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    PREVIOUSLY, ON REALI-TAY TV (I Wanna Take You To A TAYbar, TAYbar Edition)
    Rocketman has called on TAY’s finest spirit mediums, Transient and Pants, to help him with a most grievous matter.

    Rocketman: What do you mean?

    Transient: I mean that nothing can be done for him.

    Rocketman: But…the exorcism…

    Transient: Yes we have news about that. It didn’t work on your friend, but..

    Rocketman: But?

    Pants: But this bottle has successfully been exorcised of spirits.

    He holds up an empty liquor bottle.

    Transient: To the liquor cabinet!

    They push past Rocketman, leaving him alone with the clearly still possessed Blaghman, thrashing violently against the ropes tying him to the bedpost.

    Tonight, on The Block

    Shots of TAYbies frantically renovating the interior of a fancy apartment building.

    Meanwhile, outside, DC sits at the controls of a wrecking ball with an empty bottle of liquor.

    DC: …buildings.

    The wrecking ball swings violently.

    Handsome and virile Bachelor Freeze is faced with the difficult decision of who to give his final red rose of the night to. Before him stand three beautiful women, and a very anxious Nobs.

    Freeze: I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about this. And in the end, it could only ever have been one person.

    Reaction shots of all the contestants. Nobs bites his lip. The host drinks heavily from a hip flask in the background.

    Freeze: It’s you, Nobs.

    The music swells. Tears stream down Nobs’ face as he accepts the rose.

    Revisiting Baron Blaghman’s holiday villa, a group of TAYbies have gathered in the dining hall. They are all standing around CJ, who looks up at them from the comfort of his new beanbag.
    Pants: We need to talk about the beanbag, CJ.

    CJ: It’s mine and you can’t have it.

    ?: But you haven’t gotten up from it in over a week. The smell is making diners nauseous.

    CJ: I can get up any time I want to.


    CJ: I just don’t want to.

    Smash cut to CJ attempting to run from the room, carrying his beanbag as the group rushes him. The beanbag gets caught in the door, and as CJ tries desperately to get it through, he is attacked.

    Rize blowing on empty moonshine bottles in a jazz ensemble.

    On the epic finale of The Voice, Delta Goodrem stands alone on stage, champagne flute in hand.

    Delta: Ladies and gentlemen, it is my absolute pleasure to introduce the winner of The Voice 2015: Fishgief!

    Gooky, in his Zangief outfit but with a giant fish mask on his head, descends from the ceiling dramatically. His rendition of Turbo Lover brings the whole audience to their feet. The applause is so thunderous, the very foundations of the building begin to crumble. One of the judges you don’t like is crushed beneath a falling skylight.

    Nova and Ash rush out from an airport. They stop dead in their tracks, bewildered by what they see.

    Nova: Mexico?! We were supposed to go to London!

    Cut to Beavwa and Pip in a fine restaurant in London. They clink wine glasses and smirk evilly.

    All this and more, tonight, on The Amazing Race.

    Greenius has found a hidden immunity idol! He hugs it with glee, dancing for the cameras then collapsing because he hasn’t eaten for four days and doesn’t have the energy to dance like that.

    Cut to Powalen speaking candidly to a camera.

    Powalen: I know Greenius has an immunity idol.

    He pulls an idol out from his shirt.

    Powalen: Just not a real one.

    In the background, the freshly eliminated Pants sails away from the island.

    Matt Preston hurls a dish across the room. It smashes against the ground, splattering food across contestants and cameramen alike. A seemingly shattered Strange stands before him.

    Preston: That dish…

    Ad break. And we’re back.

    Preston: That dish…was so divine, no one should ever be allowed to eat it again. Tell us, Strange, what was your secret ingredient?

    Strange: Human flesh.

    Silence. Then Preston laughs heartily.

    Preston: Oh, what a joker! You’ll go far in this competition, I’m sure!

    Strange: Indeed…

    She turns away from the cameras, her face filled with malice.


      Nob didn't need to get my rose. He's always been the most beautiful rose I own.

        It's.. It's not a healthy relationship.

          You could even say he's a bit of a prick?

            I'd never say anything so crass about my Nob.

            In public at least.

              Every man needs to treat his nob right in public.
              It's in private that he can give it a thrashing.

    Morning TAY! Was hanging out to get first post of the week, @Alexpants beat me to it.

    This week is pretty much ruined.

      Just the person I wanted to hassle!
      You have a 3D printer right? Does it take transparent filament?

        I... do not.

        @poita and @rocketman do. I just commented jealously when they were bragging about them previously.

          Sorry, about that. You have the badge making machine though, right? I think that's why I got confused.

            I... also do not have one of those.

            What I do have, is a very particular set of skills...

              I am so fucking confused right now =/

                If it was my poor attempt at a joke that threw you,

                If it was the whole me not owning anything cool... yeah, I don't :(

                  No, it's just a couple of people offered to help me with the bookmarks and stuff and I can't remember who because I thought it was you and it isn't and I feel bad because I don't remember.

                  @scree If this was you trying to make me feel bad for not offering to help... it's working :(

                  No, don't feel bad. I don't expect people to offer help

                  @scree I tend to be more of a hindrance than a help when I try to assist people, so I can help by not helping!

              Pretty much you can help me by saying "This bookmark looks good." "I think you should try badges" "Something looks off but not sure what" pretty much feedback really

        translucent not transparent. You cant ever see through it though

          They know what I mean.

        @poita is the person you are looking for I think. Damn people and there K avatars

          I know, right? No one ever confuses me for anyone else with my special avatar =P

        I have a few 3D printers, all will take transparent filament, but it is more like translucent in reality. Also have the badge machines. Which means I also don't really have a functional car or other stuff most normal people have. I'll change my avatar, any suggestions?

        Last edited 24/11/15 10:00 am

          You don't need to change your avatar, I just have a terrible memory. With the translucently, would someone be able to look through it as we need an eye piece printed for @tech_knight for his Pulsefire ezreal cosplay

            You wouldn't be able to see through it, no.

              I would just have to get the rest of the eye piece printed then and leave the lense free. Is metallic silver possible?

                It is, but I get better results printing in white then using silver rub 'n' buff.

                  Might do that then, if that's okay.

      You'll never stop me.


        I mean... I won't... but we'll get to see me not stopping you.

    Didn't want to buy into the Jessica Jones hype but ended up watching every episode in two days.

    Kilgrave is the best Marvel villain so far. Admittedly, he's basically an evil version of The Doctor (which I guess makes him The Master) but that's just fine. Amazing what having a villain who is straight up evil but still strongly motivated and interesting does for a show.

    Went onto Netflix this morning and saw that there were new episodes of Black Mirror. They added the Christmas special. I wanted season 3. Boo.

      Is it stand alone or should you have watched other series first?

        Stand alone.

        It's probably better if you watch Daredevil first. Simply because both series exist in the same post-Avengers "saving" New York version of New York.

        Completely unnecessary to watch anything else beforehand though.

      I've got two episodes left to watch. I told myself I'd watch them tonight after uni but I dunno if I can hold out until this evening.

        I didn't plan on watching the last three episodes last night. Then I did.

      Marathonned it all this weekend while procrastinating on doing all the super important things I should have been doing like trying to find a place to live. It was good. I feel like the Marvel TV stuff is a lot more satisfying than the movies simply because there's much more room in 13 hours or so to develop all the characters, especially the villains. Also the more localized conflict rather than saving the world / galaxy / universe.

      I think I enjoyed Daredevil slightly more though.

    Mornin' all.

      Morning mate! How was the weekend?

        I worked, washed the car & mowed the lawn, productive I dare say :P


          My girlfriend and I went to the pub on Saturday so we could have a quiet beer while we got some work done. I ended up doing no work and playing Hearthstone, she just browsed Facebook, and we drank 3 jugs.

          So it didn't end up being quite as productive as yours.

          On the plus side, if there are any Sydney vegans in the house, the vegan fish and chips shop in Newtown is pretty great. They do a deep fried Mars Bar which is friggin' amazing.

            Interesting. Whereabouts is this deep fried mars bar shop?

              It's called Bliss and Chips, it's like... 1-2 blocks up from the Dendys on King St. Even if you aren't a vegan the chips are good, and apparently they have a deep fried snickers thingo too so I will need to go back and sample that.

              In other news, I am probably also getting diabetes soon. No ragrets.

              Edit: I should add that, seeing as it's a vegan shop, it's not an actual deep fried mars bar, but it is a bunch of chocolatey vegan caramel inside deep fried batter, and it is still amazing.

              Last edited 23/11/15 11:54 am

                Damn sneaky vegans.

                Still probably curious enough to try it, but kinda wary. My stomach has strongly protested every time it's been tricked by a vegan restaurant in the past.

                  Really? I thought Vego/Vegan food was meant to be good for that sort of thing, since there's no meat to undercook. I grew up in a third-world country and therefore have an iron-clad stomach, so can't really comment.

                  @cffndncr My totally unfounded theory is that's the problem. The brain goes "ooh, meat!" and then the stomach ends up with not-actually-meat and throws a tanty :P

                  My ironclads can deal with most things, but apparently have a weakness there. Also tends to not like carrot, especially raw. Although that seems to mostly just be the gross metallic-tasting ones you get these days. And raw apple's been known to do it on occasion too.

                  It lives on undercooked meat though. Blue is the best way to have a steak :P

            Man that sounds pretty good. I also caught up with an old mate, so there was that too lol.

    I haven't even finished Fallout 4 yet, and I am already looking forward to the DLC!
    I feel like it's been so long since I played a game just for the fun of it, instead of trying to get a certain amount of achievements or finish it so I can tick a box.
    It's very refreshing to just enjoy playing a game instead of feeling like it's a bit of a chore.

    I'm also having day dreams of the next Elder Scrolls game.

    I bought Kittens in a Blender.
    I have had a look at the cards and i have absolutely no regrets - even if it does turn out to be a sub-par game.

    I also bought another magic booster and got some really neat cards.
    Yes, i am still aware that this is a TERRIBLE way to get card - but I was there and they just started saying things to me. Things that were enticing. Totally worth it.
    Still love that fresh-pack-thrill.

    I also attended an engagement party with a full Tamil ceremony! There was lots of chanting in a language i don't know, and i had no idea what was going on at almost any point.
    But everyone looked really nice.

      What did you pull?

        The highlight was probably Graveblade Marauder - I really like the potential of the card (i'm currently building a black/red deck). And at 3 Mana? yes please.
        Could be great if played in the later stages after sacrificing some of my lower tier creatures. Plus i have some good buffs that could keep him alive longer, if i get lucky.

          If you're interested in that sort of deck, you should look up an archetype called Aristocrats. It centers around Zulaport Cutthroat and uses sacrifice effects to do silly things.

          Fairly sure the decks are GB or UB and not RB but in a casual environment, you can make anything work.

          You should have a look at the Sultai stuff from the Khans of Tarkir set, lots of cards there about putting cards into your own graveyard.

          Also, make him unblockable for funsies.

    Who the hell decided to put a Monday where my Saturday should have been?

    Last edited 23/11/15 9:12 am

    So, I finished Child of Light. Such a good game. The dialogue can get a little tiring at times, but the combat and boss battles are so awesome.

    Then I decided to play Contrast. Such a technical mess of a game. It's simple and short but man does the game break regularly.

    and due to the release of Fallout 4, I decided to go back to New Vegas and play through the DLC I never got around to for 4 years. Went through Honest Hearts (meh) and now I'm doing Old World Blues.

      Old World Blues was my favourite by a long way. Probably followed by Lonesome Road, Honest Hearts and Dead Money.
      (Not really much of a spoiler for Dead Money, but tagged anyway:)
      DoT environments and forced stealth sections are not my idea of fun. Kill everything and then explore the place is much more my style, and Dead Money just won't let you do that in a bunch of places.

      Honest Hearts was a bit underwhelming, it seemed like it had a lot of build up then fizzled out. Old world Blues was pretty good but I feel like I didn't enjoy it as much as my wife did. Maybe because she played it first she hyped it up.

      I tried to finish Lonesome Road a few months back and got stalled about halfway. I should really just sit down and do it, or it's going to bug me.

      I really like contrast, love the style of it

      Old World Blues is one of the funniest and interesting DLC I have played in any game.

      Lonesome Road is really great, pretty linear but the story is just fantastic.

      Dead Money is interesting but can be really really shitty to the player some times.

      Honest Hearts is good for something different with it's new area but can get pretty boring fast.

      Basically in my opinion the DLC ranked is OWB > LR > HH > DM although it is worth noting there's a tonne of lore that can be picked up in OWB, HH & DM which are related to LR.

    Dang. All last week was nice and quiet, now I come in and have 40 or so new tickets waiting for me.

      Well, that's what you get for parking in the red zone.

    The most exciting part of my weekend was at 11:30 last night when my wife made a snap decision that she needed to buy specific errata for the sole purpose of cleaning her make up brushes, which necessitated a run to the local K-Mart which is open until midnight. We arrived at the shopping centre Hume Highway just before 11:40pm to discover the front doors locked and the gates to the road that would take us to the rear parking lot locked. A quick check on my phone insisted that K-Mart was open until Midnight, even if I could not can access to it. My wife was resigned to the misery of reverting to her makeshift arrangement of plastic snack bowls and irrevocably staining tea towels, but I was not. I knew there was a back road and presumed we could gain access to the K-Mart that way. We piled back into the car and navigated the back streets of Bass Hill effortlessly using an innate sense of navigation and spatial awareness that is about the only thing I bring to our relationship other than a comprehensive vocabulary of swearwords. We arrived at the K-Mart at 11:45pm just in time to hear the announcement that they were closing in 15 minutes. We felt giddy with excitement, like we'd somehow cheated the system. I bought some cargo shorts in my exultant jubilation, which my wife assures me "look dreadful".

    Other than that, I finished Fallout 4. I think I pushed too many sidequests up against the main quest because when I made my decision, I got locked out of a surprising amount of other quests.

    I was in the process of obtaining high-powered magnets for the Brotherhood to rebuild liberty prime (I had already obtained the beryllium agitator for the BoS and become an enemy of The Institute) when I chose to give the Network Scan card to Sturges so he could find an alternate way into the Institute and free the synths, an option that I no longer had available as I could no longer teleport in and out at will. As soon as I gave the card to Sturges, I immediately become locked out the missions relating to rebuilding Liberty Prime, which I assume is because Liberty Prime is directly tied to another ending. I also apparently missed a rather good quest chain where you find out Paladin Danse is a synth.

    Anyway, my first playthrough was a bit haphazard and I didn't really know what I was doing. I have a save from just before I chose to make enemies with the Institute so I think what I'll do is go back and play that for what I see as the "bad" ending (i.e.: get the beryllium agitator for the Institute's reactor and see if I can still sneak out the synths after becoming Director), hey, could be interesting! Then I'm going to start a second playthough and try to go completely loyal to the Brotherhood, see how that plays out even though I think they're kind of assholes.

      Best story
      10/10 would watch movie of events.

      Last edited 23/11/15 9:50 am

        Coming this summer, from the people who brought you Road Trip, Eurotrip and Bella de la Croix's Fisting Sessions...

        Starring Jennifer Lawrence as "mstickle", Zach Galifinakis as "kermitron", and Leonardo DiCaprio in his Oscar-winning performance as "K-Mart assistant shift leader", in the greatest story of our generation...


      I didn't know they locked up the front gates. But I guess that makes sense, not having people walk up the entire length of the otherwise closed centre. I usually use the back entrance anyway :P

    Secret SanTAY 2015

    Final day! If you don't get your email withwith your address to me to Binoter with the hot males then you are locked out from the festive celebrations, doomed to look in forlornly from the outside, cold and shivering while we studiously avoid looking in your direction. Avoid tears. Get in now.

      I really need to read through more. Is it too late to get details on this?

        It is not. You get randomly assigned someone and you spend up to $20 buying them something then post it to them. Someone will do the same for you. I'll be finalising it later tonight.

        Last edited 23/11/15 12:37 pm

          Sounds good to me! Can I please get your contact info?

            Binoter at hot mail.

              Thank you. Email sent. I would like to blame lack of coffee for not noticing you putting the contact details in your previous comment, but just like the portal cake, it would be a lie! :)

    On Friday I set out to finish up painting a box of Dire Avengers that's been sitting around half done for like four years. Now it's Monday morning and I have 2 of 10 done (one of them was done already, and the other just needed to be glued together). On the plus side I did manage to finish all the helmets except the Exarch's as well as all but one of the non-Exarch legs/torsos/bases. All that's left to do is highlight the weapons/arms, completely repaint a leg/torso/base set I botched, paint an entire Exarch from scratch, glue them all together and the unit will be done.
    In retrospect I should have went with a basic Space Marine faction. I didn't realise Eldar gear being covered in bumps would be such a challenge for my not so steady hands.

      Foolish Eldar... BOW BEFORE THE NECRONS!

      Actually I lost that army when I moved house. BOW BEFORE CHAOS!!!

      Also does anyone know if there's a way to check the progress on the NBN in my area beyond the simple started, completed, not started status? Construction has begun but I remember from the ADSL2+ rollout the status changes to under construction way before they actually start working on it.

          Can that do more than just the started/finished/not started build status? I'm trying to get a picture of what the internet situation in my new place will be like so I can budget for the move and figure out what hardware needs to be replaced. With any luck the NBN connection will be up and running by the time I move in, but I doubt it.

            Not 100% sure. They do show areas where construction has begun, but not sure if they provide ETA's for those areas or not. TPG had a page on their site where you could check a while ago, and it had estimates for areas that were not yet being rolled out, but that's as far as I looked.

        This seems to have a bit of detail:

      As a first time painter, I realised my mistake in buying Eldar. There's no being lazy and just lathering the whole thing in one colour and highlighting certain section of the armour. That said, whenever I finally finish my units (currently doing some jetbikes), they should look pretty sweet.

        That was the reason I bought a Necron army back in the day. Black base coat, drybrush with boltgun metal, then start flaying some space marines!

          I imagine Flayed Ones are the only problem unit for painting in a Necron army. At least you could buy black in bulk for the rest. :P

            Don't the regular Necron soldier weapons flay people?

              The Necron weapons do certainly flay people but I'm referring to these ones specifically. Painting Necrons that are coated in rotting flesh and skin would be tricky to pull off.

                Oh yeah I remember Flayed Ones. They would be a nightmare to paint.

                Then again, my painting skills basically consisted of a black undercoat and drybrushing EVERYTHING, and then hoping for the best. I was super-talented.

        Yeah. I thought they'd be pretty simple since they're all more or less a base colour with a secondary in a few spots, a lot of smooth surfaces and barely any skin/faces, but between the armour plates and the little gem-like bumps on everything there's quite a lot going on. It's a lot of work but I guess I like the way they look as an army and as long as I don't rush it my paint work looks ok after I've taken a step back.

      On my half-painted table at the moment:
      Magnetised Imperial Knight
      Magnetised Dark Talon/Nephilim Fighter
      Corpse Cart
      Deathwing Squad

      .... I keep getting distracted... The corpse cart alone has been on and off for something like 8 years...

        I think everything I've ever planned to add magnets to is untouched. I've got the magnets sitting there but I get distracted trying to figure out the optimal build. It doesn't help that even with my lack of painting talent I want to get an airbrush for the grav tanks (and obviously as an indecisive idiot I'm not going to even think about assembling them until I've figured out the optimal way to paint them). Sometimes I think I enjoy the idea of buying tools and planning builds more than actually following through with them... =S

          I was going to get an airbrush a while ago but ultimately decided against it - the current painting community is what turned me off them - people just go overboard and it all looks so silly and unrealistic... They over shade/highlight and it just... no thanks. Plus it can look powdery...
          Plus it's a lot of cost and maintainance for something i'd really only be using for tanks/basecoats

            Yeah. There's some pretty crazy stuff out there that really only exists to show how good the artist is with an airbrush. That's great and I've got a lot of respect for the talent and the art, but it's not what I look for in an army.
            Even if I did everything I want to with it I wouldn't get my moneys worth out of it. Plus the designs I like aren't that complicated. An airbrush opens up a few cool paths for simple designs but realistically I'm not going to come out of the gate with the skills to do much more than I can do now with a brush. There are probably cheaper ways for me to get even coats. I think mostly I just want to play around with one for an afternoon and I've already got half the gear I need floating around my workshop at work.

        I really need to get someone to paint up the Star Wars models I build. I am crap at painting, and just don't understand how people can actually paint the tiny pilots etc. and not just have it be an awful mess.

    Not sure how many different ways I could've asked my MIL yesterday if she was trying to use the remote control for her set top box to try and change the input on the TV. Headed over there, pressed the input button on the TV twice and presto, desktop is shown on the TV. This morning, there's no sound, send her a list of things to check - problem? Sound was way down on the TV. It's probably worth noting that she has, quite recently, been employed to teach TAFE students computer skills.

      It's also worth nothing that in a Certificate II in Information Technology one of the modules is literally about how to power on a computer...

    Morning, TAY.

    Went and saw the Pokemon Symphony on the weekend. Was pretty great! I made friends with the old lady sitting next to me :P She was going on about how she and her husband go to the symphony every other week but have never heard of Pokemon before today, so in the back of my mind I'm thinking "Ugh, she's going to be really stuffy about the music, isn't she? 'The real orchestra would never do this', etc" but talking to her afterwards she thought it was fantastic. She was also telling me that if I ever went again that I should get a box seat "so you can see the man playing Cello up close. He's enthralling." Alright, cool off, granny.

    Performance itself was really good, though I could've done without them encouraging the audience to sing along when they played the TV show's theme song at the end. I'm not here to listen to a hundred people mumble-sing :P

      Conductormon uses Baton waggle. It's super effective!

      The Toronto crowd were really into it, actually.
      It was really awesome to hear... until the second verse that barely anybody knew and then it faded off and those who were left just didn't seem sure when it was going to end.

    My nose won't stop dripping. :(

      Otrivin Plus. Get it in you!

        Will do! :)

          I tried it for the first time last time I had a runny nose. Worked really well, and in 5-10 mins! I was impressed!

            Otrivin is the best thing when you're all stuffy and just want to go to sleep.

    Morning Tay

    Didn't have as productive gaming weekend as I would have liked. None the less a good weekend. Helped friends move a massive ass fish tank and then set it up on Saturday and played a little fallout 4. Used a sharp pool que to make the boss in the satalight installation my bitch.

    Also played a whole bunch of battlefront and used the heavy blaster to rape people, that aside Australian internet connections suck. And used got swarmed by crowds in cost co in Queensland so used aggressive negotiations to get out of the car park in a hurry.

    Bring on Monday blues....

    Where'd all the weekend go?

    ​​Spent Friday night playing the Elite 1.5 beta, floating around in my Federal Corvette trying out the drone-assisted mining mechanics to gather more moneys to kit it out further. Then hopefully jump over to the Cutter to test that out. It handles surprisingly well even on C-grade thrusters for something so gargantuanly huge.

    All the while, had the secondary monitor going on iView, catching up on the last five eps of The Ex PM. That was so friggen great. Shaun Micallef's the best.

    Saturday ​​turned into a huge shopping trip. All I wanted to do was duck out to grab a Falco amiibo and Child Of Light, since EB had the deluxe edition for just $8. Perfect timing, Wingman lost the keyring from hers just the other week, so now I'm sorted for a birthday present. Then I ended up asking EB about Injustice on Wii U, just to see how much it was in their sale. Four bucks. And there was one copy down in Menai. Welp, not too far. Off I go then. Once there, I found out why it was the last copy. The box had gone missing, so no wonder it had survived this long. People couldn't take it to the shelf to buy it :P Annoying though, since collector OCD and everything. Still, can hardly complain for that price. Ended up grabbing Beyond Good & Evil since I saw that there for like $5 on PC, and Blood Dragon was 10 at JB so that's my sister's boyfriend sorted for Christmas. Then ended up at Wingman's that night, checking out the piano in the back shed to see about giving it a tune-up. And saw the most gigantic redback I've ever seen. Think I'll leave that for the daytime. And come back with a flamethrower or something.​​

    ​​Her boyfriend gave me a go of Black Ops 3 or whatever it is that he was playing. Game was weird, couldn't really tell what was going on most of the time but I was really good at dying. Then we moved on to Battlefront and played some multiplayer there. I was happy to find there was a sniper rifle available. I totally won :P

    Sunday: THE WEDDING. The one for the friend who got me to help move and tune a piano ​​for his proposal back at the start of the year. Time sure flies.

    Made my way to Observatory Hill, wandered around for a while trying to find the wedding-looking gathering. And found one. Then another. And possibly another. And couldn't tell if I was finding the right ones or not because I just hardly knew anyone there :P Eventually caught the groom making his way up and followed him round. Got plenty of beard comments of course, once again seeing people for the first time since it became a thing. Another friend's girlfriend isn't overly keen on it, but the dislikes still seem to be heavily outnumbered :P

    ​Despite all the clouds, the weather held off pretty well. And the sun even decided to come out in time for their photos afterwards. I didn't have my usual big breakfast, so was kinda hungry during the interim wait between ceremony and reception. We ended up at ​​The Australian, they didn't seem to have much in the way of "small" on their menu. Shouldn't have bought the wedges, there were way too many of them and I was way too full afterwards. With all the wedding food I ended up way too full, should've avoided having the cake at the end too. Still feeling it now, bleh :P The food was pretty great though. The friend I was sitting next to didn't like seafood at all, so I got both those dishes, and ended up with the dessert I wanted in the end too. Good placement. Oh, and there was a live band, one of the groom's friends and his group. Drums, double bass, keyboard and sax. They sounded so good, although the venue was probably a little bit tiny so they ended up a bit on the louder side. But not too bad. Live music is great.

    ​​So, obligatory popcorn stuff :P There was a girl on the opposite side of our table who seemed to be eyeing me off throughout the night. Like, I would catch her looking at me. But then she would continue to look for what felt like a really long time, rather than turn away. And of course not knowing what to do I just dumbly looked right on back :P Didn't help with the combination of being tired, overstuffed and a little wine-addled, in hindsight it seems fairly clear that action should have been taken. Classic me. But I conferred with my friend's girlfriend, to see if she had noticed anything at all, and she seemed to think that there were some signs of interest there. So at the very least I feel vindicated that my suspicions aren't just some kind of hypersensitive paranoia, and maybe I have a decent sense of perception after all. Now I just need to figure out how to boost my abysmally low stats for reaction time.

      You should really just ask someone out, you have so many conflicted feelings of will she/wont she with girls and i think you physch yourself out, If me with my terrible stories and bad facial hair can get a girl without too much hassle, a stud like you who is a talented musician and very easy to talk to should be slaying them in the isles.

        Easy to talk to, but doesn't find it so easy to talk back :P

        But yes. Basically need to get out of my own head, it keeps getting in the way.

          I'm the last person who should be giving advice here given my experience level, but I imagine the solution to that issue would be practice.

      Do what I used to do with my horrible noticing women are noticing me radar. Massively overcompensate after you realize they like you and ruin the whole thing for the next 3 months =P

      Edit: Also your beard reminds me of a streamer called Lifecoach =P look him up!

      Last edited 23/11/15 11:04 am

    So great having a proper coffee machine. I've had a capsule machine for over 2 and a half years, but it's not really good enough. The coffee's ok, but it's nice to feel like I'm making the coffee, rather than just waiting for it. I'm going to make a point of buying different coffees whenever I run out. I even bought a jar with a good seal to store my coffee grounds properly.

    So, a Monday morning question: What is your favourite way to drink coffee? Mine is as espresso, without sugar, which in my mind is the only way to drink coffee as you get the proper flavour of the coffee without any other flavours intervening.

      I drink iced coffee out of a bottle, its like 4000 grams of sugar and no coffee. But thats my favourite way to drink coffee.

      With some raw sugar and a few biscuits, the best way to spend a longer morning

        Depends on the biscuit. I find shortbread and biscotti go best with an espresso.

          Teddy bear biscuits! :P

            Also a good choice. As long as the biscuit flavour doesn't overpower the coffee flavour.

      Big mug, black, sugar. Then a teaspoon of ground cinnamon, and/or a generous helping of liqueur. Sambuca, Tia Maria, Kahlua, Amaretto, Strega, Fior D'Alpe, probably others I've forgotten. Best.

        This doesn't sound like something you should drink on a Monday morning..... Or should. Depends on how much you hate your job xD

          I only ever drank it when visiting my Nanna. And funnily enough, for years and years that would be the only time I'd drink alcohol either, until I discovered cider :P

          Still basically never drink coffee any other time though. Probably been a couple of years since the last one by now, actually.

      Flat white, no sugar. The milk compliments the coffee well and gives the drink a bit of body.

      Long blacks are reserved for nice, warm afternoons from coffee places that really know their shit. For me, they're the best coffee experience and I'm not going to sully it by having it first thing in the morning on a shitty day from a barista who doesn't know what they're doing.

      I really need to get me an aeropress.

      Large skinny flat white, with an extra shot if it's been a long night.

      Although I am growing quite partial to the ol' soy milk.

      I generally have mine as a flat white.
      That said I do enjoy an expresso without sugar if I had a really big mean. Nice just to relax and digest while sipping.
      Generally don't have expresso out as at least with a flat white a half decent barista can make it acceptable, expresso is much less forgiving.

      I've got both coffee machine and capsule. I love making the coffee and my favourite way to drink is cappuccino and no sugar. To me the hall mark of a good coffee is rich smooth enough that you don't need to add sugar. If it's incredibly bitter they are not doing it right or there stuff is dirty.

      Funnily enough my coffee machine isn't getting a lot of work atm I'm out of water filters

      Last edited 23/11/15 11:15 am

      My morning coffee is a large latte (extra shot if tired, like today) from the local French patisserie. The best part is they have an app that allows you to order your coffee from your phone and just walk in and pick it up. So I get off the train, order my coffee while exiting the station which takes like 20secs (Open app > select 'Favourites' > Select 'saved order' > confirm 'Order'), walk straight past the queue and go to the coffee pickup area, grab my coffee, thank the guys who made it and continue on to work. THE FUTURE IS NOW.

      We have one of those business Nespresso machine at work which I usually use once I'm at work throughout the day. Makes a nicer coffee than the consumer ones. I'm currently using these, which are quite tasty.

      I was using the Ristretto Origin India and enjoyed it too, but it was a little too intense for the 3pm home stretch coffee.

      Short or Long black, depending on my mood and the time / circumstance.

      A skinny flat white. The skim milk doesn't completely overwhelm the coffee flavour.

      But some days, 'in a mug' will do nicely.

      Low fat latte or flat white. No sugar.

      Have not had a good coffee in weeks. :( I'm sure it exists somewhere in the city (I had a really good one at employee orientation, actually) since Seattle is supposed to be one of the big areas for good coffee in the US... but it's also where Starbucks comes from :(

      I don't drink coffee at all, probably due to a combination of funneling my money into gadgets instead, and not liking anything that gives you headaches if you stop having it.

    Got Guitar Hero Live. quite enjoying that.

    Also knocked off the main quest in Fallout 4. I have mixed feelings about that. Will be starting up my second play through shortly, even though i've got loads of side quests in my first one. Just want to try all that stuff from a different angle.

    Also, does anyone recall what that site was that can give you random custom objectives in Skyrim? Like, you can randomly spin it so it gives you a character that can't use bladed weapons, must explore everything, but cannot own a house.

    My passive aggressive ridiculous room mate is literally the only bad part of my life, so what do you do with bad things, you remove them. So i am arranging a bunch of inspections today and tomorrow. I might get a cat. Ive always wanted a cat. How good is life.

    @sernobulus You in for a house and a cat and to be my BAE

      Wait... house-mate or room-mate?

      Moving is a bitch though, commiserations my friend.

      Sure, one question though. WHAT IS A BAE!?

        Fucks me but the kids use it and we are hip and happening go getters. We must embrace change.

        Bacon and eggs.

        I assume he wants you to be his personal butler and make him breakfast.

        No idea.

        But I'm an old lady and had to look up what "netflix and chill" means.

      I need to find myself a new place to live and a cat too.

      Moving buddies o/

        You can have both of my damn cats.

    My sister is off to Greece and Italy for two weeks while I get to relish in the heat. Yay. Also, buses that have broken air-conditioning should count as cruel and unusual punishment.

    The weekend was filled with lows and more lows thanks to my poor dice rolls. Dwarves killed one of my Chaos Beastmen in Blood Bowl. One of my mercenaries died and two other mercs lost their arms in Mordheim. And the most damage I was able to do to my players in RPG was breaking one guy's ribs and sending one guy puking in fear after encountering Chaos Furies. I want to kill someone dang it.

    So to my eternal shame my list/pile of unfinished games goes back quite a few years.... One of the oldest on the pile without a doubt would have to be Wings of Liberty. I finished the campaign for the first time this weekend =D

    Also not touching Fallout 4 until the holidays; that game is too damn addictive and I got no gym/study done last week and slept way later than I normally do. Go sit in the corner fallout 4! D=

    Thoroughly enjoyed a bit of Quiplash/Fibbage on Saturday night and thanks to the few TAYbies who joined in. Made the night a hell of a lot better.

      It's actually about ethdicks in games journalism.

    For those that missed it, I wrote about cheating in board games for Lifehacker.

    It was evil week and I'm sticking to that as my excuse.

      So you seem like kind of a big deal around here..

      I'm heading to Port Stevens with a few friends for a week on Saturday. I would like to purchase some card and/or board games to take with us. There will be 4 people there for the whole week, and other friends dropping in and out throughout.

      The people I'm going with are all non-gamers, so a super-heavy RPG probably will not go down well. Something fairly easy to pick up, fun with a smaller number of players, and preferably pretty replayable.

      So, what games would y'all recommend? I have Cards Against Humanity, Exploding Kittens, Boss Monster, Uno, Absolute Balderdash, and a deck of playing cards, so I think the short-term people are covered. I heard that Pandemic was good for 4 players, how tough is it to get into for non-gamers? Of course, all suggestions welcome.

        I'm not a big deal but don't tell my ego that.

        Pandemic is a fantastic game for non-gamers. It has a slight quarterbacking problem (where someone who knows what they're doing will try to take over the game) but it's easily avoided if your group gets along well. Pandemic also has a couple of expansions, so once you start to feel like things are wearing thing you can add an expansion to mix things up.

        Spyfall is a clever little game where players have to suss out the spy. Everyone except the spy is dealt a location spy (the spy gets a card that reads "Spy") and have to ask questions to suss out who knows what the location is without giving it away. Look up the Shut Up and Sit Down review to get a good idea of this one.

        Codenames got a mention in today's article. If you can find a copy (it's the hot new thing), it's definitely worth the effort. Hell, everything I mention in that article is good for your situation.

        Edit: If you don't go with Pandemic, Forbidden Island and Forbidden Desert are simpler takes on the same concept by the same designer. I prefer Forbidden Desert because you can fiddle with the airship you build. Forbidden Island is a more versatile game because you can use different tile layouts to mix things up.

        Last edited 23/11/15 12:12 pm

          Totally not plugging your article, I see :P

          Cheers for the advice!

            Totally not. Never.

            On an unrelated not, you should read it.

              I'd throw in Ticket to Ride as well as a great "gateway" board game.

              Agricole might be an option too, although @trjn will be able to better advise on that. And something like Elder Sign might be a useful alternative (co-op like Pandemic but more pared down).

                Agricola is a fantastic game that I wish I could play more. It's also not something I'd recommend to non-gamers. Aside from being rather heavy with a complicated setup, it's a stressful game. The best thing about Agricola is the constant struggle to plan out your turns to get just enough to avoid starving and get enough points to win.

                Caverna is a much better alternative for that crowd. It has the same play time (about 45-60 min per player) and set up but is much more open, less stressful and you get to be adventuring dwarves with puppies.

                I haven't played Elder Sign because I'm not a huge fan of push your luck games. I group it with King of Tokyo, which I prefer because it's much lighter and we have a quickplay house rule where I just sit out. It saves me being eliminated after two rounds.

                Ticket to Ride should be on every list of entry level board games. Come to think of it, I wrote one of those lists back in April.

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