The Fan Halo Remake That Looks Fun, But Probably Won’t Get Made

It looks charming as all hell and I’d love to see this kicked much further down the road, but it’s difficult not to be skeptical.

It’s called Installation 01, and it’s a work in progress fan tribute to the original Halo that’s designed for release on PC, Mac and Linux at some undisclosed point in the future.

It’s actually been kicking around for a while, with an “extremely early” build of the game appearing on the official Halo Waypoint forums in August last year.

The latest footage, however, was uploaded late yesterday. It’s still early on, but multiplayer in very, very small counts appears functional, and there is certainly a Halo 1 charm to the presentation.

I don’t recall teabagging being such an integral part of Halo that it needed to be immortalised in the trailer, but whatever. I haven’t finished my morning yoghurt, so let’s not harp on that.

But what is worth harping on about is the lack of progress on the project for a year, something that will probably result in the game never becoming more than a prototype.

Original music has already been created for Installation 1 — you can listen to one of those tracks, Into Dust, on YouTube — and a video was released of the game’s development a year ago, although nothing else has been posted to that account since.

The radio silence on the official Facebook and Twitter pages isn’t inspiring. A post about Installation 01 appeared in mid-March advertising for programmers with C# experience, Unity, 2D artists, 3D artists, composers and the “willingness to communicate well with our senior engineers”.

But that’s largely been it. I hope we see more out of the Installation 01 team; the original Halo did always play rather well on PC, and I have seen many an office PC with a cheeky folder containing a portable install of Halo CE for some mid-week CTF madness.

Even if Installation 01 doesn’t fully blossom, however, it’s always fascinating to see the passion and hard work fans put in. Hopefully I’m wrong. Hopefully Installation 01 pops up for download sometime soon. Maybe even for Christmas! (Wouldn’t that be poetic.) But it probably won’t.


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