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    Help how long do you wait before sending a follow-up message I think I am still cocking this up why did this have to happen while my usual realtime support crew are all too busy to offer guidance.

      Well it's about time one of these finally hit the mark :P

      I've always been a big fan of 'sleep on it' as a solution.
      It comes with bundled-in procrastination, which is the best.

        What is a more eloquent way of saying "so when's good for you?"

        Actually I don't even know if that's the best thing to lead with next. Or if more is required. Or.

        Ugh. Headdesk.

          What's wrong with 'so when's good for you?'
          Don't overthink things/2nd/3rd/4th-guess yourself. :)

            Brain is telling me that it comes off as blunt/pushy especially after awkward day-long silence. Or something.

            Think it's at least at 8th by now.

              Just be brush off the delay. "Sorry for the late reply. So when's good for you?" PROBLEM SOLVED.

    It's Steam Sale time, so it's time for my regular "Crusader Kings 2 is hella cheap right now" posts.

      I'd like to add the requisite "TO THE MOON!" (I don't even know if it's on sale), but I'd also like to mention Ori and the Blind Forest, which is in my top 3 games this year.

        to the moon is so god damn good, well the hour and a half i have played felt like a film despite the pixel art. story is so dense.

          Aside from one section, the last 45 minutes border on perfect (in my opinion, obviously). I cannot recommend the game enough, which comes with the downside of ruining it for some people with heightened expectations. Love that game nearly as much as I love Journey, and on par with P4G.

            To the moon is such a heartbreaker.

    So after playing some more Mordheim, I find it highly suspicious that my best climber in my warband is Marek Sarles. Random name generator seems to have clued onto reality.

      Maybe I'm missing it, but it doesn't seem to actually describe what kind of game Mordheim is on Steam. Is it a flat adaptation of Warhammer i.e. turn-based tactical or something else?

        It's basically a straight video game version of Mordheim the tabletop game. Turn-based tactical with limited "strategy points" (movement) and "action points" (attacks and abilities). I'd recommend watching a Youtube video as my best comparison so far is that it's kinda like Valkyria Chronicles in how it plays but with rogue-like elements ie. when characters get injured, it gets bad really quickly and they usually carry an ongoing effect.

        If you ever get the chance to play an old-school Mordheim campaign DO IT. Just make sure people haven't looked up how to play online so they don't use the many cheese strats. If you stumble into them through game-play it's fine, just don't use other people for strategy :P

    So, apparently episode 3 of Minecraft: Story Mode came out this week. Only a month after episode 2, which is super quick for Telltale considering how long we've been made to wait for previous Telltale games. Usually they make us wait at least 2 to 3 months. It's starting to look like they're gonna try and push out the final episode before the end of the year.

    Maybe this is a sign of things to come with future Telltale games. Personally I'd really love to see a weeky/fortnightly release model. Even a month is too long to wait.

      I suspect it's because this is aimed at a younger audience who have less patience and shorter attention spans, and won't stick with a release schedule of 2+ months between eps.

    Okay, so if the cold wasn't bad enough, I'm also suffering back pain and the same chest pain I had a while back. Seriously body, what the heck!?

    Holy Crap! Apparently I bought Just Cause 2 on the 24th of June last year and I haven't even installed it yet.

    Edit: Also, it's interesting that Just Cause (4.7GB) is bigger than Just Cause 2 (3.9GB).

    Last edited 27/11/15 8:52 am

      It's interesting that something something

        Ha! Downloading JC, JC2 and JC2MP now.

          Now it's just a case of getting everyone together for an old fashioned demolition derby on the frozen lake...after dragging them (and me) away from Fallout and Battlefront :P

          @cakesmith @sernobulus @pixel_the_ferret_viking @rocketman @blaghman @mythamphetamine @ICantRememberWhoElseUsedToPlay

            I also have it and so does Gorzy

              And me. Sheesh, you guys are literally all monsters that make me cry.

                Not sure if I should have tagged you because I remember your PC hating the game for some reason, but you're more than welcome to join in when it happens.

                Like, literally. It's mandatory for you.

                  My PC hates fun. I might have to format this weekend or something.

    So Elite: Dangerous is currently down to $15USD (roughly $20.75AUD) as part of the Steam sale. As I go to buy it I jump on Twitter and Chris Roberts is tweeting about his experiences in the latest Star Citizen alpha and it sounds like things are really coming together.

    If you're a space sim fan, it's a pretty good time to be alive. If you're not, it's a pretty good time to get on board.

      None of these are Descent.

        But Descent:Underground is US$9.89.

          Yeah, I was just going to say... There IS new Descent for those who want it.

            But that doesn't change that none of those were Descent....

              You are technically correct.... the BEST kind of correct.

        Descent isn't a space sim though... it's a flying-through-a-tunnel-and-shooting-shit sim.... which is awesome. Like a game built around the Millenium Falcon flying through the big asteroid in Empire Strikes Back...

        Speaking of which,... Is there an asteroid field ship fighting level in Battlefront? I'd love to have a 'THIS IS NO CAVE!' moment.

      @rise Have you played either ED or SC in VR yet?

      Last edited 27/11/15 9:39 am

        No, but I'll absolutely be playing full release SC in VR (assuming it all works fine by then).

      Maybe worth noting that if you're going for Elite, you can get it even cheaper by buying it from Frontier's website and buying it in Euros instead of US Dollars, since the exchange rate is currently favouring that. Horizons comes out about AU$10 cheaper that way.

        Thanks, I was thinking I might jump in and give some Elite a try while I wait for my Star Citizen Alpha-2 invite to come through.

        Apparently at the moment $12.39 euro = $18.34 AUD vs. $14.99 USD = $20.77 AUD.

        What's Horizons, just an expansion? Elite is a mostly solo game right, so you don't really need to have the current DLC if you're just jumping in now?

        Last edited 27/11/15 10:34 am

          Horizons is the expansion that introduces planetary landings and lets you drive around in a dune buggy.

          Yeah, there's more to it than that, but really, that's big enough as-is to warrant a purchase.

          Also, it's worth remembering for space sim fans that X: Rebirth is cheap right now too (hahahaha sorry I'll leave now.)

            Fair enough, I guess I mainly just wanted to knw - if I buy Elite now, will I suddenly have a sub-par experience when Horizons launches? There are multiplayer elements here since it's sort of an MMO, but I'm not really interested in playing with others.

            I want to jump into Elite (I note the original 1984 version is free!) but I just haven't had the time to commit to sinking money in. I'm awfully tempted to grab it now while it's < $20 but I'm still playing Fallout 4, not sure it will run on my PC, etc etc etc.

            Last edited 27/11/15 10:42 am

              It should run on your PC. It seems to be able to run on just about anything.

                I have 8 gigs of ram and a quad core i7 something, but my graphics card is a GT 630 which bottlenecks pretty much everything.

                  Couldn't really say I guess, I don't know much about PC stuff. I think mine is a 660 or something, and seems to be fine?

                  Oh actually, there was a tool someone made for you to be able to download the single player combat tutorials, as a kind of unofficial demo. You could try grabbing that and see how it runs.

          Horizons is their first expansion/second "season" of updates. The big additions of that are planetary landings and multi-crew ships. You'll still be able to play the base game without it, and the base game will still be getting updates and extra features such as the loot/crafting system that'll be coming along at the same time as Horizons. Can't remember if there's been more mentioned than those examples.

            How reliant is the game on multiplayer? I love the idea of flying around, exploring a huge galaxy, upgrading my ship, etc. But presumably multi-crew ships means having multiplayer buddies, and I don't think I can be bothered with that, personally.

              It sort of is and isn't? I mean it's always online so everyone is affecting the persistent universe, but you can play Solo if you like and never come across any other commanders. I prefer to stick to Open and let what happens happen, it's not all that often I come across others anyway. Space is really big etc.

              I haven't gotten to do it much, but there *is* a lot of fun to be had playing with others.

                So you can leave it open and *maybe* meet someone else, or set it to Solo and *definitely* not come across anyone else. Fair enough.

    Friend bought me a Nerf Gun and gave it to me at work, one of those Star Wars stormtrooper blasters. Great fun, always have a foam gun or two around the place when people visit ("This here's a framed souvenir from Australia, this here's a Nerf gun.") So giddy that I unwrapped it and had a good few rounds of target practice at work, because I'm working hard, of course. Bit- bit awkward when I was waving it about with glee and me and my workmates stumble past police roping off a drive-by shooting on the streets on our way to a pub.

    I mean, the cops had a laugh as well, but ah, bit hard to take the jokes in stride in front of fellas in unform combing the ground for bullet casings.

      Also, hello! Haven't been on here for a bit.

      If you were in the US you probably wouldn't have been able to tell us that story. Hurray for Canadia!

        Many a dark joke was made that night towards our darker-skinned friends in the group about if they were holding the toy gun. Horray for Kanada indeed.

    We tried playing Agricola last night on

    Hoboy. Let's not make that mistake again.

      Yeah, what happened there? Unless there was another session, you guys played for like.. 15 minutes? Is that normal?

        The UI was straight up terrible.

        The site really needs to hire someone with some coding or design experience.

          The reason I was insistent on trying it out is that Play-Agricola is the semi-official unofficial Agricola site. Kind of. The latest expansion was designed and tested there. I figured that it's been around for a while and has been used by Z-Man so it may not suck. I was wrong.

          I think I'll try a solo game on Boiteajeux before trying to force others into playing with me. This one is more of a play-by-mail set up that I've seen a few people use before. I'll stop talking about it if it's shit.

          Considering that it just took me a dozen tries to register (apparently I'm a robot that can't read CAPTCHAs, who knew?), I don't have high hopes.

          Edit: I played 2 rounds of Agricola solo. Boite a Jeux is good. Everything is clearly presented in a way that doesn't create a bajillion windows. Actions are easy to do and easily sorted in tabs off to the side. All of the information you need is there. I like. This is what we should've tried. The downside is that it only has the three base decks (E,I & K). That's not really a downside.

          Last edited 27/11/15 11:12 am

            Does that (the edit) mean we're getting the band back together?

              Maybe on Sunday afternoon?

                I'm available then, assuming I've made it back from the Bri-B-Que.

                  And assuming Rockets hasn't tossed you out of the car thanks to your poor taste in music. :)

        The UI was painful and with a bunch of new players (myself included) it was.... less than ideal.

    This was posted on reddit today and somebody in the comments made a really good point. THey said something along the lines of The Star Wars universe is filled with droids capable of data transfer, why the fuck wouldn't they shoot down the escape pod if it didnt have any organic lifeforms on it. Its not like they were out of ammo. I guess i just enjoy the movie so much that i never noticed.

      "hold your fire, there's no life forms aboard"
      "'hold your fire'? What, are we paying by the laser now?"
      "you don't do the budget, Terry, I do!"

        Just re-watched Blue Harvest last night. Sah gerd!

      Counterpoint: they suspected the pod could contain something of interest and didn't see the sense in destroying the pod for no reason when they could instead, e.g.: send down a squad of stormtroopers to investigate. Which is what happened once a search of the ship revealed the plans were nowhere aboard.

      This bugged me too about the whole thing(Though I know that if they took the actual logical approach it would've been a very short series). Something as big as the Galactic Empire doesn't store backups of the plans of their most powerful creation yet(If it did get actually "stolen", as in cut and pasted to a remote drive)? If they knew they were on board, they would've wanted to destroy any possible places those files could've been stored, including on an escape pod... with zero lifeforms on board, right? With the primary objectives they had regarding that Corvette (Vader knew what he was after when he boarded), they had completely no reason to not simply obliterate it with some hard turbolaser shots to ensure it got vaporised.

      All possible places the plans could've been hidden have been either secured or destroyed, mission complete!

      Last edited 27/11/15 10:49 am

        I feel like the Empire would also want to verify that Leia was in fact couriering the plans - otherwise, why not blow up the Tantive IV from the outset? If they turned up exactly zero, then that leaves another vector open. Though logically, duplicating the data and having as many people carry the plans as possible makes a lot more sense from a "let's destroy the death star" standpoint, but few people in the rebel alliance could be trusted to carry out that mission, or take the risk.

        Last edited 27/11/15 10:51 am

          Indeed but in my view of it, the way it was presented in the movie, the Empire knew the plans were there, they didn't say it was a possiblity, they came on board and they knew the plans were on board and it seemed like it was the only copy they had to track down(Which if the rebels did in fact duplicate the files to gods knows how many more possible places). Regardless even if they turned up nothing, the plans were either secured or destroyed in the mission to capture the Corvette.
          And there would be no risk if they duplicated the data, they could give it to every computer system and every officer and soldier, at least one could make it back, and something as big as Death Star plans, even if only one got away and back to HQ, it would've been worth it all.

          Last edited 27/11/15 11:00 am

            Except if some pleb is captured with the plans, he immediately reveals the Yavin IV base and the rebels are destroyed before they can counterattack. The only reason they lasted long enough was because Leia resisted the interrogation. Of course the Falcon led them directly to the rebels but they still had enough time to prepare and weren't caught with their pants completely down.

              Very fair and good point on that bit! My point on the Empire still stands though :P

        Step 1 - Steal plans
        Step 2 - Upload to GalacticNet
        Step 3 - Everyone with a 3D printer prototypes their own Death Star
        Step 4 - A Current Affair gets REALLY ANGRY about this
        Step 5 - 3D printers are banned


          Step4a - Use dark music.
          Step4b - Show 0.5 speed footage of Leia with black & white filtering.
          Step4c - Harass and chase Leia with a camera and "reporter", asking extremely confronting questions and being confused when she snaps at them or walks away without answering.

            LOL precisely. :) It writes itself, doesn't it?

              It's the main reason why they're able to bring out so much content PER DAY!
              I stopped watching all TV years ago for a reason :P

      I present to you: The Ewok Theory

      They baited a trap with a piece of meat as big as they are and had a net big enough to catch multiple humans. I doubt that was a fluke. It was routine. There's something out there on Endor big enough to warrant those nets. Something carnivorous. And the Ewoks eat it. In the Empire's disdain for all non-humans, they ignored the potential threat of a primitive culture whose way of life revolves around taking down things the size of their walkers.

      More than that: when they carry the captured Rebels to their camp, they're going to cook them for a ceremonial feast. A feast. Now we have to look to the helmets being used by the Ewoks as drums during the celebration at the end of the movie: helmets from stormtroopers, pilots, etc. But where are the troopers that were wearing them? Did we see prisoners, or bodies, or a mass grave?

      No. We didn't.

      Well, the empire is arrogant, and maybe accidental escape pod firings are a common thing?

        Another reason to hate them, they skimp on electronics techs.

      My main problem with Star Wars is that somehow the Galactic Empire only managed to last about twenty years, yet somehow galactic peace-keeper space wizard diplomat-warriors who use supernatural abilities somehow managed to be forgotten in the space of less than one generation.

        The had a rubbish marketing guy.
        fuck you frank

        Oh, that's easy to imagine. You look at anywhere that's had a cultural purge- Cambodia, China, Stalinist Russia- and the old ways get forgotten very, very quickly.

        Hell, in Cambodia, following the Khmer Rouge, people had to be re taught agriculture.

        Dons nerd hat

        It is mentioned in the Episode 1 novelisation that there are only 10,000 Jedi throughout the galaxy at the time of Ep 1.

        With the size of the galaxy, it's not hard to believe that few people actually came in contact with a Jedi. Not only did people rarely come into contact with Jedi, but Jedi also acted as diplomats until The Clone Wars. They weren't soldiers or assassins. So not many people would see them fight or use their abilities and lightsabers. They'd only hear stories about them.

        Of course, the Empire could've just run a smear campaign against them. How they weren't as "all powerful" as they claimed. After all, most of them were wiped out by Order 66.

          The expanded universe: able to navigate any plot hole in 12 parsecs.

          Exactly. Jedi were common but still largely unknown outside the the political circles they moved in.

          By the time the Empire had been in power 20 years, they were seen as a hokey religion because 99.99999% of people had never met a Jedi, let alone seen evidence of the Force.

          The new movies are set what, another 20-30 years in the future? Jedi would be completely forgotten except by a fortunate few.

    Brisbane bus commuters set for a rear entry trial

    rear entry trial

    Just relax, you'll enjoy it.

      I wonder if Uber does bulk discounts...

        I have a great idea- lets set up an uber, but it uses buses and to make it simpler we'll make it go along popular city routes, and they'll run regularly, and oh shit I just created a public transport system didn't I

          Hey, why not? If they can run a better taxi service than the taxis, maybe they can run a better public transport service than public transport.

            I don't believe they can, and I don't believe I want them to.

            Public transport can always be improved, of course, but I'd rather a system that's functional and accessible to everyone and is run as a public good than one that's high tech and shiny but expensive or limited.

            If you were designing a transport system purely on a profit basis, you'd never, ever send buses where some buses go- low passenger numbers, rough parts of town. As a system that's a public service with an obligation to serve people though, it's a required part of the design and a great social leveller.

              I really want to replicate whatever confluence of circumstances results in the Japanese transport system.

              Er... no monkey's paw or genie wish there, though. God only knows what would end up changing.

                A huge population in a tiny area, running off the back of a highly militarised culture. Combine this with a huge government emphasis on trains running back to the late 19th century, and the fact that their trains are so embedded that a lot of cities grew around the lines, not the other way around (hardly rare in established nations, but Australia's a bit young for it).

                So, I hope you have 100 years, the power to influence the population for that long, and that you're willing to destroy whatever city you want to change. No idea how to fix the population thing though, Australia's pretty screwed in that sense.

                  I am MORE than willing to destroy cities during my immortal reign of terror-love. And forced reproduction for all until we're at the same ratio of people/land as Japan.

    Just got back from 6 weeks in japan and south korea picking up fallout 4.
    Played pokken the pokemon fighting game at club sega 8 levels of arcade games ^^ was australia always this hot? Aircon and fallout this weekend

      I just went to my local EB games to pick up fallout 4 instead

        Instead of what? I meant I haven't been home to play games for 6 weeks so I have a lot of catching up to do

          Instead of spending 6 weeks in japan and south korea picking up fallout 4. Sounds like a lot of effort for just one game

            I didn't buy it overseas i meant I was on holidays so i haven't had the chance to play games apart from the Japanese arcade games
            I picked up fallout 4 today as i am back in oz
            I do miss the korean Internet speeds i was using 5G on my phone

    Welp, sent something. Probably horrible. Tempting to just turn the phone off entirely for the next month or so, pretend nothing ever happened.

    Gonna go tune a piano and hopefully remain distracted. Or maybe get eaten by a swarm of redbacks.

      Unless if was a dick pic you'll be fine.

      It, uh, it wasn't a dick pic was it?

        And if it was, are you going to share with the rest of the class?

      Was it a picture of your arm with her name etched in it?

      I mean this in the nicest possible way
      but you are a boob.
      Shes only one girl, you dont know if you have anything in common, if shes funny or sweet or kind or into having a threeway. You know nothing. But you put her on a pedestal. like she is some unobtainable beauty. Dont take it so seriously, if she is cool she will want to hang and stuff, if she isnt thats cool too, youll find someone else. Leave your phone on and just chill man. You have nothing to lose. Literally nothing. So just take a few deep breaths and let it go :)


        Rocketman is the best wingman. He is like my personal Hitch.


        Most dates don't result in a long-term commitment, let alone marriage, and most marriages fail.

        It is always healthiest to assume that your new flame is not 'The One' to be handled preciously for fear of ruining your only chance at happiness, but rather an enjoyable vetting process.

        If acting naturally ruins everything, then it was all going to fall apart anyway. Better now than after investing.

          There are 2 possible outcomes for EVERY relationship.

          Either you will break up, or one of you will die.

            Im gonna live forever

              Who wants to live forever?


                I do I do I do I do I do


                  You've been caught in the crossfire of a twitter argument raging right now on the subject of FUCK ABBA. :)

                  @transientmind This is what STARTED the TwiTAYer Civil War.

                  I.e. I posted this, Rocketman saw it and called me out on it on Twitter. *KABLAMMO* Most funny thing I've seen in a long time.

                  Last edited 27/11/15 1:03 pm

                I don't even know where the battle-lines are any more, too many parties got involved and loyalties and principles got complicated.

                  The thing I love most, honestly, is that as much as we can all disagree on a topic we can still (I am, at least) laugh about it and love each other and be super cool people.

                Well, we all already knew you people were going to 'Hell' anyway for not loving cats enough, so it doesn't really matter how obscenely wrong you are about other stuff. :)

                  At least I'll have plenty of friends to keep me company in Hell. Will be just like a regular day, I expect.

        Spoken like someone who has either dated alot, or hasn't dated in many years. Shit's tough, yo, particularly when you aren't used to it.

        Then again, he has a point. Relax, she's one girl, the worst she can do is say no, and if she does really you've lost nothing.

          I just have no heart, im dead inside

          In all seriousness, i haven't dated a lot, i have dated, I just feel like people put too much pressure on stuff to work out.

        Man, all these top, mature Rocket posts recently. Puberty hit you hard and fast, didn't it?

        I <3 you Rockets

      A Sonnet, by Mr Taco

      Shall I compare thee to an old console
      Thou art more lovely and more supported:
      Rough winds do shake the darling buds of Mario,
      And Virtual By's lease hath all too short a date;
      Sometime too hot the electronics run,
      And often is the old chipset too dusty;
      But thy eternal nintyness shall not fade
      So long as men can breathe or eyes can see,
      So long lives this, and this gives life to thee.

        "the old chipset too dusty" uh I feel like some of these metaphors are going to come across oddly

          Well, like all old nintendo stuff, sometimes you just need to breathe in and bl- OK that's really dirty.

      At least you sent something. That's a win! I totally get the anxiety thing, I was like that myself. You send off something, and then find you can't sit down or hold a thought properly. I had insane jitters in the early pre-stages of my relationship with my wife.

      It gets better... if you just throw yourself into it.

      Also, *obligatory popcorn*

    Think I'm a bit late to the party, but I just found out that this is a thing.

    Apparently, if you're at the top of the chaos point leaderboard at the end of the first 90 days you have the chance to win either your own island or $50,000 (US) cash. I'm assuming it's gonna be a top 10 or 20 go into a draw type deal.

    So, a question: If you won, what would you choose?

    Personally I'd be tempted to go for the island because people are jerks, but then there's the whole no electricity thing, so I'd probably go for the cash (especially with the exchange rate being what it is).

      Generators exsist, as do solar panels
      island it up bro

        Yeah, I thought about generators, but then you have to have money to buy Diesel, and how are you going to get money with no job. As you suggested though solar panels would be a good solution.

          You own a island, there is a untapped tourism market.

            Yeah, but then there's the whole people thing, which defeats the whole purpose of choosing the island in the first place.

            Hrmm, there's a lot of islands out there, and not every island is hamilton island. you could end up with Rockall

              So perfect for an underground lair... I can just see a hatch opening in the side of that and a jet-car flying out.

                I don't think the Thunderbirds are going to set up shop there any time soon.



        I like that song, it reminds me of elephants

          Some people think the title of this song is irrelevant.
          But it's not an elephant; it's a hippopopotamus.


      An island is a great idea, but I'd just invest the cash into renovating a really nice inner city property. I need the rest of those conveniences, mang. And to just generally be in amongst it.

      Last edited 27/11/15 11:58 am

      It does not appear PC users will be eligible for the contest
      Well then.

    For those of you who like collectables, card games and board games, Popcultcha currently has 20% off EVERYTHING for today only.
    If you don' notice a discount on the search result, click on the item and you will see it. Some increadibly good deals here.

      Literally the first thing I saw was a Justin Beiber mug... ewww

      Crap! After paying bills, and buying a lightsaber for my son for christmas and a Lego First Order Snowspeeder for myself I have no money left this week :'(

      A quick look and I see Cosmic Encounter for $80, which is about the usual price.

      Most games are priced about right. It's the bigger, more expensive games (or new things like Portal) where this discount seems rad. Not as good as the Amazon buy 2 get 1 free but after shipping it might work out alright.

      Edit: Twilight Imperium 3rd edition for $112. That's a really good price for a somewhat hard to find game. It's also a gargantuan game that will consume whole days of your life and make you loathe all of your friends. Definitely some good stuff here but be sure to compare to other stores first.

      Last edited 27/11/15 12:19 pm

        The prices for the x-wing stuff is insanely good too - around $15 for the small ship expansions.
        Also arcadia quest is preices really well.

          Book Depository is pretty much the go to site for Fantasy Flight games. The only downside is that they're a bit rough with shipping. Perfectly fine when you're picking up Android: Netrunner data pakcs. Maybe not so fine with miniatures. Can't say, I've dodged the X Wing miniatures hype train (although Armada does look sexy).

            X-wing is amazing.
            And yeah, i also usually use BD for fantasy flight stuff too - i've got an expansion for conquest on the way as we speak. Best site.
            Armada is meant to be brilliant, but it's a bit above my price range at the moment, and i don't i would have many people to play with as it's a bit more complex than x-wing

              How is Conquest? I haven't picked it up because there's nobody to play with but the core game looks brilliant.

                It's seriously good.
                It's very well designed and the fact it comes with 7 armies in the core box is amazing.
                Played it for the first time at pax and fell in love, bought it the same day and one expansion.

                It's worth noting that you don't need to be a 40k fan to enjoy it - sure it helps, but the gameplay is very solid. Easy to learn and play flows very well. You're never not doing something, which helps to keep it interesting.

                If you want to play casually, you can easily just use the single core set. Replayability is excellent, as when you are done using single factions, you can ally your decks with other factions and start customising.
                If you want to deckbuild for tournament level play, though, you will need 3 of the core set, plus whatever expansions you need.

                  Haha, I forgot about Conquest. I bought it at PAX 2014 and opened it once (to check out the artssss) then never again :(

                  We need to run some Conquest meats or something cuz I got the game as well but nobody to play against

                  Happy to try and start organising times to play, man. Just need to balance it in with home life, but it's all good.
                  If we want neutral places there is an EXCELLENT games store based in Footscray i go to called KayJays with plenty of space and snacks + coffffeeeee,

                  If it's near the train station (Which it kinda is), that can work for me.

      Must not look at pop vinyl, must not look at pop vinyl

        let me guess - you looked at pop vinyl?

          NoYes. OMG Fallout.

          Last edited 27/11/15 2:17 pm

        I've seen too many of those, they all look the same to me now! :P

    WTF! I go to start Just Cause 2, it performs the first time setup, then comes up with an error

    Fatal DirectX error!
    Code: 3
    Result: 0x887A0002: DXGI_ERROR_NOT_FOUND

    Help! @welbot? ?

      And also this: http:// www.

      Last edited 27/11/15 1:23 pm

      Install games for windows live. It will magically fix anything even though the service is defunct. If that doesn't work, it's because your PC is feeling neglected. Try rubbing the tip of your wiener on the GPU. It's never put my wife in a better mood, but I'm interested to see if it's a solution to any other problems.

        Just the tip? I give it a whip - shaft and all.
        Again - doesn't normally work with the wife, but could be helpful elsewhere.

      Argh, sorry I posted 2 links and my comment got moderated. If you google Just Cause 2 Error 3, or DXGI_ERROR_NOT_FOUND there was a bunch of people who've had the problem and have solutions.

        Sweet! Thanks man, works a treat now.

          By that I mean the game starts. Launched "the dark tower" benchmark thingy from the menu, averaged about 14FPS, even went as low as 9FPS at one point. Seriously need to build a new PC.

          Yay for B-ob! I was actually at work today, so I see your notice til I got home. (Had to come home early cos shooting pains in my brain were kicking my ass like they're all outta gum. :\

    Ffs, lost reply.

    Auto reply fail becuase mobile.

    It's not that there's any pedestal action or anything going on. You're right, I don't really know anything about this girl and have no real investment here. In fact I'm pretty much convinced the date itself would be horrible and awkward and best never mentioned again. But anyway, it's got little to do with that. It's more the frustration of barely being able to get to the starting line, let alone fail at reaching the finish. It's like spending the first time living alone and setting fire to the cereal. Doesn't matter the food on the bench is wasted. But it paints a pretty grim picture for the future if/when it continues to happen. If that makes sense?

      It sounds to me like you need to take a deep breath and take it easy. Don't assume what will or won't happen, just live in the moment. If you think the worst will happen, you will be so totally anxious when you do go on the date that it actually might be the worst date ever because you'll be in a state where you won't be able to talk to her!
      Dating isn't easy but you don't have to make it harder for yourself. Just try and relax, if it works out, it works out. If it doesn't, there's plenty of fish in the sea as they say.
      I'm in a similar boat with a girl at the moment (who I'm actually going camping with tomorrow night with about 20 others) which is a bit nerve wracking but I can't be worried about what might or might not happen otherwise I'd drive myself nuts!

      As Confucious says, 'Man who wants pretty nurse must be patient.' I'm not really sure how that applies here.

      But I think even if you're not doing it in the specific way Transientmind outlined you're still doing some variation on it. Maybe it's not aimed at the girl but at the process instead. This reads sort of like you've got asking a girl out on a pedestal. Like it has to be perfect just to have a chance of succeeding. For some reason you're blowing it out of proportion and making it this huge deal (like most of us do). I might be way off base, but I get the impression you don't want to try because you think you'll just be confirming your suspicions that you're awful at this and that you'll never get any better.
      I know these fears and insecurities don't really stem from a rational place that can be argued away, but you've got to remind yourself that your future isn't on the line. Take a deep breath and remember you're asking for a chance to hang out and get to know her. It might go further but for now that's all it is. It's tough being the one who puts themselves out there to get the ball rolling on this stuff, especially when you know you don't know what you're doing and aren't fantastic at reading people, but as long as you stick with it you'll get better at it.
      You don't even need to get better at it. All it takes is adequate. This whole 'want to go to dinner with me?' part of the process lasts like five minutes and doesn't really matter. People can tell when you screw up. Most women aren't going to turn around and say 'even though he was clearly nervous I'm going to chalk his quietness up to hostility and never give him another chance'.

      Normally I'd say 'be yourself' is weak advice, but when you're feeling overwhelmed just remind yourself that you're a decent guy with a friendly personality, and that's pretty much everything you need to arrange/have an enjoyable evening with someone. If romance wasn't part of the equation you'd be fine so if you calm down you should be golden.

    Had work Kris Kringle today.

    Got a Nerf Cycloneshock.

    Fuck yeah.


    Arneyl 25 naq V srry yvxr fuvg, whfg va na birenyy frafr. :(
    Nyzbfg abguvat znxrf zr unccl, V ungr jurer V yvir, naq V qba'g guvax V pna znxr vg nal orggre.

    Sorry for the bring-down, but I needed to get it off my chest.

      I literally can't even. Elvish?

        Context: in the old old days, before such things as spoiler tags, we used rot13 for spoilers.

        And rode 15 miles to school uphill both ways in a blizzard and felt grateful, dammit.

        Tis' the language of the ancient TAY's. A noble species that came long before and who's aged words hold incredible power. Not for the likes of mortals to hear.

        Edit: Dammit guys @redartifice & @rize way to ruin it!

        Last edited 27/11/15 4:12 pm

      Dude, that's rough. If you're feeling awful about... everything, have you tried talking to someone (a professional) about it? You know a bunch of people here have had similar issues and I'm sure that they'd all tell you talking about it helped immensely.

        Yeah, I've been through a tonne of crap with thoughts similar to this. A professional is the way to go, and I know you may not feel like going to one but trust me, it is the way forward through feeling like that. Life is too short to feel like you are. I went through 16 years of it before I was able to find someone and really deal with it, and it sucked giant nuts. Don't wait as long as I did.

      You are still young and there is plenty of time to make things better. As Red says if things are bad (or even not that bad) speaking to a professional can help. Even just a call to beyond blue get get it off your chest might help.
      As for your other points you can always make it better. Hell you can always do something crazy, apply for jobs away from where you are, pack up and live somewhere else. If that be heading into a big city or regional town give it a try. Try to identify what you dislike about try to make a change. Try new things, don't try to force something that you think you should enjoy but aren't. Either you will come back to it later and enjoy it or it won't be part of you life. If it isn't making you happy (or adding other value to your life) you are better without it.
      As for the 25 thing, well that can be easily explain but hard to overcome. That's the age many people around you have found their place, things are working for them and everything is on track. That might be they have a job they like, or are getting married, or have the travel butg adn are constantly off on exotic trips or have purchased a house or whatever it is. None of that means anything to you, most people are still just as unsure about it and making it up as they go. Work out what matters to you and see what you can do, nothing that has happened, or your current state makes you or your life a failure.
      I'm not sure how much of the above you actually feel, I think 25 year old me is projecting quite a lot so ignore any that is irrelevant. Long story short, things might not be as bad as the seem, you have the power to make a change if you want it and don't judge your life/situation/feelings/worth based on the facade that other people project or that you project on to them.

      If it makes it any better, things didn't really pick up for me until the last few years and i'm 30 now. I've also had my fair share of absolutely BS times and more than a few that almost destroyed my relationship. Things do get better, though. I agree with what's above that you can always speak to a professional about it - it's amazing how much getting something off your chest can make a difference. Any there's us too - we're pretty rad.

      Hey, it's not so bad. Could nearly 30 instead >_>

    I saw something upthread about Elite: Dangerous, and I know you've all talked about it for ages.

    I know nothing about this game, why should I play it?

      You can be either a space pirate or a space bounty hunter, and there's PvP options, and you can use two joysticks, and triple-screen support, and it's on sale!
      Also, it's like Euro Truck Simulator 2, in space!

    Pros: it looks great and has good space flying mechanics.
    Cons: you run out of stuff to do other than various grinding pretty quickly.

    I regret paying full price for it but for the current discount price? Totally worth giving a crack.

    er, reply to @redartifice

    Last edited 27/11/15 4:52 pm



      I get the feeling I'll get motion sick.

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