The Cosplays At Blizzcon Are Ridiculously Good

Hayley, who is the office's resident cosplay expert, said it best: "You get amazing costumes that would have won national competitions in Australia that don't even place at Blizzcon."

The level of passion at Blizzcon is insane — and the costumes, even more so.

The YouTube channel Sneaky Zebra has a penchant for doing cosplay music videos from major conventions, and Blizzcon was another perfect opportunity given the level of passion and quality of cosplays on show.

The growth and accessibility of 3D printing in particular has led to some sensational designs, many of which you can see in this video.

Truly astonishing. I wish I had the artistic eye and ability to make anything even remotely this good. Hell, I'd be happy if I could just do the face paint and makeup properly.


    The money and time spent on these must be insane. I appreciate the work, but it can be a bit disheartening to be honest. Can make you feel like there is no point turning up in costume any more.

      When Hayley made the comment she did, that exact thought ran through my head too.

      Like, jesus christ. The effort that's gone into these. The skill. It's insane.

      It's not for amateurs anymore. Cosplay has turned into a business, it doesn't seem all that different from #wellness bloggers.

        What are #wellness bloggers?

    Finally 3d printers are being put to good use! Ha ha seriously though some of these are beyond insane, I wonder if there's any money in being a professional cos player...

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