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    Saw Les Miserable on Saturday afternoon.

    Totally cried like a baby at least twice.

    Amazing show - easily gets 10/10 crying adult men. Would go again.

    Greetings All,

    I hope you all had a fun and great weekend! :)

    Hosted my first Edge of Empire RPG campaign with friends on Sat. It was my first time in many many years but it appeared to go fairly smoothly. Looking forward to picking it all up again next month when we all catch up again.
    Rest of the weekend was Rocket League, Battlefront, Fallout 4 and Jessica Jones in no particular order.

    Have a good week all and thanks for always making every monday enjoyable by reading your TAY comments! :)

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      How did the Edge of the Empire go? I got halfway into figuring out how to GM that but found the sourcebook to be a bit obtuse.

        I just used the Rulebook from the Beginners Kit and the premade characters to make it easy. We had limited time so I thought for the first run that this would be the best option and I am glad I did. I would suggest going that way too if that suits you.The first adventure is based around every learning the rules and getting used to how it plays (I am still figuring out how some of the more complicated dice rolls work). But this method worked for us as while we are all previous tabletop RPG players, this is the first one we had played in a very long time. Once we play a few more games and I am a bit more familiar I am then going to delve into the core rules and rolling up new characters etc.

        Hope this helps! :)

          I tried running some friends through the beginner game for the Rebel one - forget what they called it - but almost immediately found it to be a bit too barebones. The instant you get past the first encounter and are like "where do you want to go now" my guys started asking to do stuff that was perfectly logical but I had no idea how to do as GM, had to grab the Edge of the Empire sourcebook and flip through pages of it.

            Ah I see. I was fortunate not to have that issue as before we started my friends knew we were just doing the one adventure to see how it went and given the time constraints. Did you grab the Long Arm of The Hutt free expansion? From reading that earlier it seems that has a bit more meat to it than the first adventure. That's what we are going to play next time. We have our boardgame catch up monthly so I will be spending the next few weeks reading up on the rules Plus to be perfectly honest, to keep it fun and interesting for everyone, any time we got really stuck, I just winged it so we could continue. That probably doesn't work for a lot of people, I can already feel the heat from the hate of RPG purists :P But the main thing me and my friends all agreed on was that we didn't want to spend too much time looking up the rules.

            But once I have had more time and read through a bit more I will be happy to help where I can.

    Fallout 4!
    If you recognise this word, you're safe to read under the tag. If not, don't look it up cause it'll spoil cool things:
    Holy shit, the entrance that ship made was amazing. Did not expect to see that at all. Also, sudden massive increase in Brotherhood presence across the map was unexpected.
    I went up to the ship and continued my training with the Brotherhood...although it was a tad awkward that everyone kept saying "YOU CAN'T HAVE POWER ARMOUR YET" and I'm standing there in my full T-50f armour...

      I had the Prydwyn appear and that's the point when I went "Oh we truly are next gen Fallout aren't we"

    I have a terrible habit of constantly refreshing the articles I write in the hopes of new comments appearing. Going to try and avoid that today. It won't work.

    @blaghman @popdart5 @tech_knight

    Hey, are you guys able to shift Numenera to Tuesday night this week? I'd still like to do our session but I've been invited to a thing on Wed

      Let me just check my calendar.

      *Pulls out a colander, stares at it briefly, puts it on his head*

      Yes, I think I'm clear.

      Two RPGs in two days? Okay! *cracks knuckles* Just like old times

    Was anyone here at Adelaide Supanova over the weekend?

      Had friends there, I wasn't. Did you see an Edward Elric, Ariel, or Mad Hatter around?

        Yep I saw Edward and one of a couple of Mad Hatters! On Sunday that is.
        Was it Nerd By Night's Edward?

        I don't recall seeing any on the Saturday.

          Yeah, that's the one. She's an old friend.

            It's a very impressive Edward cosplay!
            I was The Crow on Sunday just skulking about and waiting around for photo shoots and couldn't help but looking at her auto-mail hand thinking how damn good it turned out.

    So i've finally just about had enough of GW's shit.
    For those not in the know, they are now charging a little under $60 for a single plastic mini.
    And this fig isn't the only one...

    For reference - A Dark Angels Chaplain was released 3-4 months ago for $30 made of the same material

    Seriously.. just get fucked, GW.

    There was a point on the weekend i even considered selling my whole collection to invest into other games that don't seem as intent on whittling down their player base..

      Wizards of the Coast at least gives you a reach around.

        As does fantasy flight games.

        I don't mind being screwed hard, but at least have the decency to give a little joy back

      I see what they're doing; they've looked to price models not just on material cost but lore + game value as well. I remember buying a Tau Fire team for $60 bucks a few years back (maybe 2-3?) but now they're up close to 90 which is ridiculous but you can't run an effective Tau army without the them. The Kroot squad however which you could take/leave depending on your strat are priced the same. Christ even a Tau Commander is $85??

      *shrug* I was always into them for the countless hours of painting they gave me. I guess I just pick and choose a bit more what I'd like to paint =p

      Time to invest in a 3D printer?

        nope - the quality is still no where near where it needs to be for them to be a viable option

          THE FUTURE IS N̶O̶W̶ still a ways off :(

            Kiiilll...... meeeeeeee


              I've gotten far better quality out of my 3D printer (printing Epic 40k rhinos with plenty of detail). That looks like the base Dawn of War I marine model.

              Still not to the same quality of 'real' GW minis but not nearly as bad as that linked one.

                Yeah i know - that's a reallly early 3d print model - plus i purposfully chose it because it looked horrible for laffs.

                  I really want to find someone at cgtalk or something to send me through a high quality sculpt of a model so I can print it at 40k scale and see how it comes out. Different 3D printing software makes a huuuuge difference too, I've discovered. I paid for the most expensive consumer stuff and my prints are so much better than before.

          The Form1 prints stuff at more than good enough quality. It is fiddly, but will do the job.
          Also the powder based printers are certainly there quality wise. The filament based printers, not so much.
          Yes, the slicer you use makes a huge difference. Simplify3D is probably the best in the 'affordable' consumer space.

          Last edited 24/11/15 10:11 am

      Yeah, pricing is getting out of control. My friends swear by some retailers in China that sell minis for sometimes up to 50% less than GW store price. The quality can be a bit naff but they're happy, especially when they can afford to buy two Imperial Knights for the cost of one from GW. The shipping is the only thing that stinks but it still comes out to less than GW.

      On a separate note, GW have been getting very, very bad at balancing rules. The most recent Eldar and Tau codices are filled with cheese units and are considered rather overpowered. Heck, the formation rules are nice thematically but absolutely broken mechanically. I've heard that the Buffmander for the Tau in a Hunter Cadre formation can choose to group multiple units in firing at a single target and apply bonuses to each unit as if they were part of the Buffmander's squad. Why yes, I too would like to have three squads of Fire Warriors that all have Marker Lights, twin-linked, and ignores cover for no extra point cost.

      This, combined with Age of Sigmar for Fantasy, is making it very hard to continue supporting GW. Only the revival of specialist games has me holding out hope for the future.

        So I never played WFB, but I didn't even know about AoS until today. I'm totally in the loop.


          Necromunda and Gorkamorka!

            I went to a house inspection maybe a year ago - the guy was obviously pretty cool, had NRL jerseys sitting on the table next to his WOW paraphernalia on the desk (and I mean, we all know that union > league, but still)... and then I saw a copy of Necromunda sitting on a table... and I really wanted to just hang around until he got back and make friends.

            But there was a real estate agent there, and it would have been weird.

              I don't know what the difference is in rugby but I've had a similar experience! Went to an open house and saw so much Warhammer & D&D stuff but was too afraid to nerd it up (and I don't think the dude WANTED to move but was being forced out).

              GOODBYE potential frond!

                So you seem like a cool guy who will totally answer all my questions...

                If I was considering getting back into 40k, but have not bought any figures or glimpsed a single codex or white dwarf since, say, 2005... just how out of the loop would I be?

                  @chuloopa would probably be your best bet, since I quit in around 2004 then dabbled briefly before dropping it again last year. But I wasn't a huge fan of the direction they've gone with everything. I would honestly recommend going to another game. The prices have gotten so insane it's not even funny and some of the canon changes and stuff are silly. Necrons now are no longer all "rar, we are silent killing machines allied to no flesh" and have, at one point, allied with the Space Marines (Blood Angels!) etc etc.

                  In a nutshell - you'll be out of the loop on the details but GW straight-up refuse to move the storyline ahead in any meaningful manner so that's not such an issue. The rules have been simplified and are, in my mind, boring.

                  @f4ction What games would you recommend though? I've been looking at alternatives and it doesn't seem like there's much that has the same gravity to it. They all feel like start-ups with only a handful of factions that don't have the model count to go toe to toe with Warhammer 40,000. As much as I love Necromunda/Mordhiem I really feel like something big.

                  @dogman People have had nothing but positive things to say about Warmachine/Hordes. But yeah, I've got no idea. Warhammer has such a great history of... history. If they dropped the prices back to the old 2000 days I'd jump back into it in a heartbeat

                  @poita the first rule of 40k is you don't talk about 40k.

                  The second rule of 40k is you will give all the monies to GW.

      Yeah. They've always been bad price-wise but it seems like every year they manage to find a new way to double down on fleecing new users. Get new players in with a $180 box set or $140 manual (only available in the VIP collectors hardcore edition), a pile of paint, some tools, a set of dice, some markers, some objective cards and a few hundred dollars worth of models. After that it doesn't matter if they get frustrated and quit because there will always be another 12 year old who likes it enough to rope his friends into giving it a shot. If you've already got a 1250 point army then you've probably moved past the super profitable phase which means they don't care if you quit.
      It's like if a free-to-play game swapped micro-transactions for macro-transactions. It's designed to get as much money out of players as it can before they figure out it's basically a scam.

      The part I truly hate about it is that I don't feel like I can get this anywhere else. Nothing seems to have the size, scope, lore, community or history of Warhammer and 40k. Even if there was an alternative I really don't want to see 40k die. I want to see Games Workshop have to compete with someone long enough to rope all their BS in, but I'm guessing they'd just dig in, raise the prices and try to destroy independent retailers who dare stock the competition.
      I really want to get back into 40k but it's hard not to be insulted by their business model.

    Huh, Big W have GH Live for 98 in this week's catalogue.

    Also mega yarn Yoshi for 48. Isn't it like 60 at EB?

      I played about 10 hours of GH Live over 2 days, figured I was really enjoying it but never went back and have zero inclination to pick it up again.

    Saw Spectre last night. Jeez that movie was a wreck. Desperate not be a Bond movie while being stuck in the confines of a Bond movie.

    Some super pretty shots though.

    2 things

    1.The long shot at the opening was brilliant until they fumbled ending it. Just a sudden cut that didn't seem necessary and kind of spoiled it all.
    2. Why the hell did Blofeld's base blow up? Left me literally scratching my head and @beeawwb with a horrified look on his face.

      Also it had the Point Break trailer at the start and holy hell that movie looks like the worst thing ever. One big Red Bull ad for people with ADHD.

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        I saw Hunger Games with @alexpants and @blaghman on Friday night. The best moment of the entire movie experience came from a trailer for some new YA adaption called "The 5th Wave".

          What the hell!?

            Blaghs and I let out audible laughs at how bad that shot looked.

              I swear they're letting any muppet with a camera make movies these days. This is both a good and a bad thing.

      I'm still angry about that explosion. Fun (not fun) fact: It was recently awarded the Guinness record for largest f/x explosion on film. I think that's the only reason it exists; so they could get the record.

      1. I don't remember it exactly, but it ends with the camera behind him and then cuts to his face doesn't it? I remember it being slightly abrupt. I wouldn't say it spoiled it though, it was a very well put together shot, with the transitions hidden pretty well, but I think if the camera panned to in front of him and then it cut it would've been better.
      2. Yeeeeeah. It feels like it was missing an insert shot of them shooting a gas pipe or something.

        2. No, he did shoot a gas something or other. There was that small explosion that took out a couple bad guys. But then the whole base explodes, simultaneously and in perfect synchronisity? FUCK. THAT. This was a small explosion, not an exhaust port on the Death Star. ASDFJHLAKSDHLKWHTLSDKFHSLKH!!!

          Huh, I don't even remember seeing him do that. The whole base exploding perfectly is part of the problem I had with the movie. It couldn't decide if it wanted to be a Craig era Bond movie, or a pre-Craig era Bond movie which had silly moments like that.

            Exactly. They had the small explosion and it was so disconnected from the larger one that it lost all relevance. Pick one: Chain reaction explosion as the base goes up, or simultaneous demolition. You can't have both, movie! I've been less than impressed with Craig-era Bond. I get what they're trying to do, and why, I just think they're losing what makes Bond, 'Bond'. The tropes exist for a reason.

              I don't mind them, but then I'm not a massive Bond fan so losing the tropes doesn't bother me too much. I've only seen the from Goldeneye onwards, and a handful of the classic ones, because I'm terrible. It is interesting going back and watching them and seeing just how good a representation of filmmaking at their time that each entry into the series is.

              The Craig ones though I'd rank:
              Casino Royale 4/5
              Skyfall 4/5
              Spectre 3.5/5
              Quantam of Solace 3/5

              Last edited 23/11/15 1:49 pm

                That's a pretty fair ranking, but I'd personally rate all of them 3* or less (out of 5) on my personal rating scale. I'd probably rate Spectre slightly in front of Skyfall but that's only because the ending of Skyfall really annoyed and bored me.

                Edit, ok fine rate them.

                Casino Royale: 3/5 - Watchable, but plodding.
                Spectre: 2.5/5 - Barely watchable. More concerned with effects.
                Skyfall: 2.5/5 - Let down by a poor ending.
                QOS: 2/5 - Straight sequel that forgets what it's sequelling.

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                  I put /5 what I'd rate them all. I really enjoyed Casino Royale and Skyfall. Casino Royale is my favourite Bond. The story beats for it are near perfect. Plus "You Know My Name" is a great song.

                  Skyfall is an extremely well made film on a technical level, so it elevates it a little. It does drag on the tail end when it turns into Home Alone. That Roger Deakins cinematography is just amazing:

                  I'm going to add you to the list of people who I discuss movies with.


                  You're already on the list. We spent like 2 hours on our drive to Canberra discussing movies. You forget so quickly... *insert stroke reference here*

                  I'm with @cakesmith (though I've seen nearly every Bond movie). I didn't really love any of them till I saw Casino Royale. And I'd probably rate Skyfall even higher, cos I was blown away when I saw that at the cinema.

                  @batguy I honestly would have rated Skyfall higher (3 or 3.5) but the ending just bored me to tears.

                  I should also clarify. In my rating scale, a 3 is a "met" - it was watchable, it did what it promised, but it didn't really stretch to a 4 (good/enjoyable) or 5 (excellent/masterpiece/amazing/adjectives).

        What they should have done is run the shot up behind him, down the rifle sights and zoomed into the meeting completing the journey to the target.

      It felt like they had an awesome idea for a beginning, and thoughts on all the important pieces and players that needed to be there at the end, then just padded out the middle till it was long enough. There were moments in the middle where I was genuinely confused about what Bond was actually trying to achieve.

      They blew up Blofeld's based because he needed to have a scar. Simple as that. What bothers me is, if Blofeld knew he was coming, and wanted him to do so, then why all the stuff with the big guy chasing him through Roman streets, or kidnapping the woman, or attacking them on the train? Couldn't that guy have just delivered him an enigmatic invitation card and been done with it?

      Last edited 23/11/15 5:51 pm

        It was full of reveal moments where someone would pop up and Bond would act shocked but they neglected to tell us who these people were exactly.

        Also they spend half an hour making a big deal out of the Pale King and then promptly forgot about him. Was it Blofeld? The guy who had his eyes popped? Someone else entirely? They never said.

        As much as I liked Craig as Bond the writers and producers never really nailed it and hopefully with a new Bond for the next one we'll see some changes.

        Last edited 23/11/15 6:22 pm

          They did say.

          The Pale King was Mr White. White. Pale.

            Yeah, I got that part personally, but
            I didn't understand what he was then harassing white about. Tell me where he is, or something, yeah, sure, I'll look after your daughter cos I need to know where he/it is. Also, I assume we were meant to know about white from a previous movie. I did not.

      Oh, forgot to mention the most important thing about the movie, though. It was 9:20pm, there were 10 people in the cinema, but I still got a streetpass hit. 5/5, would watch again.

    @powalen Project Zero V talk
    I had to take a break after Miu saved Miku. Miku was the protagonist from the first game. She followed her brother who was her only family, and friend, into the Himuro mansion where he'd gone missing. (following three people who'd gone into the mansion and had gone missing). Anyway, he does end up dying, as you probably realised, but the reason and why is a spoiler so I'm not telling how or why.
    Anyway, that chapter pretty much said that Miku was in love romantically with her brother and had always been. It kind of ruined the close sibling bond they had in the first game. =/ Miku and Mafuyu were both able to see ghosts but Miku was the only one who was unable to make friends because of it. It would make sense that they were close, but the whole sibling romantic love just makes me feel ick.

      Makes sense. I completely missed that part obviously :P Just assumed she was a random mother who wandered up there.

      The Thirteenth Drop was pretty good! Won't spoil it though.

        I will try to persevere but I'm digging splatoon again

    @AlexWalker mentioned Agricola on the previous page. I love Agricola. I also never, ever get a chance to play it. It's just not the sort of game that's easy to bust out at the gaming groups I go to (and if you can find the people able to commit that much time, they're going to pull out Power Grid).

    Anyhow, I don't have any iOS devices so I don't have Agricola on my phone. That means that is the best option available.

    Anyone want to try and get a game going there some time?

      I'm always up for any board game I've not played before, but I've not played Agricola so... Please explain this Farmpepsi so that I may understand?

        How to play Agricola:

        1) Don't starve.

        2) Collect resources.

        3) Don't starve.

        4 ) Get more workers.

        5) Don't starve.

        6) Get a bit of everything so that you don't lose points.

        7) Don't starve.

        8) Get a bit more of everything so that you have some points.

        9) Don't starve.

        10) Seriously, don't starve.

          How do I not starve? Do I supply myself with snacks while playing?

            That would help, it's a pretty long game.

            Part of the game is about building a food engine. You need to have a reliable source of food to feed your workers.

              What if I feed my workers to the food engine to feed my workers? SoylentStrategy™

        Agricola is about the crushing sense of despair when you realize on turn 8 that the decision you made on turn 3 has resulted in you being utterly fucked and your family is going to starve to death and there's nothing you can do.

    Oh, a milestone.

    Yesterday marked 30 weeks of beard. Woo :P

      Nice. I couldn't pinpoint mine exactly, but sometime in the next year or two I will hit 30 years of beard.

        Is that constant growth without any trimming? Because that would be both terrifying and awesome :P

    Bob's weekend update!

    Hey everybody. Had a pretty good weekend, especially given last week and whatnot. I'm feeling good and actually got things done. Friday I played some more Fallout which was on my list of things to do. I'm still not touching anything story related and barely even sidequest related, just wandering the Wasteland around Sanctuary because I can. It's keeping me occupied.

    Saturday was too hot to turn on the PC so I watched a couple movies and then went out to take a photo of the ISS crossing in front of the moon. A friend had told me about the transit a couple days before and as it happened my house was directly in the centre "transit" path, which also meant that a nearby park was directly in line. So at 7pm I drove to the park for a 7:35:59 transit and.... the whole place was lit up like daylight because of some sporting match. I ended up parking my car and walking through the nature reserve in the dark to get to the summit of the hill, lugging my camera and tripod. Then when I get to the top I realise the moon is too high to effectively use my tripod without setting it to horizontal and laying on the ground so I lugged it all the way for nothing. Get myself set up with maybe 2 minutes to spare and then realise that the bench I'm laying on has a bug flying circles in front of the moon so I need to move. ARGH! Move over to a railing so I can brace my arms and as I do I can see the ISS approaching. Check all my settings one last time, frame the moon and wait.......... THERE IT IS IN FRAME. SPRAY AND PRAY. SPRAY AND PRAY! I got the shot. :D

    That's significant for me because a lot of times I'd wimp out of going to do planned shots. I'd find some excuse or some reason it's too hard. So for me to plan in advance, get everything ready and then go out and capture the rare shot, that represents progress to me. I'm proud of myself.

    Sunday saw Spectre with Freeze (see above posts), then dinner with Freeze, then dessert with Freeze and Transient and BrotherTransient. Was really good. Getting out of the house and socialising also represents progress to me, so I'm proud of myself again. Yay progress!

    Now work. Recovering from file corruption in some of my reports. Joy. Backups and testing and checking galore. Woo. Bring on the evening for more Fallout?

      Nice. Getting ISS transits is pretty tricky, I tend to try and get the Sun transits, I couldn't make the drive this time to get the moon transit in. You should post your shot over on, you might get image-of-the-week.

        Would love to post it in other places (it's currently on my Twitter and FB but that's it) but the page you mentioned gets an Unknown Host error?

        Description: Unable to locate the server named "" --- the server does not have a DNS entry. Perhaps there is a misspelling in the server name, or the server no longer exists. Double-check the name and try again.

          Give that a go, the redirect must not be working for some reason.

            That worked fine, cheers! Will give it an explore later. Have also been looking at telescopes recently.

            I see the image of the week is a much better shot of the transit. As I said on my Facebook though, I know there'll be much better shots of the transit but [this one] is mine and that makes me very happy. :)

    The second best part about Battlefront is when I try load up Origin multiple times and it doesn't load so I play Fallout 4.
    It's like when Ben Force Persuades those Stormtroopers. "This isn't the game you're looking for."
    That's what I dig about Battlefront. The authenticity.

    It's only 1:39 pm, I've already slept in and I want to have another nap D=

    @tech_knight I'm working on the backpack now.
    It may take a while as it requires I actually go in and edit the mesh of the 3D object. It's lots of bits like the knee cap where it doesn't actually attach. I need to change it. Are you okay with this?

    Last edited 23/11/15 1:53 pm

      Same. Must be the weather or something. I wasn't sleeping weird or anything this weekend. It was really laid back and relaxing. Didn't over sleep, didn't under sleep, didn't do too much work, didn't do too little, yet ever since I got in the office I've been tempted to just lay down on the couch and sleep.

        Mum already had a nap

      Go for it, I mainly just want to ensure that we keep the backpack parts capable of opening in those certain spots, the fans should be a simple task as we already know there's space for them.
      Edit: Also, how will we attach it to the back, velcro, studs?

      Last edited 23/11/15 2:47 pm

    Anyone surprised by the people commenting against the existence of GX Australia?

      I posted something and then thought dear god am I going to change a mind here and left.

        I made the mistake of sticking around. I'm just waiting for someone to say "the gays". You can see it's on the tip of their tongues.

        Is there anyone who ever remembers / Changing their mind / From the paint on a sign? Is there anyone who really recalls / Ever breaking rank at all / For something someone yelled real loud one time?

        My confusion is when did the wider-community become so intolerant here at Kotaku? Have I been spending too much time in TAY? A lot of those names are fairly new to me.

        The very fact they can make an argument that gay people wanting to hang out with gay people is segregation means in their mind it's something that they segregate. They wouldn't call a hockey club segregation or a dance class segregation but if it's to do with gay people shout no! I'm being tolerant and you're trying to get away from us!

          Like a moth to a flame, so is discussions about diversity in anything to that lot.

          As far as I can recall, it's always been like this. The usernames might be slightly different, but the levels of intolerance are about the same.

            Fine grandpa shane! Just kill my idealism and hope for a better tomorrow! =P

      I desperately wish that the answer could be yes.

      90% of the comments: "I'm not gay but I'm entitled to tell gay people how to feel about being gay".


        My comment: "I don't get it, but I'm not gay, so I don't get it. Carry on."

      I'm honestly baffled by the comments. So much of it seem to boil down to one of the following:
      "In my experience, homophobia has been eradicated because all my friends are nice."
      "Everyone has problems in life. I got bullied once, which is totally comparable."
      "I'm bi/gay and as such represent the global LGBT population. Now here's why this article wrong:..."

      I want to get involved in the conversation but it's turning into a big pissing contest and it all feels a bit pointless. I guess one positive to take away is that (so far) we haven't seen the age old argument of "I'm straight, where's my parade?" Never mind...

      Last edited 23/11/15 2:16 pm

        I like how you manage to articulate exactly how i feel about this but in a better way.

          I feel the same way about half the comments in the article :P

            I think @tigerion makes the best statement about why it should exist. because tigs is the best.

              Everybody should listen to this guy, he knows what's up

      HA! Love that Mark's getting in there and knocking back some of these comments =P

      Been avoiding that article because I assumed the comments will get messy. With the previous articles I found there were a lot more 'why do we need this' comments than 'gay is bad' comments so I assume the comments on this one have those people becoming a little more defensive of their stance. It's disappointing but I'll give those people the benefit of the doubt and just assume they're a little uncomfortable with their dismissive attitude being directly confronted.
      The ones that seemed really weird to me in the previous articles were the comments about how this is just a scam so that the guy who runs all the conventions can make more money. It's not that I don't believe someone could think that way, I just can't really process how a person can draw the conclusion and stick with it.

      Also I say assume too much.

      Last edited 23/11/15 3:19 pm

        I always assume that *all* conventions are kind of a scam to make the organisers money.

      I saw the first comment (second now after the guest one came out of moderation) before it's edit when it was the only comment and bolted.

      In another world I'd likely get involved and shout some of them down. Today though, I don't have the energy to be bothered arguing on the internet.

      I retract my comment, I did change a mind!

        @ashigaru has always been reasonable in his comments I've seen over the years, so not surprised.

          It's because I'm too reactive at the start, think about what I've said and then realise I sound like a bloody idiot.

          Thanks though @alexwalker :D

          EDIT: Also I would like to think I've grown up a bit since the GON days when everyone used to shout until their throats were hoarse and no ground had been made :B

          Last edited 23/11/15 4:17 pm

            Time'll do that to people!

            Speaking of which, feeling increasingly sad just at the sight of that GON mention. :'(

              In what way? Miss the old days? The forums just devolved after a time which was a bit sad. Ahh well, win some lose some :)

                Did nobody tell you? You might want to sit down.

                GON's gone. TPG didn't want to keep it going after they bought iiNet.


                  :'( I is a sad panda.

        YOU CAN ALL GET STUFFED *runs around hollering* ;)

        Last edited 23/11/15 4:15 pm

      I hadn't read it until just now. Sounds like it would be a fun convention and I'd go just for the cosplays.

      But the comments are grim and I don't have the energy for that today.

    Hope everyone had a good weekend. Spent a lot of mine in Iron Banner, and some Fallout 4 (sought out a cheap PS4 copy after my PC died last week - I think it's the GPU, going by the the beep pattern, so I have an excuse to upgrade :P).

    Worked out the most efficient way to get to rank 5 in IB on all characters - worked out around 5 matches a night (as long as I finish on a win) and all dailies every day, and turning in 3 weeklies on Saturday night to hit 5; kinda went off the rails by missing the first day's bounties, so had to play a few extra games each night. I think I'm getting better at PvP overall - I can now see the signs of when the spawns are about to flip and reposition accordingly (which is a step up from a few months ago), and I know most of the sniper perches/sight lines on most maps. Anyway, got some decent loot - a 319 ghost, a 318 warlock bond, a 317 hunter helm and a 314 titan helm, plus a bunch of 280-310 chests/gloves/hand cannons/LMGs that I've still got to go through and sort out the chaff.

    Fallout's been surprisingly good, too - having had to restart (something I was considering anyway, as I'd completely misunderstood the way perks get unlocked), I tore through the first few quests, made myself a sniper rifle asap, and am now one quest behind my PC save, with a much better loadout and perks, and having a blast. Even managed to kill a swan...

    ...although it did burn through all of my sniper ammo, half my stimpacks and most of my food. Got a hell of a shock when I asked Dogmeat to investigate a bit of floating garbage in the Park near Diamond City... :P Then another one when I fled the scene and ran right into a nearby group of super mutants, one of whom was a legendary.

      Wait, 310+ gear.from IB? Haven't seen.any of that myself.
      Though I haven't played as much since I hate the current meta.

        The rank 5 package seems fixed to a 310 shell and a 310-320 random IB item - my items (bond and two helms across the three characters) turned out to be pretty cool; a friend got the new sniper rifle at 314, but also got a 310 helm on another character. I was considering jumping back on for a chance at more high-light gear until I heard it's just ghost shells that drop over 310, and trying to beat my 319 isn't really worth the bother. Best non-ghost drop I've had/seen is a 310 chestpiece; weapon drops (only the hand cannon and LMG) seem to peak around 290.

          Yeah nah I can't play this.
          One of the reasons I liked Destiny PvP was that unlike a lot of shooters it was not a sniper fest.
          Now it's a sniper fest. Both teams just pot-shotting across the map, until a lolbreaker comes in and cleans up.
          Thornpocalypse was more fun than this.

          Ahh well, shelving Destiny till the next content drop.

    That comment section is pure vitriol and scum.
    I wish I didn't have to go to work so I could keep going.

      I didn't bother responding because idiots will always be idiots. If people feel they need a con for themselves then they should have it. People are allowed to have things they like. I don't get people.

        People are allowed to have things they like

        So, uh... I like your credit card!

    Don't know how to tell my friend he's reading his D&D character wrong and is way over-doing himself without coming off as stand-off-ish (claiming his level 3 monk has 5 attacks per turn and can move 50 feet a turn).

    THESE ARE THE PROBLEMS I FACE IN LIFE. When not dealing with being essentially homeless and the such.

      If he's the kind of person that can't take criticism, make an "accidental" mistake about your attacks/movement and look up the rules on yourself, then transfer the conversation to his mistake by way of "hang on, I think you might have it wrong too".

        Is it obvious that I've done exactly this in the past? Friend of a friend was playing and got aggressive whenever someone pulled him up...

        Suffice to say it's the only time I've been in the same game as him.

      I had a similar situation with someone misreading a character.

      "Can I do magic?"
      "You're a monk. Monks don't have magic."
      "But it says I have magic on my character sheet."
      "Really?" *reads through it* "No, your fists count as magical weapons."
      "But I can cast spells through my fists right?"

      Last edited 23/11/15 4:00 pm

        And then that whole thing with Drewan having +23 on his Climb checks because the character sheet was adding in his racial bonuses twice.

        At least I'm happy to admit the mistake when found. :P

        Last edited 23/11/15 4:08 pm


            It's only +15 now! I'm helping!

            (+2 Ability score, +2 ranks, +3 class skill w/ ranks, +8 racial climb speed)

            Last edited 23/11/15 4:13 pm

              *rolls tolerate cat*

                I'm still waiting on that natural 1 for Knowledge: Bogan.

                "Why, I do believe this gentleman is quite uncouth and should cease his blathering."

                  I think I've got Knowledge: Wikipedia instead of Knowledge: Bogan. Remind me to check next week.

                  @beeawwb Red has Bogan, you have I'm Helping and maybe Wikipedia, and Freeze has Tolerate Cat. I don't think Techie has his own fun personal skill but that can be easily arranged.

                  Well Dem'nion is an Elven Neutral version of Vegeta to me (Definitely not as much ego however being noble he has a fair bit), so how can we use that? :P

                  @tech_knight I like that in addition to Lawful Neutral, True Neutral, and Chaotic Neutral we now have Elven Neutral. :P

                  I don't know what we can do, maybe something like this skill to test against your noble dignity and tastes or something silly like "For Honour!" like the Zuko-parody from Last Airbender. It's up to you for whatever you want as a characterful skill.

                  I have no idea what that "For Honour!" thing is :P
                  I think testing against noble dignity and taste is a good one (Especially the dignity bit), given that he was once the Yamcha of the group getting instagibbed, this happening after leaving a comfortable life of luxury and education.

                  @tech_knight I'll dig it up when I get home but the Ember Island Players episode in Last Airbender had parody versions of all the main characters and Zuko was all "I must defeat you... FOR MY HONOUR!"

                  A characterful skill can be helpful in figuring out what Dem'nion is interested in or what he values in life. There's no pressure if you don't want one but the option is available to you.

          That was technology's fault so it was a bit easier to figure out. And yes, it's always good playing with people who are happy to correct an error rather than stubbornly clinging to it and saying "my character is ruined". I've played with people like that and it gets rather tiresome that they bend and twist the rules, sometimes even outright breaking them, to get a power ego.

            Let me know whenever I'm unintentionally doing that as all my perks can be a bit confusing. I haven't actually done a Wizard properly in a D&D RPG yet, I did do Sorceror though, so diving right into Arcanist was probably biting off more than I can chew but yeah, it's fun picking it up though.

            Last edited 23/11/15 4:25 pm

              It's all good and I think I've said that I trust you guys enough to not accidentally give yourselves extra bonuses and stuff. As long as you guys are keeping a record of your characters and are happy, I'm happy.

              Besides, the game isn't so serious that we're getting caught up on the minutiae. If it was serious, I don't think I would have allowed half of the things @freezespreston has attempted. :P

                I will say that you are legit a fantastic GM. Our games are always a tonne of fun.

                  Thanks Freeze. Always good to hear when people enjoy themselves and it encourages me to make bigger and better stuff for you guys to have even more fun with.

                  Very this. For @popdart5 to wrangle us through many laughs and good times, for over 18 months speaks volumes.

                  Agreed completely, a loud thud could've been heard with my jaw dropping when Popdart showed me what was actually going on behind the scenes in Rogue Trader after that was put on the shelf, usually I'd expect to see only see one of something huge like that happening in the story, he had 3-4 at once coming at us in the future. Insane! So far I've been really enjoying it (Both Pathfinder and Rogue Trader while that was a thing), I'm just looking forward to my new powers having a chance to be used the next time Lundgredolph picks a fight with someone that's actually strong cuz it's only a matter of timewe find trouble or trouble finds us :D

            Still waiting on my Tau Scout Drone............................... [email protected]

              Well the technology just wasn't there yet to allow you to take that Drone without accepting insanity points, sheesh I took 9! :P

              I don't think you'll ever let that one slide hey? :P

              Maybe next time I run something I'll go a bit crazy and go Monty Haul for everyone. Of course, this would be for Orks and everyone can get something fancy or crazy because ORKS!

                I have a shrine of broken Tau pieces with a Tau drone sitting in the centre to forever remind me of your betrayal! D=

                That and I need to finish painting them. But I like the first explanation better.

                Edit: Also I need a ranked buddy for HotS; interested? @tech_knight keeps standing me up. He's too hot to be seen in games with me.

                Last edited 23/11/15 4:55 pm

                  I've kinda given up on ranked HotS sorry Puppet. I rarely play anymore since hitting Rank 1 and the recent Cho'Gall stuff has all the usual hallmarks of OPness for a new hero.

                  You never said when you were done last time! Also, me? In Ranked? Pffft HAHAHA oh man I can't even beat a single PvP in normal matches let alone go for ranked just yet... oh yeah and also me being only level 7 :P

                  @popdart5 He's actually meh even when played well; any latency basically kills him. I doubt you'll be seeing too much of him if you ever come back tbh. Leoric, johanna, valla, jaina and kael continue to be the staples.

                  @tech_knight I thought you were going to message me once you were done with brekky! or dinner! take your pick on the number of times you stood me up *runs away crying*

        I suddenly recall hearing a heated argument about whether Ryu from Street Fighter is a wizard or a monk.

          Certain Ki and Elemental Monks can do small amounts of magic that are basically Hadoukens. My vote is he's a monk.

    Wrapped up my third weekend of making trips between Hervey Bay and Tweed South to move the family house. Roughly 6hr drive, each way. Sunburned. (Again.) Still tired.

    We still didn't get it all finished, poor old Dad's making another trip today with a trailer, while his boys go back to work.

    It's been stressful. Really looking forward to some sleep and video games.

    I'm trying to remember a board game that I played recently but for the life of me I can't remember the name. It was about playing as the descendent of a recently deceased rich elder who, in their will, said that they'd give the entirety of their fortune to the descendent who had the least money. The game was all about spending as much money as you can on property, racing, posh soirees, and other rich people stuff to become destitute and win the inheritance. It was a worker placement game if that helps.

    Anyone know what it's called? (cc board game afficionados)

      Last Will!

      Edit: I've been meaning to give that game a shot. I'm a huge fan of worker placement games and the premise is so amazingly dumb. I love it. Copies are hard to find in Australia but I haven't looked too hard.

      Last edited 23/11/15 4:40 pm

        Thank you! I really enjoyed it and wanted to see how much it was. As you said, the premise is silly and completely counter-intuitive to almost every other worker placement game I've played. I got stuck in a property spiral and had too much wealth in assets while everyone else trashed their mansions, went on wild cruises, and had joyrides in their carriages around the countryside. Delightfully ridiculous.

        It's Brewster's Millions, the Board Game!

          Punky Brewster?

            In the It's Punky Brewster episode "Punky's Millions," Punky Brewster is on a TV show trying to win money for charity. In order to win the $40 million prize, she must spend one million dollars in 48 hours. To make sure that the money would not be spent all at once on something very expensive (e.g. a villa as suggested by one of Punky's friends), a rule states the money cannot be used to buy any single item for more than $10,000. When the deadline ends, Punky and her friends have lost because one of her friends, Allen, forgot to spend the 98 cents he got as change when he bought chocolate. Fortunately, one of the dollars was spent on a lottery ticket, and the heroes win $100,000, saving the orphanage.

    New graphics card is installed, appears to be running fine with my GTX 560 drivers, heh. Went to download replacement drivers, got the Windows 7 ones by default, cause I some how forgot I was running Windows 10...

    Was playing Euro Truck Simulator 2 last night.
    Finished a delivery, but got a bit of damage to the cargo... okay, it was at 87% damage.
    Manage to make it to the destination on time, and end up not getting any money because the cargo was fucked.

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