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    I didn't really play any new games over the weekend. Instead I went and visited my parents and cleared some backlogged games.

    Finished up Legend of Korra a year later from when I first played it. Extreme mode was ridiculously easy. I equipped the suggested items and just blew right through the mode. It just confirms my original opinion that the game was a disappointing Platinum game. What was annoying were two glitched achievements that needed extra work to unlock.

    Played through Dead Rising 2: Case West. Bought it on sale 5 years ago but only just now decided to play it. It's really meh, seems more like it was DLC to appease the fans complaining about no camera or Frank West.

    Played through Comix Zone. Same deal, bought years ago and never played. Man that game is ridiculously hard. Mainly because it's one life and game over. Doesn't help that attacking objects reduces your health. So if you have to punch a door open and you have no health you're screwed. Thankfully the game allows you to save it any time. Managed to get through within an hour.

    Hey everyone, my computer starts freezing and I need to isolate the issue causing it. Any suggestions?

      Windows PC?
      First thing would be to check the event viewer. Expand "Windows Logs" then "System" and on the right, select "Filter Current Log" and only select Critical and Error for the last 7 days or so.

      See if there's any applications hanging, or disk errors etc.

        It's started happening recently, like 2 to 3 weeks. It only happens on startup. If it doesn't freeze on start up or on the desktop, it's fine. It's really weird. =/

          Check the obvious, like stuck fans, or cables that might be obstructing fans, otherwise you can start windows in verbose logging mode, and see what it is doing when it hangs.

            The fan is working because I can hear it, but it sounds a bit sick. I should clean out the pc anyway, but I don't have any canned air. Is there anything else I can use to safely clean the dust out?

              I use the vacuum cleaner, carefully. You can always use a dry paintbrush to loosen up the dust, or just blow on them vigorously.

                I don't trust my vacuum cleaner. I'll use a paintbrush.

                  Yeah brush + Vacuum is an good alternative. If you've got an industrial strength one just keep it at a decent distance from the machine so it's only able to absorb the dust you've pushed around with the brush!

              I find the vacuum cleaner really ineffective, but once rigged up with a McDonalds straw it does a good job of getting in the hard to reach places.

                I used the brush and vacuum cleaner combo and it did an alright job. Oh and blowing too. Seeing as I used to play trumpet, I did a pretty good job.

      How long do you leave it before declaring it frozen, 10 minutes or so just to make absolutely sure?

      Just to eliminate a software problem, would you have any system restore points from a few weeks ago?

        I didn't install anything new. It started happening abruptly. It seems to occur when I leave it unattended on start up. So if I'm making it do stuff, it works, but if I go off to get breakfast, by the time I come back, the mouse it not moving. I know it's frozen because the off button turns off immediately. If it's not frozen, you have to hold it in for at least 4 seconds.

    Morning all, finally took delivery of the b-i-g 3D printer, so no more cutting jobs into pieces.
    Anyone got any suggestions for something large to test-print while I am calibrating it all?

      A Pip-Boy?

        Good idea, now the real question, the one from Fallout 3, or Fallout 4?

          Something better quality than that Fallout 4 one please :P

            This. I hate to complain but I was a little disappointed with the quality of the Pip-boy from the collectors edition. I was hoping for something a little denser that doesn't feel like it might spring open at any moment because of a dodgy latch. I feel like it might fall apart whenever I handle it so it's nothing more than a display piece, which I guess is what it's intended for anyway?

              The buttons on mine are so flimsy, it's not funny. One has already decided to stop working. I packed it up back in the case and put it away, before anything else broke.

              I wish it was better quality, he;; I would've paid double for something that was better feeling tbh.

      Big purple dildo.

        Don't have any purple filament.

        Big DOUBLE-ENDED purple dildo?

        No purple? MAKE IT BLACK!

          The biggest blackest dick?

            Someone get this girl a cookie! She knows her shit!

      A 3D printer.

        Already printed most of the second printer using the first printer. This is the third printer :)

          See, when two 3D printers like each other very much...

        Do you want to get the world taken over by an army of self-replicating 3D printers? Because that's how you get the world taken over by an army of self-replicating 3D printers.

      Hm...There are lots of things you can print. How about armour? =P

        I like this idea. This idea is a great idea

        Cat armour?

          Do you have a cat?

            Yeah, but I'd need extensive armour if I was going to try and strap that onto him.

              Hm, how about Horse armour? I hear you can sell that for a pretty penny =P

      OHHH I HAVE A 3d printer too

      The meshing gears is always a good test of resolution. but the t-rex skull looks awesome too.

      Then you can send one my way :P

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        Sure, I don't know what that is, but if you pay for the filament, I'll print you one :)

          Wait, serious? I'm definitely happy to do that. I've had that link bookmarked for ages in the unlikely event I buy a printer.

            my email address is originaltrilogy and do it via gmail and I'll get back to you.
            Looks like it will take a bloody long time to print, but I can cue the parts up in the downtime between jobs.

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            Pretty sure Games Workshop has a dungeon full of people like you.

          Just out of curiosity how much would the filament for a project like that cost? Even a little 3D printer popping out stuff like that for use in terrain building would be awesome.

            Totally depends on how much infill you have to use, and if a lot of support material is required.

            If you pick a couple of models that would be roughly the kind of thing you mean, and give me a link, I can run them through the slicer and tell you almost exactly how much filmanet they would require, so you could get some idea.

              I would imagine the same as that unit Freeze mentioned. I've always liked the idea of giant ruins and fallen tanks as scenery, but at Games Workshop prices taking a Eldar Wave Serpent and chopping it to bits for a crash site objective marker is nuts. I'm not actually after anything though, I've got enough clutter as it is. Just curious.

                That sucker is HUGE, (60cm tall) is that the correct scale?
                At the highest quality, with very little infill, the head alone would be around 70 grams, and take about 6 hours to print. The upper body (chest and shoulders) would be around 350grams, so the entire thing would probably use more than 2kg of filament, and take well over hundred hours to print, so you need to factor in the cost of power etc. as well. It would be an expensive piece, even to print it yourself, with decent quality filament, and factoring in at least one or two parts glitching and requiring reprinting, I reckon it would cost you , best case, somewhere near $200 or so to print it yourself. That is a huge model though.

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                  Wow, 60cm. I guess that's about right considering what it is but the picture made me think it'd be half the size. Still, considering Forge World sell Phantom Titans for like 370 pounds $200 plus time isn't the worst idea.

      What sort is it? I've been contemplating getting one recently but I could only ever hope to afford one that's around a grand and I'm not sure if they'd be any good

        The one I just took delivery of is over three grand.
        3D printing requires a lot of experimentation, and a reasonable amount of knowledge, it still isn't at the 'load model and press print' stage yet.
        You have to tinker a lot, get to know different filaments and the settings that work best for your printer, choose a slicer and gt to know it etc. etc.
        You can get a good one for under a grand, but it depends what build size you want.
        Short story, get one with a steel frame, heated bed and if possible, automated leveling and height detection if you are just starting out, I'd also budget for a good slicer, the free ones are okay, but something like simplify3D is world's better. You can email me if you like and I can put together some recommendations and sample prints etc. for a sub $1000 printer with a 20cmx28cm build bed.

          Hmm, the one I was looking at was called the DaVinci, it seems to have most of the features you suggested which is a pleasant surprise. Is 'slicer' the term for the modelling software?

    What is wrong with me? Been working all weekend, so didn't really have any time for Fallout 4, finally got a day off work, and so far it's just been sitting on the start screen for the last hour while I've been browsing the internet.

    Wondering if I should even bother continuing at all, because I'm probably only gonna be able to squeeze in another 10 hours of playtime before Star Wars: Battlefront arrives in the mail, and then Just Cause 3 is out in 2 weeks, so I probably won't have any time for it until at least christmas, and after that long I'm just gonna restart anyway.

    Bugger it, I'll just play some more Lego Dimensions and maybe some DriveClub Bikes, or Minecraft: Story Mode while I wait for Battlefront.


          Firstly, I got this ad:

          Secundus: what song is that a parody of?

            Ha! Saw the lipstick while browsing Star Wars stuff last night after work, didn't know there was a whole range though.

            It's not a parody, Weird Al actually does a lot of original songs too. That particular one is in the style of The Pixies

            One of my recent favourites is the one he did in response to fans calling for him to perform during half-time at the superbowl.


      Don't worry I'm the same, installed it all got it all ready then Loaded Up Rocket League.

      My worry is tryna get as much done before R6: Siege comes out


    I finally made myself start progressing the main story and went to Diamond city (yes, I really hadn't done any of it).
    Gotta say that the city being in the stadium was a nice surprise. I hadn't given the name a second thought so it gave me a bit of a chuckle. The counter-point to this is Piper. Her introduction sequence made me want to punch her in the face (which, in power armour, is probably not a good thing to do). She uses me to get back in the city, uses me to argue with a guy I don't know, and when I mention my son is kidnapped she gets excited about the story. The stereotypical reporter thing is annoying as hell.
    I'm sure she'll get more endearing (or at least easier to tolerate) as time goes on...I hope, because I'm trying to play as a decent person for this run.

      I played F3 like that, was hours before I found Megaton.

      She's my fave companion. But then, she's the perfect sidekick to the persuasive jerk I play as.

      If you spend some time with her, there's more than just the cliched reporter persona. I won't say anything but she's not just in it for a scoop

      I'm at about the same point as you (literally just walked in the gates).

      Piper is the first point so far where I've felt the engine really not doing people right. For some reason, her eyes (and no-one else's I've noticed really) just look weeeeeeeird.

        Her mouth was weirding me out early on but it seems to have settled down and gotten a bit more realistic.

        I'm glad I'm not the only person who noticed this. If my characters expressions where synced to my own she would be looking at her like "wtf is wrong with your face?"
        I'm positive it's the real reason they want her out of the city.

          "We'll put up with a lot of stuff here in Diamond City, but weird glassy eyed ladies can GTFO"

      I haven't opened your spoiler because I've been sidequesting and farming and haven't gone there yet.

        Yeah, that's exactly why it's taken me so long. Also just general exploration and home stuff :D

      Piper pretty quickly became my preferred companion but yeah, her intro was irritating.

        I built her relationship up until I had the romance option, then ditched her for Deacon just for a change, but I miss having Piper.

      Yeah she annoyed the crap outta me as well but she's actually a decent side-kick once you get to know her! She's all pro-good people (i.e. help people for free; look out for the little guy, uncompromising truth, etc).

      It took me ages to go to diamond city too, as in something like 30 hours of gameplay doing town building, side quests and realising that I'm way, WAY too under levelled to be in some of the areas I was exploring. "How hard can this one little bunker be?" I think to myself, a few dozen skull level ghouls later including at least 2 legendary ones, I come out of the bunker to find myself being chased by a skull level sentry bot which I only barely manage to kill because it was distracted by the skull level radscorpion... It was about then that I decided that I should probably get around to looking for that kid I'm supposed to care about.

      While we're on the topic of companions, Curie is my favourite by a wide margin but I'm rather liking Nick Valentine, gotta love a hard boiled PI (the ones with runny yolk are just nasty).

      One benefit of exploring so much is that I discovered that the bottom left of the map extends quite a long way beyond the border, something like 2-3 full grid squares. Its horribly irradiated (to the extent that I was contemplating using Rad-X even though I was in power armour) and full of deathclaws & radscorpions but certainly nice to explore (by which I mean terrifying but atmospheric)

      I'm already thinking about my second playthrough, there's mods that let you alter the damage multiplier that both you and the enemy have, I'm planning to crank them both up to 200% and play the game like Arma where every bullet is potentially lethal.

      Ha, i'm at about the same point as you.. I spent ages just exploring & pilfering shit :P

      Yeah i didn't really notice it was a stadium until I went to the mayor's office & bought a house lol. It's pretty cool.

      Edit: Also is it wrong I don't care for the companions? I just want Dogmeat, cause he's rad. I just like going at everything alone, it's worked okay for me so far, i'll probably regret this later on though haha.

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    Only one month to go.

      I've got my midnight ticket! \o/

        I didn't realise they were pre-selling tickets. Is it still possible to see it anywhere within the first 48 hours?

          Oh yeah, Hoyts Belconnen (my local) are running screenings all night (the 3:30am screening is still pretty much empty). You shouldn't have too much trouble finding a seat if you're happy with unsociable hours!

          (Mileage may vary in proper cities, though!)

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            We haven't even got any times confirmed at all yet where I live.

              Really? Well, you've got 30 days to move to a much better city :)

      I keep seeing things on FB "NEW TRAILER!" or "NEW TV SPOT!" or "WHICH CHARACTER DOES THIS?!"

      And I keep on scrolling becuase I ain't got time to watch your spoilers from my seat on the hype train!

    Getting near 30 hours in Fallout 4. I've kinda completed the main objective, but to continue down that path means doing things I'm not comfortable with.

    So, I've been doing the Minutemen quests. Closest I can get to being a superhero in the Commonwealth. Albeit, a manipulative, lock picking, hacking superhero.

      I think I'm also near to 30 hours. I've done a lot of Minuteman/settler sidequests but at this point they feel procedurally/randomly generated. I've rescued Abernathy Farm from Ghouls so many times it's kind of ridiculous.

      As to the story:

      I've crossed the glowing sea to visit Virgil, found the Railroad, joined the Brotherhood, entered the Institute, given Virgil his FEV cure, arranged to break some Synths out of the institute, and warned the Railroad about the upcoming Battle of Bunker Hill - I'm stopped there because I'm not sure if I want to also get the BoS involved, given they're at cross-purposes to the Railroad.

        Oooh, I'm not quite as far along as you.

        I figured the
        Minutemen quests were that radial quest whatever, that Bethesda was going on about for Skyrim. Where it's kind of sort of set up by the programmers but the Nov will choose a location you haven't been.

        I got sent over one side of the map only to be told my actual quest was on the opposite side. Thank fuck for fast travel!

        Yeah, as soon as I got to the institute I was a bit weirded out & unsure. They're obviously nuts but at the same time what they do could help.

        I like that kind of morality grey area.


    Finally made the trip down to Gamesmen, which I've been meaning to do for ages and ages now. The museum is awesome. I don't even know how to describe the feeling just wandering through there, looking at all those familiar boxes. It was like I was a kid again, wandering through Video Ezy trying to pick something to hire. Ended up grabbing myself some red n3DS plates since red+black​​ seems to be a thing for me now and also they were discounted, then lay down a preorder on the Xenoblade X special edition, because hype. Also picked up a second Thrustmaster T.16000M, because curiosity and whim.

    Saturday, caught up with my friend with the piano. Polish Girl? Idk. The thing was hilariously out of tune, some of the keys were three semitones flat according to the tuner readout. Thankfully most of ​​the keys were in tune relative to each other, so there wasn't a whole lot of work in getting it playable. Bit of a pain in the arse though, it's got all the spokes for the dampers in front of everything ("birdcage" I think they call the style) so it's really difficult to actually get to the strings to mute them. We played around for a bit, but with a severe lack of common knowledge of songs it was difficult to actually get anywhere. How does jam work :P Gonna try again next weekend I think, we're both keen to get something going. Surely it can't be that hard, people do it all the time, right?

    She ended up getting messaged by some friends while I was there, and asked if I wanted to go bowling. So went off to the bakehouse ​​quarter to meet up with them for dinner, Korean barbecue. Bowling went alright. Started out crap on both games, getting gutterballs on the first ball of each frame. Bleh. Eventually turned things around and managed to climb to 2nd and 3rd respectively, and at least I broke 100 so I'm happy.

    Spotted something horrible when turning around to leave and seeing the arcade section. Apparently this is the world we live in now.​​ Two bucks a go. Though it pays out tickets pretty well (a couple of her friends had a go), so it's not too bad if you're alright at the game I guess. We all got a bunch of temporary tattoos with them :P

    Went to try and play Elite on Sunday, with the 1.5 beta being released. Only to find that I can't actually play the main game, keep getting an error saying I can't connect to the transaction server :( Could get into CQC though, so went to check out the Imperial Fighter. Except it took *forever* to get into a match, so testing wasn't pretty slow going.​​ It's pretty cool, seems fairly similar to the Condor I guess. Spinning around for a u-turn it seems to have quite a lot of reverse thrust. Crazy delicate though, I felt like I was exploding far easier though I don't know if there's been any tweaks to things in the past month since I last played.

    After that, went to training mode to test out some twin-stick action. It's... hard :P But feels really fun. I need to tweak my binds a whole lot more, and find something a bit better​​ than what I've currently got. Also need to get used to them. Currently have power management on the hat switch, which feels weird and unwieldy to use compared to the keypad setup I had before. I'm not sure what I'll do if I can't get as good with this as I am with single stick though. Guess I'll just have to wait and see what happens, get some more practise in.

    Sooooo... weekend. Super-extremely-personal stuff following, so spoilered accordingly.

    I haven't checked in on TAY since Wednesday and it's been.... well it's been a pretty rough few days to be honest. My depression has kicked up a notch and is manifesting in fun (not fun) and interesting (not interesting) ways some of which are new and some of which are escalations of old themes.

    What was most fun (not fun) was some of my friends calling an intervention and calling an ambulance on me because I'd gotten that bad. Did I forget to mention that I've been suicidally depressed? My bad. I've been hiding that from everybody everywhere. I happened to mention it to a friend who was asking me about my depression (i.e. how bad were things?) and she put two and two together and realised that shit was pretty serious when I didn't show up for work on Thursday. Never mind that she was right, I wasn't having any of it. Lied my way (I can be very high functioning when I want to be) out of an involuntary trip to the hospital and promptly fell asleep. Woke up and had my darkest night yet.

    So Friday I started coming out of things and realising that I'd gotten to a point of no return. Spoke with my friends and they rallied to the cause, rolling up to the house, whisking me away to the hospital where I had a psych evaluation and was told I wasn't a danger to myself (hooray) but that I needed a referral to a clinical psychologist for treatment and monitoring.

    Spent Saturday night at a friend's place and hung out with her all Sunday just to get me out of the house and do something different. Felt good, and I'm starting to go on an upward swing at the moment. I've been monitoring my moods for the past few weeks and I'm starting to suspect there may be some patterns to it. Extreme highs every couple weeks followed by extreme lows every couple weeks.

    Will see what the doctor has to say about it when I see them later today. Anyway, I just wanted to let my TAY family know what's going on since the cat is out of the bag for real now. No point in hiding things and I'd rather be honest with the people who mean so much to me, even if not physically present.

    And now something with a bit less weight. Page 6 came early!

    What's the difference between a hippo and a zippo? One is really heavy, the other is a little lighter.

      Good to hear you're taking positive steps to manage your mental health. Keep it up and know that you have people here who are more than willing you help you out/talk to you if you need it.

        Yep, it feels good to have things out there and know my friends (TAY especially included) are there for me.

      Bloody Hell bob. Glad your friends came through for you, and at least you're on the path now.

        I know, right? Also that's why I missed Lasers and Feelings. Too much of one and not enough of the other. Or something like that.

          I didn't think it was possible for one to have too many lasers.

            @rocketman - Can one have too many lasers?

              you spend 8 years with lasers, calibrating them and yeah

                Did you ever have someone try to talk to you and be like "Can it wait? I'm in the middle of some calibrations."?

      Take care of yourself dude. It's good to know that your friends are there for you.

        It's good to know for me too. I was a little annoyed (but NOT angry) at one point but that was just my irrational subconscious talking.

      im glad you have good friends in your life that you can talk about this with, hugs man. just hugs.
      I used to find it really easy to lie to people about how i was feeling and it made me feel even worse. If you are having a bad day please dont isolate yourself. Let someone know, let a friend or a family member or even me if you want a non judgemental shoulder to lean on. Just dont try and fight it alone because it will make you feel even more horrible that you are lying to the people you care about.

      Hugs man

        I know what you mean. Lying about things is really, like scarily so, easy and it was made all the worse because I'd want to say something and my brain would be screaming JUST TELL SOMEBODY WHAT YOU'RE GOING THROUGH! and then I'd go to say it and just say Nah, I'm fine. I'd hate myself in those moments which then made me feel worse and it was a vicious cycle. Part of why I'm trying to be honest for once; so I don't have to feel that shameful lying any more.

      Shit man, had no idea, you always seem like such a happy person. I've suffered from depression, so I know what it's like, admittedly I've never gotten to the point of being suicidal. You've done the right thing though, I found just talking about it helps massively, at first I didn't even feel comfortable talking to my wife about it, so I just typed out how I was feeling, printed it out and gave it to her, it didn't instantly fix things, but it helped.

      We're here for ya man, hit me up on Steam anytime if you want to talk. *brohug*

      Also, don't know if you've seen this, but it might put a smile on your dial.

        That's a big part of it, outwardly it's easy to seem like a happy dude - hell a lot of my humour and pop culture references etc are so hard wired in to me I don't even control them any more. They just happen whether I want them to or not. That's a great suggestion about writing things out though. I find it simple to write on a keyboard and much easier than actually talking, that could be a way to go. It's weird (or not) though... once I got referred to the specialist they called me on Saturday and I spoke to them for 30 minutes so they could get my background details and in that 30 minutes I was able to say more and talk more freely than I had in ... maybe ever? I said things that I've only thought in my darkest nights, and they just came out all at once. Maybe it was the relief at having it all out there, finally, with nothing to hide behind, but strangers can sometimes be the easiest people to talk to because we don't already know and love them. Food for thought.

          That's a big part of it, outwardly it's easy to seem like a happy dude - hell a lot of my humour and pop culture references etc are so hard wired in to me I don't even control them any more. They just happen whether I want them to or not.So much this. Even when I'm feeling like total crap or the situation doesn't call for it at all, I'll still 100% come out with levity and jokes in place of seriousness. No control.
          Typing is so much easier than talking. I can't imagine how insane I'd go if I couldn't unload on my friends over MSN/Skype over the years. Interesting about the stranger talk thing though.

          Glad you're on the path, man. I'll be sending good thoughts.

          Also offering an ear whenever you need one (though I don't think they really count unless it's a legit kill).

          I went to a psychiatrist once to treat what I think is some medium-to-long-term depression. Didn't go as well as yours did (I'm notoriously bad at articulating feelings), and in the end got the exact advice about free-flowing rivers that I wrote into Undad (so at least it was good for something). I felt more isolated than ever afterwards, and never went back.

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            Gotta admit, there's a teeny tiny part of me saying "This positivity is just because you're on an upward swing and will come crashing down around you on the next cycle. I said to the clinician today that my key goal is to make sure that I keep this positive forward momentum going and not lose traction. This time will be the last. (Ish.)

        Uhn. Double up. Uhn Uhn.

        Last edited 16/11/15 10:25 am

      With evilmonkey on this one I had no idea either! It's good you're taking the first steps in fighting it which is recognizing it's something that needs to be fought. I've had multiple bouts with depression over the years and I still find personal productivity the best cure for myself (i.e. gym; painting) that said it varies greatly from person to person so I hope you get better and know that asking for help from your friends is the best thing you could've done!

        Yeah, right now I'm at work which seems a little strange to some but at the same time for me it's a known quantity and something I can do on autopilot so it's helping keep me engaged and focussed on what my next steps need to be. Just trying to keep myself occupied in the short term so that I can focus on the long term solutions properly.

          The absolute worst thing I found for depression was to keep idle. When my waves hit me leaving myself alone with my thoughts always turns sour. So yeah work, gym, hobbies, socializing, all that helps immensely in pushing back depression. The biggest hurdle is recognising you are depressed; which you've already crossed bob so you're on the right track to fighting this thing.

      So nasty, and so familiar.

      Mine comes out in weird ways too. I get it, and reading through plenty of other TAYbies do too. I'm glad you've recognised and admitted it's happening, that's always the hardest part - "it's not as bad as last time, I'll be fine". Insidious shit, depression.

        I don't know that insidious begins to describe it. :)

          You're right that it's a little inadequate, but it's a great word and needs more usage... ;)

      In waves.
      Hope you're on the up man.

        This day has been really positive. Thank you. :)

      Big Hugs Mr, I'm glad you are taking steps to manage yourself. *sends so many hugs*

        It's a hugsplosion! What am I going to do with all these hugs? I better get a wacky arm inflatable tube guy to help me sell them.

      All I can offer from this side of the country are digital hugs and an offer to listen if you need someone to talk to.
      Good to see that you're taking positive steps, and I hope that they result in some good changes.
      You mean a lot to many people. Please try not to be afraid to ask for help, because we'll give it willingly.

        Thanks buddy. Now that I've put things out there asking for help doesn't seem so difficult. It's just been taking that first step. It's exhausting trying to hide things, so much more liberating to be honest with the people who mean most to me.

          We'll have to make sure to catch up next time I'm in BrisVegas (hopefully some time early next year).
          Hugs again.


      So I'm back from the "acute care" team at the hospital. Spoke with a clinician for over an hour, got pages of notes taken down for a report. The doctor wasn't available so I'm going back on Thursday to discuss diagnosis and medications and long term treatment.

      It felt good to talk with that level of honesty. I was telling them about revealing everything on here and how it was a way of me removing any chance of hiding and getting everything out in the open, and that's been the best thing. I was able to start digging in to triggers and working out the recurring patterns that have been present for a long time so that we can hone in on a correct diagnosis. There's some early signs but until a doctor confirms everything it's still awaiting proper diagnosis but at the very least I'm feeling better about things and about myself.

      Thanks everybody for your outpouring of support. Your love makes me feel very cared for and I'm positive I can get through all this - especially with a little help from my friends.


        Glad to hear you're already making progress buddy, that's fantastic.

      Hugs oh so many hugs. Glad your taking steps to figuring things out. We all here for you.

      P.S Ha ha! I geddit

      I feel the need to apologise for myself for being so damn handsome, and on behalf of my city for being so awesome. Having a fleeting magical weekend and losing that can cause anybody to question their place in the world. Even though you have left us for now, remember a part of us will always be in your heart.

        Hahaha, I actually said to one of the shopgirls when I was on my spending spree on the Monday "I have a Melbourne heart but I'm living in Brisbane" - One day. One day.

    I went for a swim from Manly to Shelly Beach and back on Sunday with The Bold & The Beautiful. The water felt cold at first (19C) but felt good after a while. Great way to start the day.

    I ended up finishing A Link Between Worlds and don't really care for it. It's a well-designed game but the story aspects I find are very bare-bones and the game felt like it dragged towards the end.

    I started Little Big Planet Vita, which is pretty cool despite some awkward rear touchpad antics.

    Started watching some anime with my kids. We are about 6 episodes into Free, which is delightful. I watched one episode of Food Wars with my daughter before silently relegating it to alone time. Great fun but it contains some stuff that is completely inappropriate for a 7 year-old.

    Played some Armello with my daughter as well. Great fun.

    Hi boys and girls! I'm thinking of starting a new blog for the occasional wording.

    At the moment, it's just but that's not the most amazing name in the history of the world. Any suggestions? I've been struggling because everything rabbit and/or board game related sounds like a porn site. I really don't think I'll get the intended audience with

      What about Rolls off the tongue. (Nothing suss.)

        At first glance I read that as "buns and birds and nothing but pornography".


      boardbunny?'s a tough one all right!

        Everything sounds wrong.

        I'd go with Rabbit_of_Caerbannog and be done with it.

        Last edited 16/11/15 10:00 am

      Trojan Buns sounds like a gay condom ad, so don't use that.

      HMMMMMMMMMMMM.... tricky. (intended audience warning)

        I think you're on a winner with the last one.

    Hey, you all liked PAX, so what about PAX for Discworld?

    Tickets just went on sale for Nullus Anxietas VI, the Australian Discworld convention. This next one is running in Adelaide in 2017, and if you're in the first 50 ticket purchasers there's a sweet goodie.

    Also, I'm helping organise some parts of it

    Tickets and deets here

      Sounds fantastic, I'm in for su.... Oh. It requires going actually into Adelaide? Yeah, I've got, uh, a hair washing appointment. Damn. I'll have to miss out.

        Hey, I visited YOU in Brisbane.

          Adelaide is the only Australian capital I've never visited. May need to rectify that in the future as long as someone can tell me where all the good food is.

            Gouger Street, O'Connell Street, Rundle Street. Some good stuff up Prospect and Henley Beach roads. Lots of little hipstery cafes springing up, and a bunch of hidden gems.

            Also, head to the hills or the Barossa and it's all about food and wine.

            Also, Norwood. And Unley road.

            We do food good.

      Also give me a reason I should bring the family to Adelaide early next year?

        Tiglet would love pandas and we have pandas?
        Beaches are safe and lovely?
        You want to go to the Hungry Hippo with me?

          Looking at doing a family holiday early next year. Will need to be driving so Adelaide is probably about the furthest we could get to. Going from Ballarat it is probably just a day trip over.
          We are considering places we could go at the moment

            @cookingmama is right, come here in march and it's party town. Fringe Festival, Arts festival... V8s if you're into that, city buzzes for like 6 weeks

        Cricket, cycling or fringe festival. All good reasons.

        Last edited 16/11/15 9:20 pm

          I do love me some cycling.
          Tiglet would probably enjoy the classic, even if it is getting a little late for her. I might be able to convince Mrs Tigs of that. Convincing her to want to watch the next 6 stages might be a bit harder.

            Last time I was in Adelaide was for the Australia Day weekend (quite a few years back). A group of us went for Test Cricket, the Tour Down Under was about to start (or had just started), I got to see the parade in the city and we had a wine tour and a day out at Handorf.

    Speaking of Star Wars, found a limited edition copy of A New Hope (the 2006 release with the original theatrical version included) on EBay yesterday for 20 bucks with free shipping. Snapped that puppy up quicksmart. Can't wait for it to come in the mail, haven't seen the original theatrical version since George added in the extra stuff to make the special edition almost 20 years ago.

      I have that 2006 DVD original trilogy. :D It's a bit grainy but at least Han shoots first.

      Last edited 16/11/15 10:12 am

        I've got the 2004 release (first time on DVD) and the 1997 VHS Special Edition version. Didn't bother buying it again in 2006 at the time I didn't realize it came with the original theatrical versions and didn't see the point of buying it again.

        Seriously hoping Disney are going to re-release the untampered trilogy on Blu-Ray before The Force Awakens comes out, but Fox may put the kybosh on that idea because they still own the distribution rights for episode V and VI till 2020 and the rights to IV until such time as Disney drives a million dump trucks full of money to Rupert Murdoch's house.

        Still don't own the prequel trilogy (haven't even seen them since I went to see each of them at the cinema). Probably should finally get around to buying it, it's cheap enough now.

        Last edited 16/11/15 11:27 am

          There is a new rerelease out now, with Vader on the cover of the complete six film edition. I wonder if that's without special effects?

            Nah. It would have made the news. I've been keeping half an eye out. I'm pretty sure the only version that can be bought new is the one with Hayden Christiansen at the end of ROTJ.

              Ugh, that look on his face in that scene. THAT LOOK.

      I bought a trilogy of those limited edition copies for $29.95 at my local second hand place. Absolute bargain. I've also got a copy of the Despecialised Edition of the trilogy on Blu-Ray.

      It's the only version of the films my kids have seen.

        Interesting. I've always been under the impression that the theatrical versions hadn't been released since 2006 because George flatout refused to do it and sees them as half finished films. Also haven't heard anything about Disney releasing them since they acquired Lucasfilm. Could you put up a link or something to the Blu-Ray version you've got, I'd be very interested in having a look.

        Last edited 16/11/15 11:01 am

          Despecialised edition is a fan-made thing.

      It DVD release is horrible, it is a straight transfer of the tapes they used to make the old laserdisc versions, converted from NTSC to PAL.
      I'm restoring the original 35mm theatrical prints, scanning them at 4K. I can't watch the Special Editions, they make me cringe.

      Last edited 16/11/15 11:32 am

        Yeah, I know, but it's better than nothing at all I s'pose.

    So current XCOM Board game statistics, Victories:
    Then there's normal, hard and expert we've yet to even try... cripes this game is hard, but so darn fun to play!

      With co-op games, you're meant to lose about 2/3 of the time. You know that you're playing at the right difficult when you're still winning enough to feel good but losing enough to make those victories feel earned.

        It does feel quite crushing to be defeated on a difficulty like "Tutorial" :P. Main reason we won the last tutorial game was due to the interceptors taking out over a dozen UFOs without taking a single loss.
        That was really the only thing keeping us afloat since our Squad Officer kept falling short of completing one mission the whole game, when we finally beat that first mission, we were lucky that the app threw the final mission at us at that final moment.

        Last edited 16/11/15 10:17 am

      Time to go full conspiracy theory and have pictures pinned to walls connected by string to come up with a solid strat

    Freya, Blaghs and I started playing Pandemic: Legacy yesterday. It is rad.

    Non-spoilery things: The game is broken up into 12 months. If you lose the first game of a month, you get a redemption game in the same month. We did not lose. We won both games and are now up to March.

    Spoilery things (spoilers are for January and February):
    Red is a jerk. Red is such a jerk that the disease is now incurable and we have to use a new quarantine mechanic to stop it from causing chaos and bedlam. We came tantalisingly close to eradicating yellow in our first game (because we didn't draw any yellow cards from the infection deck until the turn before curing yellow, part of why red is such a jerk) and could've eradicated blue in the second but went for a quick victory instead.

    Got to say. Legacy games are rad. There need to be more legacy games. 7 Wonders Legacy anyone?

      Is Legacy like some sort of expansion to the original?

        It's a separate product, like Risk Legacy.

        The box contains one campaign, with persistence between individual games. The game changes as you draw decks from the legacy deck (which happens on events like outbreaks, curing a disease, or at the beginning/end of a game).

        No, it's an entirely different version.

        Based on Risk: Legacy, basically the idea is that stuff that happens in one game affects the subsequent games- so in Risk, for example, if a site gets nuked, in the next game you can't use it again. They're designed so that they have an arc of plays (for Risk Legacy it was 15, I think for Pandemic it's 12) and then it's done.

        Really neat bit of design. I've not been involved in one yet, but my Brother played the Risk one. apparently they fot to game 13 and then he broke up with his girlfriend and the other couple they were playing with also broke up, so it'll never get finished

          Pandemic is at least 12 if you win every game.

      7 Wonders Legacy? WHERE DO I SIGN UP!?

      P.S. Was telling a friend about Duel. You had pretty good impressions of it, didn't you?

        7 Wonders Legacy would be amazing. Tear cards up, add new ones, different leaders rise and fall, the tower of babel gets destroyed and rebuilt, science marches on...

        I only played one game and it was against Blaghs. Not sure that's entirely indicative of the quality of the game.

        Most importantly, Duel uses the same logic and decision making you get in 7 Wonders. Specifically the decisions you make once you've played a few dozen games and get a good feel for what other players are trying to do. That means hate-drafting is totally a thing. Hell, it might be mandatory.

        So it succeeds in what it's trying to do.

        I don't know if that makes it a good two player game. Right now, I'd say it's a good implementation of draft logic into a two player game. Draft logic simply may not work with two players after the initial shine wears off. Clearly the solution here is to play more games.

        I suspect it's going to be a decent game but won't be as great as the original.

    Fallout 4 question (no real spoilers except for a detail in intro movie)

    Has anyone done anything with the Wedding rings like crafting components or sold them? Feels like it would be wrong to so have held onto them and doubt I will do anything else.

      I'm holding on to mine. 10% in case it becomes useful, 90% because (in character) I could never justify letting it go for obvious reasons.

        If mine's gone because the game classed it as junk, then that's the way the game wants to roll I guess.

      Due to auto / cloud save shenanigans while changing PCs, the one I'm not wearing is no longer in my inventory. Not sure if it's because it got dumped to the stash with the 'all junk' option and then used in crafting, or if my resumed save was just before I went back for it. Eh. Edit: going to spoiler even though I mention no details.

      Last edited 16/11/15 10:53 am

        I'm not dumping all junk because some of it is actually used as non-components for other crafting. Things like meds, cooking, etc. (probably more)

          Now that part - that I don't get.
          I can dump to a stash at the bench, but then I can't access those items for bench related activities. So silly.
          Think I just need to build a proper place in sanctuary complete with lots of storage containers for stashing things.

            I've been using my old house with plans to build an unnecessarily big place at some point (once I figure out where I want to live). If you go to your bedroom there's two containers in there to dump spare stuff. I've been using one for weapons, one for armour, and I built a third container in the built-in wardrobe for spare junk.

            It's not the most convenient setup but it's enough for now.

            You should be able to. I'm dumping most of my uncocked food in the Workbench and can use it for cooking. It only works for the location/town you dumped the items though which while makes sense in a real world sense is just stupid in a gameplay sense.

              I pushed my way to the Local Leader perk since I assumed this would make for a universal stash. Results inconclusive.

    Saw Spectre yesterday with @alexpants. I almost feel guilty for enjoying it as much as I did. From a technical standpoint it's great. The opening shot if pure film porn.

    But the story is rubbish. They destroy any character development that Skyfall made. Also holy shit is it long. Except it's not. It runs 7 minutes longer than Skyfall and 5 mins longer than Casino Royale, but it just seems to go on forever.

    But, with all that said, I still enjoyed it. It was still better than Quantam of Solace.

    So, for a Monday morning question:

    What is your guilty pleasure movie(s)? I have a soft spot for the Resident Evil movies (except the last one...) and Alien vs. Predator. Even though I should hate everything about them.

      I was going to say Bring It On is a guilty pleasure movie but there's nothing guilty about it.

      Suckerpunch. It's a terrible movie but it's so pretty.

      Edit: Now I think on it I think Zack Snyder in general is my guilty pleasure. Enjoyed everything he's made.

      Last edited 16/11/15 10:37 am

        Suckerpunch is such a shitty movie.

        *starts watching Suckerpunch for the 3rd time*

          Right? there is something so calming about having no idea what the fuck is happening and it not mattering because nothing makes sense. I feel i would actually rate the movie quite highly if the colour wasn't so rubbish.

            there is something so calming about having no idea what the fuck is happening and it not mattering because nothing makes sense
            I wish I could take a holiday in your head some time.

            Have you guys (@rize @freezespreston) seen the director's cut?

            I'd argue it's a better movie. I mean, it adds an entire musical number!


        Yeah, I don't think there's a Zack Snyder movie I haven't enjoyed on at least some level.

          I absolutely loathed every minute of Man of Steel.

          Except the weird dragonfly Russell Crowe rides at the start.

          That was pretty boss.

        Dawn of the Dead was legitimately fantastic. Like, probably my favourite zombie movie ever.

        Zack Snyder films are also one of mine.
        They're all so pretty and stylistic!

      I also like those Resident Evil films - it must be because Milla.

      I liked the cinematography in spectre, the whole mexico city thing was brilliantly shot. Even the lighting, i feel the lighting director in bond films just does everything sooooo right. The plot was fucking terrible. But i feel like i still really enjoyed it.


        I actually am disappointed I saw Spectre before I saw this:

      I have watched nearly all pokemon movies that have been released and my friend and i keep a keen eye for releases of new movies and watch them nearly as soon as they come out. I have no idea why but i get a lot of enjoyment from them.

      I feel like the answer should be Super Mario Bros.

      But I don't feel any guilt about it at all.

        Oh, probably Fast & Furious series. Maybe moreso 1-4, since 5 and onwards was where it just took the silliness up to screw-bad-this-is-rad levels.

      I like Man of Steel.

      Fuck the haters, I'm not guilty about it at all. Sure, it wasn't like Superman: The Movie, but I liked the layer of mistrust between supes and the military on top of it.

        I like it too. So there.

        I enjoyed it.
        It had issues, but I enjoyed it.
        Looking forward to Bats v Supes.

      Not that I've watched it since it was in the cinema, but I feel the same about AvP.

      Otherwise? It's tough. I'm happy to enjoy a movie for a single aspect. For instance, Oblivion was an extremely dumb movie, but it looked really good, so I enjoyed it for that. Hardly a top movie for me, but just an example that springs to mind.

      Oh, wait. Chick flicks. Love Actually is wonderful, and I will hear nothing against it. My Big Fat Greek Wedding is a masterpiece (it really isn't), Mamma Mia is the pinnacle of cinematic greatness (it's fucking awful, but it has ABBA songs so you shut your whore mouth).

      Clueless, Mean Girls, Easy A, and 10 Things I Hate About You are the perfect representations of everything right and wrong about highschool (and how it's typically portrayed in movies).

      And unlike the rest of the movies here About Time is actually a good movie, so I don't know why I'm mentioning it.

      Also, Legally Blonde. That movie is exactly as dumb as it needs to be to hide how smart it is.

        Clueless and 10 Things I Hate About You are the perfect representations of everything wrong about high school
        I agree...mostly because I had to study both in English :P

        About time is my go to romance movie, its subtle, well made, funny and just a good film.
        Ive watch it like 3 times.

        As far as I'm concerned, Love Actually is THE Christmas movie. Watch it every year, without fail

      Super Mario Brothers is mine.

      Also Clerks II. Not because it's clever (although it is), but just because it's foul-mouthed and dirty.

      And depending on your opinion of Hugh Grant, Music and Lyrics too.

      Last edited 16/11/15 11:13 am

        Ooh, I'd forgotten Music and Lyrics, that one was fun.

      I love the AvP and the RE movies too. And speaking of game movies, I really like the Doom movie.

      Loved the opening scene of Spectre, especially how it was set during

      Dia de los muertos.

      Also, the amount of people I've heard pronounce it "spec-tra" is a bit depressing.

      I seem to love a lot of movies that most people don't, but the only ones I can think of off the top of my head are

      Dumb and Dumber
      Dumb and Dumber To
      Ace Ventura: Pet Detective
      Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls
      Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back
      oh, and Tucker and Dale Vs. Evil

      Edit: Just thought of another one, CB4.

      Last edited 16/11/15 11:58 am

        Why is Tucker and Dale vs Evil on this list? It's brilliant, and does to Deliverance what Scream did to Halloween.

        Also... Jim Carrey is a boss, and I won't hear a bad word said about him. Unless you're criticizing him for being an anti-vaxxer, because fuck that guy.

        Last edited 16/11/15 12:11 pm

          Always loved Jim Carrey, but I know a lot of people can't stand him.

          Also, yeah TADVE is freakin' awesome, but I only know one other person that's watched it, although he thought it was awesome too. So yeah, I think it's more of a movie that people haven't seen/heard of rather than one that people don't like.

      I guess old school Godzilla movies maybe
      10 things I hate about you is a chick flick that I love

      I love dumb action movies. Silly plot, big splosions. Scifi for the win (The Fifth Element springs to mind). Also, old-school Disney movies like Robin Hood. Pretty much anything by Mel Brooks.

    Hola Tayberinos

    Quietish weekend filled with BOARD GAMES... and Fallout.

    Had friends over Saturday for games. Played a couple of rounds of Burgle Bros (Good lord is it fun), Suburbia (the Inc expansion is really good) and tried to introduce Spyfall, to mixed response. Think I'll try it with a different group, because it needs a bit of theatricality which my group doesn't always possess. Then we played Cosmic Encounter, which was a hit. The two candidate winners duked it out while someone who'd been sitting quietly all game took victory through alliances, a masterful strategy. When she said "I've just won" we all counted colonies and went "huh. OH MY GOD HOW DID WE LET THAT HAPPEN" which is such a fun thing.

    Sunday went to a mate's place and played some magic. Man I love my Xenagos deck, and this card is kinda nuts for a 3 drop, and in commander especially just gets massive quick.

    A Monday Morning Question: How's the family?

      Wife is ridonkulously sick, my eldest is getting a real attitude about her meaning her teenage years are going to be a blast and I'm pretty sure at times my youngest may be retarded,we found her last night banging her head against the wall in a fit of giggles.

      How about yours?

        My daughter has decided riding the dog like a horse is a blast and has proceeded to now try to push people and other babies over to do the same.

        I wish i could get away with that sort of shit...

          Anyone who says little boys are more trouble than little girls has never had to deal with little girls.

            At the cafe on Saturday she walked up to a boy, smiled at him and then threw a toy right at his head then laughed histerically.

            She then shirtfronted another little girl.

            She seems to excel at making me feel awkward in front of other parents. I've lost count of how many times i've appologised for her.

        Mother is moderating on a TRT rate all week, so I think she's about to upgrade even more on her sewing machine. Dad's home looking after the dog. IDK what my brother is up to. Pop's still sick, family relationship there is still a mess. Cousin's been texting me about Fallout, apparently he thought the game worked by just putting points in SPECIAL each level so he has no perks but crazy stats.

      Family is fine, board games are more important.

      Canberra has a monthly board gaming event called GLOG (Gungahlin Library Open Gaming) where a bunch of nerds cram themselves into a library conference room all day and play games. It's rad. It's rad enough that the fact the lights weren't working wasn't too bad.

      I went with the vague plan of checking out a bunch of games I hadn't played before.

      Of course, that meant the first game I played was Codenames. Then Village. Then Discworld: Ankh-Morpork, Skull and finally Spyfall. I taught the table how to play all of those games except for Skull (Village was with experienced players but we busted out expansions that I had to teach).

      What a complete and utter failure.

      Except I got to play rad games that I enjoy. Hell, I even won at Ankh-Morpork as Dragon King of Arms. Never done that before. My plan was simple: get all the moneys early and then hope that people don't think I have that win condition, leaving me with the responsibility of cleaning up trouble markers so that whoever had Dragon King of Arms didn't win.

      Going to remember that one for later.

        I always make it a rule to play at least one game I don't own at board games things. Last time I played Istanbul, which is a cool guy. Also, I've played Stone Age at the last two I've been to, which is cool but I don't want to buy.

          One of the biggest problems I have is that I don't play the games that I do own enough.

          There are some titles that I've only played once or twice. So I don't mind too much when I get an excuse to play them again (getting Village to the table is always a win for me).

          The last board game thingy I went to, I got to play Stone Age and Notre Dame for the first time. Those were rad. I may be able to go to another one tonight, where I could either get more games of 7 Wonders Duel out or maybe get Broom Service to the table.

            I'm still yet to play Spartacus and Tiny Epic Galaxies out of my collection, so they're certainly planned for next time I can.

            I also caved and decided to order Paperback because another mate liked Burgle bros. I think Tim Fowers should now be giving me a commission.

              Probably. I can only find it on Amazon or on his site.

            Stone Age for me needs just a little extra something. It's too easy to just pick one of the strategies and dominate it.

            Like, "I'll be the guy who outbreeds everyone" or "I'll be the guy who invests in tech to hit my rolls." Just needs a little more for me.

            Next board game thing I go to I think I need to try between two cities

              I almost won in Stone Age by having a bit of everything. Any game where you have control over when the game ends can let you pull the rug out from other players when they're setting up for their final flurry of points. Which is exactly what I did, taking a good chunk of points from huts to end the game on a turn everyone was gathering resources.

              Still lost to someone who got a few card bonuses that gave them a better overall strategy than mine.

              Edit: That being said, it's a worker placement game with quite a lot of luck. I don't like that in my worker placement games.

              Between Two Cities is rad. It's an insta-buy for me.

              Last edited 16/11/15 11:20 am

                I'll try it first, because it looks good, but Tile laying to make cities is what I have Suburbia for and I love it so.

                  The best thing I can say about it is that the semi-co-op aspect helps solves the newbie draft dilemma. When a new player sits down to play a game with drafting, they're not going to know the value of anything. Working together, you can help guide a new player towards some rad plan in some way.

                  Oh and the city building thing is quite neat, as is the end game scoring mechanic.

                  It does a lot of things that I like in games.

                  @trjn I figure it's cool, but I have other games in the niche and my collection isn't at the point where I need to double up on niches.

                  One I really need to play again is Race for the Galaxy, which once I grokked more I loved playing. I also need someone to teach me Roll for the galaxy, because one of those would be sweet.

      Saw the new commander decks at my local yesterday... so much shiny...

        I'm getting the Black/white one, with Daxos the returned.

        Even though it makes me sad, because original flavour not-dead Daxos is a star in my "take your stuff and use it against you" deck

          Holy hell - that is one hell of a card.

          Quick Q - can commander cards be used in regular play as well as commander, minus the commander cards.

            um, depends.

            Commander cards are legal in any format where they would otherwise be legal. So, all cards in commander are legal in legacy (in fact, one of the cards in the 2013 precons was stupidly valuable for a bit, google True-Name nemesis for the sordid history), cards that are already modern legal are usable in modern, and cards that are in standard are in standard.

            On your kitchen table, however, it's whatever you want. You'll find the Commander pre-cons are constructed for commander, so they have interesting multiplayer interactions, and commander decks tend towards the expensive mana cost end of the spectrum, so a commander deck playing against a regular deck will probably lose before it comes properly online.