The Rainbow Six Siege Beta Isn’t Opening Up Just Yet

The Rainbow Six Siege Beta Isn’t Opening Up Just Yet

Rainbow Six: Siege was supposed to transition from closed beta into an open beta phase later today, but that’s no longer happening.

In a post on the Ubisoft website, one of the company’s community managers has explained that earlier plans to transition Rainbow Six: Siege into an open beta have been temporarily shelved, due to failed connections on all platforms.

“Game sessions are not starting properly and we’ve encountered server issues, leading to failed connections,” Ubisoft posted. “We’ve identified the root issue that was introduced after the Technical Test while fixing a separate aspect of the game. A fix is currently under test and will be deployed within the next few hours.”

All platforms are affected and an update has been pushed out. Ubisoft says they are “monitoring how the fixes impact the game experience throughout the night” and that the game will remain in closed beta until further notice. “We will give you another update tomorrow at [10:00 AM] EST,” Ubi said.


    • Completely agree. If they are still having these issues less than a week from full release then it’s not very promising.

    • The fact that they have a beta this close to release is a little scary, maybe it means they’re trying to get the servers ready for release.

      Everyone clap your hands and think happy thoughts.

    • Wouldn’t be so sure. Played the last beta, and it was perfect. Had no issues whatsoever. I remain confident.

      Plus the actual game itself, performance and bug details aside, was actually really fucking good.

    • I played the closed beta. Didn’t have any issues personally and it was pretty enjoyable.

      My only real concern is depth and content.
      Ultimately the game has little more to offer than other team shooters like CS or multiplayer part of COD.
      There’s some unique features which are fun, but I wouldn’t consider it additional content. It’s different but it’s not much bigger… which makes the AAA price tag a bit difficult to swallow.

      That being said, it’s quite interesting and has some unique gameplay elements. It’s quite difficult to master.

  • Why can’t the $%^$% error message in the Open Beta mention this…. I could access it last night but my brother who was not in the closed beta was simply getting “Can’t contact server errors” – 30min of troubleshooting and modem restarts before finding out on twitter that it was on their end…

    Error messages should indicate the fault – too often they just say “error – try later” – codemonkeys need to be much better – as do devs comms – why can’t the game hub for this on Xbox one mention the delay to the open beta?

    • I agree I’ve tried two night running to get on and it’s just ‘you have no access to the server right now try again later’

      Couple this with two months ago I tried to register for the closed beta and came undone on their buggy website.

      Ubisoft needs some actual networking specialists I think

  • I’m still confident it’ll be decent. The closed beta was quite smooth, so hopefully this isn’t anything major

  • ive done the first situation it’s not letting me go to the next one plus it won’t let me play multi player what’s going on ? It keeps saying come back later

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