The New Microsoft Store Has A Great Deal On The Xbox One

Today Microsoft is opening its very first flagship store in Australia. That in itself is a fairly big deal, especially if you're into tech. But if you're into video games?

Well, an Xbox One with Kinect for $399.95 oughta do it for you.

It's a 'grand opening' offer, which means — I suspect — that it might be for today only. It's a pretty good deal, particularly if Kinect is something that interests you. Personally, I'd recommend getting a Kinect-less Xbox One if it saves you money, but I have a broad Scottish accent. Kinect and broad Scottish accents don't play well together.

It's also one of those deals where you aren't tied into buying a bunch of games you're not that interested in. It's a very good 'bundle-less' deal. Good for someone who, say, just wants to play Fallout 4 on a current-gen console. Or someone who is just into Halo or something.

Also: if you're interested in the Microsoft Store and what it looks like, you really need to head to Gizmodo. They have hundreds of photographs of the store, what's inside. It actually looks a little bit gorgeous.

The store opens today at 12pm. It's in the Pitt Street Mall.

If you're a Sydney dweller, it's sort of like the Apple Store on George St, but for Microsoft products. That's about as reductive a comparison you can make, but it's sort of precisely what it is. I think I might take a wander over this afternoon and take a peek.


    Doesn't say there whether it's the 500GB or 1TB + new controller model. Which makes me think it's probably the 500GB.

    If anyone gets one and wants to hock me the Kinect, let me know :)

    If anyone heads to the store could they post with regards to a kinectless opening offer?

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