The Craziest Halo 5 Kill I've Seen So Far

I've been thoroughly enjoying Halo 5's arena mode.

My favourite part? Probably the new abilities and the options it creates to get hit, evade, and outsmart your opponents. To me that's always been the key to a good Halo game.

This one particular kill does an incredible job of showing that. It's insane.

Just to explain, this person, they walk onto a grenade. They take a few hits. They're one hit away from death. They run away using some insane dodging tactics, super slick evasive movement.

That's just the start.

They throw a grenade and use that grenade to launch the sniper rifle straight into their hands. You can guess the rest...

360 no-scope. In the face.

Wow. This is ridiculous. This is one of the best kills I've seen in any Halo game ever.


    Sooooo... I'm 99.9% sure that was set up. Maybe more than that.

      I don't even care, it was still fucking awesome!

        It's less awesome, but yeah. Awesome

          It's only half as awesome due to it being only 180 :p

            Yeah the article reads 360 no scope haha
            It was more like a 90 no scope lol...

            Still awesome and nah that looks like a ranked arena free for all...

    meh autoaim

      Actually mate halo 5 has very little to no auto aim it's bullet magnetism that you are actually referring to and that's in FPS game ever made

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