The Batmobile Is Just Wrecking Los Santos


    I know it's probably cause no one can play it, but that's the batmobile from Arkham Knight, not the Nolan films.

    finally you can drive it at more than 30fps

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    Cool, only this isn't the batmobile from the Nolan movies. This is the Arkham Knight batmobile.

    why the hell would uninstall gta 5 in the first place?

    This makes me want a GTA game set in the Arkhamverse's Gotham even more.
    Post-Knight, Gotham's streets are (mostly) clean of supervillains, leaving a power vacuum. The old crime families - the Falcones, Maronies, etc - step up in a new gang war to take back Gotham. You play a lowly hired-muscle thug attempting to work your way up the ranks. You can even do the typical GTA thing and have all the bridges closed while the city is cleaned up post-Knight, opening up new locations as the story progresses.

    Looks more like the Arkham Knight mobile than the Tumbler

    Please check before posting. It's the batmobile from arkham knight as many have pointed out.

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