The Humble Store Is Having A Really Good Birthday Sale

The Humble Store is having another sale, this time to celebrate it's two year anniversary.

It's been going for a few days now. I didn't highlight it before because it was kinda dull. Today, however, the sales are good.

(In my completely subjective opinion)

On sale today...

— Dark Souls for US$4.99 — Alien Isolation for US$24.99 — Antichamber for US$2.99 — Pillars of Eternity for US$24.99 — Tropico 5 for US$9.99

Yesterday's deals are not too bad either...

— Papers Please for US$3.99 — Titan Souls for US$5.99 — The Walking Dead Season 2 for US$6.24


    Anyone know if we're due for a Steam Sale? The "Exploration" Sale was on in November last year, but haven't heard any rumblings this time around.

      I would expect at this point they're just holding off for the Christmas sale.

        I would have thought so too, but I distinctly remember there being two sales - the "Exploration" Sale, then the "Summer" Sale. [EDIT: Wait, that can't have been right -- we're in the wrong hemisphere, I must be remembering wrong]

        Not that anything I want will be discounted to a price I'm happy with. Everything good only came out in the last 12 months, and I'm loathe to pay any more than $10 for something I might already have on console. Still ... I'm sure there's a few 2014 titles that I haven't added to the collection yet.

        Last edited 17/11/15 2:29 pm

          Yeah, only thing I can think of that I'm really holding out for is Far Cry 4 and maybe Stick of Truth.

      Wait for the Christmas one...although I'm getting less and less hyped for Steam sales each time they have one. Just aren't as good as they used to be, keep discounting games I either have already or don't care about. That and the exchange rate really sucks right now. Wish they'd start selling in AUD but that won't happen until they sort things out with the ACCC because their defense at the moment is they're not selling to Australian customers, just providing a subscription service...

    Steam dont have actual real sales any more. Unless you have never played a game and are just starting this year.

    Yeah Steam sales are a bit ho-hum nowadays to be honest.

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