walking break in the middle (which is a perfectly legitimate and sensible strategy in distance running), you’ll see that it’s a pefectly achieveable distance and you’ll enjoy being able to do 5k events (and soon you’ll realise 5km is nothing and you’ll do a 10k. Trust me!)

          I haven’t been training but the last few parkruns I’ve jogged to the 2km mark comfortably without needing a walk. This week I’ll take the phone with the pacing prompts and see what I can do with a bit more effort in the 3/4k section. My long-term heel injury seems to have fixed itself, it’s so nice to be able to walk and run without pain \o/

    • I could probably make 100m before I have to stop running and start walking.

      Therefore as far as I am concerned you must be some kind of witch.

    • Back when I was in year 8 (many many moons ago) we had to do a 1 mile run, I did it in something like 45 minutes with walking, and I was skinny back then too. Never been able to run for very long without getting puffed out.

      So, to me that’s an outstanding effort, good work man.

      • Being fairly similar (skinny and couldn’t run for shit) this is the best I’ve ever been, hence that moment of proudness 😛
        Thanks man. Still got a while to go before I’m at where I want to be but it’s certainly a milestone

  • @beavwa @budgieishere @chuloopa @coldcamv @crazyguy1990 @f4ction @greenius @mad_danny @pixel_the_ferret_viking @scree @smurfydog @tech_knight @tigerion @tofu @trikeabout @zetrox2k

    So, I’ve been thinking about the Saturday meat, and I think Crown is possibly the best place to have it. That way we can have dinner and see the movie in the same place. Wondering whether we should do dinner/movie or movie/dinner. Also, what time suits people the best?

    And anyone who can’t make Saturday, I am still free on Friday, so what time suits people the best for then, and where should we go?

  • Did you know the S stands for spam?

    Secret SanTAY 2015

    Buy a thing for someone. Have a thing brought for you. Consumerism. Commercial interests. Christmas. Warm fuzzies. Alcohol. Terrible relatives. Obligations.

    No obligations here though. Just the warm fuzzies and only one thing needs to be brought. No worries that if you buy your favourite Aunty Milly something bitch Aunty Mags is going to start comparing everything loudly to everyone in earshot.

    Send an email to binoter with the hot males including your address and you too can participate in a good part of Christmas. I can’t help you with the rest, that’s your problem.