The Frame Rate In Fallout 4 Affects The Game Speed

This is the kind of thing that still happens a little too frequently for my liking. But if you’re one of those with a monster rig and you’re planning on digging through the .ini files to unlock the frame rate, then this is something you should know.

YouTube user Lord Socky has uploaded a video showcasing what happens when your PC is able to run Fallout 4 at fairly high frame rates. As it turns out, it’s the exact same issue that’s happened in Skyrim and many other games: namely, the higher your frame rate, the faster the game runs.

“Game feels about ~20-30% faster at 144FPS, and well over double-speed at ~250FPS,” Lord Socky wrote in the video description. It’s difficult to see at first, but later on in the video you can visibly see the attack animation has accelerated rapidly, and the rate at which the bottle falls when the FPS is over 250 is substantially faster.

This isn’t new to games, of course. The first one I immediately thought of was the problems that happened when you unlocked the FPS in Need for Speed: Rivals. It’s far from an uncommon problem. But it’s still a bit of a frustration, especially if you are playing on a powerful PC with a 120hz/144hz gaming monitor.


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