Target Is Selling The Xbox One (Plus A Game) For $319

That game is The LEGO Movie Videogame, but still. This is a super good deal, particularly if you have children and want a super solid game they'll enjoy playing. Pretty good timing for a Christmas present.

Details on how the whole deal works can be found at OzBargain but I'll give you a rundown.

You head to the deal here at the Target eBay store. It says $399, right.

Correct, but if you use this code — CXMASTECH — at checkout, you'll get a 20% discount, as shown in the image below!

Pretty good right? You could also take an extra 2.5% off that total by using Cash Rewards, that's also worth investigating. Delivery is free.

If you're interested, I'd recommend heading there quickly. This deal is limited and will almost certainly sell out quickly. They've already sold 60% of their stock at time of writing.


    The Lego Movie game is pretty good. Not as great as some of their licensed titles, but solid fun. If you enjoyed the movie and feel like watching a highlight reel interspersed with occasional playable sections, check it out.

      Yeah I got it last year for the kids and it has one of smallest selections of characters in a Lego game but did introduce cool mechanics like the master building and the instructions

    I am too poor to enjoy life D:

      damn dude, you wont get a new xbox one for that price for a long long long time!

        Eh, I don't *need* one.

          meh uni students, all they need is free wifi for internet and ramen :)

            But I'm a salarymandad!

    You can do the same with the 1TB console that has both Tomb Raider games for $391. Gotta be the cheapest 1TB offer?

    Thanks for article, purchased Zelda Tri Heroes $37.50, yeah :o)

    Microsoft store is also having a 24hr Black Friday sale. 500GB console as low as $299

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