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    Jesus christ.

    Accidentally sent a nonsensical message about the piano to Stare Girl instead of Wingman.

    I just need to be banned from phones.

    At least I didn't get eaten by spiders. Unfortunately.

    Guys! GUYS!
    I have a video of Sid, my dog, eating watermelon.

      So cute! Sid eats it much more daintily than Siegmeyer does.
      The first really hot day of the season I had cut some watermelon up and left the big 1/4 rind on the bench.
      10 mins later I see the dog trot past happily, huge watermelon rind in mouth.
      He proceeded to lie on his bed and eat until all scerrick of watermelon flavour was gone.
      For a while there he was the happiest dog. He kept looking up at me, over his watermelon rind and giving the grin of the truly satisfied.

      TL; DR dogs love watermelon.

        Just make sure he doesn't eat the rind!

          He didn't want to eat the rind. Just the pink bit. He's picky.

            That's good. Don't want him to get sick

    How's everyone's Saturday going? I am stuck indoors working. Apparently telling work that I am not in next week means that I have to get all of next weeks work done before I can go on holiday.

    Oh well... worth it for a week on the beach!

      Just finished ACIII and about to go to the supermarket once Tiglet wakes up

      Just got back from bouldering comp. Dunno how I went compared to others, but felt like I went pretty well.

    Today I had a customer tell me I had deceived him because he paid less for his wine than the shelf price special, this is because we have a current special buy any 6 wines get 30% off. Yeah man, I dunno I think $30 is cheaper than the brands special of any 3 for $18 making 6 in that brand $36. But nope I had deceived him he believed, ha.

      Wait so he was complaining that he paid less than he thought he was supposed to?


        Not that it seemed to click with him that he paid less. He was certain $30 was more than $36. I mean I don't set the prices, i simply scan your alcohol & take your money. But by all means tell me i'm ripping you off & it's my fault you can't do simple mathematics lol.

          In that case, you should have said "I'm so sorry, you're right, that'll be $36", and then pocketed the difference >;)

    Welp, my Driving Force GT wheel finally gave up the ghost after more than 5 years of full use.
    And now Logitech has a new wheel out...
    If only there was an upcoming occasion in which people celebrate the anniversary of you being born...
    But alas, today isn't that day...

    So unbelievably sore today. I can't even remember the last time I hurt this much the day after climbing.

    Must be slacking off.

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