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    Whoa, @lucifer9783 and I were killing it in Splatoon tonight. I nearly carried my entire team to victory!


        I swear, sometimes I feel like the worst player ever and then I have nights like last night.

          Sounds like me playing pool. Totally crap, have a blinder, then back to crap.

    Today I played a night time level of Plants vs Zombies and totally impressed a 6 year old.

    "You're even better than me!"

    Okay, new dilemma.
    With or without houndstooth? Houndstooth is the pattern on the collar

      Silhouettes need clean lines. Without.

      Without. If it needs patterning, I'd go with something more like a fine, clearly defined check, to keep the silhouette aesthetic.

    Decided to re-send the invitation for the Perth Meat.

    @fled @grandmasterb-funk @liondrive @phlanispo @phoenix @thecracks

    Perthians, assemble! I am planning a new and improved Adventure World meat! My initial plans a month ago fell through because everyone was busy with uni, and apparently two weeks isn't enough notice.

    My new plans are to have a meat on the weekend of 5th/6th December. This will either be on a Saturday or Sunday, and will change based on what is best for everyone. I specifically chose this date because I know everyone will be on their uni break by then. I hope I gave enough notice, but you never know.

      I think I have a housewarming on one of those days - will have to check and get back to you.

        It's almost definitely going to be on the Sunday at this point.

    Stayed up for the Bloodborne expansion unlock, could only play for 20 mins due to work tomorrow.
    But geez its glorious already :)

    See ya tomorrow night fellow hoonters...

    I know it's in the wrong spot, but that Gaymer X article is dead, so I feel like venting here instead.

    Many, basically the majority of people in the article, are jumping up and down declaring that, "Australia doesn't need a gay gaming convention". I don't let others speak for me, particularly those of who are unaware to the issues facing my demographic. You can speak for yourself, but not for an entire portion of the population that you are not representative of, or within yourself.

    There was a time when I wasn't comfortable in my own skin. Not uncomfortable, by any definition of the word, but stuck in this sort of limbo, where the disingenuous me was content, and the genuine me wasn't.
    It's a peculiar feeling.
    Not happy, not sad. Just kind of, existing.
    I'd hang out with friends. Do friend things, like go to the movies, hang out, go clubbing, etc, but I never felt like I had any one on my side.

    I digress.

    One fateful night, new years eve, if I recall, my friends decided to go clubbing. I was set to go with them, when last minute they tell me the location. A gay club. The Court, in fact.
    Now, my friends were all straight, are all straight still, so I was a little surprised, but very keen. I'd always wanted to go, but when you're trying to hide being gay, saying, "Hey, let's go to a gay club" is the equivalent of shooting yourself in the foot.
    I was eager to go. Moreceager than I'd ever been for anything before.
    More eager than I have been fir anything since.

    I'll tell you what, that eagerness and anticipation lead to one of the best nights of my life.
    I'd never felt more in place in my life. It felt comforting being around others like me.
    I know it may be hard to understand from an outside perspective, but being around people you can relate to for the first time in your life. It was the first time I actually felt comfortable. Welcome.

    I know clubbing isn't universally appealing, but if this Gaymer X convention can recreate this for even one person, or help even one person feel comfortable in their own skin, then it is needed.

      People need a place where they belong. When you can walk into anywhere in the country and automatically belong, it's hard to understand that others aren't as privileged.

      There were so many people going "I don't get it, therefore it doesn't need to exist". Empathy is rad. Those morons should try it some time. Right after they get "it's not about you" tattooed on the back of their hands.

      Don't let it get to you, the internet just attracts loud mouthed jerks who'd probably cower in the corner if confronted irl.


        ... cower in the corner when confronted irl.

      This is basically why my take on the conversation was that I really can't appreciate that feeling of not belonging. Sure, I might feel like a social reject who can't really relate to other people, but I'm still basically the social default setting.

      We'd all like to believe that the world is an all-inclusive space where everyone is welcome, but it's not. A lifetime of having to feel sorry for who you are in case it offends someone can affect you deeply.

      There is no reason not to have gay-oriented events, so why not? You lose nothing. You'd think all the dirty straights commenting on that article were having something taken away from them, they way they were carrying on. And all that "hurr hurr what if I had a straights-only event, how would dem queers respond herpaderp infallible logic I win the internet" garbage. I mean, way to demonstrate that you don't see any divide whatsoever, guys!

        Your last paragraph - removing the particulars of this scenario and don't you get what the GG's have been saying the last 2 years?

        That aside...

        Events that start out small like this can grow and add huge amounts of cultural capital. Look at the Mardi Gras. That party is now for so many more people than when it started out. To the point that the Sydney event is one of the biggest in the world.

        Last edited 24/11/15 10:56 am

          I have no idea how what I said can be interpreted to anything about gamergate. You've completely lost me.

            I'm confused by that too. GG tends to be very against politics in games and see anything that's not part of the status quo as politics in games. Take away the particulars and it's still the opposite of what GG has been saying. Unsurprisingly, most of the dicks in the GX article are vocally pro-GG.

              My understanding of Gamergate, at least based on the theory put forward by it's proponents, is that gaming journalism entities such as Kotaku should disclose when there are relationships/connections or when content is effectively sponsored via promotions, contractual arrangements, business contacts or other financial interests. This is fair enough. It's sad when a gaming site effectively "sells" a game, but it turns out they were basically shills for it and duped their audience for an advertising cheque (a la the Kane & Lynch 2 debacle at Gamespot).

              What I see, however, is basically abuse of women in gaming journalism for the audacity of even having a relationship, and abuse of any journalists (but especially females) who want to discuss social issues in and around gaming.

              I've said previously that while I don't agree with everything said by people such as Patricia Hernandez or Anita Sarkeesian (who are repeat targets for GG vitriol), they have their right to have opinions but the GGers are the ones who are acting like they're trying to take our video games away when in fact we stand to lose nothing, but instead may gain something.

              So, like you said, my comment when put in a GG-related framework, still seems to go against the actions of pro-GGers. Or how gay gamers wanting to seek out a place where they feel they can belong is at all related to the plight of GGers to begin with. Like how is that even pertinent to this discussion? Really scratching my head on this one.

                That a gay focused expo adds to the community, just like games with different leads or play styles and focus adds to video games. Neither of them takes away for what we currently have

                  Right. I guess I was confused because it seemed like my point was being interpreted as aligned with some of GGs arguments, whereas it would, if anything, be opposed like trjn pointed out.

                  I'm pro-diversity and pro-inclusiveness across the board.

            Poorly worded on my part and I've probably missed the main point. Link was probably tenuous at best... What jumped to mind for me is that there is no reason why there can't be diversity or changes in the landscape of gaming. Reflected in the way some (not all) GG's get pretty uppity about those supporting/pushing for changes.

            Wasn't that you said anything about gamergate specifically.
            More that the arguments against this expo are the same ones about diversity in games or other aspects. CoD isn't exclusive, there is no reasons girls can't enjoy it. If we make games with female leads then the next battlefield game will be Battlefield: Barbies bargain slaying shopping trip.
            The people arguing who can't understand that it adds to the community rather than taking away.

      I totally get it, and I agree with you 100%.

      Going to use spoiler tags for wall of text

      We live in a society that is intolerant of pretty much everything. I'm a mum, and let me tell you, even something as simple as "feeding a baby" or "using a stroller" can raise the ire of the "general public". Raised eyebrows, tut-tutting, lectures on how you're doing life the wrong way (why don't you cover up, why do you need that huge pram, why are you still breastfeeding your toddler, why aren't you still breastfeeding your baby, why isn't your formula organic, why are you wasting money on organic formula, can't you make your baby stop crying, why do people insist on bringing their kids to , I don't know why parents need a whole bathroom just for them, we didn't have special parking spots when I had kids...). It's no wonder a lot of parents retreat to their homes and feel that they just aren't welcome anywhere, even if most people are kind. All it takes sometimes is one vocal idiot to smash your perceptions and make you feel like you are alone and do not belong. This is why mother's groups are considered an essential part of being a new parent. It's not about exclusion, it's about support. Finding others who are walking the same path, and being able to talk about your life without having to explain, apologise or hold back.

      As for hobbies, I used to do dragonboat (I miss it so much! *sob*), and there were plenty of clubs with very specific memberships. Different Strokes are the first Australian LGBTI club, and they've been competing for about 7 years now. They race, they have a float in the Mardi Gras, they're regularly featured in the local gay press, their local is The Oxford. It's a sport that's generally very inclusive, but there are also clubs specifically for cultural groups (Chinese Youth League), juniors (Blackwattle Blue Subs), masters (Bei Loon) and breast cancer survivors (Dragons Abreast). They don't exclude people from their teams, but generally, only people who identify with that club would be interested in joining anyway. More teams, more people enjoying the sport.

      Everyone wins.

      GaymerX sounds good to me.

        Different Strokes is the most fantastic name for a gay rowing club.

        10/10, perfect

          Ahem, it's pronounced paddling

          But yeah, best club name ever

        they have a float in the Mardi GrasI find this far more amusing than it should be.

      Totally, man!

      I think people in that article were coming to the weird conclusion that if it's not going to solve all of society's issues all at once, then it shouldn't exist. I keep trying to parse the logic (though assuming there's logic to parse might be my mistake), and it's the only conclusion I can draw.

      But sometimes a safe place is valuable just because it's a safe place, and its victories are smaller, and more personal.

        I personally was seeing a lot of folks taking a disturbingly compassion-devoid way of pressing a belief that I personally hold (but don't particularly press), which is that in a 'perfect world' you don't treat anyone differently and you just fucking get on with your shit no matter how different someone is, so 'let's just start acting like that's the world that is'.

        But that's in a perfect world. Not this world right now.
        Maybe one day, when differences really ARE normalized to the point that kids don't learn to remark or behave differently about someone's sexual orientation or race or whatever... but that's not now.

        I understand the theory that we should behave as if that's the world right now; expecting that the ideal world will come into being through us acting as if it already is, just because enough of us agreed to act like it... and hope like hell that our kids won't learn any bigotry because we aren't showing it to them.

        But for those who are so affected by the ways in which it is currently not that ideal, no-one should begrudge them some coping mechanisms. Especially not ones that do not affect you.

      I'd never felt more in place in my life. It felt comforting being around others like me.
      I know it may be hard to understand from an outside perspective, but being around people you can relate to for the first time in your life. It was the first time I actually felt comfortable. Welcome.

      That's an interesting thing to read. The strength of it.

      It is hard for me to understand or relate, intuitively, at least - if not academically.
      A combination of privilege and only-partly-justified confidence has meant that I have rarely felt particularly out of place. Until I travel a LOT more to feel more alien, I may never understand that feeling of relief at the otherwise uncommon comfort of belonging - not emotionally or instinctively. I hear ex-pats get it a lot.

      ...But you don't have to understand a feeling or relate to it to respect it.
      Some experiences are so far removed from your own that you have to take the expression of it on peoples' word. Which is why that article did need to be written. And why it's disappointing that so many people missed the main point: that their experience is not universal.

      Hey man, we should totally re-schedule that Court shindig we were planning a few months ago. I can't remember exactly why we dropped the plans, something to do with me being an unsociable prick or something. Sounds like it could be a freaking great time. I'll even wear a tie!

        That could be good little Phlanisbro!

        I don't think I can do the adventureworld meat though, unfortunately :(
        I had a great time last time we went, but I usually work weekends :'(

        We'll definitely set up a time to go clubbing though ;)

    Board games amirite?

    I've been making a concerted effort to play many lots of board games lately. If I'm meant to be the board games guy, it makes sense. Right? Probably.

    The funny thing is that now I want to tackle the issue of breadth vs depth. Do I try to play as many different titles to get as broad an understanding of the hobby as possible or do I dig in on a few titles to really see what's going on there?

    Power Grid's a great example of a depth game. There is a group of retired/semi-retired peoples that hang out at all of the local board gaming groups. They play a lot of Power Grid. A lot. They have literally every map and the deluxe edition. I could easily latch onto them to get a lot of games of Power Grid under my belt in a short time.

    Or I could try and play a lot of Agricola with you guys via

    The other option is to try and play everything that I've been meaning to play. Terra Mystica, Mage Knight, everything by Uwe Rosenberg that isn't Agricola.

    Breadth vs Depth. Both give me a better understanding of board gaming. Both are options I can take. Sod it. I'm just going to play whatever the hell I can play. If that's more Power Grid, hurray! If that's the titles I haven't had a chance to check out, hurray! If that's the games I've played once or twice, hurray!

    More games. That's my solution.

      Por que no los dos

      I'd go depth-first, personally. I think that's more interesting. But if you're going to go in-depth, I feel like focusing on interesting mechanics is the way, rather than going deep on specific games. At least that's what I'd do.

        Power Grid and Agricola are both games with interesting mechanics and enough variation to go very, very deep on them. They're also games that I can expect to play reliably.

        Android: Netrunner is another game along those lines. I'm trying to suss out the local ANR community. Although I expect if I really wanted to go deep with ANR, I'd have to live in Melbourne.

      I'm with neg, do both.

      When I go to board gaming events I have a rule that I try a game new to me and that I try to play more games I don't own (unless I'm teaching).

        I'm much more of a slut. I'll play anything interesting and that includes games I've played before. Even amongst complete strangers, I default to teaching. It's what I know.

      Depth is probably cheaper so I'd opt for that. Unless your board gaming group has a large library that gets new products coming in regularly, keeping up to date with new games would be a challenge.

      Personally I go breadth. I'm more interesting in trying out new and interesting games than getting right down to the minute strategy of the one game.

    Did I already miss all the Jessica Jones discussion?

      Nope. I think most people are still working through the show.

        Are they enjoying it?

        Do they have any opinions?

        Would they like to discuss?

          I finished it in two days and it's my favourite MCU product so far.

          Tenant was very well cast and Kilgrave was effectively an evil version of his Doctor. They did a great job of fleshing him out and making his evil personal. They didn't hold back. Kilgrave couldn't comprehend that he was evil, that's important. His victims truly suffered and continued to suffer if they were lucky enough to survive. That's important. MCU lacks in this area and while Daredevil did a good job with Kingpin, it's nowhere near Kilgrave.
          I liked the supporting cast. All of them added to the story in various ways. Finding out that Malcolm was both Aussie and a Power Ranger was an odd revelation though.

            Agree pretty much on all points.

            Would have liked maybe an extra, non-Killgrave related case for the first two eps with more of the flashbacks & scary cuts.

            I feel like they introduced him straight away then dragged it out for a number of episodes before throwing Nuke in the mix as a little diversion.

            I find it pushes believability a tad by having absolutely everyone linked to Killgrave, even Luke.

            They didn't all have to be.

            Also, as a fanboy, I miss the way the original comic weaved it's way into the existing Marvel U. That was fun. Not needed, they did a great job setting up Jessica's own little corner.

              Having everything related to Kilgrave worked for me because of how personal his evil is. It's a defining point of this version of his character, his obsession with Jessica. She had one thing that wasn't related to him and at that point, she was well and truly paranoid.

                The main stand out for me was his wife's death being related. Yeah it added tension but are we going to find out that the company that made Nuke also made Jessica & Killgrave & then they all happened to move to Hells Kitchen & all happened to cross paths?

                It was a little to tight, too clean for me.

                We'll see what the story is next season though

                  If they have any sense, Kilgrave should be nothing more than a bad memory in future seasons. Nuke and co should be a separate thing otherwise it's a little too Heroes-ey. I'm hoping Luke's wife is just a sequel hook for Luke Cage's show.

                  @trjn Yep, would be nice.

                  I'm hoping Nuke was a setup for DD since Miller birthed him there.

                  I thought Nuke was primarily a Cappy villain these days. Anyhow, with the Defenders around the corner I think we're going to see a lot of cross-pollination. Want to bet that Luke Cage runs into Kingpin or one of this minions?

                  @trjn He always was used as a grotesque mirror to him. But he's popped up in Wolverine as well as that Red Hulk team, I can't remember the name.

            Holy shit, there was an Aussie Power Ranger?

              Most of the cast and crew of Power Rangers were Aussie or Kiwi. They filmed in New Zealand with whoever was available in order to avoid those pesky screen actors guild requirements. Malcolm was the Red RPM Ranger, if you care.

          Seems everyone likes it, but I saw one person bitching about one particular plot he didn't like, which apparently ruined the entire show for him, for some reason. I haven't started it yet, so I have no idea what he was talking about.

            There's chunks cut from the original filled in with less Marvel stuff. Perhaps that's it?

      I think most people are still making their way through it, so there hasn't been much.

        Feel free to tag me on any, if you'd like to hear my fanboi perspective

        2 episodes in, don't think we're rushing to finish it off just yet.

          Hasn't been enough Tennant!

            There's more than enough of him by the end.

              Can there ever be more than enough though?

                Ending spoilers: his arc ends like a wet fart. :( Very anticlimactic.

      As with the others comments me and the mrs are taking our time through the show; watching an episode a day!

      It's okay. A bit long. Dragged a bit toward the end.

      - Killgrave is an awesome villain.

      - Didn't like elements of the writing. Why is everyone in the Marvel TV stuff a fucking booze hound and no one really thinks there's anything wrong with that?

      - Carrie-Ann Moss steals every scene she's in. Possibly the best casting of the whole show. I so hope at some point when these characters come together there's an episode involving a legal battle between Murdoch and Hogarth.

      - I'm not really looking forward to the Luke Cage series. He worked well as a companion, but I didn't see anything there that was interesting enough that I'd want to see a whole series about him.

      - Action sequences were largely boring brute force stuff.

      - Enjoyed Daredevil more.

        Oh wow, Luke was my favourite casting.

          I thought he was a great Luke Cage, but I kinda hope his series is a bit lighter in tone- the guy who is getting his shit back together, not the guy going through oppressively dark shit, which is what Daredevil and this were about

            I'm not sure, dark seems to be the tone Marvel Netflix is leaning on. But the DD & JJ source material they've used mostly was dark originally.
            Like has been many things over the years, I guess they'll mix in some of his 70s origin with the feel if Bendis & Azzerello's takes.

            A lighter tone would be nice though. Surely once Iron Fist appears it will be almost buddy cop

          I didn't mind the casting. He's well cast. Though the guy needs to work on his enunciation a bit as there were lines that felt mumbled a bit.

          The issue I have is that the character didn't seem like he had remotely enough interesting about him to hold up a 13 episode show.

          You probably feel different because you're familiar with the comics. I'm not. This part of the Marvel canon is completely new to me - I only ever got into 90s X-Men stuff with a bit of Iron Man on the side.

            Yeah, they're holding all that back for his solo series

              I hope so. More than happy for them to surprise me. Just doesn't seem like something I'll be as interested in.

                I hope it'll be more like DD, many more decades of source material to use for a more interesting, less loose & tighter packed tale.

                I really liked how many names pop up in DD that either fill out the universe or set up next season.

                JJ had to create more on the fly & it didn't always work as well.

        Jessica self-medicates her PTSD with booze. I don't think everyone likes it but accept that she's got serious shit to deal with. Trish should make a bigger deal of it, as a recovering drug user. Malcolm should care but is only just coming clean himself, with her help, so is justified in not making a point of it. Luke... he's a bartender, which is shorthand for "we needed an excuse for him not to mention it."

          I think there was a nice reversal near the end (end of season spoiler)

          she drops her keys & he picks them up & opens the door for her. This plus him taking the phone at the end sets him up as her obvious secretary, so I imagine a lot of whiny whinging will go on next season

            Malcolm's development was rad. He went from something that showed Jessica's human side despite the brashness to someone to take care of her. Putting him in the same room as Night Nurse was a little on the nose but I like that it means Trish won't be anywhere near that position.

              Malcom was a more interesting character to me than most of the rest of the cast.

          I think my issue is that I felt like she stays completely static the entire show. No development. Doesn't have a proper arc where her beliefs are challenged or anything. Gets revenge on Killgrave and then she seemed like she was exactly where she was to begin with. That was disappointing. I didn't feel like she went through any tough decisions or moral choices or anything.

          I think that was why I preferred Daredevil. There was more of a character there. So many dichotomies to the guy, like the conflict between his Catholicism and the fact he murders people, or even just the issue he has where he's not sure whether he's going out and doing what he is because he's actually a rage-fueled nutjob. I felt like thee was a lot more character there and that he goes through a real arc.

          Maybe a good amount of it is because Murdoch tries to keep his identity secret from his friends, and the way things eventually fall apart because of that. Jessica doesn't try to hide her abilities.

            Yeah, you're right. In the comic

            Killgrave is only ever hinted at, she takes on many different cases before he finally returns & defeating him is the series end.

            The follow-up series Pulse, is her in a much happier place having beaten the prick.

            Seems they wanted the best bit of the comic without the loss of Moody Jessica :-/

              I can't see how they could have written it differently with just one 13-episode season to play with but it definitely needed a few extra subplots woven in.

      I'm probably going to hit it up this weekend when I need a break from fallouting.

      I'm still fighting my way through Daredevil. Might catch up one of these days.

    Ran into one of my highschool friends at climbing last night, so ended up doing some top rope.

    Near as I can figure it, last time I did that would've been with Climbey. Which would put it at two years ago, almost exactly. And once again, the whole time I'm stuck thinking "god damn when did climbing get to be such hard work?" Climbs just go on forever, don't get to stop every couple of minutes and sit under the fan for a while. I need an air conditioned shirt :P

    Felt good nailing a bunch of reds though, and seeing that finger strength get put to use.

      I have no idea what any of that meant, apart from "highschool friend" and "two years ago"

        I think 'nailing a bunch of reds' is a euphemism for killing Russians.

            Best link.

            Am slightly disappointed it wasn't a link to Freedom Fighters, though.

      St Leonards? Reds? You monster.
      You competing this weekend?

      Last edited 24/11/15 12:51 pm

    You Should Try Fallout 4 Without Fast Travel


      I skipped the article for exactly that reason. Glad to see I made the right choice.

      Thanks for the warning lol going to be avoiding that article =.=

      Last edited 24/11/15 11:14 am

      Anyone who shuns Fast Travel obviously doesn't have the same kleptomania problem that I do.

      Yes. Let's all crawl everywhere.

        I fast travel paths that I've already walked, primarily for the inventory dump return. That said, I try to wander and explore an area instead of beelining straight to the next quest marker.

          Always follow the sound of gunfire or the silhouettes of buildings. :)

            Last time I followed gunfire it was just the wandering trader bumbling into the next set of enemies that I should have blundered into.

              I thought those traders were immortal, but then Doc Weathers picked a fight with a Mr Gutsy who killed the badass older female caravan guard with the short white hair. The one who had that line that always cracked me up. ("It's a shit job, but at least the pay's terrible.") I really mourned her loss. Later, I came across the corpse of one of the wandering booze salesmen. He'd been next to a car that had gone nuclear when a Gunner dropped a grenade off the overpass.

              Now I run to gunfire to try and protect the traders and their employees.

                Or loot the corpses if you're too late.

      I'm still surprised how full of stuff the wasteland is. There are little stories everywhere, of people trying or failing to survive...

    So important questions...

    Fallout 4 or Battlefront?

    Mad Max for $21 or Lords of the Fallen for $15?

    Rage for $5 or Brink for $5?

      Fallout 4 for me, I'm a bit over multiplayer at the moment and I feel like Fallout has more longevity/bang for buck.

      More interested in Mad Max than Lords of the Fallen, but I have no idea about their objective merits.

      Between Rage, Brink, and not spending $5, I'd keep the $5.

        Bleh, Kermitron is probably right about FO4 vs SW:BF, @cffndncr.

          But but... I can get the full FO4 experience this time next year, whereas all the multiplayer crowds will have moved on to other games by then

            Ugh. Oh crap, I meant what @Tigerion said. Yes, that. Longevity/timing.

            Even though FO4 is undoubtedly the better game, it'll only keep/improve over the next few months. :P

      Battlefront is likely to die off as a MP only game so if you want that get in early, fallout 4 will always be awesome but BF may have a timeframe
      Do you like AC / Just cause / Far cry collectathons / clear the map games? If so Max otherwise LotF
      Rage of those, brink MP is dead

      Hard to answer the first right now without knowing about your tastes.

      I really disliked LotF, felt like all the worst aspects of Dark Souls exemplified with none of the fantastic counteracting elements. Mad Max was hardly stellar, but it didn't really do much wrong, it just sort of... was.

      Despite owning Brink I never played it. RAGE on the other hand was wonderful, and I loved it far more than popular opinion says I should have. Not that I ever finished it, but shhhhh.

      Fallout 4, Lords of the Fallen (I haven't played Mad Max, but I really enjoyed my time with LotF), Rage.

      And that last one is a very reluctant and disappointed endorsement. Brink did so much right, but its time has passed - it's a multiplayer-only in disguise, thanks to bots, and they're crap. Rage you can at least play.

      EDIT: Reasons

      - neither (fallout 4 boring, battlefield MP-only and looks like it'll peter out in months)

      - neither (mad max was panned badly, lords of the fallen's a low-budget dark souls ripoff)

      - neither (rage isn't very good, brink's good but multiplayer-only and the game's dead)

      Last edited 24/11/15 1:01 pm

      Fallout 4

      Lords of the Fallen

      And save your $5, Brink was mostly a multiplayer game and there's probably next to noone playing it anymore and Rage ... well, it's just shit.

      (Actually, maybe Rage isn't that bad but I got it close to release and it would constantly crash my computer or if I was lucky, just refuse to run.)

      Mad Max was way better than Lords of the Fallen, and I say that as a diehard Dark Souls-type game fan. MM wasn't by any means perfect, though.

    This weekend I slacked off and didn't look at houses and made myself feel very stressed. \o/

    I'm currently in a conundrum. Too many games but nothing I feel like playing. In addition to Jessica Jones I polished off a couple of visual novels because I don't know why:

    - Fault: Milestone 2: Side Above
    This was really good. Better than the first one. Entertaining read. Shame it's so short (4 hours to read it all, zero branches). Not the best thing out there but I don't regret my time spent with it.

    - Sakura Fantasy
    Terrible. Average-quality writing that's basically a string of excuses for showing images of big-boobed anime girls in compromising positions and situations. Developer seems to churn out one of these games every 6 weeks or so and they've got some kind of patreon racket going too.

    They're pretty decent boobies though.

    I have Trails in the Sky SC sitting there taunting me, but I really want to play that with a 100% guide as there was a ton of stuff I missed in the first game and it made my OCD flare up something terrible. The Steam achievements all look really obtainable for once too. So waiting.

    I had Tales of Zestiria lined up but that game was over really fast. I also had AC Syndicate as the backup game but the first few hours left me with such a profound sense of ennui that I haven't gone back.

    Played a bit of Kantai Collection and I probably should get back to that. On the last map for the event but the reward for clearing it is shit compared to how hard it looks - I have too many lowbie destroyers as it is, and Hagikaze is all kinds of bland. Same issue as the last event, where the ultimate reward for clearing it was also a Destroyer (Teruzuki) though at least in that case she's got a niche she's useful in (though I have sister-ship Akizuki already so the niche is filled). I cleared E4 really fast - 3 sorties only - and didn't get Graf Zeppelin as a drop yet so I may actually ignore E5 and grind E4, though it'd be nice to actually finish the event too. Generally finding the game doesn't hold my attention the way it used to though.

    Can't play World of Warships due to shit intermittent lag on my connection which I can't fix (and which might be caused by my laptop - which by the way is a miserable way to play that game as I keep bumping the touchpad with my left thumb and that causes my guns to fire). The WiFi spectrum is so overloaded that I can only get a good signal sitting right beside the router. Can't stream anime from anywhere else which has put a big dent in that, so I'm a long way behind in shows I was watching before I moved. Netflix seems to stream fairly fine to my laptop anywhere in the apartment but I guess it's designed to automatically adjust quality and stuff, where Crunchyroll et al don't do any work to compensate for intermittent signal issues.

    Horrible feeling, being bored but not wanting to actually play any of my backlog.

      trails in the sky... man that game is amazing... except sony doesnt want to take my money, and still wants to charge me $50-odd for psp digital download.... >_

        I'm so glad I decided to use a US PSN account for my Vita when I got it.

          True story, I'm stuck in TitS 2. Really simple question objective & I haven't the foggiest if where to go.

            Let's just all pretend my autocorrect isn't a complete arse, shall we?

      You're better off taking a break on the house hunting every now and then. They'll still be there next time you check and that whole situation just layers stress upon stress which leads to mistakes if you don't vent from time to time. It wasn't causing me too much stress but I'm sooo happy to be done with the apples and oranges side of finding a place. Now it's just shuffling paperwork. It's annoying but it has definitive answers. I know it's the eye of the storm before I actually start moving but it's so nice not having to make choices right now.

    Posted this on twitter, figured i dont have most of you on there, so repost....

    basically we were playing rocketleague (ps4) the other day when this happened...

    try sit through the 2.5 minutes... itll be worth your while...

    Crap. I messaged my friend asking for Stare Girl's number, intending to figure out what to message her before I get a chance to convince myself that this is a terrible idea.

    But now he's apparently scoping out whether there's any interest there and will pass it on once he finds out, and I get to enjoy waiting in limbo til that happens.

    Inb4 everyone else I know decides to message me throughout the day about unrelated nothings making me jump every time the phone buzzes.

    Definitely a terrible idea.

      When do you finish high school again?

        I didn't really do much highschool while actually in highschool, so I guess I'm busy playing catch-up now :P

        When he does, he'll just go from West Beverley Hills High to an apartment building full of models, like Melrose Place. Don't worry. Plenty of episodes left.

      *deep breath*


      *Adelaide City Council breaks in to TAY*

      "oi, do you have a food truck licence?"

      "Yes I do officer it's right-"


      ACC knocks popcorn to the ground, overturns cart. Jay Weatherill comes and consoles me.

    Welp, turned out to be the graphics card. Swapped the 7970 out for my old 7770 and gavve it a bit of a clean out while I was at it, and all's good. Except Anno 2205 now runs at 20 fps, with huge stuttering when loading new areas. Now I need to figure out if I can cope with the old card until christmas so my parents have an idea of something I'd actually want (for once - seriously, I'm horrible to buy gifts for :P) or do I go a couple of blocks down the road and pick up that 390x that MSY have in stock...

        For when you absolutely, positively, have to run an entire cinema screen at 4k.

          Wouldn't the physical size of the screen be irrelevant? 4K on a 30" monitor would be the same as 4K on a cinema projector. Just the relative physical size of each pixel that changes.

            I always assumed it was easier to run 4k on a phone screen than a PC monitor, but there is a super high chance that I am an idiot and that's not at all how it works.

              I think (others, please correct me if I'm wrong!) it depends on the complexity of what's being rendered. So something being rendered on a phone screen is likely to be less complex (computationally) so it's "easier" on the phone processor, whereas something on a PC might include many fancy anti-aliasing techniques and reflections and whatnot which is what makes it more complex. Welbot posted a screenshot for a not-at-all complex game (Cook, Serve, Delicious) which now includes 4K rendering but seeing as the game is rather simple this shouldn't be difficult to render on any screen.

              If all things are equal hardware wise, you should be able to plug the same hardware in to different screens and achieve the exact same result FPS wise. E.g. a 19" 1080P monitor should behave the same as a 24" 1080P monitor should behave the same as a 1080P projector (projector performance notwithstanding). At those points the capabilities of the monitor (e.g. refresh rate, Grey-2-Grey response, etc) come in to play but they're not on the computer hardware side.

          For when you actually have so much money that it's becoming a burden to not spend it.

        Sadly, MoBo only has one PCIe slot big enough for a GPU... :( Also, bank account only has budget for one GPU, so it kinda works out. :P

    Tired. Send coffee or sleep capsules.
    Days like this I really wish you could stockpile sleep and draw on pre saved sleep to keep you going. Need to take a long boring trip, just spend those hours stockpiling sleep.

      That is a brilliant idea. I would just bank up sleep during Summer heat or when game releases are slow, then spend all my sleep-surplus on entertainment marathons or really great Winter weather periods.

      I keep trying to do this by sleeping on train trips and such. It... kinda works. Sometimes.

        During uni, I developed a mild superpower - I was able to fall asleep on public transport, and miraculously wake up when I reached my stop.

        Alcohol was my kryptonite though, so many drunken trips out to the middle of nowhere because I slept too long.

          That was where I developed my superpower too!

          Though it became overpowered. I couldn't sit in a lecture without falling asleep within minutes. And I also developed a resistance to my alarm in the mornings, sometimes sleeping through the entire thing. Other times, even turning it off in my sleep. Crowning achievement was when I did the whole "set it up across the room so you have to get up" thing, and managed to slither across the floor and back into bed again, hardly stirring from my sleep at all.

          Thankfully never managed to sleep through my stop though. Even if occasionally I'd wake up as the train was stopped there, and had to rush out before the doors closed.

            Sleeping in lectures is normal though. It's warm, it's dark, no one cares what you do and it's just an hour of someone standing behind the battlements of their lectern and droning about god knows what.

            Only a couple of lecturers I had were able to keep everyone awake. Either they had really interesting content and were good speakers (the guy that took Computer Graphics stuff for example was always really good) or because they knew why people would nod off and would deliberately turn down the thermostat to make it cold, keep the lights on full and wander around the room and randomly ask people questions.

              Lectures? Warm? What madness is this :P

              Damn things were always freezing, and that was part of the problem. I'm probably a lizard, put me in a cold air-conditioned room and watch me doze off. If it were warm, I'd be fine. Actually, they were usually light too, didn't often end up in darkness.

              I had a few really good lecturers, and loved listening to them teach us things. But even with the added interest, still couldn't fight the sleeps. Which really sucked for the Discrete Maths lectures, since Steve was pretty much the best lecturer we had but also there were no notes for that one, had to write everything down ourselves. And there was a lot to copy down.

              My notes are covered in lines where I've started to doze off and the pen's just slid across the page from wherever it was last :P

                Maybe, and I'm just guessing here based on the first two occasions I met you, but you'd be warmer if you wore more clothes...


              Something about training/learning in a classroom situation just puts me straight to sleep. Doesn't need to be a lecture hall, doesn't seem to matter what environment. Sitting in a group of people with one person talking at me for an hour is fucking chloroform.

          That's impressive. I've seen Japanese people do that on trains over there, but in that case their system runs to military precision so their bodies are trained that if they sleep for exactly 22 minutes then wake up they'll be at their stop. Australian public transport can barely keep within 10 minutes of schedule.

            I'd say most mornings I can doze on the train and, because I get off at Town Hall (which is an underground station, in case you don't know Sydney), I tend to wake up when we enter the tunnel after passing through Central.

            I need to be truly exhausted to oversleep. I have on one or two occasions woken up at Circular Quay, when the train again emerges into the morning light. I think on one truly horrifying occasion I followed the city circle all the way around and woke up back at central, strongly debating whether I should just continue on back home and call in sick out of embarrassment.

            Last edited 24/11/15 1:27 pm

            Habit's a funny thing.
            When I was sleeping polyphasically (6x sessions daily of 25-30min each, at 2, 6, and 10am/pm), my body learned those times automatically. I would set an alarm anyway, but wouldn't need to. I'd be up within 1-2 min of the timer.

            ...Unless I missed more than one nap. Missing one nap was tolerable, but if I ever missed two for some reason, I knew with certainty that the next time I laid down, I was going to be out for precisely 4hrs (to the minute - no more, no less), come hell or high water. That included the apartment building evacuation alarm noise - no waking.

          I get on a plane, and if I don't slap the 'Please wake me for meals' sticker on my shoulder, then I wake up 17 hours later dehydrated and mildly confused as the plane descends into LAX.

      I'd settle for just being able to sleep on command. I swear my body thinks that if I went to sleep at 11PM and woke up at 8AM, then the next day I must need to go to sleep at 1AM and wake up at 10AM. And if I dare try to sleep earlier than that by body cracks it and refuses to let me sleep at all.

    Friggen... first they get rid of the Liverpool-City via Regents Park line, so it's over to the Bankstown line to avoid having to jump between a billion trains. Now they're cutting up that one too. Bleh.


      I need to move out of this fucking shithole before they decide to tear up the lines and turn them into a decorative fountain in Artarmon or something.

        Having lived in 2 suburbs attached to the bankstown line (bankstown being one of them) the most life changing decision I ever made was moving to a suburb that doesn't use that train line. For reals.

          Carramar wasn't so bad when there was a direct line to the city via regent's park. Then they shut it down on weekends, so when I wanted to visit my mother (when she lived at Carramar and I was at Summer Hill) I had to catch two trains instead of one. Now they've gotten rid of it entirely.

          The small comfort I have about my one hour commute to the city each way every day is that it was at least easy. One train, I get a seat and chill, read, snooze, whatever. Now I had to change at Bankstown and hope there isn't a huge delay in the connecting train? And hope it's at least as fast otherwise my commute gets longer. The least they could do is reopen the via regent's park line, but they fucking won't. Assholes.

          I'll probably just wind up going to Cabramatta and changing there, but even that's a huge hassle.

          Last edited 24/11/15 2:05 pm


    *throws it into bottom of bag*

      Dammit it's never so straightforward as "ok I will do the thing" and then I do the thing and it's done.

        That 'thing' that you could have done and then it was done was ask for her number at the wedding. Then it would have been done and straightforward.

          In front of everyone I know and everyone she knows? Way too ambitious :P

          Also would require presence of mind to think of and act on that at the time >_>

            You could always ask her to dance and then ask her as you walk her back to the table
            but that is for next time so you don't have to worry about this limbo

            Have you sent the message yet?

              Haha, dancing is even further out of the question. Doesn't even have the possibility of avoiding failure, so on come the brakes :P

              As for the message, well... no. Not yet.

    I've been playing Base Defence in the Battlefront companion app (fun little game, especially for free) and have been stuck on one level where all enemies have two abilities: they hit harder and they always shoot first (kind of like Greedo..right? Right? RIGHT? RIGHT?!!? RIIIIGHT???????)

    Anyway, I finally beat it. This isn't an interesting story, I just wanted to brag.

    I went to the doctor this morning, my self diagnosed low blood pressure resulting from diabetes is a wee bit off, My doctor said my blood pressure was a bit low, not dangerously low but low enough to cause dizzy spells when under hot water for long periods of time which i thought was a anxiety attack but nope. He also said my anxiety i had been feeling is probably from the stress of personal stuff and moving away from home and that i should keep myself busy with electronics stuff and excercise a little more.

    Oh he also said that if i ever open WebMD again he will know and flog me.That made me smile.

    It funny, i knew all that stuff already but it kind of takes someone with a coat and glasses saying it to make me feel more at ease.
    Tl;Dr i have to sit in the shower.

      He'll know because if you look at WebMD you'll know that you have cancer. Everything is cancer. Or lupus.

        Or cancer of the lupus.

        Fun fact: My dad has lupus.

        EDIT: I feel I should point out that while yes, my dad does have lupus, this is a bit of a running joke between @rize and I.

        Last edited 24/11/15 2:37 pm

          That's not fun! That's not fun at all! You lied to me through commenting! I hate when people do that!

            *singing* Whooo needs the lupus joooke?

            I DOOOOOOOOOO...*bursts into tears*

      Haha, it's so funny when lecturers at uni who also work as nurses mention WebMD. I recall one saying something along the lines of, "you always need to respect a patients opinion even if you really want to strangle a patient because they think they know more then you because they looked on WebMD"

      Last edited 24/11/15 2:34 pm

    All Secret SanTAY emails have been sent.

    If you didn't get one let me know.

    It's in your hands now. Use your Santa powers responsibly.

      Dammit, didn't work, I've become Jolly Old Saint Evil Overlord

      Received. Now to stalk research my target recipient mercilessly in a reasonable manner.


      My poor victim.

        *welds mailbox shut*

          Mate, I've sent out a puppy to be licked, A picture to keep you all Safe, and an actual reasonable thing that I have no idea how it turned out.

          You should dream of the chance to be a part of my ego-stroking exercises.

      Boy I hope my target likes old pickle jars filled with toenails.

        I was so hoping for fingernails this year.
        Disappointed again.

    Changed my workstation's desktop background to a particularly awesome screenshot of Fallout 4. That...was a mistake.

    *staring at clock intensifies*

      I have a rad set of Star Wars wallpapers that it constantly moves between...

      That are always covered by fullscreen windows.

        Pretty much me except with my LoL wallpapers, on both screens.

        I'm currently minimizing windows when I change focus so at least one desktop is visible. It's slowing me down a heap, but oh well :P

      I have a plain Windows 7 wallpaper to represent how devoid of joy and empty my life is.

        I don't have a wallpaper at home, it's just a solid blue background.

        Alongside the Classic theme, it reminds me how great win98 was.

        Last edited 24/11/15 3:31 pm

          My Dad used to yell at us when we changed the wallpaper on the computer. I used to change it to the Win98 Clouds background when I used it and then change it make to the plain Teal one before I turned it off :P

            When we were kids we got yelled at for changing the mouse cursors.

            ...That was a little more understandable, anything other than a basic point is pretty annoying.

              Oh yes, we did this too. We were fond of the cursor that waggled it's "tail" constantly :P

              (I think that one was in WinXP though?)

              EDIT: Haha, I found it! Almost tempted...

              Last edited 24/11/15 4:54 pm

    So when i try to open kotaku on my laptop, it redirects me to an iis7 site. Any ideas?

    Might as well make it a proper question: What's your desktop background at work, TAY? Also, how many monitors do you use?

      My desktop background is our corporate assigned one. However it doesn't take in to account that I use one monitor in landscape and the other in portrait so on my vertical monitor I only get half a background.

      2 monitors. 1680x1050 (L) + 1050x1680 (P)

      I have *minimises everything*

      Uhhh, a plain blue background. Yup, that sure is something.

        Ditto. After two years here I finally started using a background. Then they gave me a laptop to replace my desktop PC. It's been a year and I still haven't set a new desktop. I guess I see it so seldomly I don't really care.

      Two monitors. Background is a picture I took in Kompong Cham in Cambodia

      I have a laptop with a screen that is approximately 20% dead pixels. Not even an exaggeration, big chunks of the screen don't work.

      Background is some stock HP blue swirly thing.

      Company logo. I'm not allowed to change it. :(

      Two monitors, although they're both completely different shapes and sizes and I'm constantly plotting to steal other peoples' monitors.

      Two monitors, and I have... four wallpapers that I set it to cycle between? There's a piece of Metroid Fusion fan art I found which was pretty cool, then some Pikmin 3 art, and a crop of a huge piece of hi-res Wind Waker art, then the last one is one of the super hi-res screenshots I took in Elite some time last year, looking at a station which used to float really close to its sun back in beta. Baker Platform, I think it was.

      2 Screens and for pictures? I just use whatever wallpaper appropriate/sized concept images/screenshots of games.

      2 monitors (13" MacBook Air, 24" monitor). Rotating Force Awakens art at the moment.

      24" monitor basically runs terminal windows all day.

      This. Two 22" monitors, both landscape, on my primary PC, one 22" for the other PC on my desk.

      Forgot to mention my own. Totally lucked out with 3xDell U2414H monitors in landscape, and change my wallpaper once a week minimum because I'm fickle :P

      Honestly, 3 monitors still feels like overkill but I do actually make frequent use of all three at the same time.

      A screenshot from Vanishing of Ethan Carter, overlooking a river next to the bridge near the starting area - such a pretty game. On my laptop, some random space/fantasy planet thing I found on deviantart/google that worked well with my rainmeter clock.

      How many monitors? Hmm... effectively four. Workstation has two (2x 1680x1050), then my laptop (1920x1080) has a second plugged in (1920x1200) because the main screen is only 12". Synergy to share the workstation KB/M between the two, so feels like four continuous screens, for the most part.

      I have no idea, it's never visible.

      2 monitors. One of which is a really nice, giant, shiny touchscreen, which I intentionally use to show black-background pages and menus on so that I can stare at myself in the reflection.

      ...God damn I'm gorgeous.

      Mine varies a lot, I have 4 monitors hooked up at the moment.
      The background was of my work-in-progress full size BB-8 plans, that way I could keep working on them in a way whenever I was slacking off. But then we had a catchup movie night, and it ended up a montage of bad 70s science fiction movie posters.
      I only managed to keep the Zardoz backdrop for a few hours before I got complaints though.

      Home: Single monitor, Waterfall photo I took in NZ
      Work: Dual monitor. Photo of Tiglet sitting on work chair with her hands on the keyboard and smiling

    So. Response from friend was less than encouraging. But number was still passed along anyway?

    Currently tossing up between "abort mission" and "full steam ahead (into what appears likely to be certain doom)". Heavily leaning towards the former, even though I feel I should probably do the latter :P


      Oh no, not rejection! Whatever will you do, afterwards?

      Hint: Exactly whatever you were going to do anyway, that's what you'll do. Get in there, already, you handsome, talented muppet.

        The idea of potential rejection was far easier to ignore when it didn't seem so certain :P

        Last edited 24/11/15 7:39 pm

      Just go for it son! You can always say you're happy to be friends and it doesn't have to be awkward if it doesn't work out :)
      Nothing ventured, nothing gained.
      I was lucky enough to be approached by one of my lady friends this past weekend and since then have agreed to give it a go and see what happens, no worries if it doesn't work out, great if it does :)

        Nothing ventured, nothing gained.Exactly what I've been chanting to myself the whole time I was trying to make myself go ahead with it.

        ...and will be this morning until I'm ready to actually send off that message >_>

        I've been lucky enough to have been approached a few times in the past now. On the flipside, I've been unlucky enough to never really have gone and done the approaching myself in the past :P

        Good for you Haggis, feel free to share any popcorn stories
        Hope if works out well for you

        Mate it's not page 6 yet, what are you doing here!?

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