Tekken Combos In Real Life Look Like They Could Be Great Dance Moves

Getting down on the dance floor probably isn't what the Tekken creators had in mind when they were animating and stringing moves and combos together. But watching this video of Eric Jacobus recreating Lei Wulong's drunken boxing in real life, I can't help but feel like Tekken was actually made for disco.

In case you're unfamiliar, Eric Jacobus is a San Francisco-based actor and stuntman who's rather flexible. He's been doing backflips, fly kicks, spinning heels, rolls, and other forms of fake karate for film for a while, having worked on A Good Day to Die Hard and Death Grip in the last few years.

He's most active on his YouTube channel, however, and for a while he's been doing various martial arts crossovers with video games. The latest one involves Tekken, or more specifically, recreating Lei Wulong's drunken moves in real-life.

It's a level of fitness and flexibility that I'll never reach, because if I find myself doing these spins and flips it'd mean that my priorities in life had become remarkably different. That doesn't mean we can't enjoy the precision with which he's matched the animations in Tekken, mind you.

Now while the direct jabs and fly kicks probably wouldn't work in the crowded environments of, say, Beta Bar, Retro or some other seedy establishment, I bet more than a few could be re-purposed for a Saturday night on the town.

After all, most people getting down are inebriated to some degree anyway. And if things get awry, having a few drunken jabs in your back pocket probably isn't a bad trick to have.


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