Target And Big W: Silly Xbox One Deals And Fallout 4 Bundles

Target And Big W: Silly Xbox One Deals And Fallout 4 Bundles

There have been bundles with the 500GB model that were good value. There were offerings with just the console that were worth considering. There have been 1TB editions that were perfectly reasonable.

And now there’s this deal as well. It’s not under $400. It’s also not the 500GB model. But it does come with a suite of games that will really, really work for some people. Maybe even some families.

It’s not a deal through Target’s eBay store — for a change — but through Target’s stores directly, according to the latest catalogue posted online at OzBargain.

For $479, you can pick up the 1TB model of an Xbox One with 4 games, although if you’re counting games within games then the value is much, much greater than that. This XB1 bundle includes the Rare Replay (with all 30 of its games), a download code for Ori and the Blind Forest, The Elder Scrolls Online and the Gears of War Ultimate Edition.

But that might not be as tempting as this slimmer, but very, very enticing offer from Big W: a 1TB console and Fallout 4 for $438.

Big W are also doing the XB1 at the same price point with Rise of the Tomb Raider, but that’s nowhere near as appealing as Fallout 4 (sorry Crystal Dynamics), so let’s move on.

If you’re a Call of Duty fan — and don’t lie, I know there are more than a few of you out there because people keep buying the game every bloody year — then the prospect of buying Black Ops 3 for $64 (any platform bar PC) might take your fancy. There’s a PS4 deal with the game for $489, although it doesn’t say what model the PS4 is.

Target’s PS4 deal comes with The Elder Scrolls Online, costs $438 and is the 500GB version, so we won’t worry about that either.

As for individual deals, Target is selling the new Need for Speed on both next-gen consoles for $69, the PS4/XB1 version of Destiny for $20 and Just Dance (PS4/XB1) for $59. Rise of the Tomb Raider’s available for $69 from both retailers, which isn’t bad considering JB Hi-Fi and EB Games are still charging $89 and $99 respectively.

Given these are all catalogue deals, it’s worth remembering that they won’t become available until tomorrow. But if you’ve missed out on the recent spate of deals and you’re still looking for some gaming-related Christmas presents, here’s another opportunity.

(Also, Dishonored on PS4/XB1 for $39 isn’t bad value. On consoles, anyway. Just thought I’d throw that out there.)


  • I just threw up in my mouth a little bit when I saw the price of NFS…stupid me jumped the gun and pre-ordered on PSN.

      • Because I dont want to have to constantly change discs. Also, its already preloaded so i dont have to worry about waiting. Im having my own personal midnight launch 🙂

    • I don’t understand why people buy from PSN/XBL store in Australia. The price is always $100 and then there’s the large download sizes.

      • I buy digital titles when they’re on sale, and never before. I’d never buy a new release when there’s a disc in JB with a price tag at 50-75% of what the digital title costs.

      • We have two PS4s in my house, and it works out about the same to buy one game digitally (especially a big release that is going to have the hell played out of it by multiple people) at X price, rather than buying two retail copies. Also, not having to put a disc in the machine is a lovely luxury.

        • This^. With is no more split screen gaming we have 2 PS4s so when i want to play a game with my sons (or them together) we buy it digitally so we can play each other.
          Cheaper than buying 2 discs.

      • If it’s a big game or one that I’m going to sink dozens / hundreds of hours into (e.g. BF4, PES, BloodBorne, Witcher 3), I’ll buy it digitally just so I’m not always having to put the disc in and out every time I want to play it. I’m generally willing to pay a little extra just for that convenience. Especially now that everything has to be installed to the hard drive anyway you don’t get the space-saving benefit by having it on disc instead of digital.

        Shorter stuff that I’m going to go through pretty quickly (e.g. most recently the Uncharted collection) I’ll buy physically if it’s cheaper since I’ll knock it off in a couple of weeks then I can delete it and just put the disc back in and reinstall later if I want to play it again.

      • There’s been quite a lot of times I’ve bought stuff on PSN because it’s been way cheaper than stores. There have also been a lot of times I’ve bought games from stores because it was way cheaper than PSN. I almost never buy from EBGames because they’re more expensive than anything.

      • We have 2 x1s and with home sharing can share that 1 copy between both x1s at the same time even in multiplayer.

        So unless you can find 2 copies of the retail game at release for $50 each… it works out cheaper. Also with iiNet so quota free downloads on xbox (360 and x1).

    • You can usually get most titles for $70-80 at launch in Australia if you go to the right place. Never buy off PSN unless it’s on sale!

    • Never pre-order EA games on PSN. They are always priced the highest at release, and drop the quickest and biggest in price.

    • If you haven’t been charged for it yet you can go into your transaction history and cancel the preorder.

  • Just got a PS4 from the Target eBay sale but that’s a pretty good price for the XBone.
    Would consider getting one if I had the cash.

  • You can sometimes get them to give you the price earlier often as well. I did it a few times before for a catalogue Lego sale item.

        • Only problem is we are going to have to share 1 disk copy, we only buy MP/co-op games digitally to double up on the game for the price of one (we have a xbox each)

  • Also worth noting, you would be surprised, is the Fallout 4 Xbox One Bundle won’t be available until Nov 10.

    The number of times people come in wanting the bundle that has a game with a future release date, then getting upset when they can’t buy it is amazing.

    You know Fallout 4 is a big enough release when Big W has it on PC.

  • It baffles me how EB can justify their prices when clearly other stores can sell for a lot less. Why EB is not forced to reflect cheaper pricing in store rather than saying they will price match is a beyond me.

    • EB games is purely a game store, They don’t have the luxury of being able to sell other items to essentially absorb the lost of profit from selling the games for $69 when they normally retail much higher.

      Big W will sell Call of Duty for $64, they will run it at a lost to damage competitors market share / profit margin. While selling everything else from chocolates, TVs or gardening products at their normal price, They are big enough that as a whole they can accommodate that lost.

      EB can only sell Games and “loot”, they sell them at their RRP to accommodate their cost over heads and make a profit on the item. They price match when they can to “keep” their market share.

  • There’s a PS4 deal with the game for $489, although it doesn’t say what model the PS4 is.

    The advertising picture shows it’s the 1TB console…

    Also Fallout 4 (on consoles) is still $59 at JB.

    And Blops3 is $68 at JB.

  • Not true. just a bs line we’re told to give out. former manager here. the amount of $$$ we make with pop culture loot and preowned sales (which we don’t give a cent back to the developer of publisher ) more than justifies eb putting the price down on new releases. no need to sell at RRP. in fact, if you shop around on keyboards mice and headsets you’ll find EB sell ABOVE rrp !!

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