The Big Question: Do You Play Fallout 4 In First Or Third Person

I've been waiting for ages to ask this question. The answer is important to me!

Do you play Fallout 4 in first-person or third-person? Or a mix of both?

Honestly, until I asked the question on Twitter a few days back, I assumed that no-one played exclusively in third-person. Seems I was wrong.

Anyway, I'm a first-person dude. All the way.

How about you?


    First person.
    Though you do then have to miss out on staring at your own bum as your life seeps away into the wastelands.

    First person, but I like how I see more of my character this time around in dialogue. :)

    First person, with occasional jumps to third person to admire my clothing and armour. The X-01 is just nice to look at in general =)

    If a game gives me the choice I all ways play it in first person. I'm doing that with both Fallout and battlefront. Though I do think some games play better in third person like uncharted and gears of war. I could not imagine playing those two in first person.

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    Never a big fan of third person so first all the way.

    I have ways...
    Just kidding, first-person all the way.

    1st Person. Only use 3rd when viewing the Vista or my armour. Which reminds me i need to find a cooler hat.

    I only ever pop out of third to pick up items from cluttered desks.

    I used to almost always use first inside while playing 3, but sometime while playing NV I must have stopped.

    I pretty much use 1st like anyone would in a 3rd person game to get a closer look at something.

    I find the controls & animation have been greatly improved in 4, it almost feels like it's supposed to be played that way, almost

      I've never been a fan of 1st, feel like I'm wearing blinkers. I can see the use of it in pure shooters, but I use VATS all the time anyway.

    First person all the way. I find 3rd person totally immersion breaking.

    But I like having the option of 3rd person to check out how I'm lookin from time-to-time- :)

    I want to play in third person but I find the way the character looks and moves a little distracting. There's something about Elder Scrolls and Fallout that makes third person feel like a console command or mod that's not quite meant to be in the game.

      Agreed. In previous titles the aim was off in third, and whilst its a bit better now I feel like I am playing a third person mod. That and I wish you could swap shoulders. The melee aiming is sketchy in third, and I begin to miss iron sights.
      I find myself switching occasionally but primarily rely on first person.

    First person exclusively except when I want to see what my armour/outfit looks like. I'm wearing modified combat/synth armour over a BoS uniform at the moment but early on I had an insulated vault suit with raider armour, which was hilariously bad. The more I "upgraded" it, the more it seemed like I was just welding bits of junk to myself. At one point I had what looked like a birdcage on my head with the hose from a pool filter wrapped around my neck.

    Third. The game definitely plays better in First, but I like to see my character.

    Like a lot of others, first person for the most part, with the occasional switch to third person for one reason or another. For some reason, its usually when I'm tinkering with one settlement or another, and trying to get placing right.

    No idea why.

    I play in first person, but frequently back out to 3rd to admire my characters armor and butt.

    I don't have the game yet, but if I did, I'd likely play in 3rd person. I love playing that way in games like Gothic, so I'd probably prefer it in this too.

    third person walking around the land and when i first get to cities, first person inside buildings and generally fighting

      Same here. Why spend time on character creation if you're not looking at them at least part of the time!

    In 'combat mode' I'll be first person. In ' exploration mode' I'll be in third person.

    1st-person is the best for doing nearly anything (exploring, shooting, building settlements), but I really appreciate the occasional glimpses of 3rd person that are granted to you by the conversation camera and V.A.T.S.

    I said a mix of both, but really it's 99% first person. I only use third person when I feel like checking out my gear or for screenshots. The third person movement can be so janky sometimes I prefer not to see it in motion :p

    Both, majority of the time in 1st person when in combat/junk scavenging, I tend to switch to 3rd when on the road or settlements/cities for what I can only guess be immersion reasons.

    I think part of me wants to play completely in 3rd person, just a little to impractical.

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    I play 1st person pretty much exclusively but tonight I think I might give 3rd person a run for its money.

    Power armour in 3rd person (interface in 1st is too cluttered), rest primarily in first.

    I tend to get a bit of motion sickness in the fallout games when playing in first person for too long (doesn't happen in any other games), so generally in third person to explore / travel and switch to first when approaching combat.

    I mostly play in third person when available in games, but there's a lot of frustrations in Bethesda games if you choose to do that:
    1) picking ray cast still starts from center of screen (camera position), so you target things behind your character, such as companions, who love to use you as a human shield while moving around, blocking you from trying to disarm mines and traps. You open doors behind you unless you move far enough away etc.

    2) aiming reticule is only accurate at long distance. The closer the thing is to you, the more to the left you have to aim. Projectiles seem to originate at the center of your character rather than at the weapon or something. It can get totally useless at points if you're crouching and a melee enemy is close, even a shotgun misses because it's firing to the left of the guy standing right in the middle of the reticule. Often have to stand out in the open to not shoot collision that is on the left of the character etc.

    3) The rudimentary cover system doesn't work in third person. Have to face the cover in first person mode in order to get the "aim-lean-around-corner" sequence.

    It's been the same in all three 3D fallout games and Skyrim, so I doubt it'll ever get fixed.. but yeah, could do with a lot of improvement.

    I put up with the quirks because I really like the style, I actually find it more immersive than first person (because I can see what my character is actually doing), but often I give up in frustration and switch to first person for fiddly things like trying to shoot from cover or picking up a small item from the top shelf or behind/amongst other objects and if I am in a corridor with a companion then I am almost forced into first person if there are traps or I am forever "never minding" my companions command menu.

      In point 2 above, where I say "aim to the left", I really meant "aim to the right".. the projectiles go to the left of the reticule the closer I am to the target. Oops.

    Mix. 1st for a lot of stuff, 3rd for the sweeping vistas you can get while roaming the wastes.

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