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    My head is becoming overly acquainted with my desk today.

    11th November - email from me to people - this thing you did is wrong. Please review customer profile and do a, b and c to fix. Please email me to confirm done by 20th November.

    24th November - Me reviewing non-responders - On checking the customer profile where that thing was wrong. No one from your team has even looked at the profile since I emailed you 2 weeks ago. Please fix it. Now.

    The complete lack of accountability some of our people have is stunning.

      If you wanted results, you should've been breathing down their necks every day, so they could complain about how unreasonable you are... y'know. For wanting results.

    Afternoon/evening all how are we?

    Quick question for everyone i know nothing about PC gaming so i am unsure what is good/bad as far as desktops for gaming, anyway i have come into possession of a Lenovo E31 tower with a NVIDIA quadro 600 graphics card, would this be alright to completely rebuild and use for someone for gaming?

    Being a cheapskate i just want to build it up and give it to someone else who would be able to get use from it but not 100% sure on whether it is suitable or not.

      You'd need to replace a few parts for a start. That graphics card is a Workstation (i.e. CAD) card not gaming. So I suspect if that's the graphics card it's got (and that's a few years old as is) it's probably got a pretty old processor in it sooooo... maybe? Depending on the level of gaming involved some of the parts may still be more than ok but that GPU is going to be your priority to upgrade.

        Of course, if you're going to replace the CPU with a good one, you'll probably need to get a better board that supports it, which may mean that you need to get new RAM and an extra couple fans and the new GPU and OH GOD THIS IS WHY I DON'T HARDWARE ANYMORE.

          Yeah I wasn't going to (fully) open that can of worms. :P

      The quadro? That's four times better than the uno!


        Uh oh! Spaghetti O's! Freeze is trying to turn page 4 into page 6!!

      Ok, well to start, with, quadro cards are more for 3d modelers/animators/gpu enabled software. They have poor game performance due to lower memory bandwidth than the regular gtx series, and also the standard line of cards have their drivers optimized specifically for gaming, where as the quadro's are not. In general, you will find that games will run slower on a quadro (depends on what models you are comparing, but compare say, a K2200 quadro to a 750ti, and games will perform (on average) about 7% faster on the 750ti. Sounds nuts given the awesome looking specs of the quadro's but they're really made for entirely different purposes. Quadro's generally have more memory due to the developers using extremely high poly models to generate normal maps etc, and also humungous textures, which would not be used by all cards out there, but the devs need to make sure they can cater to anyone, while keeping their costs to a minimum.
      quardo's are also required to run some CAD software, as they have to have qualified drivers.

      The same applies for the workstation/tower itself to some degree. it should be running a Xeon processor, which is geared more towards server work and development stuff, but there are some poeple who use them for gaming at home too. They are somewhat comparable to the i7 series, in that they have more cores, and also hyperthreading, but how many and low much L2/L3 cache it has will depend on the model of the CPU.

      Could you use it to build a gaming machine? Technically yes. Would you be better to try and sell it and buy a more mainstream setup geared specifically toward gaming? If gaming is what you want out of it most, yes. If you want to dabble in a bit of dev, and don't care if your games run a tad slower than they would on the equivalent mainstream setup, go ahead. Nothing to stop you in terms of compatibility. You will still be able to do everything with either system, it just depends on what your priorities are.

      Last edited 24/11/15 6:04 pm

    Cheers guys,

    @beeawwb Considering what i have available at home i think this might be the newest stuff i have on hand unfortunately, My goal was to build up something at least serviceable for a bit of gaming.

    The PC will most likely be getting used by a teenager so i am guessing his choice in games may not be 100% compatible for this PC but i am not sure what they intend to play if much at all i think it may be a bit of an all round family pc with a bit of gaming on the side for the teens.


    As i describe above it could be used as an all rounder with some gaming, The family doesn't have much money so i am doing this as more of quick favor for them to get something in the house that could do a bit of everything and play games which the teens will want. Previous machines of theirs i have looked at had LOL and i think Minecraft and that was all that was installed. However they may want newer games now.

    So in summary it could do what i want it to but to get the best out of it i should upgrade a few things to make it the best possible system.

      yeah essentially that's what it boils down to. You could get away with just putting a better GPU in it, as the CPU is more than capable, just optimized in a slightly different way. The GPU would make much more of a difference than changing the CPU though.

      Last edited 24/11/15 7:25 pm

      The good news is that LoL and Minecraft will both run on a potato.

      In all seriousness, if you already have the thing, I would just run the games you want to play on it as it is until you encounter some noticeable bottlenecks. All kinds of machines should be able to run some LOL/Minecraft/WoW/etc without too much hassle. You really only want to look at upgrades if you're noticing that you wish you could play more recent-release AAA or whatever.

      Identify what those bottlenecks are (eg: CPU/RAM/GPU) and if it's easy and modular to upgrade (GPU/RAM) do so relatively cheaply for that one component, and if it's CPU... well. That's a different can of worms.

      Chuck a 970 in it and you are good to go.

      In terms of graphics cards, i would think that a used Nvidia GTX 660 TI or 750 Ti would be more than sufficient for their needs, if they're not extremely into PC gaming.

      Here's a used 2GB GTX 660 Ti for $140 on GT:

      Last edited 25/11/15 10:33 am

      Cheers for all the suggestions guys/girls, i will see what the machine is capable of running first and then go from there, No doubt i will encounter something at some point but i will tackle that when the time comes. Knowing my recent luck with PC's though i could end up blowing the damn thing up :S

    On the train, headphones in, head down.
    Look up 15 minutes later, I'm well on my way down the wrong line.

    Ahhhh. One of those days today.

    I can't quite tell who's side this comic is on... or if they're just sitting in the middle... but surely it's in reference to the recent Kotaku article? Although published on same day... but with time zones... ehhh... or am I over thinking it?

      If you read the post attached to the comic, it's most definitely about the Kotaku stuff, and uhhh, well... let's politely say that I think he sounds like a git.

        Wow.... those sure are some... words.

        Is it just me or is he kinda missing the point? I'd prefer to get heads up that a game is broken/glitchy over a day 1 review saying the title gets 8.5 advertising slots out of 10 and a wishy-washy blurb about a 'refreshed narrative for the series but could use refinement in the mechanics'.

          Kotaku US has had some harsh words about Holkins in the past, especially when they had their accuse everyone phase a while back and Holkins is completely unable to let grudges go. They're never going to be friendly.

            I think it was when they reported on some discontent with Hothead studios who effectively said they didn't want to make the Penny Arcade games anymore because Jerry can't write to a deadline and it was costing them a lot waiting on him. Which is a shame because the Hothead games were much better than the Zeboyd ones.

          Yeah. I agree with him that Kotaku US stir things up and that their behaviour should cause publishers and developers to question why they support them, but at the same time it feels like he doesn't agree with Bethesda's actions in this specific case as much as he's using the Bethesda/Kotaku conflict as an excuse to make a statement he's had on his mind for a while.

          I normally love the PA guys but in this case a personal grudge means that he completely fucking missed the point.

          In their comic they imply that the games media/scorpion actually reported on something that was told to them in confidence, with the understanding that it wouldn't be shared, which - my understanding is - didn't happen with the Ubi/Bethesda leaks.

          There's a big fucking difference between betraying someone's confidence and fucking up their marketing plan. Anyone who thinks that these are one and the same has their head up their ass.

            Many years ago, Warren Ellis wrote up a gonzo journalist Spider Jerusalem in a garish, dystopian future, and one particular comment stuck with me.

            He goes to do some actual investigative journalism, and his assistants are amazed at the things he finds and how they're not better hidden. He remarks that no-one's used to journalists actually doing REAL journalism anymore.

            “When I tell her I’m going digging, she thinks I’m looking through the press releases.”

      What I find bizarre about this whole thing is that people complain that Kotaku wrote those articles solely for profit while - in the same breath - defend Bethesda/Ubisofts right as a corporation to do whatever they want for profit.

    My fitbit charge hr has been bugging me this week about a firmware update for the tracker.

    After MANY attempts trying to update it using the mobile app, I had to use the pc dongle and software to do the update. No idea why, possibly a flaw in the bluetooth (no error messages).

    Just figured I'd share in case anyone else was having problems.

      I had to do that a couple updates ago. Last one went through just fine via phone, though I had to make two attempts at it. (Spotty reception on the bus, I assume.)

    Welp, just put a bid on a set of CSR Elite Pedals on eBay.
    Currently $120 with $30 postage, ending on November 29.

    I'm not entirely surprised, but disappointed.

      And now the screams of "dem SJWs taking our gamezzzz" are beginning...

        Yep. Rather than avoiding the fire they're fanning the flames.

        Just waded through a Reddit thread full of them.

        I'm not surprised at all. It's a not so successful spin off of a somewhat successful franchise. I'm not interested because when T&A are the main selling point, it means there's little else to sell. There's plenty of porn on the internet if I want to fap.

          I don't disagree, but beyond that aspect they were actually quite fun games. Especially the Volleyball part.

            It's one of those things that works but for the wrong reasons. Do I want a beach volleyball/friendship sim? Sure, it's probably genuinely fun - but like, am I hugely invested in that? Not really. Add some pretty girls and you have my interest, sort of.

            Like Playboy: the Mansion. Actually a really fun magazine management sim. But no one wants to paly a game where you operate Better Homes & Gardens. Gotta get some celebrity centrefolds and let the player control the topless photo shoot to make sales.

            I've never played an XBV game and likely never will, especially since they're no longer being sold here.

            I really should pick up DoA5 though. It's the one fighting game franchise I don't get bored with, even though I suck at it.

              I've found it quite enjoyable. Get Last Round for PS4, it seems to be the best version (has the new characters as standard). Don't install the DLC-enabler packs though because holy shit some of those costumes are embarrassing. :(

              I wish that series would tone it down just a bit.

                Yeah, I was looking into it last month and I guess the cheaper base game only had a core selection of fighters plus some game modes, but last round includes all the characters and all of the game modes that were tacked on as DLC? It looks like there's a LOT of extra costume packs too, are there any unlockables? I assume each character starts with at least 2.

                  Most of the costume packs are for-pay. You can install the packs which makes opponents eg CPU show up using them but seriously, don't do that. Trust me.

                  There's actually been two re-releases. Ultimate was the first, which made Leon and Ein playable, added Rachel and Momiji from Ninja Gaiden, and added Jacky from Virtua Fighter. That then had three DLC characters - Marie Rose (aka the first female character in the series to not have boobs bigger than her head - I really like her, quickly displaced Hitomi as my go-to character), Nyotengu (basically a rebalanced girly version of the Tengu boss from DoA3) and Phase 4 (weirdo Kasumi clone that's OP).

                  Last Round bundled in the three DLC characters from Ultimate and then added two more - Raidou, the boss from the original DoA, and Honoka, who is a pretty interesting fighter that has attacks that are taken from other DoA characters. She's not a randomized character like, say, Mokujin from Tekken or Edge Master from the Soul Calibur games.

                  Marie Rose and Honoka have been ridiculously popular additions - topped the popularity poll they did for DoAX3.

    So, guess which idiot has managed to catch a cold...

      Half the people in my office.

      Edit: The same people who think that 'soldier on' is a virtue, rather than the reason that everyone they've had cooped up with them for eight hours a day in a recycled-air box is now fucking sick. The kind of folks who think that the only hard workers are the ones who turn up early (and leave early).

      ...I am grumpy today.

      Last edited 25/11/15 9:03 am

        And me. I had difficulty sleeping last night as my Mario alarm clock decided to go off 3 or 4 times through the night.

          Itsa me! Mario! Itsa me! Mari *crunch*

            *Death jingle played after the crunch*

            Last edited 25/11/15 10:15 am

            It's this music It does it when the batteries start to run low.

        That's okay. I was cursing whoever gave this to me. I am also grumpy.

        They are dick heads

        I hate going home sick because I tend to get "the sniffles" fairly frequently (I'm sure I take more sick leave than anyone in the office yet still somehow have a massive surplus) so when I get proper sick I want to demonstrate how much I'm not a pussy. Then someone yells at me to stop infecting everyone. Then everyone gets sick anyway because I probably put it off for a couple too many hours.

        I'm patient zero. I'm the guy in the Walking Dead who thinks if I hide somewhere and wait it out, I'll be the single person since the apocalypse who recovers from a zombie bite. I'm sorry.

          If it makes you feel any better, you're usually most infectious before you're symptomatic, so once you're at the point where you're coughing and failing to vacate your nose and shivering because you're febrile, it doesn't matter. You'll probably only infect the people you actually cough on, and they're probably infected already from the deathly miasma that had engulfed you.

        As a teacher, to take a day off and get better honestly takes more effort and work than just 'soldiering on' does.

      Me, fortnightly.

        Each of my kids. Weekly. In turn. Then it goes back to the first kid and they start over.

          Me & the boy are asthmatic, we share lungs things that everyone else is too strong to catch

    @shanewsmith, @thecracks, (any other rabid Star Wars fans). Super Star Wars is out now on the Playstation store. No sign of Star Wars: Jedi Starfighter, Star Wars: Bounty Hunter or Star Wars: Racer Revenge though.

    Hoping their plan is to release one a week until the movie releases, although if it was me I would've released Super Star Wars last. I was under the impression they've all been released in the US already too, which sucks for us, but as long as we get them all I'll be happy.

      D'oh! @shane

      I need more coffee.

        I'd like to see Shadows of the Empire get an HD remake & both KotORs released digitally for consoles.

        I've got the KotORs on both PC & 360 (backwards compatibility) but the load times are absolutely excruciating.

          Never played Kotor, really should get around to it though, heard great things about them. Got both in my Steam library, so there really is no excuse. Although, according to the Steam page Kotor II requires 4GB of RAM, which is weird, I was under the impression it was a 10 year old game. Only got 4GB, so I'll have to try running it and see what happens.

          Also, haven't played Shadows Of The Empire since the late 90's, I don't really remember a hell of a lot about it, but I do remember that I enjoyed it.

            It ran on my pc when Vista didn't support the 4gb I had .

            It runs ok now that Vista uses that 4gb.

            There's a really great patch to up the resolution that runs on my craptop too.

            I was replaying it but the load times finally got to me.

            Both are great, like Mass Effect but better because Shepherd is an AJ.

            Kotor is the best Star Wars game ever. Kotor 2 I haven't played but it's supposed to be even better

              If you can make it past the game breaking bugs, it's apparently the best of the lot by far due to the characters and story.
              Edit: I couldn't progress any further myself due to crashing to desktop while transitioning between cutscene/gameplay, specifically leaving/approaching planets. However during the course of the game it really makes you think about the real ways being a Jedi actually works with your actions, especially delving into how the Grey Jedi's methods work, it's very well done.

              Last edited 25/11/15 12:04 pm

                I started it, but so many Steam games, so little time...

      Thanks, man! $15 is a leeeeetle more than I was hoping for, so I'll wait for a sale.

    Just got approached by my friend saying he and the boss were wondering about having me on for an extra day a week for game dev stuff.

    Nooo, my three day weekends :(

      You've got the best problems.

        How am I supposed to avoid responsibility when people keep trying to pile it onto me? :P

    All the Star Wars limited edition DVDs have finally arrived in the mail. Watched the first one with my son last night, can't wait to watch Empire Strikes Back and Return Of The Jedi with him in all their original theatrical glory.

    In other news, gonna order one of these as soon as I get paid this week.

    So Excite!

      Send me an email and I'll hook you up with proper HD versions of th original theatrical versions.
      The thought of you watching those crappy DVDs makes me too sad to sleep.

        Awesome of you to offer man, I know the quality isn't the best, but at least it's better than watching the "special editions".

        Was hanging out to see if Disney were going to officially release them on Blu-Ray before the release of The Force Awakens, but it's looking less and less likey that it'll happen.

        What's your email?

          originaltrilogy at those gee mails.

            Cool, I'll shoot you an email later today.

            How much?


                Yeah, obviously you can't do it for profit, but I'd at least like to cover your costs of doing me a copy (electricity, your time, postage).

                Let me know how much, and I'll organize it. What's the best way for you, Paypal?

        The music in this scene always sends chills up my spine.

    Finally got the chance to play some Battlefront, and I'm sitting here playing Clicker Heroes instead, Gah!

    Goddamn TAY is quiet.

    *watches tumbleweed roll by*


      Sorry too busy working and being hyped about something League of Legends just revealed today, character kit update

        What's that?

          A full rework for Poppy just got fully revealed, showing her new look and kit. So a few things to mention, she has a barrier that can stop dashes, that's potentially huge, but the best bit is her new ultimate, she charges up her hammer like thor does, spinning it above her head and when she slams, the first one hit in a line creates an AoE knockback... the knockback effect can go as far as about a full screen away towards the enemy base depending on how long you charged it for! She looks amazing now too, I'm really considering picking her up for Top lane and Support too.

            That's pretty cool, I always liked playing Poppy.
            That Capt America buckler is neat

    Does anyone know if the new Bloodborne dlc adds a weapon option that tones down the difficulty like using a sorcerer in Dark Souls?

    I think a lot of my problem with that game is an inability to use melee at that speed.

    I can do it, but I die in far more frustrating ways than I did in Dark Souls.

    I'd always see what I did wrong & come back & out think a situation in DS but in BB I die on the same shit over & over because I'm just shit.

      Something about Bloodborne's combat always felt off to me. Not a fan.

        It's just too fast for my aging reflexes. I see the hit coming, I press either dodge or attack & it's too late.

        There's a reason I play so many turn based games.

        Souls was a happy medium. I needed to react & think on the fly but I had time enough for my brain to send the snail mail down to my hands.

          Nah, BB has legitimate input lag.
          It's not gamebreaking but is kinda frustrating combined with slightly not right hitboxes.

            The input lag is intentional though, like souls. You can sorta queue up a combo.

              Souls had no animation canceling like BB but not the kind if delay between button press and start of animation in BB.
              The pace of BB is what makes it so noticeable.

    White Ribbon Day actually sees the Premier come up with something a bit more meaningful than opt-in (ie: preach to the converted) education programs.

    Qld government's implementing a couple weeks special leave (per year) for any government employees affected by domestic violence to allow them to attend counselling/legal/medical appointments, make accommodation/childcare arrangements, etc, etc, plus expanded access to existing leave pools and flexible work arrangements/role adjustments for the same.

    It's not a magic bullet, but it's action. It isn't often that I'm impressed by the actions of politicians. That's a better start to the day.

      That is actually pretty fucking great.

      Who'd have thought a government could be a change leader.

    I'm getting a bit... *gasp*... tired of Fallout 4.

    It's an excellent game and I've enjoyed it a whole damn lot, but I'm at the point where I just want it to end so I can rebuild the shattered ruins of my life. :P This is just a problem with how I consume games, though. There's no reason I can't pace myself and play in small doses over weeks or months, but I always feel compelled to marathon the mofo. *shakes fist*

      Yeah, after 60-something hours I feel like I need to work towards the ending now, I gather I still have quite a way to go though...

        I'm at the point where different factions keep sending me on busy work to the same locations I've cleared out atleast three times now. Starting to feel like the game's not respecting my time. Haha! I absolutely love the game, though. Enjoyed the substantial story arcs and all that, I just need to stop myself from feeling the need to complete side quests I'm not enjoying any more. :)

        Last edited 25/11/15 10:39 am

          Those faction quest are repeatable and never ending. You can't complete them.

            Oh good!

              I still have a few proper quests left, but yeah, good to know I can just abandon these other ones. :)

                It is. Who did you side with?

                I did all the quests for all faction up until they turn on each other. Kept a save , tried them all. Ended up supporting

                The Railroad

                  Not quite up to that point yet, so won't read spoilers for now. :)

                  My wife is at the point where:

                  she has to basically choose the next step - she wants to do the Beryllium Agitator mission for the Brotherhood however unfortunately Proctor Ingram is in the same place as Knight-Captain Kells, who interrupts her and starts talking to her about destroying the Railroad - no matter how she carries out that convo, she becomes enemies with the Railroad which is not ideal. :(

                  So now she's considering siding with the Institute, thinking maybe she can change it from the inside once she takes over as director (I have a save from before the Beryllium agitator mission which I am planning to go back to to get the pro-Institute ending before I start a second playthrough) but basically her natural tendency is to do an "independent" playthrough where she doesn't side with a faction. She can't proceed without siding with someone and pissing someone else off, so she's kind of stuck and keeps stalling.


            I did not know this. So now I can stop placing MILA transmitters... unless I want to travel with a companion and improve their rep, I guess?

              Yeah, that's why I've been doing these quests. Something to do on the way to a more substantial quest goals. (As well as bonding time with companion pals. XD)

              I still kept doing these because there's still some spots I haven't seen.

            Oh, cool. I was wondering about that, after getting sent on the same mission to a different area three times in a row.

            You can almost just pick the guys who are "Radiant quest givers."

      I beat the mai story at about 40 hours I think. Now I'm doing a bit of exploration + any interesting quests while levelling towards the perks I need to try for that settlement trophy.

      I have no idea what getting a 'home run' requires, was just hoping it randomly happens like the touchdown trophy.

      I've also got to *sigh* pickpocket someone & I have no interest whatsoever. I'm obsessed with lock pickin.

        I've been moseying like a mofo. Taking eight hours to get to one quest marker, because I've been doing seventeen other quests along the way. It's so cool to take in the sights and sounds and stumble upon stories. Went to Salem yesterday. Good times. Good times. But I've been using fast travel more and more over the last day or so, a good sign that I should probably wrap things up. :)

        Last edited 25/11/15 11:01 am

      The only Bethesda game I ever finished was Oblivion.... and when I finished it there was a big gaping hole in my life. From that day on I vowed never to complete the main story in a Bethesda game because I just love them too damn much to let them end!

      Edit: This is also probably why I've just stopped playing the Witcher 3; I'm not finishing these games until the next game comes out! [email protected]

      Last edited 25/11/15 11:34 am

        For a similar reason to this, there are a significant number of games, books, movies and TV/anime series which I have got about 90% of the way through but not completed.

    "Nothing ventured, nothing gained. Nothing ventured, nothing gained. Part of the ship, part of the crew"

    The Send button still seems so impossible to press.

      Just ask yourself: what would fishgief do?

        You're right.

        I need me a helmet to hide inside!

        he'd already be in there.


      The send button is only impossible to press until it's pressed, then it becomes possible to press it because you have pressed it and it's no longer impossible.

    The adventures of Rocket and Nob moving in Part 1

    It was a hot tuesday afternoon, two shadowy figures stand out the front of a gated complex, one says to the other

    "ohh man i can lean on this thing"

    they both giggle nervously, much like two school girls who both like the same boy. they both wonder if this will be their new residence? Will they hate each other in a week and a half? Who will buy the toilet paper?

    Before thoughts of pillowfights and marshmallow eating contests fill their child like minds a lone figure approached the gates.

    "You jesse, look at unit" the man whispered rather secretly

    "Yep" Nob responded confidently, knowing that he could beat up this tiny man if it came to that, The gate opened and rocket and nob walked in the gate, towards their destiny.

    Tl;Dr: @sernobulus and i looked at a unit yesterday. It was hot and the unit was nice. We applied to live there.

      Yesssss. Brisbane will have their own @alexpants/@powalen best pal house!

      Last edited 25/11/15 11:04 am

        Cheap imitation

          Look, Pow. We discussed this at the meeting. You need to use the correct terminology. TAY has gone regional now & we can't have the workerbots using their brains for anything that doesn't profit the TAY Corporation.

        The original is always better.

          Maybe this will be the edgy spin-off!

    Just can't get motivated today.

    Wish I drank coffee or something, I need a kick up the bum.

      Maybe if you drink it sparingly. I drink coffee. I'm mainlining the stuff at the moment and still nothing.

        It gives me the shakes.
        Maybe I should order that anti-procrastination book.

      Are you regularly stressed? I think I have been recently, so my morning coffee is also giving me a swell eye-twitch that lasts about 20 minutes... it's so great.

      It's not great.

    Ugh. My night was a trilogy of trilogies... 3x nightfalls, 3x HM raids, 3x hours of sleep. Nightfalls gave me infusion material, raids got me a couple new weapons, a couple of upgrades and a bunch of infusion material, sleep gave no loot and was a total waste of time. *head-desk*


      How do you manage to function on so little sleep???

      Last edited 25/11/15 12:07 pm

        Have kids. Three hours of unbroken sleep sounds like a dream.

          Just... no. If I get anything under 6 hours I'm an absolute wreck, even less than 7 hours is a bit touch-and-go.

        Who said anything about "functioning"? :P

        My definition of sleeping in is basically waking up at 6, saying "screw this", and closing my eyes for a few hours of being half awake, before becoming alert enough to realise I'm bored as hell, and need to get up and do stuff. Combined with a brain that doesn't know when it should shut down for the night, I kinda got used to running on anywhere from 3-6 hours of crap sleep.

    @kermitron I had that exact same problem & I managed to run behind that twat & start convo with the woman behind.

    It took a few tries, remember you can cancel a conversation by simply walking away.

    So I would run in, he'd start his talk, I'd run up the stairs, he tells you off for being rude. Then I'm guessing because he's saying something else, you then slip behind him & quickly start convo with the correct person.

    It took a few tries but it's easy enough because you can simply walking away, no reloads or anything.

      I was wondering if that was possible, I'll let her know!

    Holy shit

    My personal favourite bit:

    He insisted he was not racist, referring to his friendship with the Bangladeshi owner of the kebab shop that he frequents. "I don't actually know his name, I call him Bangladesh, he's my mate from the gym," Mr Paterson said.

      "People shouldn't judge by appearances"

      Except you're the guy who tattooed your own face dipshit what did you think people would think?

        Everything he says is comedic gold.

        "A woman on the radio called me a toothless, tattooed freak.

        Because you have no teeth and you tattooed your own freaking face.

        "At the rally I was chanting 'Aussie, Aussie, Aussie, Oi, Oi, Oi', which is something every Australian chants at sporting matches against other countries, so is every Australian a racist now?"

        Only if you chant it at a racist rally.... racist.

        "They're all over in their countries blowing each other up, and they want to bring all that here. I say just leave them there."

        I don't even have the words. Fuck this guy. Fuck him with a pogo stick. Sideways.

      Re his tatts...."People judge you just for the way you look, without knowing anything about you, which I think, that's not fair," he said.

      Good thing we nevr discriminate against people for how they look.

      Last edited 25/11/15 12:09 pm

      Really? My favourite bit was the last line "People judge you for the way you look without getting to know anything about you. Which I think that just isn't fair".

      It's fascinating how agitated these people get when someone calls them racist. See it on Facebook all the time when someone says stop being racist and they have a collective freak out.

      I mean, if it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck it probably has a problem with geese and chickens.

    *screams, hits Send, sets phone to Offline*

    ...Well, types that up with the intention of doing it. Then stares at phone for a good long while in the hope that stating those actions were being performed would somehow make them more likely to happen.

    Now it's just back to the internal yelling match between rational and irrational sides of the brain, and irrational having far too much control over the brakes.

    Currently approaching 30mins of staring :P

      Just hit send with your non-dominant hand, then let the other hand blame it for your actions.

        Actually considered handing my phone to my friend here and telling him to hit Send for me.

          Do it.
          Or post the damn thing to me and I will do it.

      ......... You know they say you're more likely to succeed by speaking to a girl you like within the first 5 minutes of putting a text/chat/opening line together than if you spend anymore time thinking on it.

        Says who? :P

        Also when does the timer start? Because if it's at the start of typing then I'd have no hope, it takes longer than that just to punch out the first trash version that absolutely should not be sent and needs to be scrapped entirely. Let alone the subsequent ones.

          Ive found its a good rule; just stick to what you were going to say to start with. Thought and introspection can actually do more damage to a message or conversation starter than help. Assuming you aren't being crazy and opening with "I LOVE YOU LETS DANCE!"

          Last edited 25/11/15 12:53 pm

            Agreed, trying to trim things down does tend to make for worse wording, often making things sound too blunt or whatever. And I have a habit of still trying to squeeze into the 160char limit even though it's not as necessary these days :P

            Really wish I could've just done it yesterday instead of wasting so much time waiting for approval. Another problem that needs fixing.

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