The Best Character Recreations In Fallout 4

The Best Character Recreations in Fallout 4

Kotaku already showed you a rogues gallery of Fallout freaks. Now, let's take a look at the best character creations of the famous and the infamous.

Many of them are cartoon characters, video game characters or actors in specific roles as well as athletes and musicians. You should know who they all are.

The customisation is even more impressive when you realise that these were done with Fallout 4's basic tool kit. With mods we could have even more dazzling character creations.

Here, let's have a look:


The Best Character Recreations in Fallout 4

[Image: sageknight64]

Woody Harrelson as Roy Munson

The Best Character Recreations in Fallout 4

[Image: lordsmish]


Andrew Lincoln as Rick Grimes

The Best Character Recreations in Fallout 4

[Image via Matthew Hamlin]

Beavis and Butthead

Vladimir Putin

The Best Character Recreations in Fallout 4

[Image via Harley Quinn the Evil Queen]

Gillian Anderson as Scully and David Duchovny as Mulder

The Best Character Recreations in Fallout 4

[Image via TwoPlayer]

Jarl Balgruuf from Skyrim

The Best Character Recreations in Fallout 4

[Image: 8-Bit Bastard]

Keanu Reeves as John Wick

The Best Character Recreations in Fallout 4

[Image: KiraXD]

Nigel Thornberry from The Wild Thornberrys

The Best Character Recreations in Fallout 4

[Image via Matthew Hamlin]

Feel free to share your creations in the comments below.

Top image: 8-Bit Bastard


    I spent all of Friday night making the best Nicolas Cage I could, he has high luck and his charisma is maxed out, and I intend to approach every situation in the game with the mentality of "What would NIc Cage do?"

      That's actually an awesome look alike especially in that leather jacket! Damn I wish I spent a bit more time doing sokething like this...oh well I have some time to think of a good face for my next play through!

        I saw mentioned in one of the loading screens that there is a plastic surgeon somewhere, maybe you can make adjustments?

        You can talk to a plastic surgeon in Diamond City that will let you change your appearance, for some caps :-)

          Sweet I haven't got up to diamond city yet so I'll check it out when I'm there. Still so much to do in my tiny corner of the wasteland lol

      Good job! He appropriately looks like his Lord of War character.

      I love you so much right now puppylicks. Please make sure you update us all occasionally with the tales of Nick Cage in the 23rd century :D

      I can totally relate, my friend! I had to do it too!

    I usually play girl if options available, but i simply had to try and make my dude look like the little Fallout Vaultboy mascot. (I failed though)

    Only getting on it (finally) today... Not sure to try and make something out of my character or just get into the bloody game!!!

      That's the issue! I wanted to get in the game so quick I just picked one of the premade faces. The other thing is that you hardly get to see the face of your character as it is first person and you'll also most likely wear a mask or something over your face anyway...

        I believe there are facial reconstruction docs around that you can use :D

          hmmm - might prefer to acheive something rather than just duplicate someone else's hard work, but at the same time im unsure where to start haha

    Someone's got to make a Gary Busey or Steve Buscemi character.

    Damn I was flat out trying to recreate Barry Gibb for Saints Row IV but I want this game for the character creation alone!

    Made my guy look like Kevin Sorbo, the voice actually seems to work really well, my philosophy is, what would Dylan Hunt do.


    can grab the save file here:

    Last edited 17/11/15 3:49 pm

      Did you call him Snake? So Codsworth will know his name.

        sure did! ;D
        Boss and Big Boss don't work though :(

        Last edited 18/11/15 2:09 pm

          I called my guy Pliskin. Found out 20 hours later that Plisskin with the two S's would have been a valid name.

            hm, there might be a console command you can use to adjust it?

            (list of recorded names)

    Wow, that Nigel Thornberry is excellent! Why's he in the background though, I wouldn't have thought the woman would have made the best base for a man of such distinguished nose hair, but it's really quite impressive just how accurate and 2D they managed to make him.


    I made a Homer Simpson. High luck, low Intelligence.

    I made Mr. Bean, now I just need to find three patched suit and its done :D

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