The 'Long Screenshot': More Beautiful Vision From The Witness

Yes folks, The Witness, by Jonathan Blow of Braid fame, is on its way and as it draws closer to release, the developer has started dropping more stuff. Screenshots, videos and screenshot-videos. Those exist, as this new clip from Blow's follow-up title shows.

Rather than dispense gameplay, this 1:53-minute flyover is designed to show off the game's graphical prowess (which, for the more technically minded, you can read all about over on the official blog).

While all the imagery shares a certain style, you can see a subtle change in theme as the camera pans from right to left. Water, sand and stone gives way to man-made architecture, followed by an autumn setting and capped off with rubble and darker greenery.

It certainly looks like the sort of game you could get lost in... though given its extreme Myst-vibe, you might just end up throwing things at its pretty veneer in raw puzzle frustration.

The Witness: Long Screenshot #1 [YouTube]


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