The Easiest Way To Buy From The US

The Easiest Way To Buy From The US

The biggest sales days of the year in the US are just around the corner — Black Friday is this week (November 26), and next Monday is Cyber Monday — with many retailers offering discounts of up to 80 percent off of retail prices. If you want to take advantage of this from right here, even with retailers that don’t ship to Australia, Shipito is the answer you’ve been looking for.

With a duty/customs free limit in Australia of $1,000 shopping online in US stores, taking advantage of reduced prices on products like electronics, clothing and cosmetics, is affordable. But it hasn’t always been easy. This is where Shipito takes away the hassle.

Why Shipito?

For starters, it’s free to setup a US Address. Yep, free. Then the savings continue — Shipito get great rates on postage because of the high volume of product they are shipping and passes those savings onto you.

If you are wanting to shop from more than one site, Shipito also have a “Virtual Mailbox” account available, which allows you to have multiple packages consolidated into a single package, saving even more on shipping costs. If you choose a virtual mailbox account, you will also get access to their 0 percent sales tax warehouse in Oregon. Shipito is all about saving you money when you shop in the US and ship to Australia.

Security is a big factor as well. Once you create an account it will need to be verified by submitting your ID, and no one can make payments on your account except you.

You want to know once you order, your package will actually arrive. Shipito offers several different reliable options for getting your product from the US to Australia. Perhaps the best express option is Shipito’s Australia “Preferred Carrier” with Australia Post. They are reliable, fast and inexpensive — especially compared to other express shipping methods.

There’s no contract or minimum subscription needed, no sign up fees, and you can have an unlimited number of delivery addresses. Just shop, then Shipito.

Head to Shipito to find out more, and give it a try.


  • Is this a sponsored post? Only reason I ask is that both links to Shipito seem to reference Kotaku, and some sort of reference.

    Doesnt bother me if there is a connection, its just something that should be pointed out if there is as it represents a vested interest.

    • Ah yeah, it does too. Missed that 🙂 Guess it shows how easy it is to miss it.

      As I said, not a biggie, its normally just something mentioned at the end of an article like this. And as someone else said, they normally dont allow comments. Just threw me a little is all.

  • I would agree. I went back to check, though, and it says ADVERTORIAL above and below the article headline. So that seems disclosed well enough.

  • Took a look at using this to benefit from Amazon’s buy 2 get 1 free boardgame sale, and the shipping works out to be pretty much the same cost. More expensive when you consider that it has to be initially shipped to their warehouse.

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