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    Review of stuff I watched last night.

    IT Crowd TV Special aka "season 5" via Stan.
    This feels like peak IT Crowd after what I felt was a low-energy lacklustre season 4. Quirky self-referential humour, characters really felt on point. I had some legit laugh out loud moments. If you've not seen this and you're an IT Crowd fan, jump on it. It's only 45 minutes and I consider it time well spent.

    Shrek Forever After via Netflix
    I didn't even know there was a 4th Shrek movie until I saw it on my Netflix suggestions after giving Shrek 2 a 5-star rating. I did see Shrek the Third awhile back and felt it was a cheap and boring cash-in, but I recently rewatched it anyway. I procrastinated before moving onto the 4th assuming it would be a waste of my time, but I guess I felt compelled to watch it regardless. For some reason I just could NOT pass it over.

    So I watch it. And it was better than the third, in my opinion.

    Specific plot explanation under this spoiler tag, in case you have a passing interest in the movie but can't be bothered watching it.

    Rumplestiltskin narrates the prologue where he nearly scored the kingdom of Far Far Away for himself because the king and queen were going to give everything up to cure Fiona's curse - but were stopped at the last second when they received news Fiona had been rescued by Shrek. Now in the present, he's destitute because everyone is wise to his scams and won't sign anything over for his magic wish-fulfilment contracts. Shrek, who doesn't know Rumplestilskin's history and is feeling frustrated at the monotony of his life since having kids, agrees to give up a day from his past in exchange for one day in his old life pre-Fiona, pre-family, etc.
    Rumple reveals the day he took from Shrek's past was the day he was born, so once his special day is over he will never have existed, never have saved Fiona, and the kingdom of Far Far Away is under his rule. Shrek of course finds this scenario less than ideal. Of course Rumple's contracts have an exit clause, and his is, once again, True Love's Kiss. Unfortunately in this reality Fiona is a disillusioned resistance leader (as Rumple has his witch-squads hunt all Ogres down) who doesn't believe in True Love anymore because she was never rescued from the tower and had to break out herself. Hijinks ensue!

    My thoughts and general content and plot spoilers under this spoiler tag, if you plan to watch this 5 year old movie and want to go in blind, I'd skip this part too.

    Maybe mid-life crisis Shrek resonated with me. Maybe I loved seeing the other ogres and alternate reality resistance-leader Fiona in her kickass element, hiding her human face from the world instead of her ogre-self. Actually most of the alternate characters were pretty cool. Maybe I'm just such a sucker for rom-coms that I just enjoyed watching Shrek have to win Fiona over a second time.

    Anyway. It wasn't bad. Three stars.

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      I think I only saw IT C up til 3. I really need to check, catch up & catch the fuck up.

        Like I said, I felt season 4 was really meh. Like, some good moments but at that point they seemed to just be treading water and it had no soul to it. Definitely watch it though, I might be alone in that, plus you have the special to look forward to whereas when I finished season 4 I felt a bit flat.

          I don't think it ever topped Gay: The Musical.

          Fuck that episode cracks me up every time.

            Well ok, the special isn't on par with that but it's pretty good.

            My favourite is probably "Are We Not Men?" but GTM was also a great ep.

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      The Internet Is Coming!

      I really enjoyed that episode, actually. Not the peak of the show, but definitely a big step up from S4 and a good way to end the show.

    I linked an AU article on Reddit yesterday; it got downvoted into oblivion, I got told off for linking to Kotaku, people called me mother fucker... It got me mad, I wanted to defend Kotaku AU, but it was impossible.

    Kotaku AU writes some great articles, but jesus the negative perception of "Kotaku" as a news site is REAL. It's not fair to Mark, Alex and the gang; they write some good stuff... the pure vitriol I got from Reddit (assholes) makes me wonder if their articles are getting seen by more than us Aussie regulars.

    Why keep the "Kotaku" brand if it's this detrimental?

      Because a) a new brand is a bitch to establish and b) Redditors gonna reddit? No matter how they rebrand it's going to just have people bitch about it.

      I have the same thing happen whenever I link articles to friends in a group skype chat, a few of them just go on the same kinds of things. Actually, one insists on only posting versions of the links for whatever reason. Too much effort for me to bother with. Also I hate non-descriptive links like that.

      At least it's easier to tell them to go screw themselves and continue on with things :P

        Hmm, someone on Reddit said "dammit I clicked a kotaku link!!" like it was a virus or something... What's the deal; do the site cookies do something bad?

          I dunno, I think it's something about providing clicks/views and therefore ad revenue, thus funding them. Or something.

          Last edited 25/11/15 1:14 pm

            Jesus. That really is a classic example of the precious, narcissistic sentiment that can only cultivate through online interaction (or a cloistered group of weirdos).

            People really overestimate how much a single page view is generally worth in internet advertising. "Oh no, I'm responsible for generating them a tenth of a cent in ad revenue; how will I live with myself?!"

          People consider visiting the site the same as supporting a site. The basic logic? You can't tell the difference between 10,000 page views from people who like what you've done and 10,000 page views from people frothing at the mouth because what you've written is the most heinous, evil piece of nonsense in the history of the interwebs.

          The incredibly anti-Kotaku stance on Reddit is hilarious. Kotaku's parent company, Gawker, constantly does shady shit. Kotaku itself used to have a reputation for being shit on its own. Under Totilo, Kotaku is genuinely decent (although the low effort articles still come but you can at least ignore those to focus on the good stuff) and Kotaku AU has always been rad.

          Reddit also hates Tumblr which is hilarious on many, many levels. The hive mind is hilariously manipulated. Just go with it.

            Nah I'm thinking of dropping it entirely. I can contribute in discussions that are already highly upvoted, but anything I post myself gets lunged upon by colossal dickbags who all seem to upvote each other's comments (it's not me, I promise haha)

              Dropping it is always wise. I was just explaining their logic. I never said it was good logic.

      Reddit has labelled itself 'the front page of the internet' which tells you pretty much everything you need to know about it.

      That said, I think there's a lot of resentment about the copy-pasting of things which originate on Reddit, as if that should be the only place that people ever see that information. As opposed to folks like myself relying on an aggregator/blog to only post the things actually worth looking at because outside of those pearls, the rest of Reddit is the internet news equivalent of the fucking itunes app store in terms of how much utter crap you have to wade through.

        I've always seen Reddit as 4chan but with the self-aware wallowing in how terrible they are replaced by superior self-importance.

          And a better way to sort content.

          What is 4chan anyway? I know this makes me a dumbness, but I see it referenced constantly, but don't actually know what it is.

            A place for assholes to spew nonsense. Then they pretend that it's all above board because they're not really assholes and they know it's nonsense when really, there's just as big a lack of self-awareness as most other sites that do the same things.

          Reddit is like a persistent-world MMO while 4chan is a roguelike. One grows stale because people are afraid to change it. The other gets tiresome because if you're out of the loop you have no way to catch up. Both are timesinks. Both are shit.

      I think it says a lot that the main hub of gamergoob discussion on reddit is called "Kotaku in Action". Their hate runs deep, nearly hilariously so. It's worth noting though that Kotaku was a huge piece of the blog-style gaming culture, back in the day, and even with reddit being reddit, it's still one of the biggest gaming sites today (a quick squiz puts it behind IGN, GameFAQs (apparently), and GameSpot). There's a lot of brand recognition that'd be thrown away, in an attempt that probably wouldn't work to appease reddit.

    Anyone wanna chat about Anime?

    I bought some DBZ figures from Critical Hit the other day. Haven't bought anything like this in YEAAARS, but these are so good and were only $35 each; had to do it. They're so good I'm now watching DBZ Kai to and from work each day haha. Can link to photos of figures if you're curious.

    I'm adding some shows into my daily commute; kinda a "morning cartoon fix" redux haha. These are what I'm gonna start watching:

    Hajime no Ippo ("The First Step"): About a boxer, think Little Mac. Based on old Shōnen anime
    Seirei no Moribito: Historic Samurai show I think, made by IG! Looks interesting, got great reviews so...
    Baki The Grappler: Judo show I think. Got told the fights in this are brutal and based in reality more than say, DBZ.
    Berserk: Never watched it. Thought it's time to give it a shot...

    Anyone watched these? Thoughts?

      I don't watch a whole heap of anime, struggle to click with it but I have seen the Berserk Golden Age "reboot" and it's fantastic.

      Also Seven Deadly Sins on Netflix quickly grabbed me and now I'm super sad there's no more yet.

        That's a movie right? I was going to watch the original anime first...

          The Berserk Golden Age OVAs are a re-do of the series and a better watch though I think things end up similarly to the TV series.

        I've wanted to check out some anime that's on Netflix, regardless of what my wife thinks of it (she refuses to watch Cowboy Bebop. I mean, that's when you know you've lost the fight - if they won't watch Bebop, they won't watch anything).

        Hard to know what's good. I haven't watched a new anime since, I dunno, 2003?

          AU or US netflix? It's been a while since I looked at what was in there.

          IIRC I remember seeing Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood on there. That's an excellent watch. Don't watch the original series, it's vastly inferior (Brotherhood was a do-over).

            AU, I can't be bothered VPNing to get US, especially if there's a risk of Netflix cancelling my account.

            I wasn't sure if I needed to watch FMA to fully understand Brotherhood, so if I don't, great.

              You'll probably enjoy the early part of Brotherhood more if you haven't seen the original, as it re-treads the same material for about 8-10 episodes.

              Also stick with it for the early bit. It starts slow and takes a while to establish the conflict.

              According to here:

              The stuff on AU Netflix that I'd recommend:
              - Fairy Tail is a good watch if you like Shounen Action stuff (think DBZ, Naruto). Fantasy series. Still a regular watch for me hundreds of episodes later. First ten or so episodes are awful. Much better pacing and writing than Naruto, DBZ etc. 3/5
              - Fate/Zero is absolutely top shelf stuff. Gets quite dark though. If you like it, watch Fate/Unlimited Blade Works after. These are some of the most stunningly well-animated shows out there - ufotable are masters at combining traditional animation with computer lighting and digital effects, probably the best animation house in the business now. 5/5
              - FMA Brotherhood is an excellent watch with an incredibly satisfying conclusion. 5/5
              - Gargantia is a fun watch. Largely felt like a throwback to late 90s sci-fi stuff. Enjoyable and well-made but kind of peters out. Exemplary character design - Naruko Hanaharu. Don't look up the name though - he normally does high-end pornographic art. 3/5
              - Gurren Lagann is all about shouting and escalating things. It keeps getting bigger and bigger. Full of catchphrases. Absolutely huge show from that era. Stylish animation too - Gainax (esp Yoh Yoshinari) at their best. Strongly recommended. 5/5
              - Kill la Kill is Trigger's first series. They've disappointed since then. Same creator as Gurren Lagann and very similar in having crazy stylized animation and lots of shouting. If you liked G-L you'll like this. I'd probably watch Gurren Lagann first though. 5/5
              - Sidonia is very hard SF. Doesn't look great due to them using 3DCG for the characters, which is a shame because the manga is beautiful. The netflix version is sadly censored. 4/5.
              - Ouran High School Host Club is a guilty pleasure for me. It's extremely entertaining. If I describe it you won't want to watch it though. Reverse-harem show (one girl, many hot guys) but it subverts the genre in a lot of ways and is just generally excellent. 5/5
              - Seven Deadly Sins is a solid fantasy action show. Doesn't really do anything wrong but it's not breathtaking or anything. 3/5
              - Sword Art Online you might enjoy or might not. It's very over-exposed and kind of exemplary of everything anime in the 00s. Second half of first season irritates the shit out of me for reasons. Second season had some good and bad moments. Solid, but not as good as people hype it. 3/5

                Cheers, I have them all on my watch list but was putting off actually watching anything since I wasn't sure what I was getting myself into.

                You reminded me that i left my kill la kill shirt at somebodys house and now im sad.

                BOO NEG BOO :P

              Just a heads-up, will take a look at your IP address then tell you a DNS server address that you can pop into your device/network settings to go in via the US back door. And no, Netflix won't cancel that one.

                I still owe you a drink for that heads up
                And if you could tell me how I could get it to work on my chromecast you might get more than just a drink

                  Rowr. :)

                  That might actually be a possibility, given that I'm thinking about a chromecast for my Mum for xmas.

            I respectfully disagree, the orginal series provides alot of good content UP TO A POINT, then it is stupid as shit, for instance the
            sewing life alchemist ark on the original is much better, its gives more time with the characters so you feel bonded to them and then it tears your heart out and stomps on that.
            But i just wanted to spend as much time with roy mustang as possible so i could be fan boying

          There's always That's been gold mine for me (well, that and Professional Video Downloader extension for Chrome)

            There's also the option to go legit and check animelab, Madman's streaming service. They have a proper PS app and stuff now and have a really good lineup especially for current and recent stuff.

            Crunchyroll is a good backup too though a lot of stuff is region-blocked.

              Eh, I'll see if the stuff on Netflix holds my interest before I go digging any deeper. But I'll keep animelab/crunchyroll in mind.

              Yeah. HD versions of Dragon Ball Z Kai isn't on any legit digital service. I asked Madmen if they have plans and said there are no plans at all to have digital versions of this series by the producers of the show. Plus I like watching the subbed JP versions, so kissanime works.

              Plus you've also got ALL the fan-subbed JP shows that never got an English dub too =]

                Nowadays that's barely 1-2 shows a season though. Fansubbing is largely dead.

          I spent a weekend watching The Devil is a Part-Timer and really enjoyed it. One self-contained season, so it was manageable.

          I have loved anime for years, saw the Cowboy Bebop movie, thought it was ok at best, never had any feeling to watch the series.

          I fell off the wagon after just watching way too much & feeling like nobody would ever top my favourites like Satoshi Kon, Otomo or FLCL/Evangelion.

          I try out the occasional new one, like Attack on Titian, but apart from the director that did Summer Wars etc, most new stuff doesn't keep me interested for long. Wolf Children was facking amazing.

          I've even lost all interest in Ghibli.

          I get more joy from watching the horribly dubbed, often low quality & sometimes amateurly edited 90s horror anime on YouTube. That's probably just nostalgia.

          I think part of the reason is that what's popular these days isn't what I'm into anymore.

          Also, I was enjoying the odd spot of cg in my anime, but production costs have pretty much ruined the chance of much hand drawn, hand animated or painted backgrounds appearing anymore.

            CB movie doesn't hold a candle to the series TBH, frankly the movie is only enjoyable if you already know the series.

            I think Perfect Blue, FLCL and Evangelion are some of my all time favourites and I just got overwhelmed with the market being saturated with mostly shit in the early 2000s. I was buying whatever I could afford but one day I sat down and tried to watch a few things I'd bought volume 1 of and just thought "man, I just... I don't need any of this". Quit it overnight. I think my breaking point was Cromartie High School. I realised there were very few things I still liked and when all my anime friends were giving that show high praise and I hated it, it was time for me to step away.

            I like some Ghibli (pretty much just Mononoke and Spirited Away if I'm honest) but people rave about your "slice of life" movies like Kiki's Delivery Service and The Cat Returns and I just don't get it.

            I'd still suggest Cowboy Bebop if you have an opportunity to watch it.

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              Oh man, if you like the political/thriller stuff, did you ever watch Jin Roh, or the Patlabor movies? Them was some oldschool cool stuff.

                I feel like those were slightly before the peak of my interest and I didn't get to them, but I heard very good things.

                  Jin Roh is a little slow and very bleak, but I really enjoyed its themes and atmosphere.

                I've owned Patlabor 3 on DVD for over a decade & never watched it because I never saw 1&2 properly.
                Thank you for reminding me!

                  1 and 2 I really enjoyed, 3 I don't remember very well... which means I may have seen it and be mildly disappointed and erased it from my memory. :(

                  I'm probably due a re-watch.

                Was Jin Roh short & set in feudal Japan?

                  Nah, it was about a Japanese Special Forces unit who used power armour and hand-held MG42s. 'Wolves in Iron Armour' I think. Only slightly futuristic.

      Anime? I can talk anime.

      Ippo is hands down one of the best action anime ever produced. Its Achilles heel is that it still only has animated a fraction of the manga, despite having had over a hundred episodes over multiple series. And that sucks because it's so damned good.

      A lot of people seemed to like Moribito but I couldn't ever get into it for some reason. I've generally found that Production IG's stuff is a bit lifeless. Beautiful animation but it seemed to come at the expense of poor writing. I think the only TV anime they produced which kept me there the whole time was Ghost in the Shell: SAC. But that said, if you can get into it it's meant to be very good. I should probably give it another go some time.

      Berserk is... I hesitate to recommend it honestly. It's good, very dark and gruesome. The issue is that it only animated a fraction of the manga and did it in such a way that it actually wrote out some important characters. Plus it has a pretty notoriously bad ending. Also I watched it over a decade ago and back then it had kind of dated looking animation. Don't know if it's held up. Amazing soundtrack though. Susumu Hirasawa's work is weird but very unique and highly distinctive.

        Netflix has the newer Berserk version which I believe is a significantly-abridged version of the original anime which was itself a significantly-abridged version of the manga. Seriously, it's like an hour and a half or something.

          Maybe it only has the first one? Golden Age is 3 movie-length OVAs, each about 70-100 mins. Covers all the TV series stuff.

          I didn't get past the first one because of the recasting they did (Yuko Miyamura retired ages ago after she got married and apparently only Gainax had the cash to pay her to reprise her older work for the Evangelion stuff. Side note: she lives in Melbourne now!) and because of the lack of a Hirasawa soundtrack which was what absolutely made the TV series for me.

            That must be it then.

            I tellya, re-watching Beserk and really missing the intro music made me get all nostalgic for the other early Madman imports of the 00s and the trailers they had on all those DVD boxed sets. Gasaraki, L/R, Heat Guy J, RahXephon, Argentosoma, Noir, etc. I should really re-visit that period of anime history.

              For me the nostalgia is the VHS trailers. Macross Plus trailer with After, in the Dark / Torch Song. That weird atonal warbling and the dickhead american voiceover and it looks so cool and then I watched it and thought it was all kinds of ass.

              I was an idiot, by the way. Macross Plus is fucking awesome.

              Madman released a lot of shit. I still have a lot of those DVDs in boxes. Couldn't sell them before I moved so they're off to the US with me :( Last Exile, RahXephon, Noir, .hack//SIGN, all sorts. I don't think I'd feel like revisiting anything from the early 00s era except the ones that have really lasted, like Haibane Renmei or Lain or Mushishi.

                ++++++ for Macross Plus, it's amazing, that's my fave anime era for Damn sure

                My favourite Macross so far has probably been Frontier.

                  My fave is 7. Plus is probably the best. Frontier was great though and I'm super excited for Delta.

    Any Hearthstone players indahouse?

    I was saving up for the second wing of Blackrock, had about 650 gold. Then I revisited the rewards for the wing, and realized they were godawful, so I just blew it on 6 TGT packs. 2nd pack in, unwrapped a Golden Varian Wrynn. Disenchanted all my crappy goldens and Onyxia to (finally) build Dr. Balanced, and now am having a crack at Control Warrior.

    Although last game I dropped Varian on turn 10, drew 2 weapons and a faceless manipulator... instant ragequit.

      I love reading a post I know nothing about, and then becoming totally lost in the jargon.
      It is cool in an oddly disconnected way, like the first time I landed in Tokyo, you look around and suddenly realise you have no idea what is going on, but the information flow is insane.

      I know Hearthstone is a game, I'm guessing that 6 TGT packs means you bought some cards(?) and that something went bad at the end so you quit the game. Or threw the cards in your opponent's face (I'm not sure if it is a computer game or a card game?)

      I need to get out more and work out the world.

      Last edited 25/11/15 1:47 pm

        Wall of text crash course in what the hell I'm talking about here incoming!:

        So yes, Hearthstone is a TCG like Magic: The Gathering (but dumbed down, from what I hear). It's played entirely online.

        Blackrock Mountain and The Grand Tournament (TGT) are expansions to the game (along with Naxxramas, Goblins vs Gnomes (GvG) and the newest one, League of Explorers. GvG and TGT didn't have a separate adventure and just added cards to the game). You can buy them either with real money, or using gold which you earn in-game for completing daily challenges or just winning games in general. This gold can be used to buy either the expansions, or for buying packs of cards.

        So the adventures (Naxx, BRM LoE) are divided into wings, each one costing 700 gold (which for a casual player might take between 1-2 weeks to earn). You play a single-player game against bosses, which use different rules than normal PVP games. Completing a wing will earn you the reward cards for that wing. Naxxramas cards are almost mandatory to own in any competitive deck, while Blackrock cards are generally regarded as pretty weak (except for the first wing). League of Explorers is still being released, but the cards are so good that even the 2 wings that have been released have already shifted the entire meta of the game.

        Also relevant - there are different tiers of cards. Commons are, well, common, rare are rarer, epic are pretty rare, and legendary are the rarest and generally the most powerful. You also have Golden cards, which are the same as the normal versions of the card but (you guessed it) are golden and have an animated portrait on the card. Irrelevant to the game, but you know, gotta catch 'em all.

        Anyway, I was going to get the remaining wings of BRM, but remembered the rewards were pretty ordinary. So instead I got 6 TGT packs. In the second pack I got a Golden Legendary (the rarest of the rare) called Varian Wrynn. His power is that you draw 3 cards, and any minions you draw are put directly into play - it can be absurdly powerful if you draw 3 high-value minions, since generally you can't play them all together because they cost too much. Sometimes it backfires though - some minions have Battlecry effects, which happen when you play them from your hand, and these don't activate when they come into play via Varian. Faceless Manipultor is one of these - a piece of crap minion, but it's battlecry is it copies a minion already in play (so instead of having 3 attack and 3 health, you copy a minion with 10-10 or something like that). So instead of being able to copy a minion, I'm left with a 3-3 useless card on the board, and the other 2 cards are weapons (which don't get played by Varian since they aren't minions). So it basically lost me the game, and I ragequit straight away.

        Fun times!

        Edit: Missed part of it:

        So you collect cards, but can only have a maximum of 2 of each card in your deck (only 1 for each legendary card). You can disenchant cards for dust, another currency in the game, which can be used to craft other cards. Useful for getting rid of that 3rd/4th/etc. copy of a card, but also for disenchanting any cards you are just never going to play if you want the dust. The rarer the card, the more dust you get for destroying it. Anyway, I disenchanted a bunch of golden cards and one of my non-used legendaries, and used it to craft Dr. Boom. This legendary is known as Dr. Balanced, because he's grossly overpowered and is the most popular card in the game. Like, your win rate will go up 5-10% just by having this one card in your deck.

        Also worth noting is the different playstyles. There are 4 deck archetypes that you can make - aggressive (aggro) decks try to get as much shit on the board as possible and just hit your face as fast as possible (your character has 30 life, once that's gone you lose). Midrange decks are a bit slower, and play some slightly larger minions - they try to survive the aggressive first few turns, then seize control of the board with their bigger dudes and kill you from there. Control decks are the slowest - these just try to survive until the end of the game, then drop down the super-powerful big minions and smash everything. Combo decks are the final type - a bit different, they have certain combinations of cards that, when played together, can kill your character really quickly (one popular one generates minions with charge, so they can attack straight away, then buffs them with extra attack, and they just jump at your face and kill you straight away). I am trying out a control warrior, which used to be not that good, but got some new cards in the newer expansions that made it much more viable (including Varian Wrynn)

        Last edited 25/11/15 2:08 pm

          Holy crap that sounds complicated, even with the detailed explanation I got lost and had to go back and re-read it a few times :)
          Thanks for taking the time to explain it all.

      Whatever you do don't waste your money on BRM; out of all the adventures it has the most least used cards (aside from the Emperor). Naxx seems to have the best value and so far LoE has had more useful cards than BRM imo.

      Edit: Worth noting Varian Wrynn is absolutely god awful in most warrior decks since you have to run weapons; spells and control mechanics. Also given that half the decent legendaries have battlecries he basically silences them destroying their value. part of the reason you never see him in meta =\

      Last edited 25/11/15 2:15 pm

        He's been crushing in the game I've played so far. I'm only running 4 weapons (2 fiery war axes, 2 Frostbites), and generally have at least 2-3 of these drawn by the time I drop Varian. I also don't have that many spells, because I don't have the cards.

        Who am I kidding, i don't even care if I win as long as I get to drop my golden legendary :D I'm tempted to turf him and craft a Sylvannas, Ysera or Ragnaros for my control priest, but... golden legendary!

        Last edited 25/11/15 2:39 pm

        Holy shit, Varian just drew me Emperor and Kel'Thuzad.

        Game winner, I say!

          Lol and for every match where he does something there's 3 more where he does nothing =p

            Yeah that makes up for the one where he drew me two weapons and wasted a Faceless Manipulator.

            I'm thinking of dusting him for Sylvannas or Justicar Trueheart. Both will work in my control decks (I hate playing aggro decks), so I'm not really sure which way to go.

              Sylvanas is a must get for most control decks. Trueheart really only adds value to Pally's and Warriors in the current meta. I've seen some priests run it but the heals are too slow; probably significantly more useful in a shadowpriest deck but those are a rare breed.

    @trjn: curious, have you heard of / played Tragedy Looper? I've been trying to get a copy for a while to give it a go since it sounds really interesting, but hardly any of the AU retailers even admit it exists and none seem to stock it.

    The Z-Man games release from 2014 is a translation of a Japanese self-published release I think. Basically one player is the 'mastermind' that has a particular scenario that they need to make happen, and the other players have no idea what that is. The mastermind will move things around and make things happen such that a tragedy or series of tragedies occur (usually murders / suicides). When that happens, they announce the end of a loop. The players are sort of stuck in a Groundhog Day situation. Everything resets and things start over from scratch, so the players basically have to watch what's going on and figure out what the story is, what's actually going on, and how to prevent it happening. Basically the players start out knowing nothing and have to learn and avoid all the fail states to figure out what the win state for the game is. Seems quite unique and interesting.

    I'm quite tempted to grab a copy off Amazon now that I live somewhere where buying board games off Amazon doesn't involve forking over the same price again for shipping.

      My FLGS stocks it.

      Looks like a good game. Haven't really had a chance to play. There's one guy at the FLGS that's obsessed with the game but he doesn't know to tone it back for new players. He's the kind of guy that deliberately won't explain a rule if it's disadvantageous to him.

      Edit: TIME Stories seems to be trying to do the same thing. It's much more modular but the reviews are far harsher. Tragedy Looper definitely seems like the one I'd go for if I were you.

      Last edited 25/11/15 1:54 pm

        I have been told that playing as the Mastermind is very hard, though rewarding. Comparison I saw was 'Playing as Merlin in Resistance Avalon only you're trying to kill everyone'.

        I was disappointed that none of the retailers at PAX had a copy. They all carried the exact same range of stock. A few games like that would have been nice to see.

    *Actually* made my friend hit Send for me. Seems to be the only way to make it happen.

    Aaaaaand offline mode activate.

      It's probably something you already know, but when it comes to actually having a crisis about it, the dragging out and stressing is actually the main problem in itself.

      The idea that it is a big deal to ask someone if they'd like to go on a date? That idea needs to go.
      It gets in the way of what should be a harmless, innocent, and low-stress question.

      It's not a marriage proposal, it's just asking for an initial expression of interest. If you make it out to be a big deal, somehow significant or important, that then attaches all kinds of other pressures to it. You don't even need to know if you have anything in common at all, that's what the dating process is actually for: getting to know each other.

      But if you perpetuate the idea that it's such a huge deal, then you perpetuate the idea that asking is imposing somehow. If you make it a big deal, then the disappointment is more. The investment is more. Fear? Fear comes from the idea that you might be losing something... you're not. You're learning. Fact-finding. 'Big deals' make people uncomfortable to be asked about, when they should in fact be treating it as if you were simply asking if they know what time it is.
      It's a few degrees more personal, but not much. Because even if someone does say that no, you're not their cup of tea, that's not actually a reflection on you or your worthiness.

      Some people like blondes. Some people like red-heads. Some people are turned on by feet. Some simply aren't looking at all because they're pretty satisfied with their life in general right now. If someone isn't interested in dating you, it's not (necessarily) because there's anything wrong with you as much as there's a difference in tastes.

      If you want to make something less of a big deal... treat it as one. Much like developing confidence and other changes to psychology, first comes action, then reality and belief catches up.

      And you may find that being casually honest about something that used to terrify you is actually pretty liberating.

        You make it sound so simple

          It should be. It actually is if you ignore all the crap your brain is screaming at you thanks to decades of unreasonable baggage. And once you do it, you REALIZE it's that simple and then it becomes more so.

          (Edit: Now, the whole 'ignoring all the crap your brain screams at you' part is... well. Maybe that's the part that's less simple. Hm. No, it's not complex... just difficult.)

          Last edited 25/11/15 2:46 pm

        This. Well like the first line of this. =P The rest is topping!

        If you like someone just take the damn shot; you aren't going to be any worse off and you have the chance to be better off. Everything to gain and nothing to lose. That's a no brainer kind of investment plan!

          In my experience it can cost a friend for trying. The rejections did hurt a lot back then cuz I was more closed minded when I was younger, but I still was being the same old friend I was prior, trying to make it out like nothing happened, but then the girl at the time usually got more awkward around me since then, up to the eventual point where she never spoke to me again. I have no idea if I did something wrong or what, but yeah when it happened multiple times my confidence levels plummeted and stayed that way since.

            See this is what I never understood. All my friends who had crushes on girls they were friends with would use this argument saying "oh i'd lose a friend" but in reality you aren't really friends are you? She thinks you're friends and you think you're friends but the way you feel about her undermines that already. The only thing you're doing by not telling her is keeping your view of the relationship to yourself. The moment you started crushing on a friend you've already lost the friendship as it used to be. All you can hope for from then on is to tell them and date or get rejected and see if the old friendship can recover from the fallout.

              I dunno if I agree with that. I've had plenty of crushes on friends in the past, most of which I've kept to myself (or if I have brought it up, it's been ages down the track where it's no longer relevant) and am pretty sure I managed to maintain a normal friendship with them. Plenty of which are still active today.

                You could argue that if you are still friends to this day then the friendship could've and should've survived any emotional dalliances beyond friendship? I've had friends I've asked out, gone out with, doesn't work out and we still stayed friends, on the flipside I've had friends where things never recovered post dating. I still value the experiences and memories shared with them beyond friendship as much as I would the friendship itself. Scratch that... I think I value the romantic experiences more. It's hard to explain but I found I would reach a new level of companionship and connection post friendship, I would see sides to these friends I would never see otherwise. Over the years I think I've learned and preferred connections that are memorable over connections that last.

                That said for me the most important thing was always living life like I'd have no regrets. If I liked someone I wasn't going to look back in a few years and wonder what if =] And to date I've never had to =]

              I said that it "can", not saying it "does"

                I guess as I always saw it what you believe you can lose in that situation I've always seen as something that was already lost. You can either hide how you feel and supress it until it goes away (which in my experience does have a different effect on the friendship) or take a leap of faith for something that could be amazing?

            If it is somebody you know well it can get more complex. Can come across as a bait and switch.
            But what transient was saying was more in line with the current situation, saw at wedding, thought they might be interested, maybe I should ask.
            There is nothing to lose, as he said it is just asking if they would be interested in finding out more about each other. If they say no then it is two strangers going different ways

        That's the annoying part. I know all of this, and I can rationally go through every bit of it and be totally fine with everything. But then the moment it's time to step up to the plate and take what I've reasoned is a logical course of action, in comes the other guy and slams on the brakes. In fact, this whole thing is exactly like the Violin Girl deal back at the start of the year. "Just say hi, it's no big deal", all right up until the moment it was time for action when suddenly that final step becomes a gigantic wall.

        And the stupid part is I'm probably actually *hoping* for rejection here. Acceptance is even more terrifying a prospect - if that happens, then I'll have to figure out what the hell I'm doing. I've been deliberately trying not to think about that possibility here, but it's always been lurking in the background I guess.

        I dunno. Maybe I need to figure out some other approach to getting over whatever this whole problem is, since "just do it" doesn't seem to be gaining any traction. And I'm sure everyone here is sick of me spamming up the place with the same old shit time and time again, too :P

          Fear, I guess.

          Simple, but not easy. Like skydiving - taking that step off the plane.
          Maybe you need someone to push you out of the plane.

            I've done skydiving before.

            Mum went first, and while the freakiest part was seeing her just kind of peel off and get ripped away by the wind as they leant out of the plane, followed by the thought while falling "I'm actually outside of a plane, up hundreds of metres in the air, just falling. Me and nothing else. I would be screwed if I didn't have a parachute"... the whole thing wasn't particularly scary. Far less than any of this.

          i used to be super nervous all the time with dating stuff, the whole will she,wont she and its honestly just practice, you do something enough and it becomes less scary. The worst that can happen is that a person says no, and if they dont wanna spend time with you then why would you wanna spend time with them? Thats how i see it anyway. Although in saying that i have a unshakable self confidence/dellusion that i am amazing so maybe develop a massive ego? :P

            I walked around PAX in red faux leather undies. I'm not sure how much further I can go :P

          Here's a fun statistic Mr Gooky I'm afraid of rejection =P Every single serious relationship I've ever had; started with me getting rejected. Every single one. To the point that with my last girl friend when she said she wasn't interested in me that way I told her we'd be dating in 3 months. And we did (pretty sure I've mentioned this on TAY before! xD).

          My current mrs who I've been living with for over 3 years was actually trying to set me up with her friend when I was trying to get her to go out with me!

            Maybe it's less fear of rejection, more fear of failure? I guess in general I don't really like to do something unless I know I can do it, or feel I have a reasonable chance of being able to do it. And if you're going to do something that you know is going to fail, then why not avoid it at the earliest possible opportunity? Actually even with applying for jobs and stuff, when people tell you to fudge your resume or whatever, I'm afraid of having people then expect me to be able to do something which I'll then be unable to deliver. So I just don't do it in the first place.

            Seems to fit pretty well.

              There's a huge difference between this and fudging stuff on your resume though. You haven't misrepresented yourself to the person in question (right?).
              You're an awesome guy, so to misrepresent yourself, you'd have to go pretty far.

                Maybe I have. I mean I've misled all of you into thinking I'm awesome apparently :P

                But yeah, not an exactly parallel I guess, but the same kind of vibe. Increased expectations that I could fail to live up to, or something like that.

                  Awesome... apart from liking all the wrong things and hating all of the best things just to be contrary. *shakes fist*

                  @transientmind If only, may it rest in peace :(

                  I would be using it because of its superiority over Skype's increasingly crappy interface and reliability, not for any kind of anti-trend!

    Hi Guys!!!

    I was hoping you guys might be able to jump on board and help out with a goal - I'm participating on Movember for the first time ever and my fundraising thus far has been abysmal!
    Any small amount helps - $2... $5... whatever! Please help me get close to my target and help a great cause.

    PS. My mo is better than that - i'll be uploading an updated pic tonight.
    It's still pretty horrendous, though haha

    If you can, please also share this link around - the more the merrier!

      Oh come on you had "the mo' the merrier" just sitting there and you didn't use it?

        OH SHIT!

        It's this damn mustache!

          It's absorbing it... like it does with your drinks!

            It seriously has to be the most irritating this ever...
            BUT IT'S FOR A GOOD CAUSE!

              Me from 12 months ago would totally agree, but every since I decided to grow a full beard and push through the irritating itchy phase I'm now on the opposite side of the fence. It absolutely drives you up the wall at the start, but after about a month that goes away and you barely even remember it's there a lot of the time.

              Also, just because. (you can all blame Chuloopa for bringing the subject of moustaches up in the first place).


    Looks like I'm going to be giving up on yet another D&D group (or, rather, they've given up). Next session is always cancelled :| It was fun while it lasted. I guess I am destined to never play an RPG again.

      Dude, play online.

        Invites to games plz. I don't like strangers :P

          I used to hate strangers, now i really hate strangers

          true story.

          Ready for another spin on the crazy online train?

            Why not? Not fussed if it's D&D or something else, tbh. I want to create a character and flesh them out more than anything.

              Yeah this would be cool for me as well; a character that I can build and connect with over a few games.

          If you do end up doing something online I'm keen, only problem is I can't really do weeknights (atleast before 8:30 AEST / 9:30 ADST)

            Fantasy isn't really my thing and I'm not sure how much I'd enjoy table top over the internet, but if you need one more I'll give it a shot. Wednesday is the only night that doesn't work for me. Would prefer not to play on Friday either.
            How do people play online? Is there just a whiteboard style program we can move pieces around on roll dice with, or does D&D have their own specific thing that takes care of everything for you?

            Last edited 25/11/15 8:12 pm

          I hear that The Monday Knights might have an open position...

      When i move out im more than keen to start doing a d and d campaign.
      But i wanna make one where we are all regular people and just role to like eat a sandwhich.

        There is a series of legit RPG games based on whoever shows up and whatever they have on them at the time

        Rockets rolls to eat a sandwich.

        1. Critical fail. @tech_knight's character bursts into flames.

        Last edited 25/11/15 4:00 pm

          It's funny, because Techie's character is probably the most powerful in the Numenera game atm (I don't think he's missed a session)

            Yes the moral of the story has been "Don't be a character in a campaign that @popdart5 GMs, otherwise face the wrath of the entire universe".
            Also I was late to the campaign too, no idea how I came out in front of Blaghs

            Last edited 25/11/15 4:06 pm

              I think you joined at about session 3, and blaghs missed a couple off travelling.

              Also, you have spent less XP on rerolls to flexing

              Not my fault the Ogrekin crit you in the face on the first turn of the fight. You now have a crap tonne of sparky fire boom magic now.

              Also not my fault that the flamer tank exploded and set you on fire in 40K. I blame @pupp3tmast3r for that one. :P

                Don't forget the instant KO from the hobgoblins on the first turn as well

                  Squishy magic caster is squishy! Focus the AP caster and remove their DPS. Standard MOBA play. :P

                  @popdart5 Well you're right about the crap tonne of magic, I've even repurposed my level 1 spells for defenses so I can potentially get the AC of a standard warrior within 2 rounds.

                Hey! I was giving him covering fire! How was I to know that in W40K that literally meant covering him in fire *shrug*

          I hate you

            its the heart of the dice techy, He cant control them

            something something trap card activation.

              You'd say that... but have you seen the kind of shit Freeze's characters have also pulled off in those same campaigns? He's basically the Jar Jar Binks of our campaigns, huge amounts of damage dice and high results, everything going his way when chance is involved, getting all the women, do I sound jealous? IT'S CUZ I BLOODY AM! :P

              Seriously, Techie comes up with some great plans that would work a treat if the dice didn't kick sand in his face before banging his mum. Poor guy can't catch a break.

              I'm with Techie on this one.

              Freeze's character is basically a neanderthal with insanely good luck.

                Neanderthal!? I think I handled that last party with grace and dignity thank you very much.

          freeze rolls to fix a power socket


          It's either Techie or @sernobulus. One of them always seems to suffer the wrath of the universe.

            Hey he went melee vs what - a whole band of Orks and several Dark Eldar with very dangerous ranged weaponry? Odds weren't in his favour at either time. I'm surprised he survived both encounters, doesn't matter that he was xenos :P
            Then there's me, failing my roll to not be blinded, then failing my roll to not be caught on fire, THEN failing all other rolls to act normally, spending all of my fate points in the process to even make this possible, then when I finally had the chance to put the fires out, I then fail my dex check to put the fires out.
            I was destined to burn in the name of the Omnissiar

        All Outta Bubblegum would be perfect for that. Having to walk a tightrope of being awesome and being normal, only to wind up running out of gum and having to do everything awesomely. And I mean everything.

        "I need to open this door. But I'm all outta gum so I guess I just have to fly-jump kick it down."

    Fatal flaw in my plan. Now I need to figure out how the hell I'm going to make myself reactivate my phone :P

      I would normally say that MSWS (Millenial Smartphone Withdrawal Syndrome) would have you getting the shakes within minutes of lost access to Facebook/Instagram/Twitter, but you stubbornly persist in defying all that convention, don't you.


        I divert that same syndrome in my need to sign in to Skype (formerly MSN) as soon as I get home. And jump on TAY to see what's new, of course :P

        So many years and still no Twitter on me, hah! :D
        The only time I was actually tempted to create one was when Tracey Lien was asking if I had one after the Kotaku Christmas gift I got for her.

          Famous person! That would be tempting. Ahh, celebrity...

            Oh it was, funnily enough though I tried adding her on facebook and so far no succcess, I don't blame her though, she doesn't know it's me :P

        Huh, I just realised I can use my WiFi in Offline mode, so could have had access to those things anyway, if I used them :P

      If you can't do it, then hand it to a friend. Making a larger drama about it and discussing it endlessly will genuinely make it harder.

      Hand it to someone if you can't do it, or take yoda's advice.

    Guh, feel like I'm in a rut...
    I really need something to keep myself occupied...

      learn a new skill, i suggest watching woodworking tutorials on youtube. It is honestly my favourite way to relax and im learning stuff all the time.
      tv and games and music only can occupy you for so long before you get bored. Learning new stuff however and diving deeper and deeper into that subject is so endlessly rewarding. Occasionally i get bored of doing electronics stuff at home and then i watch anime or read or listen to music more but im usually more occupied than not.

      Become a city planner for a capital city so I can use you as a contact to push through my development applications.

        Sir, I keep telling you that it really isn't necessary to submit a development application for your "guns". Please stop calling me.

          I hope im as funny as you when i am your age.

          That will be in another 30 years.

            Mmm. Some nice spin on that backhand.

              it was more of a rocketman is 4 joke.

                Rockets Is Young jokes always make me think of this:

              You should commentate the Australian Open. Probably be just as good as the regular commentators.

    So I submitted Chilli into this christmas comp thing.

    I would appreciate it if anyone voted for her :D

    Last edited 25/11/15 4:27 pm

      Voted. Good thing they don't force you to like the page to do so

        Cheers man :D I know right? Thank god. But I had already done that cause it gave me some discount on their store back when I first found them heh.

    Did you hear about the autistic kleptomaniac?
    He took things, literally.
    EDIT: Damn!

    Last edited 25/11/15 4:27 pm

      Ohhhh, volleyed into the net. So close...

      (Blame @popdart5, now I have tennis on the brain.)

      Last edited 25/11/15 4:32 pm

    God damn. Assassination Classroom is so freaking good. I love it so much.

    I was watching it at the anime club I go to every week, but when I first started going, the club was already two thirds of the way through it and I didn't really know what was going on. I still enjoyed it. The last episode I watched at the anime club was the second-to-last episode, and it was damn amazing. Such a good and amazingly intense experience. I can't wait to watch the finale this Saturday. I decided to watch the earlier episodes to catch up, and I've come to really, really like this anime. The concept of making a Stand and Deliver/Dangerous Minds/The Ron Clark story with a tentacle monster teacher is an odd one, but add in the concept of the students trying to kill him and the teacher teaching the students how to kill him makes it a show that is really hard to get into. But I'm loving it at the moment. I'm particularly enjoying the class warfare undertones.

    I don't care how childish it makes me seem, but I laugh at the fact that one of the characters in called 'Bitch-sensai" every time the character is named.

    If I have a complaint, it's the repetitive soundtrack. There are only a few musical cues, and they are used over and over. They have this one musical backing for tense/supernatural/dark scenes, and it is used something like three times an episode. I wish they had created a more varied soundtrack for the anime to cycle through.

    Afternoon errbody hows every little thing?
    My week so far has been filled with feeling bleah and generally headachy

    Its too late for me to go back and read the last few pages of TAY so I need someone to hit me with the highlights, looking at you, yes you, in the bushes there!

    Been playing fallout 4. Preston doesn't like the idea of me ditching the minutemen to join the Brotherhood of Steel.

    That's why Preston's a little bitch!

    Anywho hump day question! You are a companion in any game you want, what type of companion are you, what are your likes and dislikes and what is your weapon of choice?

      A protagonist's lacky huh?
      I'd be the lockpicking rogue type with a ranged weapon. That way I'm pretty handy and less likely to be consigned to camp for eternity and also not likely to be the gangs bait/packmule "tank" or totallywillturnevilorbepossesed mage.
      I like loot and dislike being stabbed/shot in the face.

      Well let's just go with Fallout 4. My preferred weapon is power armor because bugger tracking across the wasteland under my own steam. No, you'll give me an augmented suit of armor plating that does all the running and punching for me. In exchange, you can pretend I don't have feelings. I will like you more if you tell me jokes occasionally. I don't mind carrying things, especially with my big hydraulic muscles. If you try to tickle me you will get one warning, by which I mean a punch in the face. The next infraction will be me leaving after throwing all your loot in the nearest lake. When you next fast travel back to your house, it will be on fire.

    I fixed a problem I was having with Rocket League.
    Apparently in Windows 10, there's a setting to stop USB overloading, so I just disabled it and my Xbox 360 controller no longer keeps disconnecting! \o/

    Also, I have some keys from the Codemasters Humble Bundle that I'm giving away!

    My only rule is, comment when you claim the key, don't just copy it in anonymously.

    Okay, the keys:

    Overlord -

    Hospital Tycoon -

    Colin McRae Rally -

    Again, leave a comment when you claim!
    Enjoy! :D

    Last edited 25/11/15 9:07 pm

    So I'm looking through the Netflix categories and internally scoff a little at the, "Watch it again," section. Watch it again? Life's too short to keep revisiting old stuff when there's so much that's yet unwa--OH MY GOD NETFLIX HAS BLACK BOOKS

      Well to be honest, after years of smoking and drinking, you do sometimes look at yourself and think...

      You know, just sometimes, in between the first cigarette with coffee in the morning to that 400th glass of corner shop piss at 3am. You do sometimes look at yourself and think...

      This is fantastic. I'm in heaven.

      Can't lie, I spent a lot of last weekend watching Faulty Towers, purely because I discovered it was on Netflix. Don't mention the war!


    Totally forgot that my phone is set to switch profiles automatically at midnight. So it went out of Offline mode, and received messages.

    First, I got a picture message from my friend, showing how I managed to accidentally photobomb behind his wife (whoa, weird saying that) and her Dad. Hilarious, I'm not even doing it on purpose any more.

    Then, I got the response from Stare Girl. Which annoyingly seems to be timestamped at midnight, so GG me.

    But even more annoyingly... IT WAS A MESSAGE OF ACCEPTANCE. NOT REJECTION


      It's always good to have a backup plan, speaking of which.

      *puts away bucket of popcorn*
      *gets jumbo sized bucket of popcorn*

        The thinking was that if I tried to plan for this then it would've taken me a week to actually get around to sorting that part out and finally acting on it. So avoid that bit until it becomes a necessity.

        Now I guess I have to figure it out by some time tomorrow morning. Good going, past me.

          Go see a movie, easy date, not much talking required and if it is required you can talk about the movie.
          Isn't that last hungry games movie on now?

            Avoid the common mistake though. Sequence must be Movie -> Dinner, and never Dinner -> Movie.

            If you watch the movie first, as @poita so rightly pointed out, you can talk about the movie over dinner! Easy conversation starter. If you do dinner first, it can be awkward as fuck, and then you have to sit through a whole movie together afterwards.

              Though then that can make for awkward timing? I mean if you can't get a particularly early session then you end up having to have dinner late, getting hungry halfway through the show and then coming out and finding places closed and hmm where do we eat now ok looks like maccas is still open.

                Book in advance. If you aren't going to a premiere, you shouldn't have trouble getting seats.

                  Oh I just mean in terms of whether there's actually any sessions showing at a usable time, or if the two of you are able to get there in time for it, rather than availability of seats.

                  Agreed with the logic though, movie first makes more sense.

      The correct thing to do is to panic, send a response that says "You know I was kidding, right?", have plastic surgery and live out your life in exile on a remote peninsula in Siberia.

      BOOM! You're welcome.

        Was just about to get out the clippers. Glad to know I'm on the right track.

      Need suggestions?

      Go look at all the christmas trees in the CBD at night
      Find a place that does towering hamburgers and insane milkshakes, and talk about how the trend for towering hamburgers and insane milkshakes is so 2015 and wonder what the next trend will be.
      Go see a movie in the city, have Gelato Messina for dessert
      Catch a ferry over to Manly and spend the afternoon at the beach. Walk to Shelley Beach for a coffee, eat fish&chips, drinks at the wharf bar/bavarian bier cafe
      Look up the Sydney Festival programme and pick out a fun show
      Go see the Lego exhibit at the Powerhouse Museum
      Try out an afternoon of stand up paddleboarding
      Go see some comedy at The Enmore, dessert at Cow and Moon
      Dinner in Newtown or glebe. Spend at least half an hour wandering about deciding where to eat, decide on thai, because it's always thai.
      Eat all the dumplings at Din Tai Fung
      Grab some big sandwiches and have a picnic at Centennial Park
      Do a coastwalk - Dee Why to Manly or Bondi to Bronte

        You are planning all my dates.

          I usually end up planning date night and pretty much anything that isn't sitting awkwardly in an overpriced restaurant is a good idea. Fun beats "romantic" every time. Lots of our date nights are comedy or seeing our favourite bands.

        Showing your age there. I believe a date for the kids these days is what I gather to be a night of watching Netflix and not doing anything else.

        I like the Din Tai Fung option because it is SO TASTY

        Just looked up Sydney Festival and came across "Birdman or (The Unexpected Virtue Of Ignorance), Screening and Live Film Score". Not til January, but may have to keep that in mind even if not for some kind of date.

        Also I keep reading over this list and still feel like I have no idea. It's like I totally forgot before I went ahead with this that I don't actually do things, or know how to pick things to do. Except bad decisions. Those come pretty easily :P

          I love the Sydney Festival - I usually only get to go to one or two things, but year before last I got to see Amanda Palmer in The Speigeltent and it was amazing.

        This is a skillset. How much to have you plan all of my dates for the rest of time?

        Also Lego Exhibit @mrtaco \o/ if she doesn't like lego she's not a keeper. Has my advice/opinion steered you wrong so far?!?! =p

        What's the line for Cow and Moon like these days? Last time I tried was at like 11pm and it was still around the block... but that was just after they won that award. Standing awkwardly in a line for 45 minutes probably isn't a good first date idea.

        Also, stand up paddleboarding is just the worst... (because I have no balance and it's obviously just a terrible activity for broken people and shut up and stop judging me).

        In terms of coastal walks, I think the best is Spit Bridge -> Manly. Tough to get to, but you end up at the best inner city beach! The views over the harbour are also stunning.

        @Mrtaco Actually, now that I think of it, there is a perfect free date tonight!

        There is a free comedy night at the Star last Thursday of every month (tonight!), it's in the RockLily bar and it's always great. Highly recommended.

        Last edited 26/11/15 11:49 am

          I think Cow and Moon has calmed down a bit, but you're right, it might be better to get the dessert before the show instead of after.

      Haha, now you have to go on a date, idiot.

        Past me is a stupid inconsiderate jerk and I hate him.

        I keep giggling like mad every time I read this.

        Most favourite reaction.

    Totally not gonna get to sleep at all, am I? Brain won't stop.

      That's really up to you.

    Thursday morning, got the older kids off to school, house is a mess, 2.5yr old wants to 'go sailing' whatever that might mean to her, and I have the rellies arriving on Friday.

    Anyone want to come around and help clean?

      Nope. I'm procrastinating when I should be cleaning in between the big school orientation morning and the preschool pickup.

    Anyone here have any experience with Getflix? There's a deal running now where you can get a lifetime subscription for about $50.