The Perfect Street Fighter Soundtrack

The Perfect Street Fighter Soundtrack

So, that definitive Street Fighter soundtrack we wrote about a few weeks ago is now out. I’ve been listening to it all weekend, and it’s fantastic.

Available digitally, as a CD box set or an LP box set, there are 46 tracks in all. What makes this “definitive” is that the tracks are all lifted directly from the game’s original arcade boards, and that the remaster has been given the blessing of composer Yoko Shimomura.

I’ve got the digital copy, but the physical versions don’t just come with rad cover art; the CD edition includes “essays, a composer interview & archival artworks”, while the LP box comes with a “composer-signed card, four 180-gram discs pressed on orange and blue vinyl, big booklet with essays and a composer interview & sleeves with archival prints.”

While there’s over 3 hours of music included, and the remaster is terrific, my favourite track is the last one, which is…a two-minute compilation of sound effects like “jet flying over map” and move soundbytes. Going to be handy for future use, that.

You can preview a few tracks here.


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