The Big Question: Star Wars Battlefront Or Fallout 4?

This week will no doubt present you with many choices, but in video game land we're being asked to make a big one. We are now being asked to divide our time between two of this year's biggest releases.

So where will you be spending the majority of your time this week? With Star Wars Battlefront or Fallout 4?

Personally, I have no idea. I feel like I've barely even cracked the surface with Fallout 4. So I really want to play more and get stuck into that universe. On the flipside, I really enjoyed the Battlefront beta and want to see and play more.

I suspect it'll depend on how much time I get. If I manage to get a good few hours to myself, I'll be playing Fallout 4. If it's just a quick 30 minutes here and there, I might play Battlefront. Either way, it's been a good month for major releases.




      Battlefront's lack of SP content or content in general plus the stupid pricing will keep me clear. I just don't want to play online anymore.

      Fallout 4 just isn't my cup of tea and by all reports from mates....once you get past the "omg fallout...." It's good not great.

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    Why not both?

      Except the question is where are you spending the majority of your time


          I suppose you could start them simultaneously and two-box it...

          Personally I'm splitting my time between Fallout 4 and Sword Art Online: Lost Song.

          I find I'm enjoying Lost Song a fair bit more than SOA: Hollow Fragment, probably because it feels a lot less grindy. While you do have something like 10-15 companions to level up, if they are under-levelled they catch up pretty quickly. They tend to die a lot less because you now have 2 companions rather than one, and they heal and resurrect each other.

          Fallout has that whole Bethesda thing where you run into one thing on the way to another thing and wind up with a quest log full of stuff to occupy you. Not a criticism. It's when they hand you a quest to go somewhere for which you are drastically under-leveled that I have problems. Some of the legendary enemies are completely nuts.

          I'm avoiding Battlefront for now as I'm not really into multiplayer.

          The other game I'm spending significant time on is Dungeon Travelers 2 (on Vita). What can I say - it's a dungeon crawler, and I've liked good dungeon crawlers since Might & Magic 2. Or even Moria, although that's not a dungeon crawler in the usual sense.

    Rise of the tomb raider first for me.

    I don't want to start sinking 100 hours in to fallout 4 and then get console fatigue with tomb raider still unplayed.

      I got Tomb Raider on Monday and, yeah, I'm spending more time with that than Fallout 4.

      I never thought that would happen.

        I'm only an hour in to Tomb Raider, enjoying it so far but still early. I got them on the same day but haven't loaded up fallout yet.

      I'm 27 hours in to Tomb Raider and barely made much story progress. There's so much exploring to do. I've never 100% any game but this one makes me want to.

      I want Tomb Raider, but it can wait until I'm done with Fallout. I always knew Fallout would consume my time.

    Where is the 'I don't have any money please someone just put me out of my misery' option?

    Mass Effect 2

    (Battlefront if I had to choose's Star Wars)

    As someone who has no interest in multiplayer, it has to be FO4.

    Shame too, I reeeeally hoped SW Battlefront would have a single player campaign. But, fair play, I understand single player is not really Battlefronts thing.

      It wasn't battlefields thing either yet they keep putting in campaigns that nobody wants. Lots of people wanted a campaign in Battlefront because of the setting and of course on this occasion they don't add one.

    I am a massive star wars fan and I am really looking forward to Battlefront with friends.

    That being said, Fallout 4 has already occupied so much of my time already that I can see more of my limited free time this weekend being spent trying to protect my settlements, Damn those ghouls, they haunt my dreams! :)

    Oh but I will be hosting my first DM session of Star Wars Edge of Empire this weekend, I suppose that kinda counts right?

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    I don't have much time to play vidya games these days so Battlefront fits the bill for me.

    Unless they add VATS, Fallout 4.

      I was like.... "but they have VATS in FalloooooHHHHH! Righttttt..."

    Fallout - pure PvP multiplayer games aren't my thing. Although now I wish I had several hundred spare hours to play through the SWTOR storylines...

    Bit over multiplayer games at the moment, nice to plod along in the Fallout world and not be hassled. This probably wont last though, and I do enjoy the Battlefield series.

    I want to play both but don't really have the time to invest in Fallout4 at the moment, I would lean towards Battlefront purely because I can just jump in and play in short bursts.

    When I can make a gun that shoots teddy bears in Battlefront I'll gladly choose that option.

    Until then, Fallout.

    Fallout 4 if I had to choose, but I'll be bouncing between both with a bit of Blops in the mix too :) depends what my mates are playing really, Battlefront and Blops are good with mates, but otherwise it'll be fallout all the way

    Battlefront all the way. Fallout will just have to wait.

    I'll probably get battlefront at some point, but I'd say both anyway. Playing f4 atm but am digging out halo 5 at regular intervals to get my multi fix.

    I actively despise multiplayer only games. I know. I'm sorry. Can't help it.

    Fallout 4 is the antithesis to that, and is magnificent :-)

    Halo 2 and BlackOpsIII.
    I'm all about the splitscreen campaigns :)

    Yep, why not both?

    1. Star Wars Battlefront for a short burst of MP fun, and
    2. Fallout 4 for long session gaming.

      AAAAAHHHH. 4th time lucky. Mark is not interested that you will be playing both, he actually probably expects it. He is asking which one you will play more.

        Equally. Down the middle. I refuse to pick sides. I love all games equally. :p

    Not really a Star Wars fan (blasphemous I know) so it's Fallout for me. Problem is I still have MGSV mostly unplayed, Batman Arkham Knight and Mad Max are both waiting to be finished and Hearts of Stone needs to be played. Also Just Cause 3 looming on the horizon in a couple of weeks as well as in-laws visiting for nearly 2 months which reduces my gameplay time down to almost zero.

    When I do get some time to myself I'm paralysed by the choices of great games that I have to play.

      Woah. In laws for 2 months??? I feel very sorry for you. I could hardly manage 5 days.

        My in-laws are really cool though so I like having them stay, plus they have only been to Australia once before so if they annoy me I can ship them off to a remote Australian tourist trap like Uluru or the Whitsundays for a week or 2 under the guise of convincing them to see Australia :-P

        I love how large this country is sometimes :-)

          I agree ... until you get those friends and relatives who DON'T realise how big the country is, and expect you to be able to do a quick drive Melbourne to Sydney for a day, or if you want to spend the weekend, maybe just 'pop over' to Uluru. *groan*

          Nice, mine are alright but the father takes every slightly meaningful event as an opportunity to have a philosophical discussion. And his discussion is more of a drip feed trying to get me to say the answer he has in mind. This happened at least twice a day on the last day I was daring him to start one so I could flatly refuse to play along but he didn't :P.

          Edit: Thankfully they live in WA and I'm in TAS

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    The Witcher 3 .

      nice, i just finished it a few weeks ago. Im sad thats the last in the series, you grow so attached to the characeters/world after 3 great games :( i still gotta start the expansions though!

    Not a fan of a battlefront without singleplayer or galactic campaign mode. Fallout 4 for me.

      No galactic campaign mode?!?!? Gaah I was looking forward to playing through that - that's what made BF 1 and 2 memorable for me...

      Eeh I'll still probably get it, I did sink a lot of hours into Battlefield 3 and that was pretty much only multi..

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