The Budget For The Witcher Movie Could Be As High As US$30 Million

The director for the upcoming movie based on The Witcher, which is due out in 2017, has reportedly revealed the movie's budget in an appearance on Polish breakfast television.

In a translation of an article on the Polish film and entertainment site naEKRANIE, Tomek Baginski, who has previously directed a series of documentaries and short films, reportedly told Good Morning TVN that the film's budget will be between US$20 million and US$30 million.

Geralt will also be played by an English speaking actor, the director revealed, and that the crew wants to shoot the movie in Poland and Eastern Europe. A shortlist of actors for Geralt's role has already been drawn up, while the film's style would be on a much smaller scale than The Lord of the Rings series.


    Could be good. Given the time I've sunk into the series, another two hours and the price of a movie ticket/BLU Ray isn't exactly a big deal.

    It'll be good if they do it right.

    I've only played through the first two games so far, at least 2017 release gives me time to play the third :p

    wow that seems pretty damn cheap isnt it when went compared the budget of some tripple A games

      AAA games are generally more expensive to make these days than movies are, unless you're paying Robert Downey Jr $40 million.

    Personally I'd rather a TV show, but that's rumoured to follow if the film does well.

        I've seen that (and actually don't mind it, other than the first 2 episodes) but the books would lend themselves well to a GoT style series.

        Foltest can even do the Jaime/Cersai stuff ;)

    Hopefully I should get close to finishing the game by then

      Haha I know what you mean. I'm pretty sure I'm very close to finishing it myself. (The Witcher 3 that is)

      Super keen for a movie and a TV show. If they do it right it'll be awesome! Think it definitely needs to be a "smaller" scale then Lord of the Rings for sure, the Witcher is a much different story.

    Main characters have already got faces, faces that are ingrained in our retinas and hearts. Will be very interesting how though go about casting it.

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